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1. There has been some tension and angst in Merlin fandom recently, and it makes me sad to see people so unhappy. If you're feeling down and would like a pick-me-up, here are some fun things to check out:

+ [ profile] skellerbvvt is hosting a Love Fest meme thing-y, which is basically just a post full of comment fics and vids and art and recs and flail and squee AND EVERYTHING THAT IS BRIGHT AND SHINY ABOUT THIS SHOW YAY.

+ [ profile] ninja_orange is hosting a nostalgia squee post where you can relive the first time you fell in love with Merlin.

+ In case you missed it, I posted a Labyrinth of Gedref picspam, and had so much fun reading all the comments from people talking about what the episode means to them.

I just love this fandom so much, you guys. I would never expect that people have to feel a certain way, or that they should only post certain kinds of reactions, but this fandom has brought me so much joy and I'm just not ready to say goodbye to that yet ♥

2. In case you're not following along, here are two delightful WIPs that are currently being written hidden away in my journal, both Arthur/Eames:

+ Military fic by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. This started when I begged Gav to write drunken comment fic, and has now turned into delightful h/c.

+ The Maillard Reaction by [ profile] skellerbvvt. Skeller started writing this for the rimming meme, and it has finally reached the rimming. You know, FORTY-NINE PARTS IN.

3. Pretty dimples are pretty.


Do we need some more boys? I think we do. )

4. A poll! Because it's Monday!

[Poll #1642141]

Mondays are not my favorite days, but at least I did not fall down the steps today, and that's something, right? I HOPE YOUR MONDAY IS AS AWESOME AS IT CAN POSSIBLY BE ♥

ETA: I totally forgot to say this, but I went looking for my own first time reactions to Merlin, and found that I didn't really post much about it :( However I did find this, which is just HILARIOUS. Really, you guys. IT WAS HARD TO FIND PICS OF THAT BOY BACK THEN. I AM SO GLAD I HAVE HIS FACE ALL OVER THE PLACE NOW BECAUSE IT IS ONE OF MY VERY FAVORITE FACES EVER :D
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I've been feeling all nostalgic for the early days of Merlin fandom, and after flailing about The Poisoned Chalice, I decided to rewatch The Labyrinth of Gedref, which is my very favorite episode of all time. If I had to guess, I'd say that across fandom, The Moment of Truth is probably the most popular episode, and while I love that one very much, nothing, nothing, can live up to the ridiculous flaily glee I feel every single time I even think about LoG.

It has a lot going for it - tons of M/A interaction, pretty boys all over the place, an actualfax unicorn - but it's Arthur that does it for me so hard. This episode, you guys? This right here is like my very own love song to Arthur Pendragon.


You know me, Merlin. I never listen to you. )
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Oh, you guys. I am feeling ridiculously nostalgic for the early days of Merlin fandom right now. I don't mean I want to go back, because as far as I'm concerned, fandom only gets better when there is more of everything (with the exception of wank, of course.) I just think that the shiny newness of Inception is reminding me of when I had that same feeling about Merlin. And there really is nothing like the joy of falling hard for a new ship, is there?

I flung myself face first on the M/A train right at do you know how to walk on your knees, but The Poisoned Chalice is what knocked me down so hard I couldn't see anything but their perfect shiny love. I remember I sat there going WAIT WHAT. WHAAAAAT.



Anyway, speaking of old school Merlin, [ profile] hermette posted about people sometimes saying that they're nervous or shy or intimidated by the fandom. I've had people express the same feelings to me, and you guys. THAT MAKES ME SO SAD. I realize that not everyone wants to participate in fandom the same way, and if lurking is what you want, then by all means, lurk away. But if there are people who want to play but are afraid for whatever reason, then I go all sadface, because fandom only gets better when there is more. And when people say they are intimidated by me I am just like HAHA WHAT. Because, really. I AM ACTUALLY THIS RIDICULOUS FOR REAL. PEOPLE WHO HAVE MET ME PLEASE CHIME IN AND CONFIRM.

