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Welcome to the Inception fandom Kink Fest!

This fandom puts out some seriously amazing fic on a regular basis, but I am of the opinion that there should always always ALWAYS be more kinky porn. You guys, our fandom has guns and bondage and daddy issues and dream forgery. I say it's time to bring on the kink, yes?

♥ Inception Kink Fest ♥

You can participate in the fest by either prompting kinks or creating kinky fanworks.

PROMPTING: Prompts should be left as pairing + kink, one prompt per comment. This is all very low-key, so while there aren't any strict rules, the idea is to focus on generating more kink, so prompts should be a simple word or phrase, and not detailed plot bunnies. Feel free to leave a link to a definition/explanation/ACTUALFAX PORN in the name of kinky education :D

CREATING: If you're inspired by a prompt, then AWESOME, but you don't have to wait for a prompt to strike your kink buttons. You're welcome to write or draw about any kink you like, and feel free to include as many kinks as you want into your fic/art. Like, if you wanted to write an epic saga in which Arthur and Eames discover and explore kink together which includes spanking, toys, fisting, and bondage, that would be totally okay with me I AM JUST SAYING. MORE KINKY PORN IS WHAT WE'RE AFTER HERE IN CASE I HAVE NOT YET MADE THAT CLEAR :D

The Rules:

1. This is a multi-ship fest, so all pairings/threesomes/moresomes are welcome.
2. Please list the kink(s) along with the pairing in the subject line or at the beginning of the fill. This helps with navigation of the fest, and serves as a way to warn for squicks/sensitive issues/triggers. Please warn for any additional triggery content not covered by the kink(s).
3. This is an all-inclusive, kink friendly fest. The idea is to welcome and celebrate all kink, and no bashing/judgment/negative comments about kinks are allowed.
4. As this is a kink fest, there may be prompts/fills that deal with sensitive issues or triggery content. Please tread carefully when navigating the comments.

For ideas, check out [community profile] kink_bingo's kink wiki, which has a ton of resources, definitions, and examples. As you might expect, it comes with a lot of NSFW images and links.

Write the kinkiest PWP you've ever written! Draw as many kinks as you can fit in one picture! Create a kink epic! GO FORTH AND BE AWESOMELY KINKY :D

