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Yesterday I had a v.v. profound and intellectually stimulating conversation with [ profile] bookshop, [ profile] eleveninches, and [ profile] five_ht about the many ways Arthur appreciates Eames' giant arms. This basically involves Arthur getting manhandled all over the place and ends with Eames fucking him up against various surfaces. OBVIOUSLY.

There are many many MANY things I could say about my desire for Eames to BEND ARTHUR OVER ALL THE THINGS AND FUCK HIM UNTIL HE SCREAMS but that is a really big conversation, so today I am only going to focus on one piece: EAMES HAS GIANT ARMS. ARTHUR LOVES IT.



So, now my question for you guys is EAMES HAS GIANT ARMS AND ARTHUR LOVES IT. Which, okay, isn't really a question since this is basically fact, but still. How does Arthur appreciate Eames' arms? What ridiculous scenarios do you want to see where Eames lifts things aka Arthur? And how does Arthur use his own strength to be an even bigger slut for Eames' cock? Because seriously, you guys. I MEAN REALLY.


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ANYWAY. Some things!

[ profile] japan_calls is organizing a fundraiser to help Japan disaster relief where you bid on a personalized voice recording from a celebrity. You can see the list of celebrities participating here, so check it out if you're interested.

➜ In my poll from the other day, 54% of you said Arthur thinks of the soup before Eames' cock, and I now owe [ profile] rageprufrock one million American dollars. WHATEVER. I would also like to note that 70% said that if it was them, they'd forget all about the soup in that situation, which means that quite a few of you think that YOU ARE A BIGGER SLUT FOR EAMES' COCK THAN ARTHUR. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE.

➜ Based on a Twitter conversation that started with sounding and figging, and ended up on bloodplay, I'm going to host an Inception fandom kinkfest tomorrow in the hopes of bringing MORE KINKY PORN to the people. So start brainstorming, and if there's a kink you've always wanted to write but never had the reason, now's your chance. Like, oh Idk, SPANKING. WHAT I AM JUST SAYING.

This post needs more Tom Hardy.


What is that shirt I have no idea. NOR DO I ACTUALLY CARE BECAUSE FUCK I LOVE HIM ♥

HEY GUYS. How was your day? You know, besides the part when THE INTERNET WAS BROKEN OMG D:
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slkgjldkhjgfsd JFC. I CANNOT EVEN. Like, this is actualfax porn right here, I am not even kidding. Last night, [ profile] gyzym was like I AM PRETTY SURE HE IS FUCKING THAT TOOTHPICK WITH HIS MOUTH and just. YEAH.

I feel kind of bad for ignoring poor bb dimpleface in that gif, so let us appreciate how very lovely he is in stripes.


Mmmm YES. So pretty, and I love his dedication to fashion even while injured. It's just... TOM HARDY'S MOUTH WHAT EVEN.



Adventures in cooking was, um. INTERESTING. I managed to fuck up, A LOT, and was mocked mercilessly by [ profile] rageprufrock, [ profile] leupagus, and [ profile] summertea for it. WHICH THANKS FOR THAT YOU GUYS. I AM SO GLAD YOU BELIEVE IN ME :| I forgot things, I lost things, and we are totally not talking about the part when this happened, because the point is that the soup was delicious. NO REALLY. My kitchen was a disaster area, but grilled cheese and tomato soup has never tasted so good, and [ profile] skellerbvvt was proud :D Maybe it was the way I delicately seasoned it with my tears?

But in between me shedding 573839576 tears at my own ineptitude, and everyone else cackling in glee as I fucked up YET AGAIN, there was a conversation on twitter that I am now going to share with you. Basically what happened was this: Pru compared my complete and utter fail to what would happen if Arthur was in the kitchen, and I asked if this meant Eames would come in any moment to have his way with me while the soup burned. Pru then bet me ONE MILLION DOLLARS that Arthur would think of the soup while Eames was in the process of trying to bend him over something, while I am of the opinion that Arthur would be all like passing Eames the olive oil if you receive my meaning. I SAY WE LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE :D

[Poll #1723741]

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I am having one of those days where my brain is all over the place and I have like 438290204 things to do but I CANNOT SEEM TO GET A SINGLE THING DONE lskjglskhgjls.

