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Oh, you guys. I am feeling ridiculously nostalgic for the early days of Merlin fandom right now. I don't mean I want to go back, because as far as I'm concerned, fandom only gets better when there is more of everything (with the exception of wank, of course.) I just think that the shiny newness of Inception is reminding me of when I had that same feeling about Merlin. And there really is nothing like the joy of falling hard for a new ship, is there?

I flung myself face first on the M/A train right at do you know how to walk on your knees, but The Poisoned Chalice is what knocked me down so hard I couldn't see anything but their perfect shiny love. I remember I sat there going WAIT WHAT. WHAAAAAT.



Anyway, speaking of old school Merlin, [ profile] hermette posted about people sometimes saying that they're nervous or shy or intimidated by the fandom. I've had people express the same feelings to me, and you guys. THAT MAKES ME SO SAD. I realize that not everyone wants to participate in fandom the same way, and if lurking is what you want, then by all means, lurk away. But if there are people who want to play but are afraid for whatever reason, then I go all sadface, because fandom only gets better when there is more. And when people say they are intimidated by me I am just like HAHA WHAT. Because, really. I AM ACTUALLY THIS RIDICULOUS FOR REAL. PEOPLE WHO HAVE MET ME PLEASE CHIME IN AND CONFIRM.

I've been in Merlin fandom for almost two years now. Some of my friendships here go back that far, and so I totally get how it can feel hard to jump into something that seems so established, but I can only promise you that every single one of you is welcome to join in at any time on any post. I love capslocky squee and I love meeting new people and I love completely random comments and I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing that people are just discovering the joy that is Merlin fandom, because it reminds me of when I was there too, with so many hearts in my eyeballs for pretty boys risking everything for each other because they are ridiculously painfully in love ♥♥♥

Before I go all weepy with love for Merlin fandom, I have one more pretty boy to talk about. Yesterday I posted pics of JGL in sweatpants, a windbreaker, and a baseball cap, so I think that means we could all stand to see that boy in a suit right about now.


Yes, that's much better )
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1. SDLKGHSL MERLIN HAS BEEN RENEWED FOR A FOURTH SERIES! I know you all partied your little hearts out about this yesterday, but I was still kind of flopping around like a limp noodle with a hangover, so I AM PARTYING NOW OKAY PLEASE COME JOIN ME IF YOU LIKE \O/!!! I am so not ready to say goodbye to this show, and more importantly, the fandom, so I am THRILLED to know that I'll have another year of these ridiculous boys in my life.




2. Yesterday, [ profile] leupagus held me hostage in her apartment and refused to let me leave until I watched some of Hawaii Five-0. And HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS. I'm not sure you can actually call that subtext when they are basically three seconds away from making out. Seriously, I was just like WAIT WHAT. DID THAT ACTUALLY JUST HAPPEN? I... think I need to go watch this show now.

3. Tom Hardy/Chris Pine. OKAY OKAY OKAY. So the pictures came out a couple days ago, and yeah, that is a lot of pretty right there in one place. First, I should say that I find Chris Pine extremely attractive. As in, fuck yeah I'd hit it hard. But you guys. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON WITH HIS HAIR IDEK.


Pretty pretty )

4. I know I have been promising you the Jailbait JGL picspam, but it is not ready because OH MY GOD THERE ARE A LOT OF PICTURES OF HIM LOOKING LIKE AN UNDERAGE RENTBOY JFC. To hold you over, here is a photo of him straddling a metal pole-thingy in which you can see his lovely fingers, and in which he is giving his very best PLEASE COME AND FUCK ME face. For the record, I love that face ♥ ALSO FOR THE RECORD I WOULD TOTALLY FUCK HIM. WHICH I AM PRETTY SURE I ALREADY SAID. A BUNCH OF TIMES.


Because one is not enough )
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OH HI YOU GUYS. So, fangirl meetup last night was awesome, y/y? Despite the fact that I was fairly intoxicated I don't think I did anything too embarrassing? IF I AM WRONG NO ONE TELL ME JUST LET ME LIVE THE LIE. There was much discussion of assfucking and jizz and rimming and all of the other things that are so important to me. Hopefully I was not too bouncy and loud (SOMETIMES MY RL CAPSLOCK BUTTON GETS STUCK OKAY) and retained some of my dignity. MAYBE D:

Anyway, thank you to everyone who came and made it such an awesome time! If you were there, make sure to head over to [ profile] leupagus' post because it is possible that some of us were too drunk to remember everyone's name. Maybe. UM.

