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Hey you guys!

I know there are a bazillion holiday fic exchanges/fests/etc, but this one is super low-key. It's a multi-fandom stocking stuffer fest, and everyone is eligible to participate YAY. So go! Click! Spread the holiday love :D

I hope you all had an awesome day today, whether you were lounging around eating turkey leftovers, hitting the malls for the best deals, or just having a regular Friday. I did all of my Black Friday shopping in my pjs on the couch, but I did venture out to the grocery store in the afternoon, where I found something called vibrating eye treatment on clearance. It's basically eye cream that comes with... a vibrator... for your eyes. IDEK BUT I HOPE IT LEAVES MY EYES VERY VERY SATISFIED.

Oh, and P.S. Just in case you thought JGL was the only one who knows how to wear pants.


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HEY YOU GUYS. First up, [ profile] hermette is hosting Fuck Yeah Friday today YAY (link has v.v. NSFW picture.)

Fuck Yeah Friday

For those of you who are new-ish to my flist, FYF is a comment fic fest inspired by a deliciously filthy picture and open to all fandoms. YES YES IT IS AS AMAZING AS IT SOUNDS. So! Given the recent Merlin spoilers, I think we all need a little happy on this Friday, and by that I mean porn. OBVIOUSLY. I am dying for some Colin/Bradley :D And Inception people, go spam her post with Arthur/Eames in an effort to INCEPT EVERYONE WITH PORN OH YES \o/!

That wraps up the porn part of the post, so now we can move on to the pretty boys. I was rereading the interview with JGL in Details yesterday, and I have decided that for all of his super-smart French-poetry-loving hipster-esque tendencies, the real reason we would get along is because he "appears to hover in a Tasmanian Devil funnel of static electricity." That right there is my kind of boy. I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO GET HOPPED UP ON TRIPLE SHOT LATTES AND BOUNCE AROUND EXCITEDLY WITH HIM. Also, I had to laugh when I got to the part where he said he doesn't think people should see celebrities as being in a higher class of people than everyone else. I would just like to say, for the record, that I think he's right. I don't actually think he's better than anyone else, I just think he is PRETTIER. SO MUCH PRETTIER. Anyway, he is ridiculously hot in that photoshoot, and also very much a grown up. If you were not a fan of the bb JGL picspam, perhaps you will enjoy these pictures instead. OR MAYBE YOU JUST ENJOY ALL OF HIM. AS I DO.



But anyway! It is Friday, and as usual, I am sort of flapping all over the place. Fridays are my craziest days, and I am always just a huge mess trying to get everything done so it can just be the weekend already. TODAY IS NO EXCEPTION. SO BASICALLY I AM GOING TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT BRADLEY/COLIN QUEST AND TRY TO GET 374567008 THINGS DONE AND F5 ALL OVER FYF AND BOUNCE AROUND A LOT AND HOPE THAT I DON'T SPIN MYSELF OUT OF THE ATMOSPHERE AND INTO SOME KIND OF ANTI-GRAVITY VORTEX. WHICH COULD TOTALLY HAPPEN.


Friday YAY \o/!
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1. CONFESSION: I have not yet watched yesterday's episode of Merlin. I... cannot even explain what is going on on my flist right now, and to be honest, I am sort of terrified D: WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS. As far as I can tell, I need to get really drunk to get through it or want to punch someone in the face after watching it or possibly give up on the show forever or think it is the awesomest thing ever or I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT OKAY D:

2. Everyone should go check out the Not My Fandom Fest hosted by [ profile] pocky_slash because it is hilarious. [ profile] callowyn's take on Inception is so freaking awesome I cannot even deal.

3. Let's talk about Earl, shall we? As some of you know, I have had a thing for Earl for awhile now. I believe it was [ profile] froggie who first introduced me to the fabulousness that is a gold gentleman's pleasure object and matching cufflinks, and I desperately wanted fic with him in it, but it just didn't really fit in with Merlin. Imagine my delight when Inception came along in which cufflinks are canon for fuck's sake. But here is another confession for you today: When I finally wrote Earl fic, I took some ~artistic liberties~ with the dimensions. HE IS REALLY NOT THAT BIG. I mean, I don't actually know how big he is, since its given in centimeters, which is all blah blah blah to me and I cannot be arsed to convert it, but I sort of had the feeling that he wasn't this, like, GIANT PLUG or something. But whatever, I am all in favor of stretching the truth in fic in order to, you know, stretch other things with shiny gold buttplugs. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know in the interest of full disclosure :D

