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HI HI :D Today is Tom Hardy's birthday, and because he is a magnificent human and deserves all the nice things, we should objectify him on his special day. WHICH TOTALLY MADE SENSE IN MY HEAD I SWEAR. But whatever, let us all take a moment to appreciate how lucky we are that Tom Hardy exists here on earth.

We get delightfully crooked teeth


His perfectly. shaped. head.


And, you know. ALL OF THIS.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMMY. You are endlessly delightful and I just want all of your glorious ridiculousness in my eyeballs forever and ever the end ♥

Also! Tomorrow is the very first episode of fandomspotting, a fannish broadcast that will stream live on YouTube. The topic for this ep is fandom and the fourth wall, and you should totally come check it out because it will be awesome, I promise :D

ALSO ALSO. Dylan O'Brien continues to hurt me with his face on a regular basis. I MEAN SERIOUSLY.

I miss you guys so much! PLS TELL ME EVERYTHING ♥
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i don't know anything, but i'm gleeful that tom is gorgeous and 35 \o/