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Okay, so first of all: Inception Fandom Rare Ship Fest is happening now in the [community profile] inception comm. Go check it out! Leave prompts, fill prompts, and give your favorite rare ships some love :D

Speaking of prompts, there has been talk on twitter about this prompt at the kink meme. The degree to which this is relevant to my interests cannot be textually rendered at the present time, so really all I can say is slkghklghsl OH MY GOD YES PLEASE. I feel like we need to gather up all the amazing prompts that have gone unfilled, and then, IDK BRIBE AWESOME PEOPLE TO WRITE THEM. IN THE NAME OF FILTHY PORN.

On the subject of the many things I desperately need in my life, I would like to talk about JGL's teeny tiny thighs. MY GOD DOES HE KNOW HOW TO WEAR PANTS. But my point right now is what's inside those pants. I mean obvs amazing things, but let us focus on the thighs right now.


Pretty pants )

In conclusion: THIGHS.


Which Eames holds open with his BIG GIANT ARMS.



ETA: [personal profile] asunder wrote thigh porn \o/

[personal profile] toomuchplor wrote Arthur's thighs/Eames' beard. OTP FOREVER :D


Nov. 26th, 2011 10:12 am
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Okay, so Philly area Inception people! A couple of us are planning a v. informal Inception meetup at Nodding Head (15th and Sansom) for Sunday brunch. The date is still up in the air, but I shall let you know as soon as it's final. Everyone is welcome, just let me know if you're interested so I can pass along the details, and also so I can reserve a table in case the group gets big. Anyway! It will be awesome, I promise :D We will discuss the pure and beautiful love of Arthur and Eames, and maybe even answer the age old question: JUST WHAT DOES EAMES MAKE ARTHUR FOR BRUNCH AFTER HE FUCKS HIM ALL NIGHT LONG?

Today is Saturday. I actually have to do a bit of work later which kind of sucks, but it is really hard for me to be sad right now because fandom has been so very delightful these past few days. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH OMG ♥ And now I shall leave you with another question to ponder: has there ever been a more perfectly shaped head in the history of humans?


Okay, so that's not really much of a question because THE ANSWER IS NO NO THERE HAS NOT ♥
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Yesterday I had a v.v. profound and intellectually stimulating conversation with [ profile] bookshop, [ profile] eleveninches, and [ profile] five_ht about the many ways Arthur appreciates Eames' giant arms. This basically involves Arthur getting manhandled all over the place and ends with Eames fucking him up against various surfaces. OBVIOUSLY.

There are many many MANY things I could say about my desire for Eames to BEND ARTHUR OVER ALL THE THINGS AND FUCK HIM UNTIL HE SCREAMS but that is a really big conversation, so today I am only going to focus on one piece: EAMES HAS GIANT ARMS. ARTHUR LOVES IT.



So, now my question for you guys is EAMES HAS GIANT ARMS AND ARTHUR LOVES IT. Which, okay, isn't really a question since this is basically fact, but still. How does Arthur appreciate Eames' arms? What ridiculous scenarios do you want to see where Eames lifts things aka Arthur? And how does Arthur use his own strength to be an even bigger slut for Eames' cock? Because seriously, you guys. I MEAN REALLY.


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Okay, so today I am trying to get many many things done and trying hard not to get distracted by all the shiny on the internet. THIS HAS BEEN ONLY MODERATELY SUCCESSFUL. But sl;jgs;g the things! They have to get done! Still, I can take a little bit of time out for the awesome, right?

First up: there's a better version of the new Warrior pic that I posted yesterday. Nnnnngh HIS ARMS LOOK EVEN MORE AMAZING IN THIS VERSION. Also, Idk how reliable this is, but apparently Tom Hardy and his costars went to this MMA event last night. WHY ARE THERE NO PICTURES OF THIS OH MY GOD.

As much as I'm looking forward to Tom Hardy getting sweaty and punching things, and TOM HARDY WEARING CARDIGANS AND PUNCHING PEOPLE JFC, I'm still ridiculously excited for This Means War. I don't even care if the movie is terrible. HE LOOKS SO FUCKING GOOD I CANNOT EVEN DEAL.


