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1. Okay, so first of all, the age question in yesterday's poll was in response to comments I've seen where people have called Tom Hardy old. Results show that 19 of you think that yes, he is. WTF WTF HOW IS THAT OLD D: BUT WHATEVER. I CAN ONLY HOPE I LOOK THIS HOT WHEN I'M 33.



2. In other poll news, I was delighted to see how close the numbers were for the question about Arthur's ass, because really, I just want to do alllll the things to it I MEAN HELLO. But the winner by a small margin was kisses. ARTHUR'S ASS NEEDS MORE KISSES ♥ Now I want fic with Arthur and Eames having a lazy weekend morning in bed. Arthur's face is mashed in the pillow and Eames is still half asleep himself, but Arthur's all warm and snuggly beside him, and of course he cannot resist pressing soft kisses all over Arthur's delightful bottom, which makes Arthur shift around and make soft little noises into the pillow because it kind of tickles but mostly it feels amazing. Obviously this will lead to porn, at which point there are many options Eames can pick and choose from, all of which were quite popular in the poll. OR YOU KNOW ALL OF THE ABOVE BECAUSE EAMES ALSO WANTS TO DO ALL THE THINGS TO ARTHUR'S ASS.

3. Let's talk about Tom Hardy again, yes? YES. I've been lamenting the fact that filming for This Means War is over, and that means no more daily pics, but the bright side is that we get three new movies with him in 2011. THREE MOVIES YOU GUYS. That means lots of interviews and articles and pictures and opportunities for Tom to be ridiculous and awesome and stupidly gorgeous. To that I can only say YAY \o/


4. I have been so consumed with Inception and Merlin during the past few months that I haven't been paying much attention to Adam Lambert, but last night [ profile] ruby_fruit tweeted a link to him on stage giving a demonstration on how to jack off. So, you know, business as usual for Adam.


5. So, Hawaii Five-0. I have to say, it looks kinda fun. I'm sort of terrified of the idea of a new fandom because I FOR REAL DO NOT HAVE TIME IN MY LIFE FOR ANY MORE FLAIL AND BOYS AND FIC JFC but if there is one thing I cannot resist it is the combination of porn and pretty boys, which my flist keeps insisting on pointing out to me. Honestly, I don't even know why I'm resisting as I seem to be getting quadruple teamed here. First [ profile] leupagus sat me down on her couch and showed me the ridiculous boylove, then [ profile] lamardeuse started posting pretty pics all over the place, then [ profile] hermette started sending me links to porn, and now [ profile] foxxcub may be writing a Hawaii Five-0/Inception crossover high school AU involving fake boyfriends and emotionally stunted declarations of love or something and sldkjgslk LIKE I HAVE ANY DEFENSES AGAINST THAT. So, yeah. You can probably expect upcoming posts in which I flail about in a ridiculous fashion all like slfgjfsljl SO WHERE CAN I FIND FELCHING IN THIS FANDOM?

HEY GUYS HEY. I hope your day is awesome ♥
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So, I broke my car. Or maybe it just broke all on its own. The point is IT DOESN'T WORK D: It turns out it is fixable though, it just needs a new engine. WHAT. Now I have to decide if I want to get the engine replaced or just go ahead and buy a new car. Hint: I DON'T WANT TO DO EITHER OF THOSE THINGS REALLY.

I am at the moment in this sort of in this LALALALA NOT LISTENING place, where I am ignoring the fact that whatever happens, this is gonna cost me a crap load of money, and my planned summer vacation might not happen after all, and am therefore engaging in some (totally healthy, RIGHT?) fandom-enabled avoidance therapy. I sleep easy at night knowing that no matter what happens in RL, there are always shiny things on the internet to distract me from my woes.

Like this, for example:



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So [ profile] niekiej is always telling me I should make more posts about my life, but seriously? YOU GUYS, MY LIFE IS TOTALLY BORING. For real. I just typed up like five bullet points and erased them all because, let's face it, I don't think most of you come here to read about my car repair woes or how much I really loved the hummus and veggie sandwich I had for lunch. ONTO MORE EXCITING THINGS.

While writing my [ profile] camelotsolstice fic, I discovered that I really have a thing for Arthur/Merlin/Leon. [ profile] miakun wrote me some double penetration comment porn which was awesome, and now I want more because I am very, very greedy. FOR REAL. SOMEONE SHOULD WRITE SOME KINKY THREESOME PORN BECAUSE HELLO THAT WOULD BE HOT.