I feel like this post is naked without pretty pictures but I am typing it up ON MY PHONE OMG from [ profile] leupagus' apartment and I can't resize pics on my photobucket app so would probably end up posting a giant picture of JGL's ass or something. Which okay, not a bad thing, but still. I AM TRYING TO WATCH OUT FOR YOUR FLIST OKAY.

That means pretty boys tomorrow. Today, a poll. And JFC if I manage not to fuck it up from my phone it will be a miracle.

[Poll #1635430]
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gif by [ profile] who_love


My entire response to the interview can be summed up as follows: BRADLEEEEEEY ASDFGHJK ♥______♥ If you haven't seen the interview yet, you can find it here on YouTube. NEW EP TOMORROW. HOLY SHIT.

2. Okay so this video?

THIS VIDEO CRACKS ME UP. I know he's supposed to be an asshole paparazzi dude, and I hate when they harass celebrities when they're just trying to go about their business, but I kind of love that photographer a little bit. When JGL tells him that Fellini directed La Dolce Vita and he is just like, "WHO?" I can practically see JGL's WHAT IS MY LIFE face. It pains his little hipster soul, and I can totally relate, because it is the very same pain I feel when Bradley wears his Abercrombie shirt. But what I really love is how at first the photographer is all dismissive, like, WHATEVER, YOU ARE NOT EVEN THAT FAMOUS, but by the end he is openly slashing JGL with his friend. It would have been one thing if he just admitted that he was going for the gay angle because it made a good story, but he basically tells him that he wants it to be true because he thinks it would be hot. He's an asshole photographer with the heart of a fangirl ♥

3. Speaking of JGL, does anyone else think that maybe he was kind of bratty as a kid, and always giving his parents shit for making him do stuff like take gymnastics and dance lessons and French lessons because while he enjoyed the acting thing, the rest of the time he just wanted to stay home and play Sonic the Hedgehog on SEGA? Only now that he is all grown up he's like HOLY SHIT, THIS GETS ME LAID ALL THE TIME. I HOPE HE THANKED HIS PARENTS IS ALL I'M SAYING.

4. Can we talk about T-Hard right now? )

5. You guys should know better than to dare me AKA PORN )

*And yes, that is the second reference to that song I've used in two days. I HAVE NEVER DOUBTED THE ARTISTIC INTEGRITY OF LADY GAGA OKAY.

ETA2: [ profile] ainsoph15 wrote Arthur/Eames comment porn and it is hot and delightful!
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So, I’ve never actually done a proper intro post, but there seem to be an awful lot of new people around here (OH HI NEW PEOPLE) so perhaps this is a good time?

Anyway, HI. I AM BINA. I like my porn filthy and my squee in CAPSLOCK. I enjoy finagling my flist into filling out ridiculous polls and writing comment porn to satisfy my every whim. I JUST HAVE A LOT OF WHIMS OKAY. I have the attention span of a toddler and I am easily distracted by shiny things. My default icon is my favorite icon of all time, and was made for me by my beloved [ profile] derryere, who is the stroopwafel to my tastykake. You can see the context for it here. Sometimes I write fic, and you can find all of it here. IT IS BASICALLY ALL PORN. JSYK.

Fandom wise, my soul belongs to Merlin, while Inception is tugging relentlessly at my heart right now. My capacity for squee is alarmingly high, and I happen to think there is no reason at all why I can’t have it both ways. JUST YOU WATCH \o/

If you are an Inception person and have no idea what I am going on about with this Merlin business, you should totally click here. And if you are a Merlin person who thinks Inception is the shiny new toy that stole all your friends away, you should totally click here. And if any of you think for one second that I am leaving Merlin fandom, well, first of all, HI HAVE YOU MET ME. I’ve been flailing about this show and these boys for nearly two years now, in a rather ridiculous fashion. It doesn’t matter how pretty the other Arthur is, or that JGL has a fabulous ass (and HE REALLY REALLY DOES OKAY) I'm gonna be here until the wheels come off. YOU COULDN'T GET RID OF ME IF YOU TRIED :D And second of all, just look at this and this and this and this and this. LIKE I COULD GIVE THAT UP SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS.

Speaking of Merlin, I have rather strong feelings about Bradley James’ face. Well okay, all of his parts. Perhaps you have noticed? I’ve mentioned it once or twice, I think. I happen to think his face is the most fantastic of all human faces, and you can see more about how I feel about this v.v. important matter here. And, uh here and here and here and here and here. I WAS NOT KIDDING ABOUT THE STRONG FEELINGS.

