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HEY GUYS HEY. I keep thinking of 473932945756 different things I want to talk about, but I am entirely too flaky to ever actually do something about them all WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. But! Fandom has been bringing me so much joy lately that I can hardly contain myself, and I strongly believe that awesome things are meant to be shared, so here is a very brief post about some stuff I love a whole awful lot.

1. Teen Wolf. So, tumblr, [ profile] cobweb_diamond, and basically the entire internet have been conspiring to force me to watch this show. I had already decided that there was no way I was going to even try to resist this much temptation, and then I read a SugarScape interview in which Colton Haynes says he wants to join One Direction, and. WELL. I mean really. I'm about halfway through S1, and it's kind of terrible and cheesy and I've been pretty much spoiled for all the best bits, yet it is still weirdly compelling. ALSO THERE IS STILES.

He is my favorite ♥

2. Hipster Harry appreciation post. Because he's only in One Direction for the ~irony. I actually have a lot to say about the end of the tour and all the many, many feelings these boys and their ridiculous faces give me, but for today the hilarity of Hipster Harry is really enough.


3. Tom Hardy. Ugh, Tom Hardy, what are you even doing with your face.

ldgjfdlfs THE CASHMERE KILLER JFC. I cannot wait for all the TDKR interviews/premieres/etc because there needs to be more of him in my eyeballs always.

4. Benton Fraser's face. I've been watching Due South with Aja and Gav, and ldfjhdf;hj YOU GUYS. This show is so amazing Idek what to do with myself.

It is just hilarious and delightful and heart-wrenching, and Fraser is so pretty I might actually cry.

5. All of you ♥ Seriously, I am immensely grateful for everyone who comments on my journal, leaves me lovely words in my tumblr ask box, and puts up with my nonsense on twitter. For me, fandom is all about the people, and my people are truly the best people of all the people. I am the luckiest and I love you all so very much ♥♥♥


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