Speaking of kinky porn, the spanking [ profile] kinkelot challenge is running until February 14, so there is still plenty of time to post your fics and art. I mean, okay. IDK what you have heard, but it might be possible that I had something to do with the theme? IT'S HARD TO SAY REALLY. But the bottom (HAHA) line is that I sort of desperately want oodles and oodles of spanking fic YES PLEASE. ALSO ART. So attention writers and artists: PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP? I could easily be tempted into writing fic based on art, especially if it involves someone getting bent over someone else's knee OH YES.

Still speaking of porn, I have been in the mood to write some filthy Adam/Tommy smut all day today. My brain has been on Merlin overload from all of the fest fics, but I MISS THOSE OTHER PRETTY BOYS.

How are all of you? Did you survive your Monday? In keeping with the theme of this post, talk to me about threesomes, spanking, porn, and pretty boys.

ETA: [ profile] hermette wrote some ridiculously filthy Arthur/Merlin/Leon porn because she is awesome \o/

ETA2: YOU GUYS. The first submission in the spanking challenge has been posted! It's ART(!!) by [ profile] nachte and you should totally go check it out! (very much NSFW)

Linky Dinks

Dec. 1st, 2009 05:00 pm
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Okay so I don't actually have anything for you today, but luckily lots of other people have been awesome, so I bring you links.
  • COLIN MORGAN IN SOUTH PACIFIC THE TEMPEST. ASDFGHJK. Okay so if Wikipedia is to be trusted, he was 20 years old when that picture was taken. The thing about Colin is that he sometimes looks like he is TWELVE YEARS OLD and then I feel like a giant perv crushing on a little boy. THIS PICTURE IS NOT HELPING MY ANGST ABOUT THE SITUATION. (Picture found by [ profile] brightedelweiss who is obviously an awesome ninja.)

  • Has everyone read this brilliant piece of smut by [ profile] i_claudia? IF NOT THEN GO READ RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT. It's Bradley/Colin, and it was written for one of those kink meme prompts that could have turned into something horribly awkward, but instead is so hot that YOUR BRAIN MAY VERY WELL MELT. My kinks, let me count them: Rimming? CHECK. One person holding the other one down? NNGH. One person talking about how much he wants to see and feel the other one come? ASDFGHJKL WHAT. I am currently in negotiations with Claudia trying to get her to write more filthy porn for me the fandom and I TAKE THIS VERY SERIOUSLY.

  • I don't actually have a link for this one since all the posts about it are locked, but Adam tried to hit on some twink on Twitter and ACCIDENTALLY TWEETED IT TO EVERYONE INSTEAD OF SENDING A DM. Despite the fact that this happened at like 4 am and was deleted approximately .000003 seconds after it was posted, fangirls were all over that shit and the horribly cheesy pickup line has been memorialized in screencap form for all eternity. Oh, Adam <3

Um, I think that is all. OH! Colin and Bradley are going to be on the Paul O'Grady show tomorrow. SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THAT IS. RADIO? TV? WILL I GET TO SEE IF BRADLEY HAS IN FACT SHAVED THE MONSTROSITY IN HONOR OF THE GREAT MONTH OF DECEMBER???
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Authors have been revealed for [ profile] queenbitchfest! You can find the master list of fics here. All stories feature Adam Lambert and were inspired by David Bowie songs. Huge thanks to [ profile] yeats for organizing the fest and for loving me despite my very late submission ♥

My fic is here:

Let Your Sweet Thing Sway
Adam Lambert/Tommy Ratliff, NC-17, ~2100 words, inspired by Pretty Thing
Tommy doesn't want to resist this any longer.

So I feel the need to offer an explanation for this. Way back when I first signed up for the challenge, I was planning to write Kris/Adam. I had a really good idea exactly what I wanted to write, which was essentially a lot of porn with a tiny bit of plot to hold it together. The song pretty much demands porn:

Think about you holding me, taking me down
Something getting hard when you rock it up
Something getting hot when you rock it up
Pretty little girl let your sweet thing sway

As the deadline got closer, I procrastinated a lot diligently worked on my fic until I hit a huge roadblock. I kept trying because I really actually liked the idea, but it was just not working. I cried about it to [ profile] derryere right up until the last minute (and made her stay up until 7am so I could freak out all over the place), before deciding to switch not just to a totally new idea, but a totally new pairing.

All of you AI people can skip the rest of this as it is old news to you, but for anyone who is wondering who Tommy is I have prepared a brief introduction.

You may remember him from the AMAs.

Or possibly you noticed him in Adam's video.

Click for the pretty )
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I don't know if I am still in a food coma from too much Thanksgiving or just sleep deprived, but I can barely keep my eyes open right now. I am curled up on the couch in my pjs, waiting until it's late enough to go to sleep. It's 5:30 now - I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to last. Yes, this is my Friday night. What can I say? I'm a party girl.