4. But speaking of Earl and speaking of really big buttplugs, in the comments of yesterday's post, I talked about my plans for a sequel to Earl fic, because I am not ready to let go. Basically, it goes like this: Eames decides to buy Arthur a matching plug, but after thinking about it, he realizes that Arthur's ass is too precious for gold, so he has a PLATINUM BUTTPLUG custom made. And because it's tailor made for Arthur's magnificent ass, it can be as big as I Eames wants. AND, WELL, WE ALL KNOW THAT EAMES IS NOT AFRAID TO DREAM REALLY FUCKING BIG AM I RIGHT. So he gives it to Arthur, and Arthur is like, what the fuck were you thinking this is HUGE, but Eames is just like, come on baby, you know I'd never give you anything you can't take, and I know you can take it for me. I'll make it so good for you, I promise. And Arthur is like asdfghjkl;, and Eames is like, AW YEAH. And then, you know. EAMES FILLS ARTHUR'S PRETTY LITTLE ARSE WITH PLATINUM BECAUSE ARTHUR DESERVES NOTHING LESS, Y/Y/MFY??

5. This one is REALLY IMPORTANT okay. I am going to be in NYC next weekend hanging out with [ profile] leupagus and [ profile] merelyn (and hopefully [ profile] puckling!) On Saturday, October 23, there is going to be some sort of fangirl meetup some time at some bar in Manhattan. Which, is incredibly specific, I know. BUT I AM TOTALLY NOT IN CHARGE OF PLANNING OKAY. But the point is, everyone should come! I promise it will be awesome, and by awesome I mean, I will get drunk and force you to listen to my super serious business thoughts about assfucking. AND THEN I MAY POSSIBLY BREAK YOUR TOOTH. I AM JUST WARNING YOU ALL UP FRONT. But still! AWESOME. So, everyone go fill out this poll, and then come hang out :D ETA: The poll is on dreamwidth, so if you don't have an account there, just let me know if you're interested in coming and I can make sure you get all the details. And really, you should come. ALL OF YOU.

6. I am crying a little bit because Tom Hardy was voted off in [ profile] staraflur's hot person poll. WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS. Whatever, more for me.


Mmmm, those are really nice pants.

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1. Hopefully you have all been over at the Arthur/Eames FLUFF TROPE FEST OF EPIC PROPORTIONS, rolling around in all of the delightfulness. If not WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GO GO. I stayed up way too late last night reading and writing over there, and it was so worth it. I have my latte, so it is all good now :D

You should read all the things, but I must point this one out as it has been discussed. Here and there. A bunch of times. That's right, bbs, EARL IS HERE. [ profile] meiface started it here, which I then continued here, and then concluded with the filthy finale here. SO THERE YOU GO INCEPTION FANDOM. I WROTE SHINY GOLD BUTTPLUG AND MATCHING CUFFLINKS PORN. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW.

2. Some things that I have read over the past few days that have made me happy, all Arthur/Eames:

+ Two Rounds, Wear Me Out by [ profile] onewayfreak. This is filthy porn, straight up: barebacking, felching, almost-fisting, dirty-talking Eames, and unapologetically slutty Arthur. WHICH IS MY VERY FAVORITE KIND OF SLUTTY OKAY.

+ Put Your Hands on Me by [ profile] meiface. After they sleep together for the first time, Arthur wishes Eames would touch him more in public. This is so delightfully sweet and fluffy that I actually squeaked out loud :D

+ we're the heirs to the glimmering world by [ profile] imogenedisease. More fluff in which Arthur and Eames are pretend boyfriends. Have I mentioned how much I love pretending to be dating fic? So cute ♥

3. Speaking of almost-fisting, do you know what Inception is lacking? FISTING. Haha, do you guys enjoy how every single day I complain about how we need more kinky porn? More underage! More spanking! More fisting! I APOLOGIZE FOR NOTHING. Are there any kinks you wish there were more of? We should compile a list and then FIND PEOPLE TO HARASS INTO WRITING THEM OH YES.

4. [ profile] hermette has a post going collecting Bradley/Colin stuff - fic, pics, interviews, etc, so head over to add your own favorites. Or, you know, just roll around in the comments for awhile :D

5. Speaking of Bradley and Colin, I know you have probably all seen this by now, but whatevs, I am posting it anyway because IT IS JUST THAT AWESOME.


