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1. The Inception Kink Fest is so amazing, you guys. Seriously, I am DROWNING IN PORN right now and if there is anything in life better than that I do not know what it is. I still haven't managed to read everything, but I am happily working my way through. SO MUCH PORN I LOVE IT ♥ I want to get the masterlist updated, but so far, I'm only through the first page of comments. Until then, browse the comments because there is tons of awesome stuff in there. OH AND KEEP WRITING :D

2. I saw this gif on tumblr the other day and was like WHY ISN'T IT BIGGER IT NEEDS TO BE BIGGER OMG.


Anyway! Someone tweeted me the link to this video, and now I have... forgotten who that was D: AND I AM SORRY FOR BEING SO FLAKY BUT THANK YOU AWESOME PERSON!

I've seen pictures and gifs from this interview, but never the whole thing, and seriously, I am dying. JGL's hair looks amazing and he outfit makes me clap my hands in glee and HIS DIMPLES ARE VISIBLE FROM THE MOON OMG and he and Zooey are so ridiculously adorable together that I almost can't even stand it ♥




4. I woke up this morning to SNOW WTAF APRIL. I am so very unamused. But it's okay! I am choosing to reject this snowy reality, and so I'm wearing summery shoes.


OKAY YES WITH TIGHTS BUT STILL. Red shoes make every day brighter ♥

Hey guys! Happy Friday :D

ETA: [ profile] physicsxmagic coded the rest of the Kink Fest Masterlist because she is FABULOUS ♥ Let me know if you find any broken/missing links and I shall update.


Mar. 18th, 2011 11:33 am
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HEY YOU GUYS. I'm sorry for basically being MIA the past couple days. I have been having a bit of a weird week, and I'm feeling kind of stressed and headachey and wrung out and basically flopping all over the place like a limp noodle.



Basically, OUCH. THAT IS WHAT I AM SAYING TO YOU. But I am here! Because I need some awesome right now.

I am not going to make a serious attempt to catch up all of things I missed this week, but one thing I have to mention is that Bradley M-stands-for-ridiculous James has a twitter, which he photographically verified for us the other day.

I am very reluctantly cutting this, but only because it is several days old and by now you have all probably seen it 3749596 times )

I still have things wot I want to say about the poll from last week (mostly about cardigans because WHAT EVEN HAPPENED THERE IDEK) but right now, I just want to say that dimples gave emofaces a pretty thorough smackdown, and I am quite pleased about this.


HOW CAN I STAY NOODLEY WHEN BB DIMPLEFACE EXISTS? It is hard to tell, but I think that is a sweater vest as opposed to a waistcoat he's wearing. In any case, this my friends, is how casual clothing works.

Since this entry has no theme other than THINGS THAT ARE AWESOME how about Tom Hardy with his wee bb?


Seriously, you guys. I am physically incapable of resisting men being all cute with their kids. It is like instant puddle making, which okay, maybe not the best thing on a noodley day, but this is the good kind of puddle. A PUDDLE OF AWESOME IF YOU WILL. I'm pretty sure that's a baby carrier that he's wearing. So he can walk around. With his baby strapped to his chest sldgjsldhjdsl I AM DEAD OKAY ♥


multi-fandom round robin fic-a-thon

This is a great way to break out of a fic slump, since you only need to write a paragraph or so, and then it's someone else's turn. There are already two Inception prompts that I am eagerly hoping get filled: this sort-of NSFW gif and also this DEFINITELY NSFW pic. PORNY WORDS, YOU GUYS. I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE.

And okay. I am still not feeling 100% just yet, so I think I shall just flop down right here. Someone catch me? Or, you know, put down some nice soft cushions instead
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1. I will have more to say about yesterday's poll results later, but for right now I would like to note that out of 277 votes, only 17 of you said you'd be writing Merlin fic during the hiatus. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE D: Especially since everyone agreed that Bradley's hair is in fact the shiniest thing in the world (note: since no one provided photographic evidence to the contrary all NO votes have been declared null and void by me SO THERE.) Where are you, Merlin fic writers?