As much as I would like to declare that no one loves Bradley as much as I do and therefore someday he will be mine, I’m afraid that is simply not true because I cannot compete with Colin Morgan okay. My feelings about Colin and Bradley's epic love can be found here and here.

Recently, my heart has been snatched up by Inception fandom, thanks in no small part to well dressed men, pretty dimples, JGL's ass, and the complete and utter ridiculousness that is Tom Hardy. You can see more about all of the above here and here and here. Stick around and watch me make, like, 837495 more posts just like that. Some might call it repetitive, but I prefer to think of it as loyalty squee :D

As for me personally, I like triple shot lattes, dresses with polka dots, and pretty new shoes. I answered a lot of top five questions that will tell you more than you've ever wanted to know about me in three separate posts. If you get drunk with me, I will sit you down and explain my super srs bsns thoughts on assfucking, complete with descriptive hand gestures. Well, either that or I’ll knock you on your back and break your tooth in an attempt to make out with you. BUT ONLY IF I REALLY LOVE YOU ♥

Here in my journal, everyone is welcome to jump into any conversation at any time. I PROMISE YOU ARE NOT INTERRUPTING. Like, FOR REAL. You never have to preface you comment with, "sorry if this is creepy but..." Well, I mean unless you are about to tell me about your human head collection or something D: But here you can be as filthy and as random as you like and it will always be okay with me. Say, oh Idk, I posted a bunch of random crap about me, and you decided to reply with comment porn - THAT WOULD BE MORE THAN OKAY WITH ME I AM JUST SAYING. Some of my very best fandom friendships have started when people I didn't know jumped in to declare their love for barebacking, felching, or the importance of lots and lots of lube. But if you’d prefer just to lurk, that’s fine, too!

My journal is too ridiculous to have proper rules, but if it did, they would be:

1. Squee hard
2. Play nice
3. Bonus points for comment porn
5. If you write comment porn that incorporates all of my top five kinks you win A PRIZE. Especially if you also write a sequel ♥♥

I don’t post a lot of meta, but on the rare occasion that I do, it will likely be about jizz. If you are interested, you can read about why I do fandom the way I do fandom here. At the end of the day, I don’t take myself seriously, and I certainly don’t expect anyone else to, either :D

Fandom brings me joy every single day. That I can come here and have so many people flail and capslock with me about porn and pretty boys and every other ridiculous thing that goes on inside my head makes me so fucking grateful you have no idea. YOU GUYS ARE MY PEOPLE ♥♥♥

BUT THAT IS ENOUGH ABOUT ME. New people, old people, in between people, tell me something about you, please and thank you.
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⇒ Early morning wake up call. I've been having some weird issues with my hot water heater over the past few weeks, and today it decided that it had had enough thankyouverymuch and was no longer going to make the water nice and toasty. Of course it made this decision RIGHT AS I GOT INTO THE SHOWER. SERIOUSLY. I had about three seconds of hot water and then BAM. That is certainly one way to wake up. I shrieked and wailed like a giant baby but still managed to wash all my parts, and I gotta say, my hair is looking exceptionally shiny today. Not as shiny as Bradley's, and not so shiny that I'm willing to take a frigid shower every morning, but still.

⇒ Inception. Uh, yeah. So what is going on with this fandom? BECAUSE IT LOOKS KIND OF AWESOME OKAY. Last summer, everyone was flailing all over the place about Star Trek, and I was busy trying to lure people back to Merlin, and by the time I got my act together to realize OMG PRETTY BOYS ON A SPACESHIP I felt like I missed the awesomest of the awesome. I don't want that to happen again! Even though I think of myself as painfully monofannish at heart, the truth is that I am very, very easy and porn and pretty boys will get me every single time, and, well, they're really fucking pretty okay and asdfghj the porn. SO GOOD. So talk to me flist, worth cheating on Merlin and Arthur? BUT ONLY UNTIL THE NEW SEASON STARTS OKAY.

⇒ Voiceposts. They're all the rage. I have already done one that was flocked, because that shit is embarrassing for real, but I'm going to do another one because I still have more questions to answer. I figured what the hell, this one will be unlocked because basically you have already seen me at my most ridiculous, so nothing I say is going to be that much of a shock. Let me know if there is anything you want me to say, and I shall try. Probably though, I will end up distracted by the first question and babble on at length about random shit. AS I DO. Now everyone will know that I say wudder and haaaaarible and beeeeaghd and Murray Christmas. I PROMISE IT IS MORE AWESOME THAN IT SOUNDS.

Happy Saturday, lovelies ♥
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So, you know. Just because I was randomly wondering and not like these questions have any significance at all OH NO.

