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YOU GUYS. HEY. I have like 4754839576 things I want to post about, including Inception stuff(!!), my many feelings about Korra, three different posts about AtLA that I've been thinking about for months, my WHY WHIP IT IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER feelings, and also many other extremely deep and meaningful thoughts about highly important topics. But I am sorry, I have none of those things for you today, because, well. My life has been derailed by pretty boys and grad school, and now that my summer class is over, I've got nothing left to do but squee my heart out YAY \o/

But first I would like to tell you this awesome story! I have an 11-year-old niece who is one of the greatest people on the entire planet. Anyway, she has gone quite mad for One Direction. KIDS THESE DAYS. HONESTLY. Niall is her favorite, and she is sort of shipping Harry and Louis without even knowing what that means, and I've overheard her and her bff cooing over pics of Liam and Zayn being all cuddly and adorable. She watches a lot of videos on YouTube, and I knew she was thisclose to discovering fandom. AND THEN SHE DID. She saw a couple fanvids, and then. AND THEN. I was talking to her and she was like, "omg, I am reading this story and it is so good! It's called fanfiction?" And I was just like SKFLHJSLHJS;HJSHS;!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really want to find the story because it sounds amazing. Basically it is this self-insert fic in which a girl is dating Zayn, and she also gives Liam dating advice, I think? She tries to teach Zayn how to swim, but he cuts his head or something? Idk. But then she kisses Harry and is is all like ~DRAMA. It's a WIP so Idk how this will turn out, but it sounds hilarious and adorable, and just about the most perfect first fic, and I am so, so delighted for her ♥

Speaking of life ruiners, I always lol when people are like, they are just playing around for the cameras because it's what the fans want! Because seriously. Harry is touching Louis's thigh and giving him the "secret" (lol) thumbs-up when he thinks no one else can see, and I just lksfjlkfdsgjsfdl CAN'T EVEN WITH THEM.


OKAY. I saved this for last because I did not want to kill you all dead right at the beginning of the post. I was weeping helplessly all over the place on twitter last night, but as usual, I am so not even close to being done. When asked about their favorite Ed Sheeran songs, both Harry and Louis chose Kiss Me. It's a song about falling in love with your best friend, and you can hear Ed talk more about that here. Specifically he says, "if anyone... has fallen in love with their best friend and told them, haven't told them, now is probably the best time to tell them." SO. YEAH.


This looks like falling in love.


They're falling in love.



Date: 2012-06-27 07:26 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] gabrabbit
Dear Bina,

I am a lurky lurker of both your LJ and here on Dreamwidth! But since you mentioned your tumblr, I hope it's all right if I ask you a question about a wonderful gif you posted there recently! It's the nine-panel gif where Louis is in a red and blue striped shirt, alternately draped over and touched by everyone else in the group (but Niall is missing from all the shots :( ....) Anyway, I am DYING to know what video or interview that is from and I cannot find it. Do you know? Or does anyone know? I am literally hypnotized by all nine panels (but maybe most by the one where Liam is scritch-scratching Louis's hair and penetrating my soul with his gaze through the camera....)

Thank you for turning me onto 1D! Thank you for your fandom presence and love, now about to be shared with the next generation in your own family! Thank you for everything!

Date: 2012-06-29 10:33 pm (UTC)
gabrabbit: Created by thewatership on LJ (Default)
From: [personal profile] gabrabbit
Thank you, thank you, a million times! You do not want to know the endless combinations of keywords I frantically searched for in hopes of discovering those. Or maybe you do want to know. Needless to say, 'valentine' was not one of them! In any event, now I've seen them all, thanks to you and that great list!


Date: 2012-07-21 03:56 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
thanks for doing this survey. the fecebadk mostly fits with other surveys done in the opensource community, so nothing new here except the continuously reinforced feeling that we're not doing our best (and I'm talking mostly from the GNOME community camp here).so: we mostly know why and where we fail. now it would be a good time to understand how can we get better and make every opensource project follow in the footsteps of the success stories out there.


Date: 2012-07-21 03:40 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
How interesting. Thanks for coindctnug those interviews Skud.The scheme looks brilliant. That alone is almost tempting enough for me to want to drop everything and go join them. I have my own webspace now so I probably don't even need it, but it really shows a commitment to removing barriers to entry. Their wiki also has dedicated advice for beginners and new developers. How did they do it? How can other new projects do it? How can existing project move this direction too?


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