ANYWAY. Important things:
  • Posting for [ profile] queenbitchfest started at the beginning of this week. The stories all feature Adam Lambert and are based on David Bowie songs. The fest was organized by the lovely and amazing [ profile] yeats, and posting will continue through tomorrow with author reveals on Sunday. There are some really fantastic fics over there so go check it out!
  • What is with Bradley and the state of Florida? First it was the Miami Dolphins, and then in the trailer for The Real Merlin and Arthur he is wearing a Florida State shirt. HEY BRADLEY, FLORIDA IS TOO HOT FOR YOUR ENGLISH BLOOD. COME TO PENNSYLVANIA INSTEAD :D
  • There is a Dropbox app for the iPhone and it is MY NEW FAVORITE THING EVER. Seriously. Today I was driving down the road listening to music in a folder on [ profile] derryere's computer. Or a folder that is... somewhere else. IDK. ALL I KNOW IS THAT I LOVE MODERN TECHNOLOGY.

I hope all of the Americans out there had an awesome Thanksgiving, and to everyone else, YAY FRIDAY, Y/Y?
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Today I am thankful for a weekend full of so much fandom squee that I nearly expired, my very awesome flist, and the really delicious coffee I am drinking right this very moment. ALSO SHORT WORK WEEKS AND LONG WEEKENDS :D

ETA: OMG YOU GUYS. From this article, a recap of Adam's performance for anyone who missed it: [Adam] proceeded to make out with his (male) keyboard player, ride two of his (male) dancers like dogs on a leash, and grab another (male) with a face-to-the-balls maneuver.

I am seriously cackling gleefully at the phrase face-to-the-balls maneuver. I desperately want to go into the copy room where everyone is hanging out drinking coffee and be like, SO WHO SAW ADAM'S FACE-TO-THE-BALLS MANEUVER LAST NIGHT?

fic - Need

Aug. 26th, 2009 08:50 pm
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Title: Need
Author: [ profile] cherrybina
Pairing Adam/Kris
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~2300
Summary: Written for this prompt at [ profile] ai_kinkmeme: for once, Kris gets to finger Adam. He's takes the opportunity to be a cocktease. Long, including Adam begging. Kris gets to fuck Adam after.

Notes: So this is not something I’d normally write as I do so love Adam topping, but hey, it’s the kink meme, right? A place to write all the things I’d never otherwise write and then hide behind anonymity. WHICH IS NEGATED BY THE FACT THAT I AM NOW POSTING PUBLICLY BUT WHATEVER. I only wrote the first part of the prompt at the kink meme, so here it is in its entirety. WITH ACTUAL FUCKING.

Need )
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Okay so [ profile] ai_kinkmeme? HIGHLY DISTRACTING. I just cannot believe there is a kink meme where the fic doesn't all suck! I mean no offense AI fandom, but the last version of a kink meme that popped up was, well, YOU KNOW HOW THESE THINGS GO. Also, AI fandom is kinky, as evidenced by the fact that there are THREE DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF A WATERSPORTS PROMPT FILLED ON PAGE ONE which, you know, not my thing but people seem to be happy about it so yay for them! The meme is only a couple days old so there is not a TON written yet, but there are already 17 pages of prompts, and everyone is just so bouncy and filled with glee that I just want to squish the whole fandom. OH YES, THAT'S RIGHT, THE FANDOM IS SUCKING ME IN, FORCING ME TO WRITE.

And hey - a week extension on [ profile] reel_merlin means I've got all the time in the world to write filthy Kradam porn and post anonymously, right?
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First things first. Wasn't there supposed to be a preview of the Merlin Big Bang stories starting yesterday? I didn't see anything posted at [ profile] boxofmagic. DID I MISS SOMETHING? But you guys, you guys. Preview or not, the big bangs go live in a week, and THERE ARE SO MANY. I have had the privilege of reading two of them, both of which are amazing. The two I read totaled 120K words, so THESE WRITERS DO NOT FUCK AROUND WHEN THEY SAY BIG.

In other news, I made some progress on the magical glitter fic, but I am just so easily distracted by the shiny, so I keep writing OTHER THINGS. FOR EXAMPLE: [ profile] ontd_ai kink meme prompts. Or, you know, Bradley and Colin napping together. Also, I am working on stories for [ profile] reel_merlin and [ profile] queenbitchfest, as well as this other thing I am writing which involves Merlin wanking. AGAIN. Because it appears as though I have developed something of a kink. BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT THIS TIME ARTHUR GETS TO WATCH :D

So yes, slow boring morning at work which means me frantically scribbling bits of fic in my notepad and begging my flist to entertain me. TALK TO ME PEOPLE. How are all of you? Are you excited for Merlin big bang stories? What are you writing? HOW IS BRADLEY SO PRETTY ANYWAY? AND HOW AM I GOING TO SURVIVE ANOTHER FOUR DAYS WITHOUT [ profile] derryere?

