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Aug. 26th, 2009 08:50 pm
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Title: Need
Author: [ profile] cherrybina
Pairing Adam/Kris
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~2300
Summary: Written for this prompt at [ profile] ai_kinkmeme: for once, Kris gets to finger Adam. He's takes the opportunity to be a cocktease. Long, including Adam begging. Kris gets to fuck Adam after.

Notes: So this is not something I’d normally write as I do so love Adam topping, but hey, it’s the kink meme, right? A place to write all the things I’d never otherwise write and then hide behind anonymity. WHICH IS NEGATED BY THE FACT THAT I AM NOW POSTING PUBLICLY BUT WHATEVER. I only wrote the first part of the prompt at the kink meme, so here it is in its entirety. WITH ACTUAL FUCKING.

Need )
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Okay so [ profile] ai_kinkmeme? HIGHLY DISTRACTING. I just cannot believe there is a kink meme where the fic doesn't all suck! I mean no offense AI fandom, but the last version of a kink meme that popped up was, well, YOU KNOW HOW THESE THINGS GO. Also, AI fandom is kinky, as evidenced by the fact that there are THREE DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF A WATERSPORTS PROMPT FILLED ON PAGE ONE which, you know, not my thing but people seem to be happy about it so yay for them! The meme is only a couple days old so there is not a TON written yet, but there are already 17 pages of prompts, and everyone is just so bouncy and filled with glee that I just want to squish the whole fandom. OH YES, THAT'S RIGHT, THE FANDOM IS SUCKING ME IN, FORCING ME TO WRITE.

And hey - a week extension on [ profile] reel_merlin means I've got all the time in the world to write filthy Kradam porn and post anonymously, right?
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So um. It is entirely possible that today I wrote a thousand words of a modern AU in which Adam and Kris meet Merlin and Arthur. It is also possible that this fic includes magic!Adam, perpetual grad student!Merlin, jealous!Arthur and reluctant!Kris. There may or may not be a conversation between Adam and Merlin in which Adam remarks that Merlin's boyfriend is awfully uptight and might benefit from being had over a table. ADAM THEN MAY OR MAY NOT VOLUNTEER TO DO THIS IN THE NAME OF GAY TRANSATLANTIC RELATIONS. Also: private jets and tropical islands and Merlin and Kris bonding over living with drama queens and MAGICAL GLITTER and in the end they work it out with lots of boysex. BECAUSE THEY ARE EMOTIONALLY STUNTED BOYS AND THAT IS WHAT THEY DO.

YEAH I BLAME [ profile] likespring AND [ profile] yeats. IDEK WHAT TO SAY ABOUT THIS.
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Today I mentioned to [ profile] derryere that I have this unfortunate habit of laughing when people fall down. Not because I'm trying to be obnoxious, but because I am physically unable to stop. There is just something inherently funny about falling down. Once, I was sitting on the couch minding my own business when I heard a ruckus from the stairs. It was the sound of The Boy falling down the steps.

Bina: WTF.
The Boy: I - I FELL.
The Boy: OMG I'M HURT.

LIKE SERIOUSLY. I am crying with laughter right now recounting this story. And then the other day, my sister called to tell me she fell at work (she works at Starbucks and slipped on some Frappucino mix or something) and again, I was unable to refrain from laughing so hard I nearly busted a rib. She was like THANKS, BITCH. And still, I laughed and laughed. WHY IS THIS SO FUNNY? IDK.

Okay! So poll time. After finishing my last fic, I threw down my metaphorical pen and declared that I'd never write again. That lasted approximately 2 days. Now I am trying to decide what to work on next. I have narrowed it down to the few things that I actually have a reasonable chance of completing at some point in the near(ish) future.