ANYWAY. Yesterday was awesome because I made cookies, following all of [ profile] skellerbvvt's rules, and in return I got Rule Ten updates that were basically ALL OF MY FAVORITE THINGS. So, you know, cookies and porn. Not a bad way to spend my evening. Skeller continues to use all of my kinks against me, and at this point I am fairly certain she is working her way down an actualfax checklist or something. In any case, it is really good for me. I MAY HAVE ACTUALLY STOPPED BREATHING ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION.

Speaking of which, there was an entire group cookie making project on Twitter, which was all kinds of fun. If you want to come hang out for possible future cookie making shenanigans, and definite future ridiculousness, you can find me here. I must warn you that while I don't think I'm super spammy, my tweets tend to be mostly capslocky nonsense. WHICH SHOULD NOT BE SURPRISING. But I also have an unfortunate tendency to prematurely tweet an embarrassingly high percentage of the time, which I blame on the fact that the apostrophe is entirely too close to the enter key, and I just get way too excited to tell the difference. Anyway, if your twitter name is not the same as your LJ name you should tell me, otherwise I will have NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON. BECAUSE I AM EASILY CONFUSED.

AWESOME THING: The full version of the Tom Hardy workout video.

OKAY SO YEAH THIS IS BASICALLY PORN. Like, for real. So much thrusting all over the place and JFC HIS ASS. Also, we get to hear PNut say things like, lift your bum and on your back which can safely be filed under THINGS I DESPERATELY WANT TO SAY TO TOM HARDY ESPECIALLY WHEN HE LOOKS AT ME LIKE THIS.


It turns out JGL can make that very same face.


And yeah, I would also like to tell him to get on his back and then start ordering his pretty little bum around. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES :D

ALSO ALSO. That video reminds me of the fact that I really want some Arthur/Eames workout fic. Like Idk maybe Arthur has to meet Eames at the gym or something, and Arthur is all srs bsns, but Eames is just like HEY COME SPOT ME WHILE YOU TALK and Arthur keeps trying to tell Eames the very important details of this job or something, only he's really distracted by the way Eames' arms and shoulders look when he lifts and the line of sweat that's running down his neck and he's like 99% certain that Eames isn't wearing any underwear and somehow this leads to a very different kind of workout featuring Eames' massive arms pinning Arthur down and Arthur doing as he's told with his pretty bottom BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE AWESOME, YES?

[ profile] minimerlin is in like two weeks. I AM SO EXCITED OMG \o/
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1. [ profile] cobweb_diamond has been obsessed with this picture for awhile now, because LOOK AT THAT OUTFIT HOLY SHIT. The stripes and those fucking pants and the fit of that jacket sldkghjslghjsd. I CANNOT EVEN. SUCH PERFECTION. Anyway, she posted it yesterday in response to the news that JGL will be playing Alberto Falcone in TDKR, and then [ profile] likeroads made this and TELL ME YOU AREN'T EXCITED FOR JGL AS A SUIT WEARING MAFIOSO.

ALSO. [ profile] we_reflamingos posted this pic in which there is definitely a cigarette in his hand, so those those pics I posted yesterday of JGL being all sexy and badass while smoking might not be too far off. I know this movie is so very far away, but I am stupidly excited already. I CANNOT HELP IT I JUST DON'T KNOW HOW TO HOLD IN THE FLAIL \o/

2. Since yesterday I posted pics of JGL with his super srs bsns face, how about one of him looking like a wee adorable snugglebug in his sweater.


This pic is from Sundance, which means that's Park City in the background, and it just so happens that Utah is my very favorite place to ski. Now I am wondering if bb dimpleface is a skier. ALSO ALSO WHERE IS THE ARTHUR/EAMES GO SKIING FIC BECAUSE I NEED IT IN MY LIFE. Eames skiing like a motherfucker is canon, for fuck's sake.

