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ASDFGHJ OMG I LOVE THEM. Sorry about my freakishly glowing legs, but I was trying to capture the color in the natural light. I HOPE I HAVE NOT BLINDED ANYONE D: So, yes. I have been lusting after these shoes for AGES and finally broke down and bought them during the John Fluevog Thinks You're Awesome sale (WHICH IS STILL GOING ON HERE BTW) My feet are very very happy. AS IS THE REST OF ME :D

Next! OKAY. So ages and ages ago, there was this meme where people posted three ideas that they thought you'd never write, then you had to pick one and write a snippet. [ profile] miakun thought I'd never write fic in which Arthur and Merlin adopt a kid and go off and have lighthearted adventures. WELL GUESS WHAT, MIA. I've got 3.5K that says you're wrong. Yeah, I don't really know what to say, either. SO I SHALL TAKE A POLL.

[Poll #1593001]

What are you guys up to today? Frantically working on pornathon entries? Chipping away at your big bang? Digging up new pics of Bradley and Colin? Other awesome things?
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So, I broke my car. Or maybe it just broke all on its own. The point is IT DOESN'T WORK D: It turns out it is fixable though, it just needs a new engine. WHAT. Now I have to decide if I want to get the engine replaced or just go ahead and buy a new car. Hint: I DON'T WANT TO DO EITHER OF THOSE THINGS REALLY.

I am at the moment in this sort of in this LALALALA NOT LISTENING place, where I am ignoring the fact that whatever happens, this is gonna cost me a crap load of money, and my planned summer vacation might not happen after all, and am therefore engaging in some (totally healthy, RIGHT?) fandom-enabled avoidance therapy. I sleep easy at night knowing that no matter what happens in RL, there are always shiny things on the internet to distract me from my woes.

Like this, for example:



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Either formspring is harder than it looks, or I HAVE SERIOUS PROBLEMS WITH MY LIFE. I have somehow managed to answer one question twice, delete another question altogether, and answer a bunch of questions which are now nowhere to be found D: WHAT HOW IS THIS SO HARD. That ringing endorsement of my awesomeness aside, you can still ask me stuff! I PROMISE I WILL TRY TO OVERCOME MY DIFFICULTIES AND ANSWER THEM ALL :D

In other news, I have received my [community profile] kink_bingo card and IT IS DELIGHTFUL.


And finally, I am having serious layout angst. I'm in need of a change and my skills go as far as... CLICKING ONE OF THE BASIC OPTIONS D: Seriously, you guys. SEND HELP. I know there are, like, communities and resources and stuff, some of which have to be straightforward enough for the easily confused AKA ME.
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So, due to a bunch of crap that is happening right now (none of which is related to fandom BTW, I woke up today feeling cranky and tired and altogether displeased with the world) which is very unlike me. I am usually annoyingly cheerful, so currently I am feeling quite out of sorts. BUT! Today is Friday, and I cannot stay in a bad mood when I think about all of the very best things in life, of which there are many. HERE IS A V.V. ABBREVIATED LIST:

1. My mom's homemade macaroni and cheese. I love to steal bites before it goes in the oven, I love to pick off all the crunchy brown bits on the top, and I love the leftovers for breakfast. I wish I could eat it all the time, but it's probably best for my waistline that she lives far away.

2. SHOOOZ, like the ones I wore yesterday, and the ones I have on today.(Plz excuse bizarre-ish angles. It's actually REALLY HARD to take a decent picture of your own feet with an iPhone.)

3. This awesome blog, which celebrates the amazing fashion of Claudia Kishi WHO WAS TOTALLY MY STYLE ICON BACK IN THE DAY OKAY.

4. Dirtyfilthyhot porn, such as this and this and this, and well, I COULD GO ON AND ON REALLY.

5. Adorable boys being adorable. FOR EXAMPLE:


Okay, so I was totally gonna do a top ten list but it turns out that I have to go right now to take care of some fairly boring and rather unpleasant business, but in the meantime, feel free to post you own favorite things and then we can all roll around in the awesomeness of it all.

OH OH ALSO. last time I did this, there were many, many fabulous things posted in the comments, but my very favorite of them all was from [ profile] manisetta, who posted this:



Colin and Bradley pics from [ profile] beeej here
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WHY IS RL SO CRAZY RIGHT NOW? I am so far behind LJ which is SO UNLIKE ME D: I miss you guys! I am sure you have all been awesome in my absence and I shall try my very best to catch up. In an attempt to distract you from the fact that I've got nothing for you (which believe me, I am very ashamed about) I bring you links. Look, shiny!

