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Here is a list of all my fic.






So. Hey.

Jan. 1st, 2013 05:55 pm
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Hi hi hiiiiii HAPPY NEW YEAR :D :D :D Oh, and um, sorry about not posting for four(!!) months sdlkghldkahgda I swear Idek how that happened?? I am basically a terrible person because I keep talking about how much I dislike fandom on tumblr, but I am not really doing anything about posting elsewhere. But then again I am really not thrilled with LJ, and DW never seemed to catch on in fandom, and twitter is awesome for interacting but just not capable of containing my highest levels of squee and WHY IS FANDOM NOT CUSTOM DESIGNED FOR MY EVERY WHIM WHYYYYYY. My life is hard :(

But! It is a new year, and with resolutions and all that jazz, I have decided to finally move all of my fic over to AO3, which... I have just been entirely too lazy to do up until now. So! I am not deleting/locking/otherwise making my fic inaccessible on LJ/DW, but if you would prefer to read it at AO3, you can find my fic here. Well, I mean, some of it anyway. And (hopefully!) soon the rest will be there, too.

I got a couple comments/PMs all like GIRL WHERE ARE YOU OMG and even though I haven't posted here in forever, I am still online quite a bit. You can usually find me on twitter, and even though I am still sobbing all over the tumblr fandom migration, you can find me over there as well.

Anyway, I have approximately 5739576753 more things to say about the Merlin finale and 1D girlfriends and the upcoming season of Teen Wolf and Duuuuuuuuuue Sooooouuuuuuth and MATH obvs, and I promise I will not wait four more months to tell you all about them! I MISS YOU ALL ♥
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HI HI :D Today is Tom Hardy's birthday, and because he is a magnificent human and deserves all the nice things, we should objectify him on his special day. WHICH TOTALLY MADE SENSE IN MY HEAD I SWEAR. But whatever, let us all take a moment to appreciate how lucky we are that Tom Hardy exists here on earth.

We get delightfully crooked teeth


His perfectly. shaped. head.


And, you know. ALL OF THIS.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMMY. You are endlessly delightful and I just want all of your glorious ridiculousness in my eyeballs forever and ever the end ♥

Also! Tomorrow is the very first episode of fandomspotting, a fannish broadcast that will stream live on YouTube. The topic for this ep is fandom and the fourth wall, and you should totally come check it out because it will be awesome, I promise :D

ALSO ALSO. Dylan O'Brien continues to hurt me with his face on a regular basis. I MEAN SERIOUSLY.

I miss you guys so much! PLS TELL ME EVERYTHING ♥
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Note: I originally posted this on tumblr, but I was asked to post it to LJ/DW as well, so here it is :D

First of all, I will say that I pretty much agree with everything Aja and Ifrit said in the tumblr link about my ships becoming canon in general, but since a lot of people are discussing this as applied to Teen Wolf, I would like to talk about why I am extremely wary of Sterek becoming canon.

The other day I saw this gifset (warning for domestic violence) and it underscored a lot of what makes me really uncomfortable with the idea of Derek and Stiles getting together in canon. While the text of the gifset is inaccurate, the scene is real. Derek really did slam Stiles's face into the steering wheel when (Stiles didn't do what Derek wanted - edited because I misspoke) Derek didn't like something Stiles did. It's not domestic violence because they aren't a couple, but it is still violence.

I ship Derek/Stiles, and there are a lot of elements of their dynamic that I really like, but as much as I love their scenes together, the fact is that Derek has been both verbally and physically abusive to Stiles. I'm okay with this in canon for two reasons:

1. Stiles doesn't think Derek's behavior toward him is cute or funny. He sees Derek as a creepy lurker who's also kind of an asshole, which, you know, he is. If Stiles had a crush on Derek in canon right now, I would be skeeved out to the point where I probably could not continue watching the show.

2. Fandom is a place of transformative works. In fanworks, we can fix everything that we think is wrong with a show, give characters the backstories we don't get to see, develop things beyond what happens in canon, etc. I can believe in Derek/Stiles in fic, because once I step out of the show and into fandom, the constraints of canon no longer apply.