3. Yesterday [ profile] sonicbookmark, who is new to the Tom Hardy train of love and ridiculousness, told me that she hasn't had the chance to watch any interviews yet. Since he is just entirely too delightful in interviews, I must fix this for her immediately, so here are five of my very favorites.

In no particular order )



HIS ARMS. I CAN'T EVEN. And his little tongue peeking out and the hair sticking up in back and his PERFECTLY SHAPED HEAD WHAT THE FUCK. I love him. Have I mentioned that lately Idek ♥

5. [ profile] hermette made an Alex O'Loughlin looks good in clothes picspam for me to make up for the fact that she failed to tell me there was an interview in which he said he likes designer menswear. And YOU GUYS. WHEN PRETTY BOYS SAY THEY LIKE TO WEAR PRADA SUITS YOU TELL ME IMMEDIATELY OKAY. This is the kind of information that is extremely important to me, and can pretty much always win me over ♥

Hey you guys. Happy Monday :D

ETA: [ profile] cobweb_diamond is writing leather glove fic YAY.
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So, Tom Hardy waving his dick around is a hard act to follow, but I'm holding out hope that today manages to live up. Also, hi new people! I assume it was Tom Hardy's cock that brought you here, and if that's the case then I am sorry I don't have more to show you today, but rest assured, I TALK ABOUT IT LOTS :D

We do have a new pic of Tom at the airport in Georgia. Okay, so maybe we aren't getting anything like the awesomeness from This Means War filming, but it's Tom Hardy! IN HIS PINK TANK TOP! AND HIS FUCKING ARMS NNNNNGH.



Last night, news came out that JGL will be playing Alberto Falcone in TDKR. FULL DISCLOSURE TIME. Here is what I know about Batman: he lives in cave and goes out to help people when someone sends out the bat signal THE END. I am hopping on this bandwagon for the pretty and I have absolutely no shame in admitting that. But I hear from people who know things that Alberto Falcone is some kind of badass serial killer mafia dude who wears suits, so I say FUCK YES. Because really, more JGL in suits looking like he wants to fuck some shit up is ALWAYS a good thing as far as I'm concerned.


Or, you know, THIS )

And finally, a rec, which seems unnecessary at this point since this fic has quite the following, but it's been so awesome lately I can't not mention it: Rule Ten by [ profile] skellerbvvt. OKAY. So I don't really want to get to embarrassingly fangirly here, but you guys. THIS FIC. It owns my heart right now. D/s is one of my biggest kinks ever, but I have a hard time finding fic that gets the dynamic just right for me. I also think it can be a really tricky thing to write well, because when it comes to the emotional aspects/getting into headspace/etc, I find that a lot of fic ends up telling instead of showing. But [ profile] skellerbvvt gets it so exactly right that I swear, it is like she is inside my head sometimes, giving me all the things I wanted in just exactly the way I wanted them and didn't even know. I don't know how she does it, but her words get inside their heads and inside the kinks and takes it all apart and then shows us all of these things that I don't think I could put into words if I tried. Basically, I just want to point and flail and say THAT. YES. EXACTLY THAT.

The last few parts have left me literally breathless, and like clutching at the arms of my chair so that I don't topple over right there on the spot. And I am kind of worried that maybe I won't survive to the end, because here is the thing. Skeller knows my kinks. SHE KNOWS ALL OF THEM. EVERY ONE. And she has promised to use them all against me in the very best way, which she has totally done before. But, hey. Death by kink. WHAT A WAY TO GO ♥
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From the official Warrior site. AND NOW I AM OFFICIALLY DEAD.
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1. I will have more to say about yesterday's poll results later, but for right now I would like to note that out of 277 votes, only 17 of you said you'd be writing Merlin fic during the hiatus. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE D: Especially since everyone agreed that Bradley's hair is in fact the shiniest thing in the world (note: since no one provided photographic evidence to the contrary all NO votes have been declared null and void by me SO THERE.) Where are you, Merlin fic writers?