There's going to be a vid show at [ profile] minimerlin, and it's a group effort! [ profile] ras_elased has a post up asking for suggestions of vids to be included in the show. Anyone can nominate a vid, even if you're not attending the con, so click over and nominate your favorites. This is a multi-ship con, so you can nominate anything in the fandom, not just Merlin/Arthur vids.

The next round of [ profile] reel_merlin is starting soon! I will not be participating this time around, but I'm hoping that lots of people sign up and flood the fandom with awesome fics. WHICH WE NEED MORE THAN EVER NOW THAT WE'RE ON HIATUS. It's pretty much certain that the 5k words I have based on The Breakfast Club won't ever go further, so that movie is up for grabs if anyone wants to write about Arthur-the-princess and Merlin-the criminal \o/

In conclusion: PORN. YOU GUYS. I haven't read porn in days. DAYS. SEND HELP. And by help I mean SOMEONE WRITE ME COMMENT PORN PLEASE :D

*The other day I came home and found the Boy in the kitchen washing dishes(!) moving his hips like yeah while Miley Cyrus played in the background(!!) When he realized I was there behind him, he turned around with suds up to his elbows and said, "What? IT'S A CATCHY SONG OKAY." Oh, him ♥


First time porn by [ profile] troygirl68

Picnic porn by [ profile] miakun

Drunk porn by [ profile] hermette
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So, I am still at my sister's house. I was supposed to drive home today, but my return has been delayed due to - wait for it - SNOW. SHOCKING. This actually isn't supposed to be anything on the scale that we had last week, but there might be ice in some places, and I don't really want to get on the road and find out that it's a mess when I'm four hours into the trip. So one more day of vacation for me. YAY.

How are all of you? I've been skimming my flist here and there, but I'm sure I missed stuff, so LINK ME TO AWESOME THINGS, PLEASE. AND PORN. WHICH IS ALSO AWESOME AND WHICH I MISS.

Speaking of porn, the spanking challenge has ended over at [ profile] kinkelot, and you can see the master list here. Proof that the comm is awesome? The number of spanking fics in the fandom has doubled thanks to the challenge \o/

The anonymity challenge is running until the end of the month. It's open to any kind of anonymity you like, so there are tons of possibilities. Personally, I would love to see anything with magical disguises :D I just might be writing something involving Arthur, Merlin, Leon and a blindfold, but WE SHALL SEE. The newest challenge, which will run until March 14, is hands. And, well. I JUST MIGHT HAVE A THING FOR FINGERS. Perhaps you noticed? IDK. The point is I CANNOT WAIT TO WRITE MORE KINKY PORN. For real. I already have approximately 23456789543 ideas for all the things that Merlin and Arthur's fingers are going to do to each other. So many places for them to go.

But for right now, I must go back to the very important task of lounging on my sister's couch by the fire while the snow falls outside ♥
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UGH, YOU GUYS. I am suffering from some kind of writing angst (wrangst?) right now. It is just. IDEK. Not writer's block exactly, but something else AND IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY D:

So! In an attempt to snap out of it, I am stealing this meme from [ profile] hermette. It made the rounds a couple months ago and I never posted it, but perhaps talking about fic will help me write fic? I CAN HOPE ANYWAY.

Pick a paragraph (or any passage less than 500 words) from any fanfic I've written, and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you a DVD commentary on that snippet: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what's going on in the character's heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic, lots of awful puns, and anything else that you'd expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

All of my fics are here. I am more than happy to discuss even the filthiest of paragraphs (AS A MATTER OF FACT THEY HAPPEN TO BE MY FAVORITE KIND OF PARAGRAPHS), so pick anything you like. You can also ask me questions about anything I've written if, you know, you have always been wondering why Arthur came so fast that one time OR ANYTHING ELSE DEEP AND MEANINGFUL :D

ALSO. If you do not feel like finding a paragraph (BUT YOU TOTALLY SHOULD BECAUSE I THINK IT WILL BE FUN. WELL, FOR ME ANYWAY) I'll also take drabble prompts up to some number which I have not yet determined. Leave me a pairing and a one word or short phrase prompt, and I will write SOMETHING even if I have to fight for every word.

In conclusion: SEND HELP D:


Feb. 5th, 2010 03:54 pm
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Okay you guys, I am blocked. BLOCKED I TELL YOU. Aside from some comment fic and BJ/CM ridiculous porn, I have not written a single word since I finished the pinch hits for [ profile] camelotsolstice. AND I AM GETTING REALLY FRUSTRATED OKAY.

