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Teen Wolf is killing me. TO DEATH.

OKAY. So the other day, I made a post about why you should totally watch Teen Wolf which basically consisted of me flailing and capslocking and failing to even hint at what the show is about. Luckily the name is fairly self-explanatory, so you know. Hopefully that part was clear! But I wanted to make an attempt at giving an actual legitimate reason for why I think this show is actualfax amazing. Personally, I happen to think DYLAN O'BRIEN'S FAAAAAAACE is a completely valid reason, but maybe that is not enough for you? WHICH HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE IDEK. But the truth is there really is more to it than that, even though my tumblr probably says otherwise at this point in time AND I AM NOT EVEN SORRY OKAY.

Anyway! This show. It takes a couple episodes to get into its stride, but it ends up becoming well-written, genuinely funny, and really enjoyable. But what might be my favorite thing of all is the way the show handles LGBT characters. One example of this is the scene at the school formal. For those of you who haven't seen it, Scott (who puts the teen in teen wolf) shows up at the dance even though he's forbidden to go because of his poor grades. He has to run away from a teacher who spots him, and then there's a bit of goofy physical comedy, and he ends up going up to Danny, who is gay, all like QUICK DANCE WITH ME OKAY! When the teacher finds the two of them in each other's arms, he's about to yell at Scott all like, you can't do this! But the entire student body stops to stare at them (even the band stops playing lol ~dramatic high school dance scene) and the teacher realizes it looks like he's saying it's not okay for them to be dancing together, so he sort of slinks away in shame. And yeah, it's cute and funny, but I actually think the scene is brilliant. On another show, the joke would have been the entire school stopping to point and laugh at the two dudes dancing together with Scott being all embarrassed that it looks he's gay. But this scene ends with the entire school staring at the teacher, just daring him to say something, and him being all embarrassed that it looks like he has a problem with Scott being gay. It's wasn't no homo, it was no homophobe, and it makes me want to cry because yes. THAT IS THE CORRECT PUNCHLINE. There are other scenes that have a similar vibe, and I just seriously love this show so much for that.

If I wasn't the flakiest ever, I would totally list a million other reasons, because I am sort of hopelessly in love with this show in that desperate almost painful way where I just want to flail and squee and roll around weeping because EVERYTHING IS PERFECT OH MY GOD. ALSO DYLAN O'BRIEN'S FAAAAAAACE.







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just. yes.
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I generally like the way they play with lgbt characters and rip on homophobia. Even the kind of iffy lines (like Stiles' dad's jab about how Stiles couldn't be gay because of the way he was dressed) come across to me as something a 55 year old dude would probably say or think: kind of stereotypically, no matter how open he was.

yeah but even if the show isn't perfect on that front it has stiles and UGH hoechlin's face and <3 lydia, so basically these small bones make no difference, at least for me.

Also, I was in chat with a bunch of people when we watched that scene, and it was literally like the world had ENDED. There were actualfax tears and wailing. (well I can only speak for myself on the wailing)...
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Whenever Dylan O'Brien comes on screen I actually can't stop smiling. I tried once. It didn't work. My face was stuck in an expression of pure adoration.

And JFC, YES, the "no homophobe" punchline is honestly one of the best things on TV and I just want more like that (plus more girls~!)
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I just realized how much I love Teen Wolf! I usually work Monday nights, so I tape it (VHS, I'm old school), and watch it later. It amazed me this week how happy I am knowing I have Teen Wolf to watch, and how gleeful I am watching it, and then how *sad* I am knowing I have to wait another week. IT SIMPLY MAKES ME HAPPY! So many shows I have to qualify or justify to myself or I'm on my computer during them so I'm only half paying attention.

I will be honest. I'm not so sure the PTB will actually make Stiles and Derek a romantic couple, but I could sure as hell see Stiles and Danny on a date. DO IT!

I ♥ Scott. He's sweet and his smile lights up a room. He has good taste in friends:)