[Poll #1607699]
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First of all, because a couple people have asked me directly, I just want to let everyone know that [ profile] derryere is indeed okay, it is just that the universe is conspiring against her. AS IT DOES. But I have spoken with her (and her sister, who is as adorable and hilarious as she is) and she is just as fine as one can be when entirely cut off from the internets and will hopefully be back soon :D

And now onto the final piece of THE MEME THAT ATE MY LIFE HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS. Previous answers are here and here

Fic and porn and Bradley's ridiculous face )
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FIRST OF ALL. Yesterday I posted about Arthur and Merlin fucking themselves (yeah yeah, I know. What else is new, right?) and there are TONS of awesome ideas in the comments. So if you're participating in the [ profile] summerpornathon and having trouble coming up with something for this challenge, check it out. There are also lots of ideas that don't quite fit into the theme but still need to be written LIKE NOW including a a contest involving who can take the biggest candle and how Arthur might actually fuck himself with a candlestick after all.

AND ALSO. Thanks to [ profile] troygirl68 and [ profile] luisadeza I now desperately want fic in which Bradley and Colin are dating and Colin is horribly allergic to latex. So things are going along just swimmingly, and they're making out all hot and heavy, trousers on the floor, rubbing together through their pants, and finally Bradley says, "fuck, Col. I want - " and Colin pulls his mouth away from Bradley's neck long enough to gasp, "yeah, yeah, me too. Oh, wait. We can't, I don't have - " "It's okay," Bradley says, shoving Colin off and pulling a condom out of his jeans on the floor, "See? I came prepared." Colin just sighs. "Is that latex? I'm horribly allergic to latex." Bradley's stupid with lust at this point, so he just holds it up and says, "it's a condom." "I can't use it unless it's latex free," Colin tells him. "Oh," Bradley says, "but what if you're the one who - "

"Bradley. Think about it. There is no way for us to use that that doesn't end in tragedy for me." Bradley just says, "oh, right," and he rolls over onto his back because he is so fucking hard he thinks he might really die. "Next time, yeah?" Colin tells him right before he kisses down Bradley's stomach and sucks his cock down all the way down and, well. BRADLEY DOESN'T SAY ANYTHING AFTER THAT. But three days later Bradley shows up at Colin's place with a case of latex free condoms and glass dildo shaped like a banana. BECAUSE HE LOOOOOOOVES HIM ♥♥♥


MOVING ALONG. The August challenge for [ profile] kinkelot is tentacles \o/ There is a post up here with links to all the tentacle fic in the fandom, so take a look. THEN WRITE TENTACLE FIC YES PLEASE.

And finally, go check out [ profile] camelotremix ([personal profile] camelotremix on Dreamwidth). If you don't know what a remix is, there's an info post here. I've never participated as a writer, but I love the concept, and there's always lots of interesting fic that comes out. Go sign up!

In conclusion: so I guess I'm gonna have to watch this Sherlock show, huh?


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So, last year at the screening, Bradley was acting all, like, weirdly distanced or something, which I am quite certain was part of the whole Trying to Be More Indie for Colin Plan of last fall. This was the early stages though, so he was still washing his hair at least. SO SHINY. Also: CHEEKBONES.


Flashback to more pretty )
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So, I broke my car. Or maybe it just broke all on its own. The point is IT DOESN'T WORK D: It turns out it is fixable though, it just needs a new engine. WHAT. Now I have to decide if I want to get the engine replaced or just go ahead and buy a new car. Hint: I DON'T WANT TO DO EITHER OF THOSE THINGS REALLY.

I am at the moment in this sort of in this LALALALA NOT LISTENING place, where I am ignoring the fact that whatever happens, this is gonna cost me a crap load of money, and my planned summer vacation might not happen after all, and am therefore engaging in some (totally healthy, RIGHT?) fandom-enabled avoidance therapy. I sleep easy at night knowing that no matter what happens in RL, there are always shiny things on the internet to distract me from my woes.

Like this, for example:



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Title: In Pursuit of Perfection
Author: [ profile] cherrybina
Pairing Merlin/Arthur
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~1700
Summary: Merlin had realised a long time ago that Arthur really is disgustingly good at everything he does, so it's no surprise at all when he learns firsthand that despite a late start, Arthur is rather brilliant at sex.

Notes: This is a sequel of sorts to Let Go and Watch the Sunlight Bend, but it's just porn, really, so you probably don't need to read that first. Way back when I was writing the fic, [ profile] lamardeuse told me I should totally write a porny sequel in which Arthur fucks Merlin for the first time while Merlin talks him through it. SO I DID.