OH, BOYS ♥♥♥


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HEY YOU GUYS. If you could use a little fluff in your life right now (and I know that some of you could) please come over to [ profile] bookshop's FLUFF TROPE FEST OF EPIC PROPORTIONS where there are currently four five six(!!) pages of itty bitty Arthur/Eames ficlets that are so shamlessly schmoopy that you might hurt something as you flail around in complete and utter glee ♥♥♥
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[ profile] pennyplainknits has recorded my totally ridiculous JGL/T-Hard ficlet Pretty Feet as podfic which you can find here. Go check it out and tell her how amazing she is ♥♥♥

Speaking of which, why is there not more RPF in this fandom? WHY? YOU GUYS. T-Hard and JGL may not have the epic history of eyefucking and suggestive touching that Bradley and Colin have, but the idea of them together is SO AMAZING THAT I CAN HARDLY STAND IT. Think about it: one pretentious little hipster + the complete and utter ridiculousness that is Tom Hardy = SOMETHING REALLY FUCKING AWESOME. The possibilities are endless.

For example: T-Hard tries to explain to JGL that taking douchey MySpace pics is a legitimate form of artisitc expression, and this leads to JGL taking a series of pics of himself and texting them to T-Hard.


At first Tom is all annoyed because he doesn't think Joe is putting his whole heart into it, and he goes on this epic rant about how Joe always does things in his ironic hipster way and until he lets go of that, he will never reach the second level or irony that is necessary for understanding the true art that goes into being precisely that kind of obnoxious. But then the pics get sluttier and sluttier and Tom forgets all about art when Joe's delightful ass is right there on the screen. NATURALLY THIS LEADS TO FUCKING. Yes? YES??

In other news, do you guys remember this poll? I thought about that discussion today when I innocently browsing for coats at Anthropologie, came across this one, and all of the sudden found myself thinking about assfucking. WHICH OKAY HAPPENS A LOT AT RANDOM INTERVALS THROUGHOUT THE DAY BUT STILL.

Hello, lovelies. What are you up to this evening? I'm thinking it is time for wine and cookies. Who's with me?
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1. So, Colin Morgan in Parked. Prettiest homeless heroin addict ever, or prettiest homeless heroin addict ever? I will refrain from embedding the trailer, since it appeared on my flist no less than fifteen times last night, and therefore I assume you have all seen it. If you have been living under a rock, you can watch it here. You guys. I don't do sad movies. Like, AT ALL. Seriously, the whole delicate flower thing? NOT A JOKE. It's pathetic, really. If you ever hear my rant about the tragic ending of (500) Days of Summer, you will rightfully laugh in my face. HOW AM I GONNA DEAL WITH THIS MOVIE D:

2. Now that [ profile] hermette wrote T-Hard/Bradley/Colin, and I wrote T-Hard/Bradley and T-Hard/JGL/Bradley/Colin, I think there is only one thing left, do you agree? And that of course would be JGL/Colin. WAIT WAIT HERE ME OUT. JGL could take Colin shopping for new clothes! And JGL would be all like, dude, what is with the pants that are two sizes too big, and Colin would just blush and stammer and finally admit that not everyone has a fantastic arse okay. And JGL would just be like, well, I've never actually seen yours. This leads to JGL coaxing Colin out of his pants, which leads to JGL telling Colin that he has a lovely ass, which leads to rimming. OBVIOUSLY.

3. Hallefuckinglujah by [ profile] weatherfront. Arthur/Eames, in which Arthur pretends to be a priest for a job, and Eames... well. LIKE EAMES COULD RESIST THAT. Be sure to take note of the warning, but OH MY GOD. What a delicious and dirtywrong way to start the day. NNNGH.

4. Tom Hardy. That's... all I wanted to say, really. I feel like he deserves one spot on every one of my ridiculous lists. How about this: SOMETIMES T-HARD TAKES HIS SHIRT OFF. THIS, MY FRIENDS, IS A VERY GOOD THING INDEED.


And for all of you who were mad at me for giving him the shoulder victory over Bradley, I just really love his shoulders, even when he is all skinny like that. AND I SWEAR HE GETS PRETTIER TO ME EVERY DAY ♥

5. UM. First I should say that this is entirely [ profile] foxxcub's fault, as she mentioned the idea of having an Arthur paper doll to dress up, and then posted this ridiculously awesome J.Crew AU, in which Arthur is a model and Eames is the photographer. Since I linked to Banana Republic sweaters yesterday, I decided to first pretend that there is actually such thing as an Arthur paper doll, and then dress my Arthur paper doll in BR clothes. BECAUSE THAT IS NOT WEIRD AT ALL.