[Poll #1427609]
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And now I am off to frantically finish my pornathon entry DDDDD:
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I fall a little bit more in love with Kris Allen every day. It's funny because up until a few weeks before the finale I was completely bored with him. In fact, I kept forgetting who he was. Every Wednesday, Coworker-with-a-crush-on-Adam and I would do our weekly rundown of the performances, and early on, I could never remember his name or what he sang. Slowly but surely he has won me over, mostly by being awesome. AND BY HAVING A GIANT CRUSH ON ADAM. Don't get me wrong - I am still mad as hell that Adam didn't win, but Kris just keeps being ridiculously awesome and who can resist that, really?

[ profile] summerpornathon! I love that my flist is getting all into it. OBVIOUSLY I HAVE TO SAY THAT TEAM LUST WILL TAKE YOU ALL DOWN. WITH LUST. Yay, porn!

Oh, and also: Inspired by [ profile] derryere's prompt swap idea, I wrote my first [ profile] kinkme_merlin comment fic. Apparently I fail at anon posting at 1 in the morning, so! Not anon after all. I actually figured it out after I posted the first bit (I AM JUST A LITTLE BIT SLOW OKAY), but I couldn't be arsed to delete it and start over. Anyway, have some random comment fic.
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OKAY. So tomorrow: going deep into the heart of central Pennsylvania for the weekend of hell.

So that means [ profile] likespring and [ profile] ruby_fruit, you are both on Kradam Watch 2009 duty. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT KIND OF WIRELESS I AM GOING TO GET IN THE MIDDLE OF COW COUNTRY. SO PLEASE, IF ANY OF THE FOLLOWING HAPPENS, LINK ME: Adam confessing he wants to read Kradam fic or Adam and Kris making lovey eyes from backstage as the other one performs or Adam saying he's happy to give people Adamgasms or Adam admtting that he likes the top. OH WAIT. ALL OF THAT ALREADY ACTUALLY HAPPENED.


Picture! And some random almost!porn. )
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Speaking of Adam, here is a funny story: So I got my cell phone bill the other day, and I opened it up. IT WAS $900. WHAT. THAT IS LIKE 650 EUROS. WTF WTF. I freaked out for a bit and then called up AT&T to try to figure out what the fuck was going on. Basically the short story is that The Boy recently got an iPhone, and when he did, we decided it was most cost effective for us to be on the same plan (before that, he had a different carrier.) Somehow when that happened, the whole account reset to the basic plan. MEANING NO UNLIMITED TEXTING. HELLO 8273395786 VOTES FOR ADAM. Anyway, the whole thing is now resolved. They took off all the additional charges THANK GOD.


P.S. Internet is fixed :D
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Today is a big day for same sex marriage in California. The very oversimplified version: last year, the California State Supreme Court ruled that same sex couples had the right to marry under the State Constitution. Later in the year, Proposition 8 was put on the ballot and the voters decided that marriage is only between a man and a woman. This did not invalidate the marriages already in place, but it did prevent any more from happening. Opponents challenged the constitutionality of Prop 8, and it went to the State Supreme Court again. Today, their ruling is expected. Most legal experts expect the court to uphold Prop 8, meaning no more same sex marriage in California.

Last night, the top 10 AI finalists were on Larry King. It was incredibly lame except for a few things: a cute moment when Kris and Adam were elbowing each other adorably, when Ryan asked the group if they worried about what the judges were going to say and then said to Adam, "well, probably not you", and when Adam was asked if he was always that fabulous. Other than that, there was way too much of everyone other than Adam and Kris.

In other news, let's talk about Bradley's underwear, shall we?

Because that's not creepy at all )


May. 24th, 2009 10:09 pm
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So there is a huge thunderstorm happening DIRECTLY OVER MY HOUSE right this very moment. So loud.

Okay so I've mentioned this before - the Merlin fandom is obviously composed of fuzzy bunnies and unicorns, and therefore the wank is pretty much nonexistent. I like this. AI on the other hand? NOT SO MUCH WITH THE BUNNIES AND UNICORNS. While it is not what I'd call super wanky by any stretch of the imagination, it is filled with. Well, I'm trying to think of a nice word for them. THERE IS NO NICE WAY OF PUTTING IT, OKAY? And I get that the fandom attracts a young demographic, but sometimes it's really bad. I think wank isn't even the right word. It is more just utter stupidity. And don't get me wrong - there are some really awesome people in that fandom, but the ones who are not are so not that IT MAKES MY EYES BLEED SOMETIMES.