If Derek and Stiles became involved on the show, the freedom that comes with fandom disappears, and now the constraints of canon do apply. No matter what happens from here on out, for me to accept them as a canon couple, I have to accept Stiles falling in love with someone who was at one point verbally and physically abusive to him. I'm not saying it's an automatic game ender, but it's a really fine line and an extremely sensitive issue - one that's going to take a lot of time and a lot of really significant character development, especially on Derek's part.

I want to say that I don't hate Derek, not at all. I think he's an extremely poor relationship prospect, but as a character, I like him a lot. I mean hey, Brian Kinney is one of my favorite characters of all-time, so I totally get the appeal of emotionally repressed pretty boys. Like Brian, Derek is exactly the kind of character that I think can be so interesting in fandom, because he's dark and mysterious with a tragic past, and we get to fill in all those blanks. Here, we can give him a story and motivations and feelings. We can talk about how how he got to this point, why he is the way he is, and how he grows beyond this.

But the thing is, as awesome as a lot of fic has been at giving Derek a story and exploring his feelings, that is still all fanon. On the show, he's a guy who creeps around, treats people badly, and is willing to use violence when he doesn't get his way. Regardless of any trauma in his past, that is not an acceptable way to behave. There's some fic out there that makes me intensely uncomfortable because of the characterization and relationship dynamic, and ironically, it's the fic where Derek is the most true to canon.

I've seen a lot of comparisons with Teen Wolf to Buffy, both as a show, and with Derek/Stiles to Buffy/Spike. Buffy is my very favorite character of all-time, and watching her with Spike broke my heart because they were just so miserable together and I couldn't stand to see her so full of shame and self-loathing. I'm not saying I think Jeff Davis will do something similar if Derek/Stiles becomes a canon relationship, but Stiles is my favorite character on the show, and I don't think I could bear to watch him get involved in an unhealthy dynamic.

I love Derek/Stiles as a pairing and will continue to happily read all the fic and talk about all the backstory and give Derek all the feelings because I can step out of canon and into a world where I trust fandom to fix everything that I think needs fixing in order for it to be okay with me. Jeff Davis doesn't have the luxury of stepping out of canon, so I guess the question is, how much do I trust him?

In conclusion, I just want to say that these are just my own personal feelings on the matter. Everyone has to draw their own lines around what makes them comfortable regarding different issues. These are my lines; ymmv. And that's really okay with me ♥
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Okay, so I have a lot of Thoughts about fandom's migration to tumblr, and at first I didn't want to type them up because I thought it would just make me all sad, but then I was all sad anyway so I figured I might as well, and then I wasn't gonna post, because who wants to wallow in crankiness NOT ME THAT'S WHO. But then I thought maybe posting would like help my crankiness ~dissipate into the ether~ or something skdlhj;sdhjfs; IDEK WHAT I AM SAYING AT THIS POINT. Thoughts. I have them.

Obviously everyone comes to fandom for different reasons. The definition of fandom isn’t even the same for everyone. Like, one of my complaints about tumblr is that I feel like I can’t find fandom, but I’ve heard other people say they like tumblr precisely because it’s easier to find fandom, and I think that has to do with your personal definition. Tumblr’s tagging system makes it easy to find stuff (unless of course you are in 1D fandom, in which case you will find a trainwreck of misogyny, homophobia, and all sorts of other horrifying things in the tags), but to me, fandom is not the place with the stuff; it's the place with the people.

It’s not that I don’t believe fandom on tumblr can’t be active and vibrant and full of amazing things, because I know all of that is true. It’s not the what; it’s the how. For me, fandom is first and foremost about the people – it’s the energy that comes from sharing joy and building friendships, and that energy is what keeps me coming back day after day. It’s not about the end-product fanworks, but the conversations that get us there, and that’s where I think tumblr fandom is lacking in a major way.

Don’t get me wrong, I think tumblr is an awesome platform, and I love having the ability to share things without feeling like I have to take the time to say something interesting all the time, but as my main source of fannish activity, I find it really unsatisfying. I just really miss those interactive conversations that make up the whole reason I’m in fandom in the first place. I find conversations on tumblr to be awkward, clunky, and almost impossible to follow if they involve more than two people. It’s like everyone is talking, but no one is talking to each other.