Arthur/Eames, Arthur likes being choked to the point where he almost passes out by [ profile] faeryqueen07
Arthur/Eames, Arthur likes being choked to the point where he almost passes out by [ profile] bookshop
Arthur/Eames, Arthur begging for Eames' cock by [ profile] eternalsojourn
Arthur/Eames, Arthur begging for Eames' cock by [ profile] faeryqueen07
Arthur/Eames, body odor fetish by anonymous
Arthur/Eames, sounding, by [ profile] faeryqueen07
Arthur/Eames, fighting, rough sex, dubconish, sex after orgasm, dirty talk by anonymous
Arthur/Eames, Eames begs to fuck Arthur bareback by [ profile] tourdefierce
Arthur/Eames, mindreading by [ profile] osaki_nana_707
Arthur/Eames, pee desperation by anonymous
Arthur/Eames, jealousy, D/s by [ profile] delires
Arthur/Eames, Arthur likes being choked to the point where he almost passes out by [ profile] maybe77
Arthur/Eames, Arthur likes being choked to the point where he almost passes out by [ profile] knowmydark
Arthur/Eames, rough body play by [ profile] agenttrojie
Arthur/Eames, Sparks of Lust by [ profile] enchantress0223
Arthur/Eames, body odor fetish by [ profile] 24_centuries
Arthur/Eames shaving kink by [ profile] bubbly
Arthur/Eames barebacking by [ profile] tourdefierce
Arthur/Eames, Uniforms/Military Fetish by [ profile] silentsiren47
Arthur/Eames, rape roleplay by [ profile] sparrow_hubris
Arthur/Eames, sex with multiple people (aka Arthur's projections), angst, exhibitionism, voyeurism by anonymous
Arthur/Eames, Dirty Talk by [ profile] i_m_pk
Arthur/Eames, fucking machine by [ profile] jibrailis
Arthur/Eames, consensual somnophilia by [ profile] verselle
Arthur/Eames, face fucking by [ profile] acquiescence_
Mal/Ariadne, wearing suits and lighting one another's cigarettes by [ profile] faeryqueen07
Mal/Ariadne, wearing suits and lighting one another's cigarettes by [ profile] krytella
Arthur/Eames, Eames has a 12 inch monster cock. Arthur: "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED." by [ profile] eleveninches
Arthur/Eames, hair pulling by [ profile] callmebombshell
Arthur/Eames, wearing suits and lighting one another's cigarettes by anonymous
Arthur/Eames, public sex by [ profile] unvarnishedtale
Arthur/Eames, daddy kink age difference d/s spanking by [ profile] five_ht
Arthur/Eames, rentboy AU by [ profile] la_fours
Arthur/Eames, gunplay by anonymous
Arthur/Eames, Eames has a fever by [ profile] osaki_nana_707
Arthur/Eames, public sex by [ profile] sometimesalways
Arthur/Eames, Mutual Masturbation by [ profile] kiyala
Arthur/Eames, D/s, rimming, bondage, aftercare by [ profile] bohemeyourself
Ariadne/Robert/Saito, restraints, masturbation, and voyeurism by [ profile] fae_boleyn
Arthur/Eames, biting/marking by [ profile] callmebombshell
Ariadne/GoldenBishop, masturbation, toys by [ profile] ravyn_ashling
Arthur/Eames, Hate!sex (or angry!sex); first time, rough, barebacking with spit, ~size-kink, ~aftercare by anonymous
Arthur/Eames, non-con, genderbending, humiliation by [ profile] krytella
Arthur/Eames, boot blacking/boot worship by [ profile] yanethyrael
Arthur/Eames, rope bondage art by anonymous
Arthur/Eames, orgasm control/denial by [ profile] janonny
Arthur/Eames, wearing suits and lighting each other's cigarettes by [ profile] kamikaze_bunny
Arthur/Eames, wearing suits and lighting each other's cigarettes by [ profile] paperflower86
Arthur/Eames, shower sex by [ profile] kiyala
Arthur/Eames, dubcon roleplay by anonymous
Arthur/Eames, in the warehouse bathroom by [ profile] withlightning
Arthur/Eames, age difference/fuck or die by [ profile] foxxcub
Arthur/Eames, orgasm denial + vibrator by anonymous
Arthur/Eames, Arthur fisting Eames by [ profile] xxxholiclover
Arthur/Ariadne + Eames, bondage, pegging by [ profile] eustacia_vye28
Arthur/Eames, blindfolding by [ profile] unvarnishedtale
Arthur/Eames, facial, pearl necklace (NSFW art) by [ profile] froggie
Arthur/Eames, Arthur is a pinup model; jailbait, semi-public sex by [ profile] knowmydark (with art by [ profile] keelain here and by [ profile] neomeruru here)
Arthur/Eames, urination kink by anonymous
Arthur/Eames, knotting by [ profile] airgiodslv
Arthur/Eames, jailbait/professor Arthur by anonymous
Arthur/Eames, Eames fucks Arthur while Arthur's wearing his shirt by [ profile] zeto
Arthur/Eames, dub/noncon roleplay by [ profile] janonny
Arthur/Eames, Eames fucks Arthur while Arthur's wearing his shirt by [ profile] lifeasacloud
Arthur/Eames, Eames fucks Arthur while Arthur's wearing his shirt by [ profile] eleveninches
Arthur/Eames, figging by [ profile] chibi_lurrel
Arthur/Eames, body hair kink by [ profile] sometimesalways
Eames, wearing a negligee (maybe NSFW? art) by [ profile] litzs
Arthur/Eames, phone sex by [ profile] anamuan
Ariadne/Arthur, masturbation, making a sex tape by [ profile] eustacia_vye28
Arthur/Eames, foot worship by anonymous
Ariadne/Eames, fucking with Eames fully clothed by [ profile] eustacia_vye28
Ariadne/Arthur/Eames, edging by [ profile] eustacia_vye28
Arthur/Eames, rope bondage (NSFW art) by [ profile] onthecount
Arthur/Eames + Ariadne, Ariadne telling Eames how to fuck Arthur by [ profile] eustacia_vye28
Arthur/Eames, spanking by [ profile] osaki_nana_707
Mal/Ariadne, lighting each other's cigarettes by anonymous
Arthur/Eames, age diff, underage prostitution, dubcon by anonymous
Arthur/Eames, phone sex + masturbation by [ profile] agenttrojie
Arthur/Eames, puplic sex in a dream (NSFW art) by [ profile] datingwally
Arthur/Eames, stripper!Arthur by [ profile] persephone_il
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Yesterday, [ profile] lobelia321 asked me for some recs to get started in Inception, because she's been in the fandom for less than two weeks. YOU GUYS. I got into this fandom about a month after the movie came out and I was completely overwhelmed and just sort of flailed about in a ridiculous fashion capslocking all over the place trying to catch my breath. Which... okay really hasn't changed much in six months. But the point is that I am a total flake, which really you should all know by now, and I have NO IDEA WHERE SOMEONE SHOULD START.