2. Speaking of the poll, the people have spoken: INCEPTION FANDOM NEEDS MORE FIRST TIME BAREBACKING. You guys. Filthy wet messy sex is in my top five kinks of all time, and I absolutely cannot get enough of it. I love love love that Inception fandom has so much barebacking in general, but first time barebacking is like OFF THE CHARTS LEVELS OF HOT especially when there is a whole emotional significance attached. Because nothing says I love you like Eames coming in Arthur's ass for the first time. WHICH LEADS TO EAMES FINGERING ARTHUR AFTER, ALL DELIGHTED AT HOW MESSY HE IS. WHICH LEADS TO ARTHUR LOVING HOW IT FEELS BECAUSE, WELL, HE IS ARTHUR. WHICH LEADS TO MORE FUCKING. It is a never ending cycle of love and trust and COME EVERYWHERE. AND THEN THEY CUDDLE ♥

3. The other day when I posted about JGL wearing hoodies, there was some discussion of Arthur wearing Eames' hoodies, and [ profile] ilovetakahana even wrote comment fic about it. I failed to say so at the time, but I have such a thing for clothes sharing. FOR REAL. So! Won't you rec me your favorite fics where boys share each other's clothes, please and thank you? Merlin or Inception. And if this fic doesn't exist yet, well. I THINK YOU ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS :D

4. Yesterday I got yelled at because I did not include any pics of JGL in my post. I AM SORRY YOU GUYS THERE IS JUST A LOT OF PRETTY AND IT CANNOT ALL BE CONTAINED IN EVERY ENTRY OR MY LJ MIGHT EXPLODE OR SOMETHING. To make up for this transgression, here is bb dimpleface in a suit (AND NOT A HOODIE.)


Speaking of suits... )

5. Actually, it turns out I need your help again. Let's just say that you knew someone who was very hesitantly maybe sort of thinking about possibly placing a single toe upon the Tom Hardy train, and up until this point, this hypothetical person was not what you would call Tom Hardy's biggest fan. What pics would you use to convince them that that train really is the best party in town without scaring them off? NOTHING TOO RIDICULOUS BECAUSE THEY ARE CLEARLY NOT READY FOR THAT YET. JUST TOM AT HIS MOST ADORABLE. I shall start.


sdlkfjdsl HOW IS HE SO CUTE IDEK. And also this.


Nnnnngh YES.

Changing clocks throws me all off for days. I am protesting this my staying in my pjs all day today. I FEEL THIS IS AN ACCEPTABLE WAY TO VOICE MY DISCONTENT. Hi guys hi ♥

ETA: [ profile] five_of_five is writing photo shoot fic :D
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First up, important business: if you're interested in coming to [ profile] minimerlin, registration closes on MONDAY, MARCH 7. See this post for more information. You can register here. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT IS LIKE A MONTH AWAY. SO EXCITED YOU GUYS \o/

Speaking of [ profile] minimerlin, every year we have a poster/banner to hang on the wall at the con. Last year's was designed by [ profile] derryere and can be seen here. I can't find a copy of the prior year's poster, but it was Merlin standing in the palm of a hand. Get it? MINI MERLIN? We are so hilarious, I know. Anyway, we need a poster this year! If there's anyone out there with graphic skills who would be willing to make something for us, we would be just delighted. It doesn't have to have such a literal interpretation of the mini thing, but it does have to be BIG, since [ profile] ras_elased will be getting it blown up to poster size. The most important thing of all is that Ras needs it by MARCH 16 so that the poster will be ready for the con. If anyone would like to help us out, that would be awesome. And we will totally do shots in your honor at the con :D Just get in touch with either me or [ profile] ras_elased if you'd be willing to share your skills!

OKAY. The mathematician in me desperately wants to do a full blown statistical analysis of yesterday's poll results. I MEAN C'MON THIS RIGHT HERE IS EXACTLY WHY I SPENT YEARS OF MY LIFE STUDYING MATHEMATICS AM I RIGHT. But really, the differences in the distributions were fascinating to me, because I am in fact a huge geek. However, I shall refrain, since I think exactly four people would be interested, and everyone else would be like WTF IS ALL OF THIS NONSENSE ABOUT CONFIDENCE INTERVALS AND WHERE ARE THE PRETTY BOYS?