This isn’t about better or worse. I fully believe that fandom will flourish no matter what platform it’s on. I mean, obviously tumblr fandom is working for some people or it wouldn’t be migrating there in the first place, right? But for my own personal fannish experience, I think that something is lost when the bulk of fandom happens on tumblr, and it’s not just one little piece, but the whole reason I love fandom so much in the first place. And that makes me sad :(

But dflkhjfdlhfdj YOU GUYS. This is a terrible post D: I don't want to feel cranky right now because wherever it happens to be, I really do love fandom a whole awful lot. And since to me fandom means people, that means I love all of you OH YES I DO ♥ And on that note, I am putting on my happyface and no one can stop me SO THERE.

I bet you're smiling now, aren't you. EMBRACE YOUR GIGGLEFACE :D :D :D


Aug. 10th, 2012 01:22 pm
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So remember how yesterday I said Dylan O'Brien was my favorite? I REALLY MEANT IT OKAY.


I don't even know, you guys. I don't. even. know. Why is he perfect and what do I do with him? BESIDES WEEP BECAUSE I AM ALMOST OUT OF DYLAN SHAPED TEARS. (direct link to tweet here)


sfhfdgjfdghjkf ALSO ALSO ALSO IN CASE YOU MISSED IT THERE IS DYLAN/HARRY COMMENT PORN IN MY LAST POST AND IT IS AMAZING AND HOT AND I COULD NOT BE MORE DELIGHTED :D :D :D I would just like to take this moment to say that fandom is a glorious place and I am having all the emotions right now because everything is rainbows and fuzzy bunnies and awesome things are everywhere and DYLAN O'BRIEN'S FACE and I love you all so very much ♥♥♥

Dance party, my lovelies?

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OKAY. So, this happened.


skldghjsd;lhgjsd; NO SERIOUSLY. SERIOUSLY. I screamed and flailed and sobbed one million Dylan O'Brien shaped tears and then I had to lie down until I regained the strength to do it all over again.

In case you have no idea wtf is so special about that tweet, it is a One Direction reference. Yes, you read that correctly, Dylan tweeted about 1D. AGAIN. During concerts, Harry often changed the lyrics from, "it's gotta be yoooooou," to other things, and one of his favorite changes was, "wrong size shooooooe," as you can see here at around 0:10.

SO YEAH. DYLAN QUOTED HARRY'S LYRIC CHANGES. And as [personal profile] littlemousling said, not only is it a 1D reference, it is an obscure 1D reference, that you'd only know if you watch concert videos. Or, you know, hang out on tumblr lkdfshjfsklhfsj OH HEY DYLAN IS THAT YOU BB WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO US WE ARE DYING OKAY.

And this is totally not the first time he's talked about 1D! He and his friends sing their songs at the dinner table, he wants to join the band, he follows Harry and Niall on twitter, and at this point I am convinced he has a giant crush on Harry Styles himself. I FEEL YOU DYLAN BABY. I REALLY REALLY DO.

I know what you are thinking! BUT WHERE IS THE FIC?? Well, I am delighted to say that [ profile] cyclogenesis is writing Harry/Dylan, and you can read snippets here and here \o/ I am really hoping this is the first of many Darry O'Bryles fics because this is a thing I desperately need in my life okay. YES PLEASE.

OH ALSO. Credit goes to [ profile] makesomelove for making this connection, but if these gifs do not make you imagine the two of them wiggling around and grinding their skinny little hips together then SORRY ABOUT YOUR LIFE.



lskdgjs you guys. Do you think Dylan is gonna be all like giggly and blushy and freaking out all over the place over Harry at the VMAs? I MEAN OBVIOUSLY THIS WILL HAPPEN DYLAN IS SUCH A FANBOY.


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Okay, so I would just like to take a moment to share with you a few ways in which the Teen Wolf cast is ruining my life on a daily basis.

1. Colton Haynes + baby. Colton recently visited his family, and tried to kill all of us by tweeting pics of him snuggling, cuddling, and generally adoring his bb nephew.


2. Tyler Hoechlin's smile. I seriously cannot even tell you how much I adore the fact that Tyler is not remotely like perpetually grumpyface Derek Hale. Hottie McHoechlin giggles and blushes his way through every interview and it is positively delightful.


3. Holland Roden's existence. Not only is she gorgeous, but she says says awesome shit and is generally hilariously spazzy, and I want to keep her forever ♥


4. Dylan O'Brien's shoulders. Apparently Stiles wears 4734956355 shirts because for some horrible reason they are trying to hide Dylan's arms and THIS IS TERRIBLY TRAGIC I MEAN REALLY.