But! Tomorrow is a holiday, and that means that I can't stay cranky for long. Any day that I don't have to go to work is a good day.

[Poll #1405147]
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So I'm sure it had something to do with the fact that I watched Adam and Kris on Larry King last night, but I had a dream about them. It was ridiculous, really. So you know how there is rock week and disco week? Well, in my dream, there was a new theme: NAKED WEEK. EACH CONTESTANT HAD TO PERFORM A SONG IN THE NUDE. So Kris was up and he was really nervous, so Adam ended up coming in to his dressing room (OR UNDRESSING ROOM, I SUPPOSE) and at first, Kris was all shy, but then he started hugging Adam telling him how scared he was. AND ADAM WAS TRYING TO BE POLITE AND NOT LOOK, BUT KRIS STARTED RUBBING HIS NAKED SELF ON ADAM'S FULLY CLOTHED BODY AND THEN. ASDFGHJKL.

Oh - FUNNY STORY. Last night, I got a call from boy-who-has-a-crush-on-Adam. He was calling me from his car as he drove down the shore for the weekend, and he heard a commercial for the AI tour tickets. He was a bit hysterical, asking me to check the prices and availability online, and declaring that we absolutely have to go and he'd be willing to pay anything to see Adam from the front row. SO IT LOOKS LIKE I HAVE PLANS FOR AUGUST 20.

In other news, I am meeting the lovely and adorable [ profile] puckling for Thai food tonight. I'm very much looking forward to delicious food, good company, and the opportunity to discuss gay porn with no shame at all.

Boys <3

May. 22nd, 2009 10:51 am
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So in an attempt to feel better about Adam not winning, I have been immersing myself in Kris/Adam love. You guys, these boys are so ridiculous, really. I'm going to say something here that is probably going to alienate half my flist, but THESE TWO ARE BFF-IER THAN CHRIS PINE AND ZACHARY QUINTO. YEAH, I SAID IT.


If I didn't love Kris enough already, here's what he said when asked to comment on whether or not the gay thing had anything to do with the votes:

I would hope that in society today that people would accept Adam just as much as they would accept me. You know, that's kind of what the world is about: accepting people and loving people. I hope that that's what me and Adam's friendship has shown people, that no matter how different you are, that you can still love people and be friends with them.

I JUST. I MEAN. They are boys from different worlds - a married worship leader from Arkansas and a glittery, flamboyant gay guy from California, who became the unlikeliest of BFFs, and I love it so hard it hurts. And I'll say it again: THANK GOD ADAM LOST TO KRIS. Because I can't even imagine what Danny would have said in response to that question. UGH.

I'm being polite and cutting, but YOU ALL BETTER CLICK RIGHT THE FUCK NOW OR ELSE )
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I cannot believe that the AI finale is tonight. AND I STILL CAN HARDLY BELIEVE THAT ADAM AND KRIS ARE THE FINAL TWO. Like how often does it actually work out that way? Anyway, AWESOME.

Okay, so seriously? I mean what can I say about these boys except I LOVE THEM.

And I am once again posting my fav Adam gif because EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS TODAY.

Oh Adam. And I know I say that every time, but that's really all I can say. )
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Title: One Brief Hour of Madness and Joy
Author: [ profile] cherrybina
Pairing Adam/Kris
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~1200
Summary: The show is almost over.

Notes: So I finally wrote Adam/Kris. It was the ridiculously slashy declarations of true love via nail polish that finally did it for me. I initially wanted to write something about how cute they are, but it ended up as all porn. Shocking, I know. Title is from Walt Whitman.

One Brief Hour of Madness and Joy )


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