I guess this is sweater porn? )

ETA: Uh, so I wrote a wee snippet of what would happen if Arthur did actually wear those pants, inspired by [ profile] foxxcub. IDEK YOU GUYS.
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1. I feel like I totally missed all the Merlin post-ep squeefests yesterday D: I was late watching it, and then everyone already said everything I was feeling, so I was just kind of like, OH HEY ME TOO. My non-spoliery thoughts: I HAVE MISSED THIS SHOW SO FUCKING MUCH and ASDFGHJ THESE BOYS ♥♥♥ and OMFG IS IT NEXT WEEK YET. I do have Merlin stuff I want to talk about, which will probably come in a post tomorrow \o/

2. I am so embarrassed to admit this, but I just went and got myself a delicious account. I NEVER HAD ONE BEFORE CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. I basically just use everyone else's, but I think the time has finally come to jump on that bandwagon because I cannot keep track of anything anymore. I have lots and lots of work to do, especially when it comes to Merlin fic because OH GOD THERE IS A LOT OF OLD FIC TO BOOKMARK but at least I have finally started. At some point, I might even try to tag some of my own entries for organizational purposes, since I've received a couple PMs recently asking about old entries/picspams I've done. BASICALLY MY JOURNAL IS JUST A HUGE FUCKING MESS OKAY and my tags are useless and I cannot find a thing D: With that ringing endorsement out of the way, hi new people who have friended me in the past few days! I just did an intro post here, so feel free to stop by and say hello if you are so moved :D

3. Fics!

+ Underneath This Heel of Mine by [ profile] recrudescence, Arthur/Eames. So, OKAY. I did not even realize I had a kink for Arthur wearing stilettos until I read this. UNF. I should not have been surprised, as it is the same author who wrote this filthy hot first time barebacking and felching fic.

+ Pick up (and Knit) by [ profile] pennyplainknits, JGL/T-Hard. I am DYING for more RPF in this fandom, and this is just adorable. Tom knits Joe a scarf, which was partially inspired by this conversation.


+ Unusual Kiss by [ profile] i_claudia, Bradley/Colin/Alexander Skarsgård. I shall just let her warnings enticements speak for themselves: threesome, barebacking, Colin Morgan’s fingers, size!kink, accent!kink, fisting, double penetration, a bit of D/s, dirty talk, rimming, orgasm denial, really filthy sex. OH HELL YES.

4. Shall we move along to the inappropriate part of this post? I THINK WE SHALL. As I have mentioned, I am currently in the middle of writing a morally dubious fic of moral dubiousness, aka Arthur/Eames teacher/student, in which bb Arthur is 16 (really, you have only yourselves to blame.) ANYWAY. It really does not help my depraved mental state when I come across pictures like this:


I AM JUST SAYING. Those of you who are still holding onto your decency will be happy to know that he is, in fact, eighteen years old in that picture. OH JGL, BLESS YOUR WEE BABYFACE ♥ But really, it is not as if I haven't already crossed, like, EVERY LINE IN THE BOOK, so this is nothing new. As someone who is much wiser than I am once said, when in doubt, ADD MORE JIZZ ♥ THERE IS PLENTY OF ROOM ON THIS BUS TO HELL, BBS. WHO WANTS TO SIT NEXT TO ME?

5. Every year I look forward to fall because it is my favorite season and has my favorite clothes. But every year I also forget how so many awesome clothes = one very broke Bina D: So! I am instituting some rules for this shopping season: No more shirtdresses, coats, or boots because FFS I HAVE ENOUGH*. Okay, maybe just this and this and these. BUT THEN THAT IS IT OKAY.

*This is not actually true. This will never be true. THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS ENOUGH.


Sep. 10th, 2010 11:36 pm
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I realize that, like, three quarters of my flist cannot do anything except make incoherent flaily noises of glee right now thanks to the epic day of Merlin squee we had, but for anyone who still has some coherency left, I have a couple recs. Both are Arthur/Eames, and both are awesome.