His head, you guys. SO WELL SHAPED ♥

Soup! Today we are making soup because it is entirely too cold for almost April. Well, I am making soup anyway, and you guys should totally do the same because it is going to be awesome. [ profile] skellerbvvt has posted a recipe for tomato bisque, along with delightful commentary and capslock and links to things like how to cut an onion (OH MY GOD MY CHOPPED ONIONS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING) so that the end result is guaranteed to be delicious. I MEAN THAT IS WHAT I AM HOPING FOR IN MY CASE ANYWAY. Also grilled cheese, because grilled cheese and tomato soup belong together. MUCH LIKE EAMES' MOUTH AND ARTHUR'S ASS ♥

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1. In yesterday's poll, Brian Kinney currently has about 44% of the vote as most emotionally stunted of them all.


sljgsdlg HIS FACE. LOOK AT ALL THE ~REPRESSED LOVE~ IN HIS EYES ♥___♥ I have Many Feelings about the emotional stuntedness of Brian Kinney, but I do not even want to get started on it, because it gets kind of messy. I STILL HAVE A BRIAN AND JUSTIN SHAPED HOLE IN MY HEART FROM THAT SHOW OKAY. Brb sobbing forever :((

2. From Matt Bondurant's (the author of The Wettest County) twitter:


Also this )

3. Speaking of which, new pic from Warrior.


It looks like 2011 is going to be the year of Tom Hardy punching all the things. SO FUCKING GOOD FOR ME.



This does things to me klsjglsjhs; I just have all of these feelings about how Eames pins Arthur up against the wall and yanks those pretty little trousers right off. And, look. Arthur is pretty fucking badass. We know this okay. He canonically takes out a dude who's much bigger than he is with his bare hands, but YOU GUYS. EAMES IS LIKE TWICE AS WIDE AS ARTHUR. Look at their shoulders. LOOK AT THEIR FUCKING THIGHS JFC. Idk you guys, I think my money's on Eames. Clearly they need to wrestle it out, once and for all. AND THEN FUCK. THAT WAY EVERYONE WINS \o/

5. Things! [ profile] gyzym is hosting another round of the inspiration meme that's already full of beautiful things, and [ profile] ras_elased is hosting a 24 hour word war, to take down those words once and for all. Off you go, my lovelies. Awesome things are everywhere :D

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Today's post is brought to you courtesy of the 34495065786 tears I shed while wrestling Photobucket into submission. And for the record, I am not very good at wrestling, okay. Do you know what this means? I NEED CALMING ENERGY. Or, you know, pretty boys.


YES YES THAT IS MUCH BETTER. He is so lovely that I cannot even get a wee bit upset about the hoodie and the neckbeard and the questionable scarf choice. At least this way I don't have to worry about getting intimidated if he's dressed better than I am.

Other things that I find soothing: the never ending hilarity of Google Analytics keyword searches. I will never understand how google actually decides to send people to my journal some of the time, but it always makes me laugh. Sometimes they seem completely random (French man with purple scarf), sometimes they are not so random at all (I want to lick his ass), sometimes I cringe for the poor innocent people who took a wrong turn on the interwebs and ended up here (pi day activities 5th grade), sometimes they just leave me in a fit of helpless giggles (Colin Morgan should play an elf), and sometimes I am just like WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN (rimming and evil prostate treatment.) And sometimes, like in the days after I post nonsensical flail about Tom Hardy flashing his junk all over the place, the internet goes and delights me all the way to my toes.

See for yourself )

Speaking of Tom Hardy and all of his lovely parts, I'm pretty sure he could have had Photobucket pinned and begging in about three seconds flat. OR, YOU KNOW, ME.


And while his back does so many amazing things for the endless porn theater happening inside my head, I like him from the front even better.



*Another keyword search. Idk what it means, but I find that imagining Tom Hardy whispering that in my ear makes me forget all about the pain inflicted by Photobucket. GO ON TRY IT. I PROMISE IT IS AWESOME :D
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1. [ profile] cobweb_diamond has been obsessed with this picture for awhile now, because LOOK AT THAT OUTFIT HOLY SHIT. The stripes and those fucking pants and the fit of that jacket sldkghjslghjsd. I CANNOT EVEN. SUCH PERFECTION. Anyway, she posted it yesterday in response to the news that JGL will be playing Alberto Falcone in TDKR, and then [ profile] likeroads made this and TELL ME YOU AREN'T EXCITED FOR JGL AS A SUIT WEARING MAFIOSO.