ANYWAY. There are approximately 3485866 other ways in which they have ruined my life including the male cast's fixation on impregnating each other, Dylan and TylerH's secret baseball handshake, Colton and Holland talking about nipple covers, TylerP's habit of touching and kissing the entire cast a little too much, and lkfdgjdsfl I COULD JUST KEEP GOING FOREVER. REALLY.

In conclusion, they are the most delightful and I love them forever the end ♥

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Okay so, Harry Styles got a new tattoo on his wrist that says I CAN'T CHANGE. Harry bb. WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING. ALSO YOUR FACE.


I honestly don't even know what to do with him anymore. Except weep.

In other news, can we please take a moment to discuss Teen Wolf RPF? And by discuss I mean WHY ISN'T THERE SO MUCH OF IT OH MY GOD LOOK AT THEM.


I mean, there is some, but seriously, they are hilarious and adorable, and I would read every single combination of their ridiculous faces.

Speaking of ridiculous, Dylan O'Brien is a drummer in a band. This is a thing I knew. WHAT I DIDN'T KNOW IS THAT HE PLAYS THE DRUMS WHILE SHIRTLESS IN HIS BAND'S VIDEO.

lkdfgljgd YOU GUYS. WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME??? THIS IS THE KIND OF INFORMATION I NEED TO HAVE. I would like to kindly request that all of you report any and all Dylan O'Brien shirtlessness to me asap please and thank you :D

In conclusion.


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Okay, so I know a lot of people are really into the DEREK HALE HAS A FACE (AND IT'S SAD) show, so I would just like to take a moment to discuss Derek's many varied and complex emotions. Now I know what you are thinking! But I am here today to tell you the secret to deciphering Mr. Perpetual Grumpyface's feelings: HIS EYEBROWS EMOTE.


No, really. They do. )

Luckily for Derek, Stiles knows exactly what he is trying to say.



screen caps from here
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1. Inceptiversary!

It's Inception's second (HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE IDK) birthday, and there are all sorts of awesome things happening to celebrate. There's a campfire rewatch party scheduled for today, and you can find details for this and the other activities at [ profile] inceptiversary, and also on tumblr and twitter :D

2. Teen Wolf!

Basically all of my posts about the show have been flaily ridiculousness and excessive capslock, so I am delighted that [ profile] cobweb_diamond has written a Teen Wolf primer that is not only accurate and hilarious, but also everything I've ever wanted to say about the show but couldn't because, well. I AM REALLY NOT THAT ELOQUENT. Gav understands my many complex emotions about the show and all the characters and she also understands when all I can do is curl up and weep because of Dylan O'Brien's face. THIS IS A LOT OF THE TIME JSYK.

3. Harry Styles!

Speaking of faces that are distracting, here is Harry arriving at the Manchester airport today.

Fun fact: if you pause that video at any point, you will find yourself lost in his ridiculously pretty face. HE JUST LOOKS THAT GOOD ALL THE TIME.


4. Fic rec!

I've been basically drowning myself in Derek/Stiles fic over the last few weeks. There's tons of amazing stuff, but I was really craving some Derek pov fic, and then the other day I read this:

We'll Just Take It Each Hour, One at a Time by elegantwings, 7k, Mature.

dlkfhgfd THIS FIC. It's a story about Derek falling in love with Stiles, and it's sort of quiet and lovely and basically EXACTLY what I wanted.

And Derek has to kiss him then, even though what he really wants to do is cover his face and confess that he has no idea what he’s doing, that there was no Alpha training school and he was never supposed to be Alpha, never. He never wanted it, he just wanted to be Derek and left alone, and now he has to convince himself that it’s what he’s wanted all along.

By the end, I was this weepy ball of emotions because OH MY GOD THEY ARE SO IN LOVE AND EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL ♥

5. Dylan O'Brien's face!


Because, well. YOU KNOW.

Hey you guys! I hope your day is awesome :D
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OKAY. So the other day, I made a post about why you should totally watch Teen Wolf which basically consisted of me flailing and capslocking and failing to even hint at what the show is about. Luckily the name is fairly self-explanatory, so you know. Hopefully that part was clear! But I wanted to make an attempt at giving an actual legitimate reason for why I think this show is actualfax amazing. Personally, I happen to think DYLAN O'BRIEN'S FAAAAAAACE is a completely valid reason, but maybe that is not enough for you? WHICH HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE IDEK. But the truth is there really is more to it than that, even though my tumblr probably says otherwise at this point in time AND I AM NOT EVEN SORRY OKAY.