2. Speaking of the poll, the people have spoken: INCEPTION FANDOM NEEDS MORE FIRST TIME BAREBACKING. You guys. Filthy wet messy sex is in my top five kinks of all time, and I absolutely cannot get enough of it. I love love love that Inception fandom has so much barebacking in general, but first time barebacking is like OFF THE CHARTS LEVELS OF HOT especially when there is a whole emotional significance attached. Because nothing says I love you like Eames coming in Arthur's ass for the first time. WHICH LEADS TO EAMES FINGERING ARTHUR AFTER, ALL DELIGHTED AT HOW MESSY HE IS. WHICH LEADS TO ARTHUR LOVING HOW IT FEELS BECAUSE, WELL, HE IS ARTHUR. WHICH LEADS TO MORE FUCKING. It is a never ending cycle of love and trust and COME EVERYWHERE. AND THEN THEY CUDDLE ♥

3. The other day when I posted about JGL wearing hoodies, there was some discussion of Arthur wearing Eames' hoodies, and [ profile] ilovetakahana even wrote comment fic about it. I failed to say so at the time, but I have such a thing for clothes sharing. FOR REAL. So! Won't you rec me your favorite fics where boys share each other's clothes, please and thank you? Merlin or Inception. And if this fic doesn't exist yet, well. I THINK YOU ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS :D

4. Yesterday I got yelled at because I did not include any pics of JGL in my post. I AM SORRY YOU GUYS THERE IS JUST A LOT OF PRETTY AND IT CANNOT ALL BE CONTAINED IN EVERY ENTRY OR MY LJ MIGHT EXPLODE OR SOMETHING. To make up for this transgression, here is bb dimpleface in a suit (AND NOT A HOODIE.)


Speaking of suits... )

5. Actually, it turns out I need your help again. Let's just say that you knew someone who was very hesitantly maybe sort of thinking about possibly placing a single toe upon the Tom Hardy train, and up until this point, this hypothetical person was not what you would call Tom Hardy's biggest fan. What pics would you use to convince them that that train really is the best party in town without scaring them off? NOTHING TOO RIDICULOUS BECAUSE THEY ARE CLEARLY NOT READY FOR THAT YET. JUST TOM AT HIS MOST ADORABLE. I shall start.


sdlkfjdsl HOW IS HE SO CUTE IDEK. And also this.


Nnnnngh YES.

Changing clocks throws me all off for days. I am protesting this my staying in my pjs all day today. I FEEL THIS IS AN ACCEPTABLE WAY TO VOICE MY DISCONTENT. Hi guys hi ♥

ETA: [ profile] five_of_five is writing photo shoot fic :D
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1. Video of Tom Hardy presenting Christopher Nolan with a VES award.

His voice, you guys. NNNNNGH SO GOOD FOR ME. And we get to hear him say, you mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling, and THAT MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER AM I RIGHT.

2. Fic. YOU GUYS. I have lost all control of fic. Between Merlin and Inception, it's everywhere all the time, and I have a ridiculous number of tabs open with things to read. Seriously, I feel like it's August again, when I couldn't even pretend to try to keep up with the 2748596 new fics every day. I don't know if it's new people or just renewed interest, but it seems like there's been an explosion of awesome in Inception recently AND I FUCKING LOVE IT OMG. I feel like I need to hire a personal WIP tracking assistant since even @inceptionwips has become too overwhelming for me. skdhgsld HOW THERE SO MUCH AMAZING FIC EVERY SINGLE DAY I HAVE NO IDEA BUT NEVER EVER STOP ♥

3. Mouth porn.


I JUST. WHAT EVEN. Can someone please explain his mouth to me? And then explain why it isn't ALL OVER ME RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT? And the thing is, I am absolutely convinced that not only does he have a mouth that was made for porn, but that he knows exactly what to do with it. I MEAN, RIGHT?