I made this post back in September (which links to an awesome starter kit post by [ profile] frantic_allonsy) but it is hopelessly outdated. Though I am amused that my reaction to Tom Hardy hasn't really changed: If you are trying to answer the question, HOW ARE YOU EVEN REAL, TOM HARDY? then I am sorry, but I cannot help you. HE WAS NOT MEANT TO BE UNDERSTOOD. HIS COLORS ARE TOO BRIGHT :D

ANYWAY. This is where you come in! Rather than one person trying to gather up all the awesome, we can have lots of people picking a few of their favorite things and linking them here. What are your Inception fandom essentials? Your Arthur/Eames desert island list? The things you would use to try to convince someone that yes, this fandom really is that awesome. The things that make you say THIS. THIS IS WHY I LOVE THESE BOYS ♥

Because frowny faces


plus antagonism


plus metaphorical pigtail tugging



So, let's celebrate that with your favorite fic, art, vids, picspams, etc. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THAT IS ESSENTIAL TO MAKING THIS FANDOM WHAT IT IS FOR YOU.


Nov. 28th, 2010 10:48 am
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1. Okay, so MERLIN.

Sort of spoilery-ish reaction )

2. I know many of you were all EEEEEEEE HIS T-SHIRT when this picture came out, so I wanted to let you know that you can buy it here, along with a bunch of other shirts. I KNOW SOME OF YOU FEEL STRONGLY ABOUT THE T-SHIRTS SO THERE YOU GO :D

3. Okay, so this picture cracks me up.


I just think the combination of the Arthur hair and the dorky t-shirt is hilarious, especially since everyone else is all dressed in their badass clothes. It looks like bb Arthur showed up to hang out with the the team, and Saito is all WHO THE HELL IS THIS? And Eames is like, HE'S JUST THIS KID THAT KEEPS FOLLOWING ME AROUND OR SOMETHING WHO EVEN KNOWS. Meanwhile, bb Arthur is like, OH HEY GUYS WHAT'S UP :D Also: TOM HARDY'S ARMS JFC.

4. Bradley James' facial hair. YES I AM STILL TALKING ABOUT IT I AM SORRY. It has now been a full year since this post, yet I still feel like it is extremely relevant and basically says everything I want to say on the matter. I asked you guys about it back before we knew he grew the fuzzy stuff again this year, but now that it is officially back, I think it's time to poll the people once again.

[Poll #1650376]

For some reason I am exhausted today, and totally feeling like it's time for a nap. I hope guys are having an awesome Sunday :D
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1. There has been some tension and angst in Merlin fandom recently, and it makes me sad to see people so unhappy. If you're feeling down and would like a pick-me-up, here are some fun things to check out:

+ [ profile] skellerbvvt is hosting a Love Fest meme thing-y, which is basically just a post full of comment fics and vids and art and recs and flail and squee AND EVERYTHING THAT IS BRIGHT AND SHINY ABOUT THIS SHOW YAY.