+ The Understood Boundaries of Self by [ profile] strzyga. So, I realize probably everyone has read this since it was posted as a WIP at the kink meme, but I don't read WIPs, so I am just getting to it now. I have such a kink for D/s, but I am really picky about the dynamic, and I find that most of the time, I can't get into fics that get into the lifestyle because they don't fit my preferred dynamics. This fic hits my kink SO HARD it isn't even funny. It comes with a warning for BDSM, but the physical stuff is really mild - it is so much more about exploring the dynamic and the balance of power, and what that means for both of them, and it hits on everything I love about D/s. AND OMFG ARTHUR NNNNGH.

+ A Gentleman Not in Your Books by [ profile] foxxcub. This is a sequel to Dreams are for Rookies, the most adorable high school AU EVER. Yeah, so my kink for teenage boys. LET ME SHOW YOU IT. I have been dying for this fic (and possibly leaving her annoying comments about how much I was dying for it on a daily basis) and OH GOD IT IS HERE AND IT IS GLORIOUS ♥

Whether or not you squeed your heart out today, I hope you all had a fabulous Friday :D
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OKAY OKAY so I know I totally already posted once today but OMG YOU GUYS CHECK IT OUT:


As if that was not enough awesome for one day, please go see [ profile] likeaglass' brilliant theory about Bradley's luscious lips at the interview from the other day. I FULLY SUPPORT HER THEORY JSYK.

And finally:


ETA: Re: my jizz meta post from a couple months ago, [ profile] kerryblaze has provided a helpful video showing that it is indeed possible to suck someone's cock while simultaneously fucking them. AWESOME.

P.S. Come say hi if you haven't already :D
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OKAY. So a couple people have mentioned that they're getting their Inception recs from me, and YOU SHOULD NOT DO THAT FOR REAL. I am seriously the flakiest person in the world, and if you're depending on me, you're missing a lot of awesome stuff. So! Here are a couple of recs for recs:

+ [ profile] bookshop's delicious was my lifesaver when I first got into the fandom and had no idea where to begin.

+ [ profile] nicolasechs just posted a rec list that looks awesome. I am still working through it myself, and I've already found several things I haven't seen yet.

And a couple awesome things I just must share:

+ Really amazing art by [ profile] platina (NSFW art in link.) I love them all, but the spanking, UNF. Spanking is in my top five bulletproof kinks, and I am sort of desperate for Arthur/Eames spanking fic. I've read some Cobb/Arthur spanking, but I haven't found any Arthur/Eames. SO FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY LINK ME IF YOU HAVE READ SOME. Also, um. So it appears that in the absence of finding any to read, I am writing it myself? Just look at that picture, you guys. ARTHUR IS STILL WEARING HIS SOCKS ♥

+ Dream a Little Dream of Me by [ profile] meiface, based on the JGL/Zooey Deschanel dancing video. YOU GUYS. This is just so lovely. And there is dancing

SPEAKING OF THAT VIDEO. A couple people on my flist have been saying that JGL seems kind of small, and I am obviously not talking about in his pants. Okay yes, he is not a big muscley dude, but he is not that small! You get a good sense of his size compared to Zooey Deschanel in the video, and if 500 Days of Summer is to be believed, she's 5'5". Now, she is wearing heels, which in my expert opinion are about three inches (also SO CUTE OMG), and he is still taller than she is. And he clearly has no issues spinning her around and lifting her up and stuff. Okay, so I've probably got a couple pounds on her, BUT STILL. I BELIEVE THAT HE IS BIG ENOUGH TO HOLD ME DOWN AND THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS ANYWAY.

Also speaking of that video, who has the gif of JGL when he's on the desk doing that little hopping clapping thing of utter adorableness? I NEED IT IN MY LIFE OKAY. ETA: Thank you, [ profile] xskintandminted!


And finally, I would like to talk about underwear. Since nearly every fic I write involves people taking their pants off, I have to figure out who wears what kind of underwear. I've actually spent a ridiculous amount of time thinking about this, and have really strong opinions on different characters. Arthur and Eames are still so new to me, and I really need to know what's under their pants so I can better get them out of them :D

Note: the Arthur in the poll is Arthur-from-Inception, not Arthur-Prince-of-Camelot.