ALSO. [ profile] we_reflamingos posted this pic in which there is definitely a cigarette in his hand, so those those pics I posted yesterday of JGL being all sexy and badass while smoking might not be too far off. I know this movie is so very far away, but I am stupidly excited already. I CANNOT HELP IT I JUST DON'T KNOW HOW TO HOLD IN THE FLAIL \o/

2. Since yesterday I posted pics of JGL with his super srs bsns face, how about one of him looking like a wee adorable snugglebug in his sweater.


This pic is from Sundance, which means that's Park City in the background, and it just so happens that Utah is my very favorite place to ski. Now I am wondering if bb dimpleface is a skier. ALSO ALSO WHERE IS THE ARTHUR/EAMES GO SKIING FIC BECAUSE I NEED IT IN MY LIFE. Eames skiing like a motherfucker is canon, for fuck's sake.

3. Yesterday [ profile] sonicbookmark, who is new to the Tom Hardy train of love and ridiculousness, told me that she hasn't had the chance to watch any interviews yet. Since he is just entirely too delightful in interviews, I must fix this for her immediately, so here are five of my very favorites.

In no particular order )



HIS ARMS. I CAN'T EVEN. And his little tongue peeking out and the hair sticking up in back and his PERFECTLY SHAPED HEAD WHAT THE FUCK. I love him. Have I mentioned that lately Idek ♥

5. [ profile] hermette made an Alex O'Loughlin looks good in clothes picspam for me to make up for the fact that she failed to tell me there was an interview in which he said he likes designer menswear. And YOU GUYS. WHEN PRETTY BOYS SAY THEY LIKE TO WEAR PRADA SUITS YOU TELL ME IMMEDIATELY OKAY. This is the kind of information that is extremely important to me, and can pretty much always win me over ♥

Hey you guys. Happy Monday :D

ETA: [ profile] cobweb_diamond is writing leather glove fic YAY.
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1. Oh hey, look who it is.


HI JGL HI HIIIIII. I'm so excited that we finally have some set pics aside from the artsy shots from the official Looper tumblr that basically show us nothing. Now we actually have things other than tiny snacks to discuss such as OH MY GOD PLEASE CAN WE TALK ABOUT WHAT HE'S WEARING.


Speaking of being spoiled forever and ever, Tom Hardy's hair in This Means War is pretty much all I want in life, because not only is it extremely flattering, it also shows of his perfectly shaped head. Then why oh why am I so attracted to him in this picture?


Probably it's those eyes and his pornographic mouth and the fact that he's wearing a suit, but even when that's not the case, I still have all sorts of strange and inappropriate reactions to that hair.

What is even going on )


[Poll #1711922]

Hey guys! Hope your day is awesome :D
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skdjghks THIS WEEK YOU GUYS. It's not kicking me around in a painful way the way that last week did, but I have a gazillion things to do because I am a horrible procrastinator, and now must somehow find the time to buy presents, wrap presents, and prepare for houseguests in between all of my normal stuff, and WHY DO I ALWAYS WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE FML FML D:

But! I could not resist sharing some pretty with you since I find it very motivating :D

Colin Morgan how are you so adorable.


I do love him with a little stubble, and that lighting is doing him lots of favors NNNNGH. [ profile] gealach_ros has an interview with Colin plus some caps here, and a picspam here. SO MUCH PRETTY ♥

ALSO. I was talking about this with someone the other day. I think it was [ profile] foxxcub? PROBABLY IT WAS SINCE BASICALLY ALL OF OUR CONVERSATIONS ARE ABOUT PORN. Anyway, I really want a fic where Arthur finds a bunch of old pics of Eames where he's camwhoring all over the place in a ridiculous fashion. At first Arthur is appalled, but then he's horrified to discover that he's a little bit aroused. Eventually he gives in and wanks to them, even though he's totally disgusted with himself, because, well. LOOK AT THOSE FUCKING ARMS JFC.


Of course Eames discovers this at some point and is just like AHAHAHA OH, ARTHUR ♥ AND THEN PORN HAPPENS. Does that fic exist? I FEEL LIKE IT SHOULD ALREADY EXIST. AND IF NOT WELL THEN WHO IS WRITING IT??

Okay okay must go try to get all of the things done. HAPPY MONDAY :D
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YOU GUYS. HI. This has not been my favorite week. BASICALLY I FEEL LIKE ARTHUR RIGHT NOW.


But no one wants to talk about that, especially not me, so let us talk about awesome things instead, yes? YES.

Awesome thing #1: Tom Hardy's nipples.