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So um. It is entirely possible that today I wrote a thousand words of a modern AU in which Adam and Kris meet Merlin and Arthur. It is also possible that this fic includes magic!Adam, perpetual grad student!Merlin, jealous!Arthur and reluctant!Kris. There may or may not be a conversation between Adam and Merlin in which Adam remarks that Merlin's boyfriend is awfully uptight and might benefit from being had over a table. ADAM THEN MAY OR MAY NOT VOLUNTEER TO DO THIS IN THE NAME OF GAY TRANSATLANTIC RELATIONS. Also: private jets and tropical islands and Merlin and Kris bonding over living with drama queens and MAGICAL GLITTER and in the end they work it out with lots of boysex. BECAUSE THEY ARE EMOTIONALLY STUNTED BOYS AND THAT IS WHAT THEY DO.

YEAH I BLAME [ profile] likespring AND [ profile] yeats. IDEK WHAT TO SAY ABOUT THIS.
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Today I mentioned to [ profile] derryere that I have this unfortunate habit of laughing when people fall down. Not because I'm trying to be obnoxious, but because I am physically unable to stop. There is just something inherently funny about falling down. Once, I was sitting on the couch minding my own business when I heard a ruckus from the stairs. It was the sound of The Boy falling down the steps.

Bina: WTF.
The Boy: I - I FELL.
The Boy: OMG I'M HURT.

LIKE SERIOUSLY. I am crying with laughter right now recounting this story. And then the other day, my sister called to tell me she fell at work (she works at Starbucks and slipped on some Frappucino mix or something) and again, I was unable to refrain from laughing so hard I nearly busted a rib. She was like THANKS, BITCH. And still, I laughed and laughed. WHY IS THIS SO FUNNY? IDK.

Okay! So poll time. After finishing my last fic, I threw down my metaphorical pen and declared that I'd never write again. That lasted approximately 2 days. Now I am trying to decide what to work on next. I have narrowed it down to the few things that I actually have a reasonable chance of completing at some point in the near(ish) future.

[Poll #1427609]
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And now I am off to frantically finish my pornathon entry DDDDD:
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I always feel a little depressed when I'm able to consolidate everything to such a short list.

  • Today I burned my foot with scrambled eggs. WHAT. I was cooking eggs while wearing flip flops, and during one particularly vigorous stir, steaming hot eggs came flying out of the pan and onto my foot D:
  • Tomorrow I am meeting up with [ profile] puckling at the Franklin Institute to see the Star Trek exhibit. It's my favorite museum in all of Philadelphia, and I expect that we will have a blast.
  • I finished my [ profile] summerpornathon entry. OHMYGOD THAT WAS PAINFULLY HARD. AND NOT IN THE GOOD WAY.
  • On Monday, I am heading to the deep south to visit my mom and sister in Virginia. Okay so maybe not that deep, but still. They say y'all down there. THAT IS DEEP TO ME.

How are all of you? TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD.
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OKAY. So tomorrow: going deep into the heart of central Pennsylvania for the weekend of hell.

So that means [ profile] likespring and [ profile] ruby_fruit, you are both on Kradam Watch 2009 duty. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT KIND OF WIRELESS I AM GOING TO GET IN THE MIDDLE OF COW COUNTRY. SO PLEASE, IF ANY OF THE FOLLOWING HAPPENS, LINK ME: Adam confessing he wants to read Kradam fic or Adam and Kris making lovey eyes from backstage as the other one performs or Adam saying he's happy to give people Adamgasms or Adam admtting that he likes the top. OH WAIT. ALL OF THAT ALREADY ACTUALLY HAPPENED.


Picture! And some random almost!porn. )
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Speaking of Adam, here is a funny story: So I got my cell phone bill the other day, and I opened it up. IT WAS $900. WHAT. THAT IS LIKE 650 EUROS. WTF WTF. I freaked out for a bit and then called up AT&T to try to figure out what the fuck was going on. Basically the short story is that The Boy recently got an iPhone, and when he did, we decided it was most cost effective for us to be on the same plan (before that, he had a different carrier.) Somehow when that happened, the whole account reset to the basic plan. MEANING NO UNLIMITED TEXTING. HELLO 8273395786 VOTES FOR ADAM. Anyway, the whole thing is now resolved. They took off all the additional charges THANK GOD.