I've been in Merlin fandom for almost two years now. Some of my friendships here go back that far, and so I totally get how it can feel hard to jump into something that seems so established, but I can only promise you that every single one of you is welcome to join in at any time on any post. I love capslocky squee and I love meeting new people and I love completely random comments and I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing that people are just discovering the joy that is Merlin fandom, because it reminds me of when I was there too, with so many hearts in my eyeballs for pretty boys risking everything for each other because they are ridiculously painfully in love ♥♥♥

Before I go all weepy with love for Merlin fandom, I have one more pretty boy to talk about. Yesterday I posted pics of JGL in sweatpants, a windbreaker, and a baseball cap, so I think that means we could all stand to see that boy in a suit right about now.


Yes, that's much better )
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Today is Day Six in the Merlin S3 Countdown Fest of Awesome. I know some of you are feeling a little bit sad seeing so many people on LJ flailing about things that aren't Merlin *ahem* but today we have just the thing to bring us all back together again. A SHINY NEW S3 TRAILER OMG.

\o/ Merlin S3 Countdown: All-Out Squeefest \o/

Spoilery trailer eeeee! )

YOU GUYS YOU GUYS ASDFGHJKL. I CANNOT EVEN. THESE BOYS. I LOVE THEM SO HARD. So I declare today's countdown post an all out squeefest. Bring your gifs, your favorite pictures, AND OF COURSE YOUR CAPSLOCK, AND COME FLAIL WITH ME AS WE ALL REMEMBER WHY WE LOVE THIS SHOW \O/!!!


Pimp if you like:

ETA: And now we have comment porn from [ profile] dreamdustmama \o/
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1. [ profile] franticsga wrote Merlin/Arthur fic and you should go read it because it is awesome. She has tried to blame this on me somehow, which, OKAY. Here is something that you should all know: you can blame me all you want, but when the end result is a ridiculously adorable fic in which boys wear suits and then come all over each other, I AM NOT GOING TO BE SORRY. I AM NEVER GOING TO BE SORRY.

2. Speaking of boys in suits coming all over each other (that is like, THE DEFINING SEGUE OF MY JOURNAL, I THINK) yesterday I mentioned JGL's dimples, and how I very much wanted dimple porn, and I just want to thank [ profile] syllic and [ profile] nicolasechs for taking that conversation exactly where I wanted it to go and discussing the logistics of Eames coming all over Arthur's face and then licking it out of his dimples. THAT WAS WHAT I MEANT BY DIMPLE PORN. I feel like this could be complicated, because Arthur is not really all that smiley, right? And without the smile, there aren't any dimples.


So think about it - Eames has to somehow get him to smile, while also getting off at the same time. And the closer he gets to coming, the harder it is for him to focus on making Arthur smile. DO YOU SEE HOW THIS MIGHT BE DIFFICULT? But really, if there is anyone who can do it, it's Eames, am I right?

3. Speaking of Arthur not smiling, Merlin S3 promo pics \o/

Non-spoilery photos )

4. Speaking of fic, I AM SUCH A MESS RIGHT NOW OMG. In addition to 32847550606 Merlin WIPs, I am writing this ridiculously filthy Arthur/Eames fic which can be summarized thusly: ARTHUR IS BENDY. EAMES APPROVES. I'm also writing this painfully fluffy Arthur/Eames thing in which there is cuddling and hand holding and NO ONE TOUCHES ANYONE ELSE'S PEEN. IDEK.

So what do you guys think? Am I really that good at seamlessly moving from one point to the next, or is my journal just a never ending cycle of porn and fic and pretty boys and porn and fic and... OKAY YEAH I THINK THAT'S PROBABLY IT.

Promo pics from Merlin's Keep
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So, you know. Just because I was randomly wondering and not like these questions have any significance at all OH NO.

[Poll #1607699]
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OKAY. So, the other day I said that it would be totally okay if anyone dared to disagree with my claim that Bradley's hair is the shiniest thing ever. After some further reflection I would like to revise my statement. Bradley's hair is the shiniest thing ever FULLSTOP. It's really not up for debate.