+ [ profile] ninja_orange is hosting a nostalgia squee post where you can relive the first time you fell in love with Merlin.

+ In case you missed it, I posted a Labyrinth of Gedref picspam, and had so much fun reading all the comments from people talking about what the episode means to them.

I just love this fandom so much, you guys. I would never expect that people have to feel a certain way, or that they should only post certain kinds of reactions, but this fandom has brought me so much joy and I'm just not ready to say goodbye to that yet ♥

2. In case you're not following along, here are two delightful WIPs that are currently being written hidden away in my journal, both Arthur/Eames:

+ Military fic by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. This started when I begged Gav to write drunken comment fic, and has now turned into delightful h/c.

+ The Maillard Reaction by [ profile] skellerbvvt. Skeller started writing this for the rimming meme, and it has finally reached the rimming. You know, FORTY-NINE PARTS IN.

3. Pretty dimples are pretty.


Do we need some more boys? I think we do. )

4. A poll! Because it's Monday!

[Poll #1642141]

Mondays are not my favorite days, but at least I did not fall down the steps today, and that's something, right? I HOPE YOUR MONDAY IS AS AWESOME AS IT CAN POSSIBLY BE ♥

ETA: I totally forgot to say this, but I went looking for my own first time reactions to Merlin, and found that I didn't really post much about it :( However I did find this, which is just HILARIOUS. Really, you guys. IT WAS HARD TO FIND PICS OF THAT BOY BACK THEN. I AM SO GLAD I HAVE HIS FACE ALL OVER THE PLACE NOW BECAUSE IT IS ONE OF MY VERY FAVORITE FACES EVER :D
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I... kind of feel like that is enough for one day, really. IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE FOR ANYTHING ELSE TO LIVE UP NO I THINK IT IS NOT. But since it is Friday, I cannot possibly just leave you guys with one gif. That would be a very lonely post, you know? How about we look at some pretty boys in love, y/y?

So, I don't actually like guns, but the whole taxi gunfight scene in Inception? SO HOT. And not just because we get to see Arthur's badass frowny face.


It's like a metaphor or something )

Anyway, today is Friday! That means my day will be crazy, which you are probably tired of hearing because I tell you every week. BUT IT ALSO MEANS NEW COLIN/BRADLEY QUEST LATER SO THERE'S THAT :D

ETA: New quest is up!

I love these boys okay )


Nov. 1st, 2010 12:58 pm
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Okay, so today is Monday, right? I started my day off by FALLING DOWN THE STEPS. I don't even know what to say, really. Sometimes I just fail at life. Anyway, my wrist is throbbing, and I am fairly certain that there is going to be a giant bruise on my ass, so I am definitely in need of some awesome things today.



OH MY GOD HOW IS HE SO HOT IDEK. And yes, I totally cropped that cap, but Saito was bleeding out rather unsexily in the background D: Also:


Oh, Eames. Saito is judging your sartorial choices SO FUCKING HARD RIGHT NOW AHAHA.

AWESOME THING #2: The Arthur/Eames Rimming Meme is still going! A couple of the recent additions include Arthur straddling Eames' face on the steps by [ profile] canyousayhot, and more awesome art by [ profile] red_rahl. ATTENTION [ profile] hermette GO LOOK AT THE ART OKAY.

AWESOME THING #3: Hello, I Love You, Won't You Tell Me Your Name by [ profile] eleveninches. If only all of you could have heard the sound that I made when I opened my inbox and found ridiculously delightful and totally unexpected Arthur/Eames comment fic from Erin. IT WAS AN AMAZING SOUND I PROMISE ♥

AWESOME THING #4: [ profile] tjournal pointed me to the T-Hard pics I was looking for.


AWESOME THING #5: A poll. Because they make me happy. And yes, I already asked the question about Arthur, but now I have restricted your choices :D

[Poll #1639319]

Happy Monday, my lovelies. May you all stay safely on your feet ♥
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HEY YOU GUYS. First up, [ profile] hermette is hosting Fuck Yeah Friday today YAY (link has v.v. NSFW picture.)

