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Okay, so. Louis Tomlinson. WHAT.


No, like WHAT. Basically all of 1D fandom is like BUT HOW DID HE EVEN DO THAT. He is clearly quite spry and, um. Acrobatic. Which is very nice information to have I AM JUST SAYING.

What could be better than Louis leaping over Harry? How about Louis manhandling Harry where he wants him, then patting him on the arm like a good boy. OH YES.


The video of this ridiculousness is here, and I seriously just don't even know what to do with them anymore.

I would also like to take a moment to discuss the fact that I am suddenly having all of these feelings about Zayn. Idk where they came from, but I have decided that he is utterly delightful. I think it started when I read the People special edition, and I don't have the quote here, but he said something like, "I always wanted a brother when I was growing up, and now I have four." I just loved that he didn't say they were like his brothers or close as brothers; they're just his brothers, full stop.

Also, there is this:

The whole thing is pretty cute, but Zayn is just especially awesome.

+ At 1:05, they get a question about what's the hardest part of being a all boy band, and he says, "there is no hard part. We love each other." ♥

+ At 2:20, they get a question asking if they always get along, and he says, "We always get along. We love each other and we’re gonna live happily ever after." SERIOUSLY ♥♥ (Also, Harry pets his face, which is important later.)

+ At 5:30, they are talking about their celebrity crushes and Zayn says he doesn't have one. Louis asks him to clarify, and Zayn is like, "I've decided I don't have one." Like, it's not that he can't think of anyone on the spot, but he's actually sat down and thought about it, gone through the options, and come to the conclusion that he doesn't have one. WHY IS THAT SO ENDEARING I HAVE NO IDEA.

But my FAVORITE FAVORITE Zayn moment is in this interview (which happens to take place in Philly YAY):

At 1:15 while Zayn is in the middle of answering a question, Harry reaches over and starts petting his face, because, well. HARRY STYLES. Zayn shows no reaction, nor do any of the boys, but the interviewer is like, uh, do you mind him touching your face??? And Zayn says, "I don't mind at all. He touches my face all the time." Which first of all is so freaking adorable I can hardly stand it, but what really makes this whole exchange so awesome, is that Zayn answers it in such a way that it's like the interviewer is the weird one for asking that question, because obviously there is nothing unusual about dudes petting their friends' faces all the time. He's like WHY THE FUCK WOULD I MIND. (Also, that interview is totally the same day as the SNL question thing above, which I did not realize until I posted them together here, but clearly this was a day with a lot of face petting going on.)

And, ugh. You guys. I said this one twitter, but all five of these boys have consistently rejected the entire concept of no homo. They know about all the shipping that happens in various combinations, and not only have they not been like EW GROSS, they also haven't been like HAHA GAY SO FUNNY. They are just completely unfazed by all of it, and they continue to be as affectionate as ever. They just don't give a fuck, and I genuinely love them all so much for that ♥

But anyway! Harry is not the only one who likes the face petting.


Zayn can not keep his hands off Liam, and it is so adorable I might actually die.

No, really. They are actually killing me.

And because I don't want to leave Niall out, and because he should always have more snuggles, here he is with his head in Liam's lap gazing up at him while he sings.


Date: 2012-06-11 05:25 pm (UTC)
northern: JC Chasez's hand with some drawn-in-Photoshop colorful fire beneath it. (Default)
From: [personal profile] northern
Super delightful, thumbs up!

Except, that was a signal for blowjobs, right? Which is fine - they can go perform ALL the blowjobs.

Date: 2012-06-12 09:57 pm (UTC)
snottygrrl: two men laughing (boys laughing by gwy)
From: [personal profile] snottygrrl
they are the most adorable things, it's true ♥


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