The results of the shiny things question surprised me. I guess the makeup of my flist has changed more than I realized. A long long time ago (so like six months, but on the internet that is an eternity okay) I posted the battle of Tom Hardy vs. Bradley James, and in case you were wondering, YES THIS DID LEAD TO TOM/BRADLEY PORN DID YOU EXPECT ANYTHING LESS. But the point is, Tom Hardy got spanked by Bradley James. Nnnnngh now there is a lovely mental picture... WAIT WAIT WHAT WAS I SAYING. That poll was ages ago, when I was still relatively new to the Tom Hardy Love Train of Awesome and Ridiculousness. I suspect that things have changed quite a bit around here since then, and that Bradley would not walk away quite so easily with a victory these days. IT IS BRADLEY'S TURN TO GET SPANKED BY TOM IS WHAT I AM SAYING TO YOU. I cannot bear to put them up against each other since it breaks my heart, so instead we will just celebrate allllll the pretty because then everyone wins \o/

The people have spoken, and THEY WANT DIMPLES. Understandable, as they are rather delightful :D


Also shiny: Tom Hardy's crooked teeth, which make me so happy I cannot even handle it. WHEN HE'S SLEAZY AND HOT AT THE SAME TIME IT MAKES ME FEEL DIRTY AND I LOVE IT ♥


But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not forget the shiny magnificence that rests atop Bradley's head. He glows, you guys. HE FUCKING GLOWS.


And of course, Colin's ears. Which, like Tom Hardy's nipples, also contain magical healing properties.


What else do the people want? RENT BOYS. To which I say MOTHERFUCKING YES PLEASE. I feel slightly guilty asking for anything, since Inception fandom gives me so much amazing porn every single day that might as well be custom written for my kinks. Basically, what I am saying is that I would not object if there was a sudden explosion of rent boy fic, because as a very wise person who appreciated the extreme importance of porn once said, THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS ENOUGH, Y/Y?

HEY YOU GUYS! Do you have lots of shiny things today? There should always be more porn, yes? AND WHO WOULD MAKE THE PRETTIEST RENT BOY OF THEM ALL?

ETA: What was I just saying about porn custom written just for my kinks? MORE FILTHY DELICIOUS JAILBAIT ARTHUR. ILU Inception fandom ♥
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By now, I'm sure you've all heard that delicious is shutting down, which totally sucks. I shall spare you another rant on the subject, and instead direct you to Aja's post here to brainstorm alternatives. FANDOM WILL FIND A WAY, I AM SURE OF IT ♥

Moving on to more pleasant subjects! I admit it, I flailed a little bit when JGL and Zooey Deschanel were tweeting each other yesterday because THEY ARE SO FREAKING CUTE. And yes, I also admit that I find the idea of the two of them together just ridiculously adorable, but she has a husband, and he has... well, I actually don't know if he's still dating his girlfriend. I AM A TERRIBLE FANGIRL OKAY BUT I'M SURE ONE OF YOU CAN TELL ME FOR SURE.

But she has not always been married! And he has not always had a girlfriend! They're pretty, and I always always ALWAYS believe that pretty people are doing it because they create some kind of vortex of attractiveness that draws them together until they cannot hold back and MUST HAVE AWESOMELY HOT SEX.


And I mean hello, they're always hanging out at Sundance where it's cold. Surely somewhere through the years they've snuggled up to stay warm, then let innocent little touches get more and more suggestive until BOOM. REALLY HOT SEX IN FRONT OF A FIRE OR SOMETHING.

Pretty people should always get naked together )

GUYS. I NEED YOUR HELP. I posted before about Tom Hardy's character in This Means War, and whether he was English or American, and someone commented that he plays an American D: But then there was some video of filming where it kind of sounds like he's English? Does anyone know for sure? BASICALLY I NEED TO KNOW THIS OKAY.

For your time )



[Poll #1657923]

Happy Friday, my lovelies ♥
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YOU GUYS. HI. This has not been my favorite week. BASICALLY I FEEL LIKE ARTHUR RIGHT NOW.


But no one wants to talk about that, especially not me, so let us talk about awesome things instead, yes? YES.

Awesome thing #1: Tom Hardy's nipples.





Hi bb hiiii )

Awesome thing #3: Learning that people have found my journal through google searches for Arthur Eames rimming, Tom Hardy's nipples, and fucking JGL. kljlsdgjs YOU GUYS. THAT FILLS ME WITH SO MUCH GLEE YOU HAVE NO IDEA :D

Awesome thing #4: When life gives me lemons, I wear pretty shoes.

Because they make everything better )
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Ugh. I woke up with a sore throat and a headache today, and all I really wanted to do was climb back under the covers. Since I couldn't do that, I'm doing the next best thing: ignoring my to-do list, eating cookies for breakfast, and looking at pretty boys on the internet :D

What makes the world a better place when I'm sick? LIP PORN.