In Pursuit of Perfection )
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Okay so my entire flist consists of nothing but Merlin 2x13 episode reactions, and everything I wanted to say has already been said, so instead of repeating it, I will just add one thing.

Um, what is going on here? )
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Authors have been revealed for [ profile] queenbitchfest! You can find the master list of fics here. All stories feature Adam Lambert and were inspired by David Bowie songs. Huge thanks to [ profile] yeats for organizing the fest and for loving me despite my very late submission ♥

My fic is here:

Let Your Sweet Thing Sway
Adam Lambert/Tommy Ratliff, NC-17, ~2100 words, inspired by Pretty Thing
Tommy doesn't want to resist this any longer.

So I feel the need to offer an explanation for this. Way back when I first signed up for the challenge, I was planning to write Kris/Adam. I had a really good idea exactly what I wanted to write, which was essentially a lot of porn with a tiny bit of plot to hold it together. The song pretty much demands porn:

Think about you holding me, taking me down
Something getting hard when you rock it up
Something getting hot when you rock it up
Pretty little girl let your sweet thing sway

As the deadline got closer, I procrastinated a lot diligently worked on my fic until I hit a huge roadblock. I kept trying because I really actually liked the idea, but it was just not working. I cried about it to [ profile] derryere right up until the last minute (and made her stay up until 7am so I could freak out all over the place), before deciding to switch not just to a totally new idea, but a totally new pairing.

All of you AI people can skip the rest of this as it is old news to you, but for anyone who is wondering who Tommy is I have prepared a brief introduction.

You may remember him from the AMAs.

Or possibly you noticed him in Adam's video.

Click for the pretty )


Nov. 23rd, 2009 02:29 pm
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Article is here. I'm flailing too much to read it right now. SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT IT SAYS.


ETA: More comment fic! Consider the Hairpin Turn by [ profile] chibirhm!

ETA2: Screencaps from the preview!
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It might be tomorrow in Dutchland but it is still today here, so I can say Happy Birthday [ profile] derryere! \o/

Title: Faith in Sound and Song
Author: [ profile] cherrybina
Pairing Bradley/Colin
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~2,500
Summary: Colin teases Bradley about his facial hair, his musical tastes and his clothing. It must be love.

Notes: So, I decided to write this story as a birthday present for [ profile] derryere without knowing that the brilliant [ profile] zarathuse was also writing something for her as well. There may be some similar themes in them both which come from a variety of ridiculous theories we have about Bradley and Colin (also, our deep and abiding love for [ profile] derryere :D). Also, go read [ profile] zarathuse's awesome story here!

Faith in Sound and Song )
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So I have 8 billion things I should be writing right now, but instead I am reposting a pornlet I wrote the other day. DEADLINES? WHAT DEADLINES?

Title: Study Break
Author: [ profile] cherrybina
Pairing Merlin/Arthur
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~800
Summary: Arthur interrupts Merlin studying at the library.

Notes: Written for [ profile] yeats, who had a bad day.

Study Break )

ETA: This ficlet now has an illustration thanks to the talented and very awesome [ profile] yue_ix.


Oct. 30th, 2009 01:03 pm
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Okay, so I am relatively new to the Star Trek fandom so maybe everyone already knows about this but me, but OHMYGOD PLEASE GO READ THE NEXT INSTALLMENT OF ONLY GOOD FOR LEGENDS, AKA THE ONE IN WHICH SPOCK IS A DETECTIVE, BY THE VERY, VERY AWESOME [ profile] leupagus. It's delightfully long with a plot you can really sink your teeth into, and the progression of the Kirk/Spock relationship is slow and delicious, with a payoff that makes every single moment worth it. If you haven't read the first chapters yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

If you are concerned about the fact that it's a WIP, let me lay your worries to rest. Not only are the very fearsome [ profile] merelyn and [ profile] rageprufrock ready to use any and all force necessary to ensure that this story gets written, I am now on it as well. IF YOU THINK I AM NOT SERIOUS ASK [ profile] leupagus ABOUT THAT TIME I BROKE HER TOOTH.
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Title: Lucky
Author: [ profile] cherrybina
Pairing Kirk/Spock
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~2,000
Summary: Kirk finds out who everyone thinks is the hottest member of the Enterprise crew.

Notes: Dedicated to [ profile] leupagus, who dragged me into this fandom just by being awesome. Written based on a prompt that I read on the kink meme and then promptly lost track of, so I forget exactly what it said. HOPEFULLY THIS FILLS IT. Thanks to the fabulous [ profile] miakun for the beta.

Lucky )


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