SO! It's Friday. I am home now after successfully escaping from the grocery store unscathed. You would think this would be a given, but apparently not, since there was some kind of smackdown going on in the bread aisle. There's a citywide freakout going on thanks to the impending BLIZZARD OMG.

ANYWAY the point is that I am all ready to get snowed in and write some fic, specifically spanking fic for [ profile] kinkelot only the words are stuck D:

Here is where you come in :D

[Poll #1521828]

How are all of you? Is it snowing where you are? Talk to me about inspiring un-blocky fic-type things YES PLEASE :D

ETA: WHY ARE THE TICKY BOXES NOT WORKING DDDDD: Anyway, if you wanted to vote for more than one, you can say so in the comments. WTF LJ.


Dec. 12th, 2009 02:30 pm
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OKAY SO. I have not yet seen today's Merlin episode, and I am not going to be watching it anytime soon as I have OTHER THINGS I NEED TO BE DOING RIGHT NOW and it's not like I can just take 45 minutes to watch the episode and be done with it. There is always all the after episode discussions and whatnot and that ends up sucking the whole day away from me. I DON'T HAVE A WHOLE DAY TO GIVE RIGHT NOW.

ANYWAY. I am feeling a bit cranky today for a variety of reasons, but unfortunately I do not have time to sit and wallow on the couch eating peanut butter from the jar and watching Buffy. THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN. Tell me something awesome. Spam me with comment fic yes please! Share some winter-holiday-of-choice music!! I know everyone is off watching Merlin and talking about Merlin and writing episode tags for Merlin but if you have a spare minute PLEASE HELP ME GET BACK TO MY HAPPY PLACE :D

An um, no spoilers for today's Merlin. Pretty please?

ETA: And now we have comment fic! ILU CLAUDIA <3

ETA2: And even more comment fic from [ profile] lillaw. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME.


Dec. 2nd, 2009 10:12 am
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A few updates on yesterday's post:
  • Apparently the picture of bb Colin is him as Ferdinand from The Tempest and not South Pacific, so no singing after all. But for anyone who was dying at the idea of showtunes!Colin THAT IS WHAT FANFIC IS FOR. Thanks to [ profile] gealach_ros for figuring it out.

  • Many of you balked when I commented about the inappropriateness of me perving on the idea of 20 year old Colin. It occurred to me after I posted that half of my friends list is 20 HAHA. SO YES. NOT SO INAPPROPRIATE FOR YOU. But as someone who is, well, NOT TWENTY, I can't help but think OH GOD SO WRONG for about 3 seconds before saying FUCK IT, HE'S LEGAL. I do have my limits though. Legal or not, I cannot in good conscience perv on anyone born in the 90s D:

  • Today is the interview with Colin and Bradley on the Paul O'Grady show. It's December. I NEED TO KNOW THE STATUS OF BRADLEY'S FACIAL HAIR ASAP. PEOPLE WHO ARE BRITISH, PLEASE, SOMEONE LEAVE ME A COMMENT RIGHT AWAY AND LET ME KNOW IF IT IS THERE OR NOT. ETA: BEARD WATCH 2009 = FACIAL HAIR STILL PRESENT :(( I guess you don't have to be British, you just have to be from somewhere other than the fascist state of America where we don't let in any crazy foreign TV that might corrupt our children. I know there will be screencaps and uploads and all that good stuff eventually, but I am greedy and impatient. YOU WILL HAVE MY UNDYING LOVE AND DEVOTION <3

I will leave you with a story that is amusing to probably no one but me: I have one of those iPod docking stations that is a charger/speaker/clock combination that sits in my kitchen. I put my iPod on it yesterday to charge, and somehow inadvertently set the alarm. FOR 3 AM. So in the wee hours of the morning, the alarm went off at top volume and I jumped up in a panic thinking, OH MY GOD SOMEONE HAS BROKEN INTO MY HOUSE... AND IS PLAYING PASSION PIT? I was strangely comforted by the idea that the burglar had good taste in music before I realized what was going on. Yeah, IDEK.
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Okay, so today I need your help, flist.

First up!

A very important poll )

Moving along, I desperately need new icons. I haven't done a proper overhaul of my icons in months. I have almost no Merlin icons from the new season or new interviews, and my Adam icons are woefully out of date. Also, I have had the same default icon for, oh a good 7 months now. (For those of you who don't know, my icon does actually have context, which you can find here, thank you [ profile] derryere. It is not as random as it might seem.) So, IDK rec me icons or something! Who makes awesome icons? I am mostly looking for Merlin and Adam.

