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1. The Inception Kink Fest is so amazing, you guys. Seriously, I am DROWNING IN PORN right now and if there is anything in life better than that I do not know what it is. I still haven't managed to read everything, but I am happily working my way through. SO MUCH PORN I LOVE IT ♥ I want to get the masterlist updated, but so far, I'm only through the first page of comments. Until then, browse the comments because there is tons of awesome stuff in there. OH AND KEEP WRITING :D

2. I saw this gif on tumblr the other day and was like WHY ISN'T IT BIGGER IT NEEDS TO BE BIGGER OMG.


Anyway! Someone tweeted me the link to this video, and now I have... forgotten who that was D: AND I AM SORRY FOR BEING SO FLAKY BUT THANK YOU AWESOME PERSON!

I've seen pictures and gifs from this interview, but never the whole thing, and seriously, I am dying. JGL's hair looks amazing and he outfit makes me clap my hands in glee and HIS DIMPLES ARE VISIBLE FROM THE MOON OMG and he and Zooey are so ridiculously adorable together that I almost can't even stand it ♥




4. I woke up this morning to SNOW WTAF APRIL. I am so very unamused. But it's okay! I am choosing to reject this snowy reality, and so I'm wearing summery shoes.


OKAY YES WITH TIGHTS BUT STILL. Red shoes make every day brighter ♥

Hey guys! Happy Friday :D

ETA: [ profile] physicsxmagic coded the rest of the Kink Fest Masterlist because she is FABULOUS ♥ Let me know if you find any broken/missing links and I shall update.
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slkgjldkhjgfsd JFC. I CANNOT EVEN. Like, this is actualfax porn right here, I am not even kidding. Last night, [ profile] gyzym was like I AM PRETTY SURE HE IS FUCKING THAT TOOTHPICK WITH HIS MOUTH and just. YEAH.

I feel kind of bad for ignoring poor bb dimpleface in that gif, so let us appreciate how very lovely he is in stripes.


Mmmm YES. So pretty, and I love his dedication to fashion even while injured. It's just... TOM HARDY'S MOUTH WHAT EVEN.



Adventures in cooking was, um. INTERESTING. I managed to fuck up, A LOT, and was mocked mercilessly by [ profile] rageprufrock, [ profile] leupagus, and [ profile] summertea for it. WHICH THANKS FOR THAT YOU GUYS. I AM SO GLAD YOU BELIEVE IN ME :| I forgot things, I lost things, and we are totally not talking about the part when this happened, because the point is that the soup was delicious. NO REALLY. My kitchen was a disaster area, but grilled cheese and tomato soup has never tasted so good, and [ profile] skellerbvvt was proud :D Maybe it was the way I delicately seasoned it with my tears?

But in between me shedding 573839576 tears at my own ineptitude, and everyone else cackling in glee as I fucked up YET AGAIN, there was a conversation on twitter that I am now going to share with you. Basically what happened was this: Pru compared my complete and utter fail to what would happen if Arthur was in the kitchen, and I asked if this meant Eames would come in any moment to have his way with me while the soup burned. Pru then bet me ONE MILLION DOLLARS that Arthur would think of the soup while Eames was in the process of trying to bend him over something, while I am of the opinion that Arthur would be all like passing Eames the olive oil if you receive my meaning. I SAY WE LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE :D

[Poll #1723741]

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Okay, so today I am trying to get many many things done and trying hard not to get distracted by all the shiny on the internet. THIS HAS BEEN ONLY MODERATELY SUCCESSFUL. But sl;jgs;g the things! They have to get done! Still, I can take a little bit of time out for the awesome, right?

First up: there's a better version of the new Warrior pic that I posted yesterday. Nnnnngh HIS ARMS LOOK EVEN MORE AMAZING IN THIS VERSION. Also, Idk how reliable this is, but apparently Tom Hardy and his costars went to this MMA event last night. WHY ARE THERE NO PICTURES OF THIS OH MY GOD.

As much as I'm looking forward to Tom Hardy getting sweaty and punching things, and TOM HARDY WEARING CARDIGANS AND PUNCHING PEOPLE JFC, I'm still ridiculously excited for This Means War. I don't even care if the movie is terrible. HE LOOKS SO FUCKING GOOD I CANNOT EVEN DEAL.