In other news, I totally had a dream about Bradley James last night. Not only that, but it was a sex dream. Sounds awesome, right? NOT EXACTLY. You see, I caught Bradley checking his iPhone. DURING SEX D:


WHAT THE FUCK INDEED BRADLEY. But don't worry, I did not stand for those shenanigans, and promptly kicked Bradley out of bed, then stole his money and his car SO THERE. I was telling [ profile] hermette about it this morning, and she was all like WTF BRADLEY. TOM HARDY WOULD NEVER CHECK HIS PHONE DURING SEX. Which... I am not exactly sure is true D: That boy does love his phone.


Bradley, Bradley, Bradley. You are very pretty when you glow in the sunshine and I do so want to bang you hard, but if you ever check your phone during sex, I will steal your money and your car and kick you out of bed and back to Colin where you belong.


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1. Someone linked me to this article yesterday, and I love how the author takes every opportunity to talk about how awesome and hot Tom Hardy is. WHO IS THIS LAURA PRUDOM BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE SHE AND I WOULD GET ALONG. ALSO I LOVE ALL THE PICS THEY CHOSE TO INCLUDE :D

2. Unsurprisingly, I am still not over the video of Tom's magnificent ass. Now that I've watched it some completely reasonable and not at all ridiculous number of times, there are a couple things I'm wondering about. First, Tom's shirt is all sweaty (ALSO PINK!) and I'm guessing it's from paintball because he's wearing all of that... gear, or whatever. I WANT 34995586 HOURS OF VIDEO OF HIM RUNNING AROUND WITH A PAINTBALL GUN WHERE IS IT I NEED IT IN MY LIFE.

Second, is that a tattoo on his right hipbone? It kind of looks like maybe it is?

Has there always been a tattoo there? )

3. Yesterday I posted super smiley JGL with Arthur hair, so today you get bb JGL looking v.v. deep in thought with his hair flopping all over the place.


Was this from a time in his life when he was not working out or something? He looks so tiny! AS OPPOSED TO, YOU KNOW, THIS. NOT TINY AT ALL.

JGL seems to prefer to keep his hair super short or pushed back, but I love it when it's a little bit longer. The above pic is a bit too floppy for me, but I love anytime it's long enough to hang down over his forehead and curl up at the ends. I'm also a fan of the sex mussed hair.

Bedhead )

4. MERLIN! I haven't posted about Merlin in days D: It was a little sad this week not seeing a million flaily posts about the quest and episode all over my flist, but it seems like everyone is either still riding the high from the finale or posting picspams or getting really excited about fics. Plus, there seem to be a lot of new people getting into the fandom for the first time which is SO AWESOME TO WATCH I CANNOT EVEN TELL YOU. I actually have Things to Say about the show and M/A in general, but so far, I haven't been able to gather my thoughts together into anything remotely coherent. But we have a long hiatus, so I'm sure I'll get there eventually. FOR NOW I SHALL JUST SAY THIS.


HEY YOU GUYS. Are you having an awesome Sunday? ♥
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I've been operating on a pretty significant sleep deficit all week, so last night I decided to do the smart thing and go to bed early for once. I woke up this morning after a sold ten hours of sleep feeling gloriously refreshed and reached for my phone, only to discover a series of nonsensical @replies: SLFBJFLS;JH;DSHJ LDFKHJLKDFJHFGL; OMG OMG OMG BINA IS GOING TO DIE WHEN SHE SEES THIS ASDFGHJKL; WHAT IS THIS OMG. I frantically clicked on the link in question only to discover that it was gone. What did I miss by going to bed early?


And not just some skeevy video from his troubled past, but a NEW VIDEO of him and McG being ridiculous and letting people shoot them in the ass with paintball guns(??) IDK I GUESS IT IS HOW THEY CELEBRATED THE END OF THE FILMING OR WHATEVER WHO EVEN KNOWS. BASICALLY ALL THAT MATTERS IS THAT IT IS A BRAND NEW VIDEO WHICH MEANS IT IS THE CURRENT STATE OF HIS ASS.

I picked sleep over this? )

I'm gonna need a lot of pretty to feel better today. Stripes and waistcoats and DIMPLES OH YES.


I love when we get pics of JGL dressed as Arthur but acting like JGL, because then I can totally convince myself that it's more canon. That means I can pretend that Arthur is smiling because... OH SHIT I AM STILL ALL DEPRESSED ABOUT TOM'S ASS D: Someone tell me why Arthur is smiling like that. HINT: I AM QUITE CERTAIN IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH SEX.