4. Speaking of porn: FINGERS.


skghskd HIS HANDS. They are so very lovely. That pic is from the same day as this, and he and Zooey are just too adorable for words ♥

5. A poll! Well, a mini-poll, really. I know I just did a poll the other day, but I was surprised by some of the results. INDULGE ME :D

[Poll #1713484]

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skdjghks THIS WEEK YOU GUYS. It's not kicking me around in a painful way the way that last week did, but I have a gazillion things to do because I am a horrible procrastinator, and now must somehow find the time to buy presents, wrap presents, and prepare for houseguests in between all of my normal stuff, and WHY DO I ALWAYS WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE FML FML D:

But! I could not resist sharing some pretty with you since I find it very motivating :D

Colin Morgan how are you so adorable.


I do love him with a little stubble, and that lighting is doing him lots of favors NNNNGH. [ profile] gealach_ros has an interview with Colin plus some caps here, and a picspam here. SO MUCH PRETTY ♥

ALSO. I was talking about this with someone the other day. I think it was [ profile] foxxcub? PROBABLY IT WAS SINCE BASICALLY ALL OF OUR CONVERSATIONS ARE ABOUT PORN. Anyway, I really want a fic where Arthur finds a bunch of old pics of Eames where he's camwhoring all over the place in a ridiculous fashion. At first Arthur is appalled, but then he's horrified to discover that he's a little bit aroused. Eventually he gives in and wanks to them, even though he's totally disgusted with himself, because, well. LOOK AT THOSE FUCKING ARMS JFC.


Of course Eames discovers this at some point and is just like AHAHAHA OH, ARTHUR ♥ AND THEN PORN HAPPENS. Does that fic exist? I FEEL LIKE IT SHOULD ALREADY EXIST. AND IF NOT WELL THEN WHO IS WRITING IT??

Okay okay must go try to get all of the things done. HAPPY MONDAY :D
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1. Okay, so first of all, the age question in yesterday's poll was in response to comments I've seen where people have called Tom Hardy old. Results show that 19 of you think that yes, he is. WTF WTF HOW IS THAT OLD D: BUT WHATEVER. I CAN ONLY HOPE I LOOK THIS HOT WHEN I'M 33.



2. In other poll news, I was delighted to see how close the numbers were for the question about Arthur's ass, because really, I just want to do alllll the things to it I MEAN HELLO. But the winner by a small margin was kisses. ARTHUR'S ASS NEEDS MORE KISSES ♥ Now I want fic with Arthur and Eames having a lazy weekend morning in bed. Arthur's face is mashed in the pillow and Eames is still half asleep himself, but Arthur's all warm and snuggly beside him, and of course he cannot resist pressing soft kisses all over Arthur's delightful bottom, which makes Arthur shift around and make soft little noises into the pillow because it kind of tickles but mostly it feels amazing. Obviously this will lead to porn, at which point there are many options Eames can pick and choose from, all of which were quite popular in the poll. OR YOU KNOW ALL OF THE ABOVE BECAUSE EAMES ALSO WANTS TO DO ALL THE THINGS TO ARTHUR'S ASS.

3. Let's talk about Tom Hardy again, yes? YES. I've been lamenting the fact that filming for This Means War is over, and that means no more daily pics, but the bright side is that we get three new movies with him in 2011. THREE MOVIES YOU GUYS. That means lots of interviews and articles and pictures and opportunities for Tom to be ridiculous and awesome and stupidly gorgeous. To that I can only say YAY \o/


4. I have been so consumed with Inception and Merlin during the past few months that I haven't been paying much attention to Adam Lambert, but last night [ profile] ruby_fruit tweeted a link to him on stage giving a demonstration on how to jack off. So, you know, business as usual for Adam.