Hi bb hiiii )

Awesome thing #3: Learning that people have found my journal through google searches for Arthur Eames rimming, Tom Hardy's nipples, and fucking JGL. kljlsdgjs YOU GUYS. THAT FILLS ME WITH SO MUCH GLEE YOU HAVE NO IDEA :D

Awesome thing #4: When life gives me lemons, I wear pretty shoes.

Because they make everything better )
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In yesterday's poll, fifteen of you said that mathematicians aren't sexy, and ten of you said there is no such thing as a hot mathematician. YOU GUYS.


But you know what? It doesn't matter anymore, because I think I have finally found my path in life. STARTING TOMORROW HERE IS MY NEW JOB OKAY.


I have always wanted to do really important work )
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Okay, so TOM HARDY. He is so ridiculous I cannot even deal with him. I really did try to understand him, but like so many of you all I can come up with is TOM HARDY, HOW ARE YOU EVEN REAL? But you guys. I have finally figured it out. TOM HARDY DOESN'T EXIST. And like the good mathematician that I am, I can prove it :D

So, you guys know what impossible objects are, yes? They are basically optical illusions that cannot exist in three-dimensional space. Perhaps you are familiar with the Penrose stairs? I have decided that Tom Hardy is an impossible human. His ridiculousness simply cannot fit within the confines of our three-dimensional world.

The illusion becomes apparent when we look at some pictures.

The human equivalent of the Penrose stairs )
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1. So, Colin Morgan in Parked. Prettiest homeless heroin addict ever, or prettiest homeless heroin addict ever? I will refrain from embedding the trailer, since it appeared on my flist no less than fifteen times last night, and therefore I assume you have all seen it. If you have been living under a rock, you can watch it here. You guys. I don't do sad movies. Like, AT ALL. Seriously, the whole delicate flower thing? NOT A JOKE. It's pathetic, really. If you ever hear my rant about the tragic ending of (500) Days of Summer, you will rightfully laugh in my face. HOW AM I GONNA DEAL WITH THIS MOVIE D:

2. Now that [ profile] hermette wrote T-Hard/Bradley/Colin, and I wrote T-Hard/Bradley and T-Hard/JGL/Bradley/Colin, I think there is only one thing left, do you agree? And that of course would be JGL/Colin. WAIT WAIT HERE ME OUT. JGL could take Colin shopping for new clothes! And JGL would be all like, dude, what is with the pants that are two sizes too big, and Colin would just blush and stammer and finally admit that not everyone has a fantastic arse okay. And JGL would just be like, well, I've never actually seen yours. This leads to JGL coaxing Colin out of his pants, which leads to JGL telling Colin that he has a lovely ass, which leads to rimming. OBVIOUSLY.

3. Hallefuckinglujah by [ profile] weatherfront. Arthur/Eames, in which Arthur pretends to be a priest for a job, and Eames... well. LIKE EAMES COULD RESIST THAT. Be sure to take note of the warning, but OH MY GOD. What a delicious and dirtywrong way to start the day. NNNGH.

4. Tom Hardy. That's... all I wanted to say, really. I feel like he deserves one spot on every one of my ridiculous lists. How about this: SOMETIMES T-HARD TAKES HIS SHIRT OFF. THIS, MY FRIENDS, IS A VERY GOOD THING INDEED.


And for all of you who were mad at me for giving him the shoulder victory over Bradley, I just really love his shoulders, even when he is all skinny like that. AND I SWEAR HE GETS PRETTIER TO ME EVERY DAY ♥

5. UM. First I should say that this is entirely [ profile] foxxcub's fault, as she mentioned the idea of having an Arthur paper doll to dress up, and then posted this ridiculously awesome J.Crew AU, in which Arthur is a model and Eames is the photographer. Since I linked to Banana Republic sweaters yesterday, I decided to first pretend that there is actually such thing as an Arthur paper doll, and then dress my Arthur paper doll in BR clothes. BECAUSE THAT IS NOT WEIRD AT ALL.

I guess this is sweater porn? )

ETA: Uh, so I wrote a wee snippet of what would happen if Arthur did actually wear those pants, inspired by [ profile] foxxcub. IDEK YOU GUYS.
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1. I spent several hours yesterday spamming [ profile] hermette with Inception fic recs (WHICH BEFORE ANYONE GETS MAD AT ME, SHE ASKED FOR, I PROMISE.) This morning, I woke up to an email telling me she's writing fic and I got to read part of it and asdfghj it is amazing. YOU GUYS YOU GUYS THE INCEPTION TOOK \O/

2. I keep meaning to mention this, but then I get all distracted by, like, porn and pretty boys. ARE YOU SURPRISED? YOU SHOULD NOT BE. So, okay. We have discussed how much we like boys in sweaters, yes?