Fuck Yeah Friday

For those of you who are new-ish to my flist, FYF is a comment fic fest inspired by a deliciously filthy picture and open to all fandoms. YES YES IT IS AS AMAZING AS IT SOUNDS. So! Given the recent Merlin spoilers, I think we all need a little happy on this Friday, and by that I mean porn. OBVIOUSLY. I am dying for some Colin/Bradley :D And Inception people, go spam her post with Arthur/Eames in an effort to INCEPT EVERYONE WITH PORN OH YES \o/!

That wraps up the porn part of the post, so now we can move on to the pretty boys. I was rereading the interview with JGL in Details yesterday, and I have decided that for all of his super-smart French-poetry-loving hipster-esque tendencies, the real reason we would get along is because he "appears to hover in a Tasmanian Devil funnel of static electricity." That right there is my kind of boy. I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO GET HOPPED UP ON TRIPLE SHOT LATTES AND BOUNCE AROUND EXCITEDLY WITH HIM. Also, I had to laugh when I got to the part where he said he doesn't think people should see celebrities as being in a higher class of people than everyone else. I would just like to say, for the record, that I think he's right. I don't actually think he's better than anyone else, I just think he is PRETTIER. SO MUCH PRETTIER. Anyway, he is ridiculously hot in that photoshoot, and also very much a grown up. If you were not a fan of the bb JGL picspam, perhaps you will enjoy these pictures instead. OR MAYBE YOU JUST ENJOY ALL OF HIM. AS I DO.



But anyway! It is Friday, and as usual, I am sort of flapping all over the place. Fridays are my craziest days, and I am always just a huge mess trying to get everything done so it can just be the weekend already. TODAY IS NO EXCEPTION. SO BASICALLY I AM GOING TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT BRADLEY/COLIN QUEST AND TRY TO GET 374567008 THINGS DONE AND F5 ALL OVER FYF AND BOUNCE AROUND A LOT AND HOPE THAT I DON'T SPIN MYSELF OUT OF THE ATMOSPHERE AND INTO SOME KIND OF ANTI-GRAVITY VORTEX. WHICH COULD TOTALLY HAPPEN.


Friday YAY \o/!
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1. OKAY. So, I had a slightly stressful day yesterday and I was all set to curl up on the couch in my pjs, when I somehow got sucked into a dark pit of depravity with [ profile] cobweb_diamond, [ profile] jibrailis, [ profile] weatherfront and [ profile] bookshop, and I wrote... catboy!Arthur porn? WHAT. I DON'T FUCKING KNOW ANYMORE YOU GUYS. Seriously, Aja hosts a fluff fest, I write buttplug porn. Gav writes adorable snuggly kitty Arthur, I respond with sketchy catboy porn. I AM LIKE THAT GIRL WHO SHOWS UP LATE TO FANCY WINE AND CHEESE PARTIES WITH CHEAP BEER AND A BAG OF CHEETOS. WHAT IS THAT EVEN. But seriously, you should go check it out because it is kind of insane and awesome, and [ profile] platina and [ profile] kiwimangoodness have drawn some seriously amazing art. THIS FANDOM. OH MY GOD ♥



Remember when I was talking about Arthur's outfits in the movie? I said this was my least favorite Arthur outfit because of the too-big jacket but HOLY SHIT I HAVE CHANGED MY MIND BECAUSE HE LOOKS FUCKING AMAZING. I mean, really. JGL knows how to wear pants like nobody else in the whole world.

And sweaters, too )

3. I have mentioned that I love babies. LOVE THEM. And that men with babies is like kryptonite to me, so you can imagine my reaction when I saw this.



Death by cute )

4. The other day, I posted a vid of Bradley behind the scenes getting his hair blow-dried in the middle of a forest, and a bunch of people said they'd never seen it before. So now I am thinking back to all of the S1 behind the scenes stuff and wondering if there are any other clips that people may have missed either because they're new to the fandom, or just because fandom was a lot smaller then and there wasn't so much squee over every little thing. What are your favorite moments from the S1 DVD extras?