Also, I promise the next fic I post will be neither het nor crack. THERE WILL BE PROPER BOYSEX, I CAN ASSURE YOU.


Oct. 16th, 2009 08:19 pm
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OKAY YOU GUYS. I need your help. It might be possible that I heard a rumor about a repeat of Minimerlin. IT MIGHT ALSO BE POSSIBLE THAT I KNOW PEOPLE WHO KNOW THINGS ABOUT THIS. I CANNOT SAY MORE AT THIS TIME.


In other news, I just opened a bottle of wine that had a screw top instead of a cork and am currently drinking it out of a mug. BECAUSE I AM CLASSY LIKE THAT.
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So I finally had a huge breakthrough on my [ profile] reel_merlin fic! Okay so that doesn't actually translate to a huge wordcount - it was a mental sort of breakthrough - BUT STILL. The important thing is that I am finally excited about it.

Now here is where I ask you for help. SERIOUSLY I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING I CANNOT KEEP FUCKING AROUND I NEED TO DO THIS OKAY. So! No more [ profile] kinkme_merlin and I mean it for real this time. Also you must keep me away from SGA fic, which has been sucking up huge quantities of my time over the past week. So no more kink meme, no more John/Rodney, only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, getting high in the library, and sex in a supply closet. You might have to yell. YOU MIGHT HAVE TO USE FORCE, BUT THAT'S OKAY. I'LL PROBABLY EVEN LIKE IT.

In return for your cooperation, here is some highly awkward almost-porn.


Aug. 4th, 2009 03:59 pm
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Okay so this is kind of a weird request. Does anyone know of a good way to find a clip of something kind of random? Like for example, say I wanted to find a generic scene of kids playing on a playground. Is there some sort of resource for people who make vids that can help with this? Or a place where I can ask such a question? It just seems like watching 8 billion movies to find the right scene and then ripping a whole DVD for a clip a few seconds long is not very efficient.

I've tried Google and YouTube but to no avail. What I really need is
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First things first. Wasn't there supposed to be a preview of the Merlin Big Bang stories starting yesterday? I didn't see anything posted at [ profile] boxofmagic. DID I MISS SOMETHING? But you guys, you guys. Preview or not, the big bangs go live in a week, and THERE ARE SO MANY. I have had the privilege of reading two of them, both of which are amazing. The two I read totaled 120K words, so THESE WRITERS DO NOT FUCK AROUND WHEN THEY SAY BIG.

In other news, I made some progress on the magical glitter fic, but I am just so easily distracted by the shiny, so I keep writing OTHER THINGS. FOR EXAMPLE: [ profile] ontd_ai kink meme prompts. Or, you know, Bradley and Colin napping together. Also, I am working on stories for [ profile] reel_merlin and [ profile] queenbitchfest, as well as this other thing I am writing which involves Merlin wanking. AGAIN. Because it appears as though I have developed something of a kink. BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT THIS TIME ARTHUR GETS TO WATCH :D

So yes, slow boring morning at work which means me frantically scribbling bits of fic in my notepad and begging my flist to entertain me. TALK TO ME PEOPLE. How are all of you? Are you excited for Merlin big bang stories? What are you writing? HOW IS BRADLEY SO PRETTY ANYWAY? AND HOW AM I GOING TO SURVIVE ANOTHER FOUR DAYS WITHOUT [ profile] derryere?

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Okay, so basically I suck at this stuff. I have some .avi files and I want to split them up into shorter clips and possibly put them together with other clips. I am not trying to make a vid, so I don't need any fancy effects or additional audio. I have a Mac, and iMovie won't let me import .avi files. Halp!
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Yesterday I was cleaning out my purse and I found two gift cards to Borders, and then today, I got a 40% off coupon in my email, so now I want to go buy books. And yes, I was just at the bookstore two days ago, but gift cards! And a coupon! So, please rec me something, as I have no idea what I'm in the mood for.

What is your all-time favorite book? What was the best book you read recently? What book do you read over and over again? WHAT SHOULD I BUY AT THE BOOKSTORE?
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Okay, so there are approximately 3736485656383956 Merlin communities and while I don’t want to miss anything, I also don’t really want 80 billion duplicate entries mucking up my friends page.

So, my dear friends, please help. What communities do you think are absolutely necessary?


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