WE LIKE BOYS IN SWEATERS. For anyone who is interested in finding awesome sweaters to increase the number of well dressed men everywhere, I highly recommend these. The boy has that sweater (or the version from previous seasons, anyway) in a whole rainbow of colors. They are super thin to keep from getting overheated, and because they have some silk in them, they're kind of slippery and lay nicely over a buttondown instead of bunching up weirdly. BR also has sweaters in 100% merino wool, but those are a bit heavier, and don't lay as nicely over a buttondown. The boy will not wear those because he gets too hot, but they're a good choice for wearing with just an undershirt or for actually keeping warm. They also have some lovely stripey shirts, though I highly recommend the slim fit over the classic fit. For one thing, it just looks nicer, and for another, if you're going to layer a sweater over it, you do not need any extra fabric. You could pretty easily recreate Arthur's whole look right there.

3. Speaking of Banana Republic, I dragged the boy there Saturday to try on jeans. It was one of the most enjoyable parts of my entire weekend :D First, I should say that I was wearing pants. SHOCKING, I KNOW. Anyway, they were plaid pants, and he actually had the nerve to make fun of me and tell me I looked like a golfer. I was just like, YEAH YOU CAN MAKE FUN OF MY CLOTHES WHEN YOU LEARN TO DRESS YOURSELF OKAY. Anyway, when I gave him jeans to try on, he accused me of bringing him girl jeans because he thought they were too tight on his ass. I had the (extremely well dressed) sales guy come and tell him they are supposed to fit like that, duh. But the real highlights came when I made a derisive comment about pants with the words "relaxed fit" in the name, and the sales guy was like, "yeah that's code for droopy drawers", and then when he COMPLIMENTED MY PANTS. After he left, the boy was like, YOU ARE SO LEAVING ME FOR HIM, AREN'T YOU.

4. So, Tom Hardy. I LOVE HIM OKAY. Like, a lot. It is getting worse and worse every day, and I just DO NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF ANYMORE. [ profile] meiface has a post here that does an awesome job of explaining just what it is about him that makes me all SDFGHJKNNNGH TOM HARDY. I am working on a T-Hard picspam, but OMG I JUST SORT OF LOSE IT WHEN I LOOK AT HIM TOO MUCH. I don't even know how this happened! At all! It feels slightly dirty and I fucking love it ♥

5. OKAY WE ARE STILL TALKING ABOUT TOM HARDY BUT THIS IS A TOTALLY NEW POINT. Looking back at the poll from the other day, Bradley won with just about 70% of the vote, which is not at all surprising to me. The poll is still open so the numbers may fluctuate, but there are almost 150 votes already, so they probably won't change much. My favorite part of the poll, is that while Bradley won overall, the majority think Tom Hardy is better in bed. His biggest victory was in the filthy mouth category, in which he took 83.5% of the vote. OH HELL YES. Now I desperately want JGL/T-Hard in which Tom Hardy has the filthiest mouth ever and JGL loves it. There is lots and lots of dirty talking Eames, but where is dirty talking T-Hard? PLEASE I NEED IT IN MY LIFE. You could use this picture for inspiration, which [ profile] foxxcub pointed out to me, and in which T-Hard is all, STEP OFF, BITCHES. Maybe later JGL is all like, wtf was that about? And T-Hard is just like, sorry, I cannot help it, but I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO GETS TO *INSERT FILTHY FILTHY TALK HERE*

6. Yeah, still Tom Hardy. Do you know what I desperately need? T-Hard icons. PLEASE. SOMEONE HELP ME I WILL DO ANYTHING D:

How are all of you enjoying your Monday?

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For those of you wondering how I could even begin to compare Tom Hardy to Bradley James, please note that as of right now, while Bradley James is winning overall, the majority of people think that Tom Hardy is a dirty talking slut who's into pegging. THAT'S HOW.

Speaking of which, GUESS WHAT I DID. Yeah, that's right. I BLAME EVERY ONE OF YOU PERVERTS FOR THIS.

Bradley James/Tom Hardy
~700 words of utterly ridiculous filth. I HAVE NO EXCUSE FOR THIS, REALLY.



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