5. [ profile] hermette is hosting a Merlin fandom fu-a-thon, where you can leave prompts and write short ficlets in resposne. So, if you're having trouble getting words out and want to write something, or if you just want to read a bunch of awesome ficlets, GO CLICK NOW OKAY.

How is everyone today?

ETA: [ profile] hermette wrote Arthur/Eames fisting comment fic because she loooooves me and always knows exactly what I need asdfghj ♥!
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1. Hopefully you have all been over at the Arthur/Eames FLUFF TROPE FEST OF EPIC PROPORTIONS, rolling around in all of the delightfulness. If not WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GO GO. I stayed up way too late last night reading and writing over there, and it was so worth it. I have my latte, so it is all good now :D

You should read all the things, but I must point this one out as it has been discussed. Here and there. A bunch of times. That's right, bbs, EARL IS HERE. [ profile] meiface started it here, which I then continued here, and then concluded with the filthy finale here. SO THERE YOU GO INCEPTION FANDOM. I WROTE SHINY GOLD BUTTPLUG AND MATCHING CUFFLINKS PORN. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW.

2. Some things that I have read over the past few days that have made me happy, all Arthur/Eames:

+ Two Rounds, Wear Me Out by [ profile] onewayfreak. This is filthy porn, straight up: barebacking, felching, almost-fisting, dirty-talking Eames, and unapologetically slutty Arthur. WHICH IS MY VERY FAVORITE KIND OF SLUTTY OKAY.

+ Put Your Hands on Me by [ profile] meiface. After they sleep together for the first time, Arthur wishes Eames would touch him more in public. This is so delightfully sweet and fluffy that I actually squeaked out loud :D

+ we're the heirs to the glimmering world by [ profile] imogenedisease. More fluff in which Arthur and Eames are pretend boyfriends. Have I mentioned how much I love pretending to be dating fic? So cute ♥

3. Speaking of almost-fisting, do you know what Inception is lacking? FISTING. Haha, do you guys enjoy how every single day I complain about how we need more kinky porn? More underage! More spanking! More fisting! I APOLOGIZE FOR NOTHING. Are there any kinks you wish there were more of? We should compile a list and then FIND PEOPLE TO HARASS INTO WRITING THEM OH YES.

4. [ profile] hermette has a post going collecting Bradley/Colin stuff - fic, pics, interviews, etc, so head over to add your own favorites. Or, you know, just roll around in the comments for awhile :D

5. Speaking of Bradley and Colin, I know you have probably all seen this by now, but whatevs, I am posting it anyway because IT IS JUST THAT AWESOME.


OH, BOYS ♥♥♥


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Title: Cupcake
Author: [ profile] cherrybina
Pairing Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Warning Light bondage
Word Count: ~2,500
Summary: There's only one thing Eames wants for his birthday. Two, if you count the cupcakes.

Notes: Happy birthday [ profile] skellerbvvt! This does not come close to making up for all of the awesome comment fic you've written for me, but there's an oxford shirt and Arthur's frowny face and lots and lots of love from me to you ♥

Cupcake )
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Title: The Tunnel of Love
Author: [ profile] cherrybina
Pairing Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~2,000
Summary: Arthur and Eames go on what is definitely not a date, and end up trapped in a love tunnel ride with little pink disco lights flashing all over the place.

Notes: For [ profile] bookshop, who wanted this very ridiculous scenario :D

The Tunnel of Love )
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Some Things What I Did Yesterday:

1. Talked to [ profile] derryere on the phone for three freaking hours, and still it wasn't enough. IT IS NEVER ENOUGH OKAY. I actually meant to spend more of the conversation harassing her into finishing the Merlin fic she is writing, but I kept getting distracted because there were SO MANY THINGS TO SAY D: Oh, and also? Her inception is coming along quite nicely. It just so happens that I know all of her weaknesses and am shamelessly exploiting each and every one of them :D

2. Read Presque Vu by [ profile] rageprufrock. I actually read the first half-ish of this a couple weeks ago when Pru almost broke my gmail by copying and pasting 80-some pages of fic into an email and OH MY GOD. Just. YEAH. Read it.