P.S. Internet is fixed :D
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Today is a big day for same sex marriage in California. The very oversimplified version: last year, the California State Supreme Court ruled that same sex couples had the right to marry under the State Constitution. Later in the year, Proposition 8 was put on the ballot and the voters decided that marriage is only between a man and a woman. This did not invalidate the marriages already in place, but it did prevent any more from happening. Opponents challenged the constitutionality of Prop 8, and it went to the State Supreme Court again. Today, their ruling is expected. Most legal experts expect the court to uphold Prop 8, meaning no more same sex marriage in California.

Last night, the top 10 AI finalists were on Larry King. It was incredibly lame except for a few things: a cute moment when Kris and Adam were elbowing each other adorably, when Ryan asked the group if they worried about what the judges were going to say and then said to Adam, "well, probably not you", and when Adam was asked if he was always that fabulous. Other than that, there was way too much of everyone other than Adam and Kris.

In other news, let's talk about Bradley's underwear, shall we?

Because that's not creepy at all )


May. 24th, 2009 10:09 pm
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So there is a huge thunderstorm happening DIRECTLY OVER MY HOUSE right this very moment. So loud.

Okay so I've mentioned this before - the Merlin fandom is obviously composed of fuzzy bunnies and unicorns, and therefore the wank is pretty much nonexistent. I like this. AI on the other hand? NOT SO MUCH WITH THE BUNNIES AND UNICORNS. While it is not what I'd call super wanky by any stretch of the imagination, it is filled with. Well, I'm trying to think of a nice word for them. THERE IS NO NICE WAY OF PUTTING IT, OKAY? And I get that the fandom attracts a young demographic, but sometimes it's really bad. I think wank isn't even the right word. It is more just utter stupidity. And don't get me wrong - there are some really awesome people in that fandom, but the ones who are not are so not that IT MAKES MY EYES BLEED SOMETIMES.

But! Tomorrow is a holiday, and that means that I can't stay cranky for long. Any day that I don't have to go to work is a good day.

[Poll #1405147]
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So I'm sure it had something to do with the fact that I watched Adam and Kris on Larry King last night, but I had a dream about them. It was ridiculous, really. So you know how there is rock week and disco week? Well, in my dream, there was a new theme: NAKED WEEK. EACH CONTESTANT HAD TO PERFORM A SONG IN THE NUDE. So Kris was up and he was really nervous, so Adam ended up coming in to his dressing room (OR UNDRESSING ROOM, I SUPPOSE) and at first, Kris was all shy, but then he started hugging Adam telling him how scared he was. AND ADAM WAS TRYING TO BE POLITE AND NOT LOOK, BUT KRIS STARTED RUBBING HIS NAKED SELF ON ADAM'S FULLY CLOTHED BODY AND THEN. ASDFGHJKL.

Oh - FUNNY STORY. Last night, I got a call from boy-who-has-a-crush-on-Adam. He was calling me from his car as he drove down the shore for the weekend, and he heard a commercial for the AI tour tickets. He was a bit hysterical, asking me to check the prices and availability online, and declaring that we absolutely have to go and he'd be willing to pay anything to see Adam from the front row. SO IT LOOKS LIKE I HAVE PLANS FOR AUGUST 20.

In other news, I am meeting the lovely and adorable [ profile] puckling for Thai food tonight. I'm very much looking forward to delicious food, good company, and the opportunity to discuss gay porn with no shame at all.

Boys <3

May. 22nd, 2009 10:51 am
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So in an attempt to feel better about Adam not winning, I have been immersing myself in Kris/Adam love. You guys, these boys are so ridiculous, really. I'm going to say something here that is probably going to alienate half my flist, but THESE TWO ARE BFF-IER THAN CHRIS PINE AND ZACHARY QUINTO. YEAH, I SAID IT.


If I didn't love Kris enough already, here's what he said when asked to comment on whether or not the gay thing had anything to do with the votes:

I would hope that in society today that people would accept Adam just as much as they would accept me. You know, that's kind of what the world is about: accepting people and loving people. I hope that that's what me and Adam's friendship has shown people, that no matter how different you are, that you can still love people and be friends with them.

I JUST. I MEAN. They are boys from different worlds - a married worship leader from Arkansas and a glittery, flamboyant gay guy from California, who became the unlikeliest of BFFs, and I love it so hard it hurts. And I'll say it again: THANK GOD ADAM LOST TO KRIS. Because I can't even imagine what Danny would have said in response to that question. UGH.

I'm being polite and cutting, but YOU ALL BETTER CLICK RIGHT THE FUCK NOW OR ELSE )


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