5. So, Hawaii Five-0. I have to say, it looks kinda fun. I'm sort of terrified of the idea of a new fandom because I FOR REAL DO NOT HAVE TIME IN MY LIFE FOR ANY MORE FLAIL AND BOYS AND FIC JFC but if there is one thing I cannot resist it is the combination of porn and pretty boys, which my flist keeps insisting on pointing out to me. Honestly, I don't even know why I'm resisting as I seem to be getting quadruple teamed here. First [ profile] leupagus sat me down on her couch and showed me the ridiculous boylove, then [ profile] lamardeuse started posting pretty pics all over the place, then [ profile] hermette started sending me links to porn, and now [ profile] foxxcub may be writing a Hawaii Five-0/Inception crossover high school AU involving fake boyfriends and emotionally stunted declarations of love or something and sldkjgslk LIKE I HAVE ANY DEFENSES AGAINST THAT. So, yeah. You can probably expect upcoming posts in which I flail about in a ridiculous fashion all like slfgjfsljl SO WHERE CAN I FIND FELCHING IN THIS FANDOM?

HEY GUYS HEY. I hope your day is awesome ♥
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Good morning, my lovelies. Did everyone get their Inception DVD? And more importantly, did you all dream of tattoos and belly fuzz and arms lskjglskgj last night? Of all the wonderful things Inception fandom has given me, Tom Hardy is up there at the top of the list. Seriously, how did I ever survive without his ridiculousness in my life Idek.

Speaking of which, I realize that my journal is turning into a SHRINE TO TOM HARDY'S AMAZING FACE but as always, I remain unapologetic :D

Filming pics aren't done just yet YAY.



Moving from one pretty boy to another, I love this pic of JGL because I totally think he looks like Arthur here.


Yeah, see with this plus the T-Hard pics above, all I can imagine is Arthur and Eames just like that, looking hot, blowing shit up, kicking ass, then fucking each other silly. asdfghjk NEED COMMENT PORN STAT. PLEASE I AM DESPERATE.

Still more awesome )

Happy Wednesday :D It is freezing here today, but I have a latte and pretty pictures and all of you. NOW COME SIT NEXT TO ME AND WE CAN SQUEE TOGETHER AND WAIT FOR SOMEONE AWESOME TO WRITE SCORCHING HOT PORN TO KEEP US WARM OKAY ♥

ETA: And we have comment porn by [ profile] amuly \o/
More comment porn by [ profile] rufflefeather
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Yes hi I am posting again, but it is only because I have some awesome things to share YAY. First of all SOMEONE IS WRITING JUICEBOX FIC AND IT IS AMAZING \O/ It's a WIP, but so far is hot and hilarious.

Speaking of WIPs, if you don't have a paid account and can't track individual comments, or if you can track but don't want to get a bazillion emails from every comment, you can follow @inceptionwips on Twitter. It's tracking a bunch of WIPs from the kink meme, as well as some comment fics.

Also, you should totally check out [ profile] merlin_holidays and [ profile] holiday_heist, both of which will be posting daily for the next several weeks. I LOVE FANDOM DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON :D

And finally, we've discussed both of these caps before, but why have we not talked about them together?


Because in my head this is the way Arthur and Eames look at each other all the time. EAMES LOOKS LIKE HE WANTS TO EAT ARTHUR. ARTHUR LOOKS LIKE HE WANTS TO BE EATEN. Obviously they were meant to be ♥
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According to yesterday's poll, Arthur in the hotel is currently winning the kickass competition with 65% of the vote. ADMIT IT MOST OF YOU WERE DISTRACTED BY ARTHUR'S ASS IN THE HOTEL. Which, okay, is a completely valid and understandable reaction.


In other poll news, 100% of the people said Arthur touching Eames while pushing the stack of people down the hall was significant. IDK ABOUT YOU BUT I AM SHOCKED AT THIS RESULT. SHOCKED I TELL YOU.


What can I say. THEIR LOVE IS SO OBVIOUS ♥♥♥

In what is NOT news, Tom Hardy loves juiceboxes.


Why is that so funny Idek )

Speaking of prompts, what are your favorite prompts for this round of [ profile] inception_kink? Does anyone have any straight up porn prompts they want to see filled? And most importantly of all, WHO IS WRITING COCKSLUT ARTHUR?