Anyway! This show. It takes a couple episodes to get into its stride, but it ends up becoming well-written, genuinely funny, and really enjoyable. But what might be my favorite thing of all is the way the show handles LGBT characters. One example of this is the scene at the school formal. For those of you who haven't seen it, Scott (who puts the teen in teen wolf) shows up at the dance even though he's forbidden to go because of his poor grades. He has to run away from a teacher who spots him, and then there's a bit of goofy physical comedy, and he ends up going up to Danny, who is gay, all like QUICK DANCE WITH ME OKAY! When the teacher finds the two of them in each other's arms, he's about to yell at Scott all like, you can't do this! But the entire student body stops to stare at them (even the band stops playing lol ~dramatic high school dance scene) and the teacher realizes it looks like he's saying it's not okay for them to be dancing together, so he sort of slinks away in shame. And yeah, it's cute and funny, but I actually think the scene is brilliant. On another show, the joke would have been the entire school stopping to point and laugh at the two dudes dancing together with Scott being all embarrassed that it looks he's gay. But this scene ends with the entire school staring at the teacher, just daring him to say something, and him being all embarrassed that it looks like he has a problem with Scott being gay. It's wasn't no homo, it was no homophobe, and it makes me want to cry because yes. THAT IS THE CORRECT PUNCHLINE. There are other scenes that have a similar vibe, and I just seriously love this show so much for that.

If I wasn't the flakiest ever, I would totally list a million other reasons, because I am sort of hopelessly in love with this show in that desperate almost painful way where I just want to flail and squee and roll around weeping because EVERYTHING IS PERFECT OH MY GOD. ALSO DYLAN O'BRIEN'S FAAAAAAACE.







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lksdfgdjd OKAY. I would just like to say upfront that this entry is basically nonsensical. THIS SHOULD COME AS NO SURPRISE REALLY. But I have a lot of things! That I want to share! ALSO A LOT OF FEELINGS!

Last night was the TDKR premiere, and that means TOM HARDY. He looked amazing, as did Charlotte.


JFC HOW ARE THEY EVEN SO ATTRACTIVE. Anyway, [ profile] charlidos has lots more awesome Tom Hardy pics at her tumblr.

JGL was also at the premiere, and while we didn't get pics of him and Tom together, we did get Joe fanboying all over Tom, which was pretty awesome.

everyone loves Tom okay )

Speaking of JGL! There's a new interview in GQ, which is lovely and all, but what is even more awesome are the pics of him in designer three-piece suits. BECAUSE I AM SHALLOW LIKE THAT.



OKAY. As if the TDKR premiere was not enough, last night was also a new ep of Teen Wolf, and my non-spoilery reaction is sdlkgjdlkghdfl STILES STILES STILES ALSO EVERYONE ELSE THEIR FACES OH MY GOD STIIIIIILES. And when it was over, I watched it again and had basically the exact same reaction. I AM STILL HAVING IT OKAY. It's just. THEIR FACES OH MY GOD. Anyway, feelings. I have them. ALSO STILES.


And the cast. OH MY GOD THE CAST. I seriously cannot even deal with how much I love them. Just, Tyler P. answering fan questions while Dylan cooks dinner, sets the table, and sits down to eat in the background, and Colton Haynes cracking up about I HAVE A RESTRAINING ORDER!!!!!!!, and Dylan talking about how good Tyler H. looks in a black t-shirt. Just. WHAT DO I DO. And why is there not more fic about this crazy, ridiculous, perfect cast?



Hey you guys! I hope you're having an awesome day ♥


Jul. 14th, 2012 03:12 pm
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Okay so. TEEN WOLF. If you follow me on twitter or tumblr, you have seen me capslocking and keysmashing all over the place, and I just really wanted to make sure I covered all platforms with squee because THIS SHOW. THIS CAST. SERIOUSLY.


So much delightfulness )



No, like that actually happened dfklghfdlkhdl I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU GUYS. LIKE WHAT IS THIS FANDOM.