There's no disagreeing with the indisputable truth )
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First of all, because a couple people have asked me directly, I just want to let everyone know that [ profile] derryere is indeed okay, it is just that the universe is conspiring against her. AS IT DOES. But I have spoken with her (and her sister, who is as adorable and hilarious as she is) and she is just as fine as one can be when entirely cut off from the internets and will hopefully be back soon :D

And now onto the final piece of THE MEME THAT ATE MY LIFE HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS. Previous answers are here and here

Fic and porn and Bradley's ridiculous face )
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So has everyone been following the [ profile] summerpornathon? The last challenge was posted today and IT IS WANKING \O/ There I was, reading along, all like, lalala wanking is lovely what a pleasant challenge this will be and then BAM. I got to this sentence: ARTHUR USING A CANDLE TO FIND HIS PROSTATE. FUCK, THAT SOUNDS HOT. It is really no secret how I feel about sex in the bum. I mean HELLO. Merlin's ass/Things Arthur likes to stick in it is ONE OF MY OTPS. But why I have I not spent more of the many hours per day I dedicate to porny thoughts thinking about them sticking things in their own bums? Probably because I spent most of it thinking about Arthur actually fucking Merlin and OKAY MAYBE NOT ACTUALLY A WASTE OF TIME AFTER ALL.

Now I know, I know, sex between two dudes does not always mean assfucking, but as much as I love handjobs and blowjobs and frottage, I am just a huge slut for penetration.... Perhaps I should reword that sentence? You know what? I'M LETTING IT STAND AS IS :D I'm not picky! If not cocks, then fingers, tongues, RANDOM OBJECTS FOUND LYING AROUND THE CASTLE.

ANYWAY. My point was that this challenge is all about wanking which is awesome because wankfic is always in short supply, but what is in even shorter supply is wankfic involving penetration. There is some, I know there is some. WHY IS THERE NOT MORE? So, my lovely flist, I know some of you are participating in the pornathon, and this is my humble request: PLEASE TO BE STICKING SOMETHING UP THERE THANK YOU. Fingers, candles, anachronistic buttplugs, magical dildos, WHATEVER :D


[Poll #1603286]

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Okay okay so I was going to do that meme where I ask all of you to tell me stuff about you, but then I got kind of distracted. BY BRADLEY JAMES. AND HIS, UM, SWORD.


HOLY SHIT, YOU GUYS. One day I am actually going to DIE FROM BRADLEY'S FACE. FOR REAL. But anyway, after I had sufficiently recovered from his DON'T-FUCK-WITH-ME-BUT-YOU-KNOW-YOU-WANNA-FUCK-ME face (which, YES PLEASE) my mind went back to the sword. AS IT DOES.

So, way back when the very last episode of S2 aired, there was a v.v. adorable scene with Arthur and Merlin sharing a room and an almost pillow fight and MERLIN SNEAKING PEEKS AT SHIRTLESS ARTHUR ETC ETC. THE POINT IS THAT WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENED WHEN THE CAMERAS STOPPED ROLLING AM I RIGHT. I EVEN POSTED SOME EVIDENCE THAT POINTED TO JUST HOW VERY EXCITED BRADLEY WAS DURING THAT SCENE. And okay, boy is a great actor and all, but somehow I am doubting that the script called for his pants to get in on the acting. I MEAN REALLY.

In the comments there was some debate about the possibility of unfortunate fabric folds in his breeches (A POSSIBILITY WHICH I REJECT ON PRINCIPLE BTW) but it was really hard to see because the cap was pretty dark. BUT LOOK WHAT [ profile] timetraveller90 DID.


Now look, we all know more than Bradley probably ever wants us to know about the status of his manly bits. UM, HELLO.

SO. I think at this point we can all agree that that Bradley's peen is just as fantastic as the rest of him and that Colin is indeed a lucky, lucky boy. DISCUSS.

ETA: And by Bradley's pants I mean these. OBVIOUSLY.


ETA2: Aaaaaand we have comment fic! [ profile] skellerbvvt wrote about Arthur's peen here AND IT IS DELIGHTFUL.

Bradley pic from [ profile] mata090680 via [ profile] gealach_ros, Bradley gif by [ profile] derryere
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Apparently today is the first day of filming in Pierrefonds for Merlin S3. Do you know what this means? DO YOU?? IT MEANS THAT WE MIGHT GET OUR FIRST CLEAN SHAVEN PICTURE OF BRADLEY IN IDEK HOW LONG. In case you didn't know, THE "BEARD" MAKES ME CRY. Which I think I've mentioned. MAYBE EVEN MORE THAN ONCE. YOU GUYS. I am all aflutter at the possibility of SEEING BRADLEY'S BEAUTIFUL JAWLINE. And fluffy blond hair. AND CLOTHING THAT MIGHT BE A BIT DATED BUT IS SOMEHOW STILL BETTER THAN ANYTHING HE MANAGES TO PUT HIMSELF IN.