More happy faces? Yes?



Just look at their pretty faaaaaaaaaaces :D :D :D We were so spoiled with all the awesome filming pics from this movie and I miss them already. I just hope we don't have to wait too long for it to be released so I can go see it 384756965303 times.

Okay okay I am gonna go get myself a latte and do some boring stuff and comfort myself by watching this over and over.

I'm pretty sure this is porn )

Happy Saturday. What are you guys up to this weekend? Show me something pretty? OR BETTER YET WHERE IS THE VIDEO OF TOM'S ASS?

ETA: Download link is in the comments, and it's also back up on YouTube! FANGIRLS ALWAYS PROVIDE ♥

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Okay so, yeah. TOM HARDY.


watermarks removed by [ profile] credits and originally posted here


No, really. I do. )

In more news of pretty boys being awesome, JGL uploaded a new video to hitRECord, in which he talks about getting back to work and the college tours and some upcoming projects and is just generally adorably squishable.

Oh, bb ♥

ALSO ALSO. ATTENTION [ profile] pennyplainknits, [ profile] puckling, and any other knitters, have you guys seen this?

In what should not be news to anyone, Bradley James glows in the sunshine.


Golden boy )

I just wanted to thank all of you who left me comments and sent me PMs about the new Tom Hardy pics. I am beyond thrilled that Tom makes you think of me :D AND OH MY GOD THERE WAS A PARTY OF AWESOME IN MY INBOX \O/ Happy day-before-Thanksgiving, my lovelies. I don't know about you, but I am thankful for crooked teeth, ridiculous boys, dimples, glow worms, filthy porn, and the bestest flist a girl could ask for ♥


How could I skip this much pretty? )
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Finally, we have the next Bradley and Colin quest. Sadly, there is no making out :(

It's about freaking time )

Merlin promo pic! I am not going to embed it, since it appeared no less than fifteen times on my flist yesterday (WHICH WAS AWESOME BTW) but in case you have somehow managed not to see it, you can find it here (sort of spoiler-y?)

How much do I love this picture? ARTHUR AND HIS HOTASS KNIGHTS. EXCALIBUR. But what I really want to say is that I feel like this picture was a specially wrapped present from the show just for me. BRADLEY'S HAIR. YOU GUYS. Have I mentioned how I feel about his shiny shiny hair? I'm pretty sure I have. Like, A LOT. Many times have I flailed about the shiny magnificence atop his head.I have composed epic odes to that perfect hair. I have a tag dedicated to the fact that HE GLOWS. AND NOW JUST LOOK AT HIM IN THIS PICTURE. PERFECTLY PLACED SO THAT THE SUN LIGHTS HIM UP LIKE A GLOW WORM. I CANNOT EVEN ♥♥♥

And now in news of pretty boys I actually get to see in person today asdfghj HI BB DIMPLEFACE HIIIII :D


If he's sporting the neckbeard please can I have this? )

How about a poll in honor of the fact that JGL is in Philly? Yes? YES.

[Poll #1645563]

OKAY OKAY I must disappear for a bit to get v.v. important things done but I shall return. In the meantime, feel free to discuss the fact that I made it this far in the entry without posting a single picture of Tom Hardy.

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So, there are pictures of Joseph Gordon-Levitt all over the freaking internet at every stage of his life. And look, we all know that the boy has a baby face, which is not helped by his ridiculously charming and adorable dimples. If he's not making the Arthur frowny face, he looks at least five years younger than he actually is. At the age of 29, I am sure he's probably starting to appreciate that, but I doubt he liked it so much when he was 20 and barely looked old enough to drive.

His delightful baby face, plus all the pics of him everywhere, plus the fact that I am a huge fucking pervert, have often left me looking at his pretty face and thinking, is he actually legal there?


But here's the thing. The question is not IS HE LEGAL; the question is DO I REALLY CARE.