Jul. 5th, 2012 09:11 am
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Okay, so I just have this one really important thing I want to say.


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HEY GUYS HEY. I keep thinking of 473932945756 different things I want to talk about, but I am entirely too flaky to ever actually do something about them all WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. But! Fandom has been bringing me so much joy lately that I can hardly contain myself, and I strongly believe that awesome things are meant to be shared, so here is a very brief post about some stuff I love a whole awful lot.

1. Teen Wolf. So, tumblr, [ profile] cobweb_diamond, and basically the entire internet have been conspiring to force me to watch this show. I had already decided that there was no way I was going to even try to resist this much temptation, and then I read a SugarScape interview in which Colton Haynes says he wants to join One Direction, and. WELL. I mean really. I'm about halfway through S1, and it's kind of terrible and cheesy and I've been pretty much spoiled for all the best bits, yet it is still weirdly compelling. ALSO THERE IS STILES.

He is my favorite ♥

2. Hipster Harry appreciation post. Because he's only in One Direction for the ~irony. I actually have a lot to say about the end of the tour and all the many, many feelings these boys and their ridiculous faces give me, but for today the hilarity of Hipster Harry is really enough.


3. Tom Hardy. Ugh, Tom Hardy, what are you even doing with your face.

ldgjfdlfs THE CASHMERE KILLER JFC. I cannot wait for all the TDKR interviews/premieres/etc because there needs to be more of him in my eyeballs always.

4. Benton Fraser's face. I've been watching Due South with Aja and Gav, and ldfjhdf;hj YOU GUYS. This show is so amazing Idek what to do with myself.

It is just hilarious and delightful and heart-wrenching, and Fraser is so pretty I might actually cry.

5. All of you ♥ Seriously, I am immensely grateful for everyone who comments on my journal, leaves me lovely words in my tumblr ask box, and puts up with my nonsense on twitter. For me, fandom is all about the people, and my people are truly the best people of all the people. I am the luckiest and I love you all so very much ♥♥♥
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Okay, so I totally do not have the time for a proper picspam today, which is really quite tragic, I know, but I am just sort of overwhelmed with Harry Styles feelings right now due to his relentless utter ridiculousness and I need to get them out before I explode into a giant fluffy ball of just-been-properly-shagged sex hair or something Idek.


ANYWAY. This is a v.v. abbreviated post in which I attempt to explain to you just how Harry Styles has ruined my entire life by KILLING ME DEAD on a daily basis.

why why whyyyyyy )





*weeping every day for the rest of forever*

*No seriously, read the headline, and then read his quotes. Hilarity.
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YOU GUYS. HEY. I have like 4754839576 things I want to post about, including Inception stuff(!!), my many feelings about Korra, three different posts about AtLA that I've been thinking about for months, my WHY WHIP IT IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER feelings, and also many other extremely deep and meaningful thoughts about highly important topics. But I am sorry, I have none of those things for you today, because, well. My life has been derailed by pretty boys and grad school, and now that my summer class is over, I've got nothing left to do but squee my heart out YAY \o/

But first I would like to tell you this awesome story! I have an 11-year-old niece who is one of the greatest people on the entire planet. Anyway, she has gone quite mad for One Direction. KIDS THESE DAYS. HONESTLY. Niall is her favorite, and she is sort of shipping Harry and Louis without even knowing what that means, and I've overheard her and her bff cooing over pics of Liam and Zayn being all cuddly and adorable. She watches a lot of videos on YouTube, and I knew she was thisclose to discovering fandom. AND THEN SHE DID. She saw a couple fanvids, and then. AND THEN. I was talking to her and she was like, "omg, I am reading this story and it is so good! It's called fanfiction?" And I was just like SKFLHJSLHJS;HJSHS;!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really want to find the story because it sounds amazing. Basically it is this self-insert fic in which a girl is dating Zayn, and she also gives Liam dating advice, I think? She tries to teach Zayn how to swim, but he cuts his head or something? Idk. But then she kisses Harry and is is all like ~DRAMA. It's a WIP so Idk how this will turn out, but it sounds hilarious and adorable, and just about the most perfect first fic, and I am so, so delighted for her ♥

Speaking of life ruiners, I always lol when people are like, they are just playing around for the cameras because it's what the fans want! Because seriously. Harry is touching Louis's thigh and giving him the "secret" (lol) thumbs-up when he thinks no one else can see, and I just lksfjlkfdsgjsfdl CAN'T EVEN WITH THEM.