Word on the street is that fangirls are there at the castle right this very moment trying to catch a glimpse of the cast. AND SO NOW I AM JUST SITTING HERE. DYING. AS I wait for official word that the boy has finally shaved that atrocity off of his pretty face. FIRST PERSON TO POST A PICTURE OF BRADLEY SANS QUESTIONABLE FACIAL HAIR WILL GET, IDK. SOMETHING AWESOME.

Until then, let us take a moment to appreciate the wonder and ridiculousness that is Bradley's lovely face.


ETA: While we wait, feel free to spam, squee, attempt to answer the question HOW IS HE SO PRETTY? or appreciate Bradley in any other way you see fit ♥




ETA4: OKAY. Now that I have calmed down a little, I shall link you to some of the amazing things people have left in the comments, such as a picspam of pretty from [ profile] lamardeuse. Also [ profile] derryere has posted some delightful YouTube vids which have nothing to do with Bradley but everything to do with pretty boys fucking in a bathroom stall, so, you know. AWESOME.


Feb. 15th, 2010 05:42 pm
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I wrote these a couple days ago and I was going to wait until I finished the rest of the prompts, but since I'm not sure when that will be, have some wee ficlets!

Title: The Smell of Him
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: R
Word Count: 700
Prompt: Merlin/Arthur, the smell of him, for [ profile] tetsubinatu

The Smell of Him )

Title: Insatiable
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: R
Word Count: 800
Prompt: Gaius catching Merlin + Arthur doing it and being all Gaiusy, for [ profile] cordeliasmarz

Insatiable )

Title: Brave and Loyal
Character: Lancelot
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Brief mentions of violence
Word Count: 600
Prompt: Lancelot gen, how he acquired his first horse, for [ profile] linnet_melody

Brave and Loyal )
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Title: Let Go and Watch the Sunlight Bend
Author: [ profile] cherrybina
Pairing Merlin/Arthur
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~15,500
Summary: It’s the hottest summer in Camelot’s history. Arthur is confused about what he likes, Merlin tries to help him figure it out, but neither one of them has a clue what they really want.

Notes: Written for [ profile] manisseta for [ profile] camelotsolstice and originally posted here.

Thanks to [ profile] lamardeuse and [ profile] kelene for the beta and Britpick, to [ profile] derryere for being there to answer every ridiculous question I had, and [ profile] leupagus for always saying what needed to be said and for talking me through this when I thought I might never make it work.

Let Go and Watch the Sunlight Bend )
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Okay so my entire flist consists of nothing but Merlin 2x13 episode reactions, and everything I wanted to say has already been said, so instead of repeating it, I will just add one thing.

Um, what is going on here? )
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Oh, flist. We need to talk yet again about Bradley's facial hair.

I tried a mini-picspam when the first scraggly hairs appeared. At the time, I seemed to be in the minority since much of my flist was in favor of the approximately 18 chin hairs growing all over his pretty face. Then the next set of pics came out showing that Bradley was apparently going for an actual beard, and the tide turned, with most people begging him to shave it off. I was still weeping at the travesty of it all, but at least I knew I was not alone.

But then something happened.

Yesterday a new interview of Bradley came out. On the surface it's almost too good to be true - ten minutes of Bradley being his ridiculously delightful self, telling stories about wee Bradley at the theater and impersonating David Bowie in Labyrinth, but the truth is that the video is a tragedy in what could have been. Instead of ten minutes of Bradley's perfect face, we have ten minutes of Bradley's perfect face COVERED UP WITH RANDOM PATCHES OF HAIR.

Much to my horror, posts started appearing on my flist. People who had once been begging him to shave it off were suddenly talking about how they were starting to actually like the scraggle. From this I can only conclude one thing: THE EVIL POWERS OF THE CHIN HAIRS HAVE BEEN UNLEASHED IN FULL FORCE.

I cannot stand by any longer and watch my friends fall one by one for fuck me eyes and a tight white t-shirt. HOW EASILY YOU ALL FORGET HOW PRETTY HE WAS WITHOUT IT. I am here to remind you, and I'm not holding anything back.