3. Decided that I do in fact love my new bangs/fringe/shortish hairs that hang down over my forehead. I haven't had bangs since I was about 14, so it was a big shock at first, but it's been two days and I'm definitely happy :D As far as the cut goes, it occurred to me last night that it reminds me of Julie Taylor from Friday Night Lights, though hopefully I do not actually look like a pouty teenager.

4. Wrote some words based on the prompts from yesterday's post. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. SERIOUSLY. Also, I forgot just how much I love writing Bradley and Colin being absolutely filthy. So, uh. Porn is coming :D

ANYWAY. That was yesterday. Today I am wearing shoes!


These are technically dancing shoes, so now I would like Tom Hardy to take me shoe shopping, then take me dancing.


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Yesterday [ profile] hermette sent me an email asking where she could find an Inception fandom starter kit. I was basically just like, UM...? I've also had a series of comments recently from people saying ASDFGHJK I JUST GOT BACK FROM THE MOVIE AND OMFG WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO ME?!?!?! Thankfully, [ profile] franticsga made a proper Inception starter kit, and it is awesome. You should totally go check her post out, because it is helpful and informative and well organized. This post is none of those things. Instead, it is me randomly linking to a bunch of shit, flailing about in a ridiculous manner, and inserting my nonsensical capslock commentary. SO, YOU KNOW. BUSINESS AS USUAL AROUND HERE.

OKAY. So, you just saw the movie and are feeling all like WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED. That is a totally normal reaction! Here is the secret: NO ONE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED. But what is even more important, IT DOESN'T ACTUALLY MATTER. I'm not saying that you shouldn't spend some time sorting through all the thinky thoughts you're undoubtedly having, or that you should just forget what happened in the movie and read all the porn instead (though if you want to do this, you have my full support okay.) But if you're hesitating about getting involved in the fandom because the movie made your brain go BOOM, then I am here to tell you that you can still play without getting involved in any of the heavy meta about the plot. If you're into that, there is TONS of stuff out there, including flowcharts and graphs, but you're totally gonna have to talk to people who are smarter than I am to find it :D

MOVING ON. You can see my first reaction to this fandom here, in which it is painfully obvious that I am basically, like, FLAILING ABOUT USELESSLY. It... really hasn't stopped for me.

Watch me incept you all )
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1. I spent several hours yesterday spamming [ profile] hermette with Inception fic recs (WHICH BEFORE ANYONE GETS MAD AT ME, SHE ASKED FOR, I PROMISE.) This morning, I woke up to an email telling me she's writing fic and I got to read part of it and asdfghj it is amazing. YOU GUYS YOU GUYS THE INCEPTION TOOK \O/

2. I keep meaning to mention this, but then I get all distracted by, like, porn and pretty boys. ARE YOU SURPRISED? YOU SHOULD NOT BE. So, okay. We have discussed how much we like boys in sweaters, yes?


WE LIKE BOYS IN SWEATERS. For anyone who is interested in finding awesome sweaters to increase the number of well dressed men everywhere, I highly recommend these. The boy has that sweater (or the version from previous seasons, anyway) in a whole rainbow of colors. They are super thin to keep from getting overheated, and because they have some silk in them, they're kind of slippery and lay nicely over a buttondown instead of bunching up weirdly. BR also has sweaters in 100% merino wool, but those are a bit heavier, and don't lay as nicely over a buttondown. The boy will not wear those because he gets too hot, but they're a good choice for wearing with just an undershirt or for actually keeping warm. They also have some lovely stripey shirts, though I highly recommend the slim fit over the classic fit. For one thing, it just looks nicer, and for another, if you're going to layer a sweater over it, you do not need any extra fabric. You could pretty easily recreate Arthur's whole look right there.