[Poll #1613591]

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1. [ profile] gealach_ros has a Merlin S3 picspam (S3 spoilers in link) that includes a bunch of the promo pics as well as the trailer, the teaser, and the blooper reel (omg ♥♥♥) Seeing that blooper reel again is just making me desperate for more of the boys. WE ARE ONLY ONE WEEK AWAY FROM THE BFI SCREENING AND BRADLEY'S FAAAAAACE. So excited \o/

2. Merlin fic rec:

+ (The World Is Changed) Because You Are Made of Ivory and Gold) by [ profile] minor_hue. Merlin/Arthur, Arthur gives Merlin a ring (and it's set in canon times, YAY.) This is just exquisitely written and perfectly understated. When [ profile] derryere was without internet, I called her all the way across the ocean and squeed about this fic. Then for the rest of the conversation, every so often one of us would go, ARTHUR GAVE MERLIN A RIIIIIING ♥♥♥

3. A couple recs from [ profile] inception_kink, all Arthur/Eames:

+ Arthur and Eames make a no sex rule. Arthur's list asdfghjkl ♥

+ Arthur has to have sex or he'll die, and the whole team fights over who gets to do it. Okay, so I LOVE fuck or die, and this one is just hilarious. It's Arthur/Eames at the end, but Arthur gets plenty of action along the way :D

+ One morning Eames fucks sleepy Arthur full of come then plugs him up and sends him off to the warehouse to suffer at work. Do you really need more of a summary than that? I read this first thing this morning, and there really is no better way to start the day than with some filthy porn.

4. And now that we're on the topic of Arthur and a buttplug (I love how easy it is to get there) can we please talk about a fic in which Eames buys this for Arthur? YOU GUYS. Ever since [ profile] froggie first showed me that such a fantastic thing existed, I have been dying for fic about it, and if there was ever a character made for a matching 18k gold buttplug and cuff links, it is Arthur, am I right? They don't even call it a buttplug. Oh no, it is a GENTLEMAN'S PLEASURE OBJECT which is so perfect I cannot even deal. I can totally see Eames all like, "oh hey, I bought you this gentleman's pleasure object, now bend over so I can shove it in your pretty little arse." AND THEN HE HELPS HIM WITH HIS CUFF LINKS. OH MY GOD SOMEONE PLEASE WRITE THAT FOR ME.

5. In what is most certainly not news, Tom Hardy is ridiculous and I desperately want him in my pants.


Happy Sunday, my lovelies. How are all of you today?

ETA: I totally forgot to say that INCEPTION NOW HAS TENTACLE PORN OMG. I know there are some tentacle lovers on my flist :D [ profile] platina drew a series of Arthur/Eames tentacles pictures, then [ profile] bookshop wrote fic (NSFW image in link!) to go along, which is by far the sweetest cuddliest tentacle porn I have ever read ♥!!
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1. [ profile] franticsga wrote Merlin/Arthur fic and you should go read it because it is awesome. She has tried to blame this on me somehow, which, OKAY. Here is something that you should all know: you can blame me all you want, but when the end result is a ridiculously adorable fic in which boys wear suits and then come all over each other, I AM NOT GOING TO BE SORRY. I AM NEVER GOING TO BE SORRY.

2. Speaking of boys in suits coming all over each other (that is like, THE DEFINING SEGUE OF MY JOURNAL, I THINK) yesterday I mentioned JGL's dimples, and how I very much wanted dimple porn, and I just want to thank [ profile] syllic and [ profile] nicolasechs for taking that conversation exactly where I wanted it to go and discussing the logistics of Eames coming all over Arthur's face and then licking it out of his dimples. THAT WAS WHAT I MEANT BY DIMPLE PORN. I feel like this could be complicated, because Arthur is not really all that smiley, right? And without the smile, there aren't any dimples.


So think about it - Eames has to somehow get him to smile, while also getting off at the same time. And the closer he gets to coming, the harder it is for him to focus on making Arthur smile. DO YOU SEE HOW THIS MIGHT BE DIFFICULT? But really, if there is anyone who can do it, it's Eames, am I right?

3. Speaking of Arthur not smiling, Merlin S3 promo pics \o/

Non-spoilery photos )

4. Speaking of fic, I AM SUCH A MESS RIGHT NOW OMG. In addition to 32847550606 Merlin WIPs, I am writing this ridiculously filthy Arthur/Eames fic which can be summarized thusly: ARTHUR IS BENDY. EAMES APPROVES. I'm also writing this painfully fluffy Arthur/Eames thing in which there is cuddling and hand holding and NO ONE TOUCHES ANYONE ELSE'S PEEN. IDEK.

So what do you guys think? Am I really that good at seamlessly moving from one point to the next, or is my journal just a never ending cycle of porn and fic and pretty boys and porn and fic and... OKAY YEAH I THINK THAT'S PROBABLY IT.