Monday, you guys. But let us wrap ourselves in a blanket of porn and pretty boys and it will be almost as good as the weekend ♥
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Finally, we have the next Bradley and Colin quest. Sadly, there is no making out :(

It's about freaking time )

Merlin promo pic! I am not going to embed it, since it appeared no less than fifteen times on my flist yesterday (WHICH WAS AWESOME BTW) but in case you have somehow managed not to see it, you can find it here (sort of spoiler-y?)

How much do I love this picture? ARTHUR AND HIS HOTASS KNIGHTS. EXCALIBUR. But what I really want to say is that I feel like this picture was a specially wrapped present from the show just for me. BRADLEY'S HAIR. YOU GUYS. Have I mentioned how I feel about his shiny shiny hair? I'm pretty sure I have. Like, A LOT. Many times have I flailed about the shiny magnificence atop his head.I have composed epic odes to that perfect hair. I have a tag dedicated to the fact that HE GLOWS. AND NOW JUST LOOK AT HIM IN THIS PICTURE. PERFECTLY PLACED SO THAT THE SUN LIGHTS HIM UP LIKE A GLOW WORM. I CANNOT EVEN ♥♥♥

And now in news of pretty boys I actually get to see in person today asdfghj HI BB DIMPLEFACE HIIIII :D


If he's sporting the neckbeard please can I have this? )

How about a poll in honor of the fact that JGL is in Philly? Yes? YES.

[Poll #1645563]

OKAY OKAY I must disappear for a bit to get v.v. important things done but I shall return. In the meantime, feel free to discuss the fact that I made it this far in the entry without posting a single picture of Tom Hardy.

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YOU GUYS THAT'S WHO. Yesterday's poll is still open, but currently more than half of you think Tom Hardy is the best in bed. THIS IS NOT SURPRISING TO TOM HARDY OKAY.



In the things you want to lick category, Bradley's jaw was the winner, followed closely by T-Hard's tattoos, which, WELL. YES PLEASE AND YES PLEASE. Poor Arthur's sword came in last place, which maybe you guys missed the part where that was A METAPHOR. FOR REALLY AWESOME THINGS OKAY.

But in news that I find terribly tragic, JGL'S ASS CAME IN SECOND TO LAST. YOU GUYS. I am just all sklghjldshg;shj WHAT. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? You have seen that boy's ass, yes? DO I NEED TO DO A JGL'S MAGNIFICENT ASS PICSPAM? My heart is breaking here, you don't even know.




Random question for you guys! I've heard a couple people say things recently about how they're planning to watch a show or movie or whatever, but that they aren't interested in a new fandom. In my experience, I have never been able to plan my fandoms like that. With Inception, I thought I'd dip my toes in, bounce around in all the shiny, and pass the time until the new season of Merlin started. I was most certainly not looking for a new fandom AHAHAHA I KNOW RIGHT. So, tell me what it is like for you. Do you pick and choose when you're going to throw your whole self into a fandom, when you're just going to peek in form time to time, and when you're just going to watch the show/movie/whatever and not get involved fannishly at all? Or does it just happen whether you want it to or not?

HI GUYS HIIIII :D Happy Tuesday! Time for another triple shot latte, y/y? ♥


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OH HEY GUYS. And hi new people! If you came here through the rimming meme, then you already know one of the most important things about me which is that I LOVE RIMMING. VERY VERY MUCH. I have a sort-of intro post thingy here, if you would like to stop by and say hello. Or you can say hello here. OR YOU CAN LURK TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT IT IS ALL GOOD WITH ME OKAY :D Ahaha, who remembers when I said, about Inception, Stick around and watch me make, like, 837495 more posts just like that. YOU DIDN'T ACTUALLY THINK THAT I WAS EXAGGERATING DID YOU.