3. Speaking of Banana Republic, I dragged the boy there Saturday to try on jeans. It was one of the most enjoyable parts of my entire weekend :D First, I should say that I was wearing pants. SHOCKING, I KNOW. Anyway, they were plaid pants, and he actually had the nerve to make fun of me and tell me I looked like a golfer. I was just like, YEAH YOU CAN MAKE FUN OF MY CLOTHES WHEN YOU LEARN TO DRESS YOURSELF OKAY. Anyway, when I gave him jeans to try on, he accused me of bringing him girl jeans because he thought they were too tight on his ass. I had the (extremely well dressed) sales guy come and tell him they are supposed to fit like that, duh. But the real highlights came when I made a derisive comment about pants with the words "relaxed fit" in the name, and the sales guy was like, "yeah that's code for droopy drawers", and then when he COMPLIMENTED MY PANTS. After he left, the boy was like, YOU ARE SO LEAVING ME FOR HIM, AREN'T YOU.

4. So, Tom Hardy. I LOVE HIM OKAY. Like, a lot. It is getting worse and worse every day, and I just DO NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF ANYMORE. [ profile] meiface has a post here that does an awesome job of explaining just what it is about him that makes me all SDFGHJKNNNGH TOM HARDY. I am working on a T-Hard picspam, but OMG I JUST SORT OF LOSE IT WHEN I LOOK AT HIM TOO MUCH. I don't even know how this happened! At all! It feels slightly dirty and I fucking love it ♥

5. OKAY WE ARE STILL TALKING ABOUT TOM HARDY BUT THIS IS A TOTALLY NEW POINT. Looking back at the poll from the other day, Bradley won with just about 70% of the vote, which is not at all surprising to me. The poll is still open so the numbers may fluctuate, but there are almost 150 votes already, so they probably won't change much. My favorite part of the poll, is that while Bradley won overall, the majority think Tom Hardy is better in bed. His biggest victory was in the filthy mouth category, in which he took 83.5% of the vote. OH HELL YES. Now I desperately want JGL/T-Hard in which Tom Hardy has the filthiest mouth ever and JGL loves it. There is lots and lots of dirty talking Eames, but where is dirty talking T-Hard? PLEASE I NEED IT IN MY LIFE. You could use this picture for inspiration, which [ profile] foxxcub pointed out to me, and in which T-Hard is all, STEP OFF, BITCHES. Maybe later JGL is all like, wtf was that about? And T-Hard is just like, sorry, I cannot help it, but I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO GETS TO *INSERT FILTHY FILTHY TALK HERE*

6. Yeah, still Tom Hardy. Do you know what I desperately need? T-Hard icons. PLEASE. SOMEONE HELP ME I WILL DO ANYTHING D:

How are all of you enjoying your Monday?



Sep. 10th, 2010 11:36 pm
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I realize that, like, three quarters of my flist cannot do anything except make incoherent flaily noises of glee right now thanks to the epic day of Merlin squee we had, but for anyone who still has some coherency left, I have a couple recs. Both are Arthur/Eames, and both are awesome.

+ The Understood Boundaries of Self by [ profile] strzyga. So, I realize probably everyone has read this since it was posted as a WIP at the kink meme, but I don't read WIPs, so I am just getting to it now. I have such a kink for D/s, but I am really picky about the dynamic, and I find that most of the time, I can't get into fics that get into the lifestyle because they don't fit my preferred dynamics. This fic hits my kink SO HARD it isn't even funny. It comes with a warning for BDSM, but the physical stuff is really mild - it is so much more about exploring the dynamic and the balance of power, and what that means for both of them, and it hits on everything I love about D/s. AND OMFG ARTHUR NNNNGH.

+ A Gentleman Not in Your Books by [ profile] foxxcub. This is a sequel to Dreams are for Rookies, the most adorable high school AU EVER. Yeah, so my kink for teenage boys. LET ME SHOW YOU IT. I have been dying for this fic (and possibly leaving her annoying comments about how much I was dying for it on a daily basis) and OH GOD IT IS HERE AND IT IS GLORIOUS ♥

Whether or not you squeed your heart out today, I hope you all had a fabulous Friday :D


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