Promo pics from Merlin's Keep
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⇒ I haven't even seen Inception yet, but HOLY FUCKING SHIT this is some hot porn. Semi-exhibitionism? Trying so hard to be quiet even though it feels so good? Coming in pants? YES AND YES AND YES PLEASE. If there is one way to lure me into a fandom it is with porn. Is it all this hot? NEED MOAR RESEARCH. ETA: Apparently yes asdfghjkl.

⇒ I met my dad for dinner tonight and we got sandwiches and headed to a nearby park to eat. There was a family right near us with two boys who were named Xander and Pacey. I was THISCLOSE to starting up a conversation with the mom about fannish stuff.

⇒ I am sure you have all seen the latest article about Merlin season 3, but if not, it is here (season 3 spoilers in link!)

Vague spoilery thoughts and one delightful lust muffin )
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FIRST OF ALL. Yesterday I posted about Arthur and Merlin fucking themselves (yeah yeah, I know. What else is new, right?) and there are TONS of awesome ideas in the comments. So if you're participating in the [ profile] summerpornathon and having trouble coming up with something for this challenge, check it out. There are also lots of ideas that don't quite fit into the theme but still need to be written LIKE NOW including a a contest involving who can take the biggest candle and how Arthur might actually fuck himself with a candlestick after all.

AND ALSO. Thanks to [ profile] troygirl68 and [ profile] luisadeza I now desperately want fic in which Bradley and Colin are dating and Colin is horribly allergic to latex. So things are going along just swimmingly, and they're making out all hot and heavy, trousers on the floor, rubbing together through their pants, and finally Bradley says, "fuck, Col. I want - " and Colin pulls his mouth away from Bradley's neck long enough to gasp, "yeah, yeah, me too. Oh, wait. We can't, I don't have - " "It's okay," Bradley says, shoving Colin off and pulling a condom out of his jeans on the floor, "See? I came prepared." Colin just sighs. "Is that latex? I'm horribly allergic to latex." Bradley's stupid with lust at this point, so he just holds it up and says, "it's a condom." "I can't use it unless it's latex free," Colin tells him. "Oh," Bradley says, "but what if you're the one who - "

"Bradley. Think about it. There is no way for us to use that that doesn't end in tragedy for me." Bradley just says, "oh, right," and he rolls over onto his back because he is so fucking hard he thinks he might really die. "Next time, yeah?" Colin tells him right before he kisses down Bradley's stomach and sucks his cock down all the way down and, well. BRADLEY DOESN'T SAY ANYTHING AFTER THAT. But three days later Bradley shows up at Colin's place with a case of latex free condoms and glass dildo shaped like a banana. BECAUSE HE LOOOOOOOVES HIM ♥♥♥


MOVING ALONG. The August challenge for [ profile] kinkelot is tentacles \o/ There is a post up here with links to all the tentacle fic in the fandom, so take a look. THEN WRITE TENTACLE FIC YES PLEASE.

And finally, go check out [ profile] camelotremix ([personal profile] camelotremix on Dreamwidth). If you don't know what a remix is, there's an info post here. I've never participated as a writer, but I love the concept, and there's always lots of interesting fic that comes out. Go sign up!

In conclusion: so I guess I'm gonna have to watch this Sherlock show, huh?


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1. Waking up to lots of contributions to the Merlin Necking Fest. You should all go check them out because they are awesome. AND THEN YOU SHOULD ADD SOMETHING OF YOU OWN :D

2. SHOOZ. These aren't new, but they make me happy every time I look down at my feet. Also, the dress I'm wearing is purple and matches the purple in the shoes perfectly. THESE ARE THE THINGS THAT GET ME THROUGH THE DAY OKAY.


3. The many, many filthy things I can imagine Colin doing with his lips and fingers thanks to this picture... SORRY WHAT WAS I SAYING IDEK. Basically, Bradley is a lucky bastard.

4. Knowing that I can always count on finding stuff like this (ETA: and this!) on my flist ♥

5. PORN. FILTHY FILTHY PORN. Specifically these four delightful fics that I just reread thanks to [ profile] hermette. NOTHING SAYS HAPPY FRIDAY LIKE OBJECT INSERTION, DIRTY TALK, DOUBLE PENETRATION, AND FELCHING AM I RIGHT.

HELLO :D Tell me why you love today. YAY FRIDAY, Y/Y?