Oh, baby )
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1. YESTERDAY'S POLL. Some of the results were surprising to me! For example, about 60% of you said in Merlin, you prefer canon era fic. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? I mean, obviously my flist is reflective of the fandom as a whole, haha. Some people said they just flat out aren't interested in canon era fic, but for those that are, one thing that was brought up was that people like the idea of canon fic, but are afraid to write it because they worry about getting it wrong. YOU GUYS. THIS IS THE MOST HISTORICALLY INACCURATE SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. Beer cans, DO YOU REMEMBER THE BEER CANS? Another point that was brought up was that people might be intimidated by the idea of having to write something plotty with battles and action and whatnot. NOT TRUE. Do you want to know my very favorite fic scenario of all time? Merlin and Arthur are crazy in love but too emotionally stunted to admit it, so they wander around the castle doing random stuff, being kind of dumb, snarking at each other, with lots of delicious UST. AND THEN THERE IS PORN. YOU GUYS. I COULD READ THAT FIC 47495067832756 TIMES I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING.

2. In unsurprising poll news, INCEPTION NEEDS MORE RIMMING.


3. SHOES. I should have just linked you to all of the shoes, since I knew people were going to ask. In the order posted, you can find them for sale here, here, here, and here. For awhile there I was worried, because despite very specifically giving you radio buttons, there was an ALMOST PERFECT FOUR WAY TIE WTF. However, a winner has finally emerged! Though, I just discovered that they also come in red. SO MANY DIFFICULT CHOICES IN LIFE *SOBS AND SOBS FOREVER* (Also, to [ profile] weatherfront who said they look kind-of-but-not-quite like Chie, I say yes, yes they do.)

In honor of the fact that the Fluevogs lost, and in honor of the fact that [ profile] weatherfront put a ban on my Fluevog purchases for the time being (WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT WHYYYY) guess what I am wearing today?

I love these shoes okay )

4. FORMSPRING. I has one! I actually started it, like, six months ago, answered a couple questions, and promptly forgot all about it. If you would like to ask me a question, go right ahead. Though I will warn you that I am exceedingly flaky and might forget I have it at any given moment D:



Because every day should have dimples ♥

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I've been meaning to talk about this for awhile but I keep getting distracted by squee and porn and so many pretty boys all over the place. WHICH IS TOTALLY NOT A BAD THING SO NO ONE STOP WITH THE SQUEE AND PORN AND PRETTY BOYS ALL OVER THE PLACE PLEASE I BEG YOU.

So, Merlin fic. There are a lot of modern AUs in Merlin fandom. A LOT. I'm actually a huge fan of canon era fics, which is sometimes a hard place to be in this fandom. I just feel like so much of who they are is wrapped up in Arthur being a prince and Merlin being his servant and Merlin having magic and them living in Camelot. Change all of those things all at once, and I have a hard time finding the characters as I love them inside my head. It can certainly be done really, really well; in fact, some of my all-time favorite fics are modern AUs. But my favorite modern AUs tend to be ones that have some ties to canon - reincarnation, some sort of preservation of the power differential, Merlin's magic, etc.

I was thinking about why so many Merlin fics are set in modern times. Is it that people are mostly interested in the Merlin/Arthur relationship more than the show itself and would rather read them in a more familiar setting? Is it it that people are frustrated with canon and would rather put them in a different setting than worry about dealing with problematic storylines/characterization from the show? Or is it something else entirely?

Inception fic still seems to be in that early stage where there are plenty of AUs, but they tend to be for a specific reason: Arthur and Eames in space! Arthur and Eames as firefighters! Arthur and Eames in the wild west! As far as canon fic goes, the source is short and closed, so it's a lot easier to write pre-movie or post-movie, especially since we don't know anything about how Eames and Arthur met or anything about their ultimate destiny. The same can't be said for Merlin since we see their first meeting, and, well. Um. AND THEN MERLIN AND ARTHUR LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER FOREVER AND EVER AND LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU NOT LISTENING.

ALSO. First time vs. established relationship. I have this thing where I love reading first time fics, but almost always end up writing established relationship. The reason I like to write ER is that basically everything I write is porn, and it is a lot easier to write dirty porn in an established relationship. I mean, yeah. I LOVE first time sex, but I cannot resist writing filthy barebacking or kinky porn and it's a lot harder to do that in a first time fic.

So, poll time! Just a quick note: for the purposes of this poll, canon does not mean perfectly canon compliant, just generally fitting in with what we know from the source. So for Merlin, it's Prince Arthur and his servant Merlin living in Camelot, and for Inception, it's Arthur and Eames doing dreamsharing (or pre- or post- dreamsharing, whatever.)

[Poll #1632618]

MONDAY YOU GUYS. I'm hoping for a day filled with beer and dimples and adorably curly hair.




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