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Okay, so most important business first:

awesome banner by [ profile] derryere

EEEEEEEE! YOU GUYS. YOU GUYS. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM FOR THIS?? For those of you who don't know, MiniMerlin was an informal con held in March that was SERIOUSLY AWESOME. REALLY, IT WAS. I'm trying to think of a classy way to recap it, but all I can come up with is FANGIRL MAKEOUT PILES and PORN READINGS COMPLETE WITH SOUND EFFECTS and MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF VODKA. I promise other stuff did happen :D (You can read my recap here)

Anyway! Go join [ profile] minimerlin since that's where all updates will be from now on, and check out this post for more info.

Moving along! There's a newish coffee shop/cafe in my neighborhood that I've been meaning to try, and I finally went today. It was lovely but a bit overpriced. There's one I like better that's not quite in my neighborhood that I think I'll stick to. Still, it was fun and I had an awesome sandwich consisting of herbed cheese bread, avocado, roasted peppers, jicma, cheddar cheese, and chipotle lime mayo. SO TASTY.

Also! I saw a boy there who I swear was Drake Bell. Not like someone who looked like him, but ACTUALLY DRAKE BELL. I've never actually seen Drake and Josh, but I recognized him from fandom stuff I've seen around. Anyway, I came home and started poking around looking at pictures to see if I was remembering his face correctly and it might have actually been him, and ended up reading Drake and Josh fic for like two hours. WHAT IS MY LIFE IDEK.

Then later I went to the grocery store and discovered it was jam packed full of people. At first I was like WTF IS GOING ON HERE but I soon discovered they were having a special Thanksgiving food sample party to encourage people to order turkeys and stuff. The store was full of sample stations, and they had an entire turkey dinner with all the trimmings as well as appetizers and dessert. FREE DINNER. SCORE.
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Okay, so I have been planning to do a general Merlin picspam for the past couple weeks appreciating the prettiness of everyone involved since anything I want to say about the show someone else as already said, but then something happened and my plans changed. What was it, you ask? As I am sure everyone knows by now, Bradley has acquired some facial hair. PLEASE NOTE THAT I DID NOT SAY BRADLEY GREW A BEARD, BECAUSE I AM AFRAID THAT HE DID NOT.

OKAY. So first I should say that I am not anti-facial hair as a rule, but this thing that Bradley has going on? NOT GOOD. NOT GOOD AT ALL. I realize that people seem to be very happy about it as evidenced by the reactions I am seeing, and of course I respect any an all opinions, but my opinion is a an unequivocal FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY PLEASE SHAVE IT OFF RIGHT NOW BRADLEY.

This week's episode is a very good example in why Bradley should make a date with a razor. Some of you may know it as Beauty and the Beast, Part 2, but I like to think of it as Prince Arthur: A Study in How to Look Hot While Brooding.

Spoilers for 2.06 in the way of one very pretty prince )

Power Play

Sep. 22nd, 2009 05:06 pm
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Okay so I totally was not going to do this. In fact, just last night, [ profile] derryere and I had a conversation in which I declared I'M NEVER WRITING MERLIN META EVER. And then. WELL. THIS HAPPENED.

Let's talk about power, shall we? )
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First things first.

OHMYGOD THESE BOYS. My very first thought upon seeing this gif was Adam and Kris and the headphone splitters. Okay, that's a lie. My very first thought was THAT'S IT THEY ARE SO FUCKING IDEC WHAT ANYONE SAYS. And then after I calmed down a bit I thought of Kradam. (ETA: SOME THEORIES ABOUT THE EARBUDS/MUSIC HERE.)


I have returned from my Merlin viewing party of awesome with [ profile] anevivi, [ profile] puckling, and [ profile] ras_elased. WATCHING MERLIN WITH FANGIRLS IS THE BEST THING EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

I was stuck in traffic on the way down yesterday, so I was scanning my flist on my iPhone and DYING at all of the reaction posts, since it had already aired in the UK by then. Here is my very own episode reaction: THEY'RE SO PRETTY EEEEEEE!

How are all of you? Did you have a lovely weekend also? DID YOU MISS THIS SHOW AS MUCH AS I DID?



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