Colin pic from [ profile] wordsdiminish and [ profile] destiny_fic's flickr, which I am certain everyone has already seen. If you haven't then get over there right the fuck now. GO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GO NOW.
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HEY YOU GUYS. I haven't been around much lately due to crazy busy life stuff, and I miss you all so much. Hopefully everything will slow down soon because, you know, LJ is way more fun than annoying RL crap. BUT HERE I AM FOR ALL OF THREE SECONDS TO TELL YOU SOMETHING IMPORTANT.

If you love Gwen, go check out Home to the Weary by [ profile] leupagus. It's basically a story about Gwen being awesome, which we really don't get enough of on the show. BUT THAT IS WHY THERE IS FIC.

In other news, tomorrow I am going to a tailgating party thing and it is going to be rainy and kind of cold. That totally sucks, since obviously a tailgate is outdoors, but I am trying to look on the bright side. I get to wear my polka dot wellies and my pretty blue trenchcoat, which I am unashamed to say I bought primarily because it looked a lot like the one Buffy wears in Becoming, aka BEST EPISODE OF BUFFY EVER. It's perfect for staying dry, kicking ass in a graveyard, and running slo-mo through libraries. YOU KNOW, JUST IN CASE.


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SO. Today is Easter. I don't actually celebrate religiously, but in honor of the day I will do the following:

- wear a dress
- eat approximately 273474959 Reese's peanut butter eggs and purple peeps
- write porn

I think the Easter Bunny would be proud.

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WHY IS RL SO CRAZY RIGHT NOW? I am so far behind LJ which is SO UNLIKE ME D: I miss you guys! I am sure you have all been awesome in my absence and I shall try my very best to catch up. In an attempt to distract you from the fact that I've got nothing for you (which believe me, I am very ashamed about) I bring you links. Look, shiny!

There's going to be a vid show at [ profile] minimerlin, and it's a group effort! [ profile] ras_elased has a post up asking for suggestions of vids to be included in the show. Anyone can nominate a vid, even if you're not attending the con, so click over and nominate your favorites. This is a multi-ship con, so you can nominate anything in the fandom, not just Merlin/Arthur vids.

The next round of [ profile] reel_merlin is starting soon! I will not be participating this time around, but I'm hoping that lots of people sign up and flood the fandom with awesome fics. WHICH WE NEED MORE THAN EVER NOW THAT WE'RE ON HIATUS. It's pretty much certain that the 5k words I have based on The Breakfast Club won't ever go further, so that movie is up for grabs if anyone wants to write about Arthur-the-princess and Merlin-the criminal \o/

In conclusion: PORN. YOU GUYS. I haven't read porn in days. DAYS. SEND HELP. And by help I mean SOMEONE WRITE ME COMMENT PORN PLEASE :D

*The other day I came home and found the Boy in the kitchen washing dishes(!) moving his hips like yeah while Miley Cyrus played in the background(!!) When he realized I was there behind him, he turned around with suds up to his elbows and said, "What? IT'S A CATCHY SONG OKAY." Oh, him ♥


First time porn by [ profile] troygirl68

Picnic porn by [ profile] miakun

Drunk porn by [ profile] hermette
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The first challenge at [ profile] kinkelot is up and it's spanking! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN I HAVE NO IDEA. But it makes me very happy indeed :D Remember, this is a low key community - you don't have to sign up for anything and there are no obligations. You just participate when you want to, no strings attached. UNLESS YOU WANT STRINGS. OR MAYBE ROPE. WHATEVER.

Also, a bunch of people have thanked me for [ profile] kinkelot, and while I appreciate that, all I did was post about how I wanted to see more kink for my own selfish purposes. It was [ profile] miakun, [ profile] woldy and [ profile] such_heights who came up with the idea of the community and did all the work. So all credit goes to them :D

NEXT. Go write wank!fic. FOR REAL. I got caught up doing something else yesterday so I was not able to finish my own contribution, but I am working on it now. There needs to be more fic (or art!) over there so we can have more of the good kind of wank in the fandom.

Moving along, [ profile] camelotsolstice postings are almost done. I think tomorrow is the last day? Anyway, reveals are supposed to be Monday, so that leaves the weekend to catch up if you want to get to everything while it is still anonymous. Are people going to make any guesses like with [ profile] yuletide? I happen to be a terrible guesser unless it is glaringly obvious, but it's still fun to try.

And finally, FRIDAY YAY, Y/Y?


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