OKAY. I saved this for last because I did not want to kill you all dead right at the beginning of the post. I was weeping helplessly all over the place on twitter last night, but as usual, I am so not even close to being done. When asked about their favorite Ed Sheeran songs, both Harry and Louis chose Kiss Me. It's a song about falling in love with your best friend, and you can hear Ed talk more about that here. Specifically he says, "if anyone... has fallen in love with their best friend and told them, haven't told them, now is probably the best time to tell them." SO. YEAH.


This looks like falling in love.


They're falling in love.


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OKAY. So by now, you may have noticed that Harry and Louis have their hands all over each other all the time. I may have mentioned it. Once or twice. But! While they are by far the most ridiculous (ALSO TOTALLY FUCKING OH AND P.S. IN LOVE FOREVER AND EVER) the truth is that the entire band cannot. stop. touching. I swear, it is like some kind of weird five-way tactile codependency or something because these boys do not know the meaning of keeping their hands to themselves. AND THEY ALL SEEM TO BE QUITE HAPPY ABOUT IT.

Since the Harry/Louis snuggling has been well established, this is a post to celebrate all the other cuddles. BECAUSE THERE ARE A LOT I AM JUST SAYING. There are group cuddles.


There is face petting. LOTS AND LOTS OF FACE PETTING.


And of course, sleepy snuggles. What kind of boy band would they be without sleepy snuggles?


So many cuddles )

So yeah. These boys are at their very happiest when they can just pile on top of each other. LIKE ADORABLE BOY-SHAPED RIDICULOUS PUPPIES. I MEAN REALLY.

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Actualfax conversation I just had:

The Boy: So, I was watching the behind the scenes for the What Makes You Beautiful video, and I was cracking up when Harry jumps away from that girl so fast after they cut the scene.

Me: ahaha I know right. It's so hilarious how... wait what. WHAT.


Me: You were watching 1D videos?

Him: Um.


Him: slkfghflsdg it was all very innocent! I was watching that parody you told me about, and I realized I hadn't seen the original video, and I thought I probably needed to see that to fully appreciate it. And then when that ended, the behind the scenes popped up as a suggestion, and I was curious. That's all!

Me: lol okay.

Him: Look, do you want to talk about Harry and Louis touching, or not?


Him: So yeah, I noticed Harry and Louis talking about how hot the girls are... while they're clinging onto each other and giggling wildly.

Me: They are seriously the most obvious ever.

Him: Truth.

Me: I'm sorry, can we go back to the part where you were watching 1D videos on you own??


Me: And I apologize for nothing :D

Him:'re totally gonna tell all your friends, aren't you?

Me: Baby, I'm gonna tell the whole internet.


In other news, I totally flailed about this on both twitter and tumblr, but I AM NOT DONE YET :D I am not even going to try to recap all of the ridiculousness of the most recent concerts, but basically all five of them are just doing all sorts of adorable and hilarious things on stage, and there continues to be an excessive amount of groping. I've lost track of how many times Harry has changed the lyrics, but at first people were like OH NO HE IS ANGSTING OUT OVER LOUIS THIS IS TERRIBLE D: but then it became clear that most of this has been Louis's idea in the first place. OBSERVE.

+ 1:40: Louis tells Harry to change the lyrics, complete with emphatic hand gestures.

+ 2:02: Harry gets up to sing his verse, and before he even starts, Louis nudges Niall and points at Harry all like CHECK MY BOY OUT because Louis knows without a doubt Harry is going to do exactly as he's told.

+ 2:06: Harry sings, "it's kung fu," immediately looks at Louis for approval, and LIGHTS UP LIKE A FUCKING CHRISTMAS TREE WHEN HE FINDS IT.

+ 2:17: You can see Louis's absolutely delighted reaction on the giant screen behind them :D

Harry spends the rest of the song grinning stupidly at Louis and just glowing. Seriously, it is so ridiculous, I don't even know what to say.

+ 3:39: slkghslkfg okay so this is maybe one of my favorite moments EVER. The song ends, and Harry says to Louis, "this is from me to you," and then he does a tiny adorable kung fu move for him. SOMEONE KILL ME NOW.





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