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So remember how yesterday I said Dylan O'Brien was my favorite? I REALLY MEANT IT OKAY.


I don't even know, you guys. I don't. even. know. Why is he perfect and what do I do with him? BESIDES WEEP BECAUSE I AM ALMOST OUT OF DYLAN SHAPED TEARS. (direct link to tweet here)


sfhfdgjfdghjkf ALSO ALSO ALSO IN CASE YOU MISSED IT THERE IS DYLAN/HARRY COMMENT PORN IN MY LAST POST AND IT IS AMAZING AND HOT AND I COULD NOT BE MORE DELIGHTED :D :D :D I would just like to take this moment to say that fandom is a glorious place and I am having all the emotions right now because everything is rainbows and fuzzy bunnies and awesome things are everywhere and DYLAN O'BRIEN'S FACE and I love you all so very much ♥♥♥

Dance party, my lovelies?

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I spotted a friendly acquaintance on the bleachers in the most recent ep, and he confirmed he was an extra. Now I'm trying to decide if it would be super weird to go OMG YOU GOT TO SEE DYLAN IN PERSON, DID HE SAY WORDS OTHER THAN THE SCRIPT?? DID THEY ALL HUG A LOT?!

ETA: Dylan is not only adorable and funny but a decent person. ♥
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i believe in corruption. you are doing it.

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I don't even know who dylan o'brien is and yet i already smile at his name only because you are so unbelievably happy about his everything. and face.
just thought i'd say that.. you spread smiles :)