Anyway, that is enough about me. Moving on to more important things: RIMMING MEME. I know I know, I keep linking to it, but YOU GUYS. YESTERDAY WAS A GOOD DAY FOR THE RIMMING MEME. Last night, [ profile] skellerbvvt, [ profile] eleveninches, and [ profile] weatherfront all posted within, like, a 30 minute window, and I was just FLAILING ABOUT AND CLAPPING MY HANDS IN GLEE AND ACTUALLY SQUEAKING ALOUD BECAUSE IT WAS THAT AMAZING. So if you haven't checked it since yesterday, you should definitely click over and read everything. THERE IS EVEN ART. GLORIOUS GLORIOUS ART. And I even made a helpful masterlist to aid in your enjoyment of all the delicious rimming. Somehow I have managed not to write anything for it, but I don't want to waste time talking about how I fail at my own meme, because that is a very boring conversation right there.

Instead I would like to talk about how much I want to fuck JGL.


I think about fucking you all the time )

SDFGHJKLKJHGF WHAT WAS I SAYING. Fuck, I cannot even deal with that right now. I think I need another latte. Maybe T-Hard will bring one to me?



I just cannot even deal with this okay )
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1. Hopefully you have all been over at the Arthur/Eames FLUFF TROPE FEST OF EPIC PROPORTIONS, rolling around in all of the delightfulness. If not WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GO GO. I stayed up way too late last night reading and writing over there, and it was so worth it. I have my latte, so it is all good now :D

You should read all the things, but I must point this one out as it has been discussed. Here and there. A bunch of times. That's right, bbs, EARL IS HERE. [ profile] meiface started it here, which I then continued here, and then concluded with the filthy finale here. SO THERE YOU GO INCEPTION FANDOM. I WROTE SHINY GOLD BUTTPLUG AND MATCHING CUFFLINKS PORN. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW.

2. Some things that I have read over the past few days that have made me happy, all Arthur/Eames:

+ Two Rounds, Wear Me Out by [ profile] onewayfreak. This is filthy porn, straight up: barebacking, felching, almost-fisting, dirty-talking Eames, and unapologetically slutty Arthur. WHICH IS MY VERY FAVORITE KIND OF SLUTTY OKAY.

+ Put Your Hands on Me by [ profile] meiface. After they sleep together for the first time, Arthur wishes Eames would touch him more in public. This is so delightfully sweet and fluffy that I actually squeaked out loud :D

+ we're the heirs to the glimmering world by [ profile] imogenedisease. More fluff in which Arthur and Eames are pretend boyfriends. Have I mentioned how much I love pretending to be dating fic? So cute ♥

3. Speaking of almost-fisting, do you know what Inception is lacking? FISTING. Haha, do you guys enjoy how every single day I complain about how we need more kinky porn? More underage! More spanking! More fisting! I APOLOGIZE FOR NOTHING. Are there any kinks you wish there were more of? We should compile a list and then FIND PEOPLE TO HARASS INTO WRITING THEM OH YES.

4. [ profile] hermette has a post going collecting Bradley/Colin stuff - fic, pics, interviews, etc, so head over to add your own favorites. Or, you know, just roll around in the comments for awhile :D

5. Speaking of Bradley and Colin, I know you have probably all seen this by now, but whatevs, I am posting it anyway because IT IS JUST THAT AWESOME.


OH, BOYS ♥♥♥


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Title: Cupcake
Author: [ profile] cherrybina
Pairing Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Warning Light bondage
Word Count: ~2,500
Summary: There's only one thing Eames wants for his birthday. Two, if you count the cupcakes.

Notes: Happy birthday [ profile] skellerbvvt! This does not come close to making up for all of the awesome comment fic you've written for me, but there's an oxford shirt and Arthur's frowny face and lots and lots of love from me to you ♥

Cupcake )
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Title: Like That, Just Like That
Author: [ profile] cherrybina
Pairing Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~1,500
Summary: Written for this prompt at [ profile] inception_kink: Arthur bent over the side of the bed, fingering himself, while Eames sits in a chair across the room and masturbates. They wait until they absolutely cannot resist anymore before they let themselves touch each other. Originally posted here.

Notes: Here's some filthy porn to balance out the unrelenting fluff that was my last fic :D

Like That, Just Like That )


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