His head, you guys. SO WELL SHAPED ♥

Soup! Today we are making soup because it is entirely too cold for almost April. Well, I am making soup anyway, and you guys should totally do the same because it is going to be awesome. [ profile] skellerbvvt has posted a recipe for tomato bisque, along with delightful commentary and capslock and links to things like how to cut an onion (OH MY GOD MY CHOPPED ONIONS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING) so that the end result is guaranteed to be delicious. I MEAN THAT IS WHAT I AM HOPING FOR IN MY CASE ANYWAY. Also grilled cheese, because grilled cheese and tomato soup belong together. MUCH LIKE EAMES' MOUTH AND ARTHUR'S ASS ♥

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So, I am still kind of teetering right on the edge of Hawaii Five-0, just waiting to jump. Yesterday [ profile] hermette joked about sucking me in with first time barebacking, but the thing is, she's totally right. With Inception, there were a lot of things that attracted me to the fandom, but the way it really went down was like this: I read some dirtyhot porn, went to see the movie the very next day, and then this happened. After that, WELL. YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT :D Basically what I am saying to you is WHERE IS THE ABSOLUTELY FILTHY DANNY/STEVE PORN MY SHAMELESSLY DEPRAVED SOUL REQUIRES.

Speaking of boys with hearts in their eyes, [ profile] lemniciate is hosting a Bradley/Colin comment fest, so click over for fic, picspams and lots of flaily flail about PRETTY BOYS IN LOVE ♥

I could try to come up with a segue to get to Tom Hardy, but the truth is that all things lead to T-Hard in my head. I feel kinda guilty because on anyone else, I'd be complaining about the borderline sleazy facial hair and neckbeard in this pic, but my reaction is pretty much laksjfalgj FUCK I WANT THAT.


It's terribly unfair, I know, but LOOK AT HIM JFC. Tom Hardy's lips = MADE FOR PORN. Also eyelashes ♥♥♥ I read this interview today, which is from 2003, and I honestly do not even know what he is talking about half the time, but he totally cracks me up: And I was a tortured artist! I had a lot of anger and was into the method! Full of shit! I was a sort of shitbomb mess going, ‘What am I doing?’ AHAHA TOM HARDY IDEK WHAT YOU ARE DOING BUT I REALLY KIND OF LOVE IT. Anyway, Tom Hardy Party has a bunch of old interviews that are worth checking out because awesome things happen when Tom opens his mouth :D

In other news, Arthur wears pants.



I have approximately 37373950607 things to get done today, including going to the mall. You know, the weekend before Christmas. I HOPE I MAKE IT OUT IN ONE PIECE D:
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1. Okay, so first of all, the age question in yesterday's poll was in response to comments I've seen where people have called Tom Hardy old. Results show that 19 of you think that yes, he is. WTF WTF HOW IS THAT OLD D: BUT WHATEVER. I CAN ONLY HOPE I LOOK THIS HOT WHEN I'M 33.



2. In other poll news, I was delighted to see how close the numbers were for the question about Arthur's ass, because really, I just want to do alllll the things to it I MEAN HELLO. But the winner by a small margin was kisses. ARTHUR'S ASS NEEDS MORE KISSES ♥ Now I want fic with Arthur and Eames having a lazy weekend morning in bed. Arthur's face is mashed in the pillow and Eames is still half asleep himself, but Arthur's all warm and snuggly beside him, and of course he cannot resist pressing soft kisses all over Arthur's delightful bottom, which makes Arthur shift around and make soft little noises into the pillow because it kind of tickles but mostly it feels amazing. Obviously this will lead to porn, at which point there are many options Eames can pick and choose from, all of which were quite popular in the poll. OR YOU KNOW ALL OF THE ABOVE BECAUSE EAMES ALSO WANTS TO DO ALL THE THINGS TO ARTHUR'S ASS.

3. Let's talk about Tom Hardy again, yes? YES. I've been lamenting the fact that filming for This Means War is over, and that means no more daily pics, but the bright side is that we get three new movies with him in 2011. THREE MOVIES YOU GUYS. That means lots of interviews and articles and pictures and opportunities for Tom to be ridiculous and awesome and stupidly gorgeous. To that I can only say YAY \o/


4. I have been so consumed with Inception and Merlin during the past few months that I haven't been paying much attention to Adam Lambert, but last night [ profile] ruby_fruit tweeted a link to him on stage giving a demonstration on how to jack off. So, you know, business as usual for Adam.


5. So, Hawaii Five-0. I have to say, it looks kinda fun. I'm sort of terrified of the idea of a new fandom because I FOR REAL DO NOT HAVE TIME IN MY LIFE FOR ANY MORE FLAIL AND BOYS AND FIC JFC but if there is one thing I cannot resist it is the combination of porn and pretty boys, which my flist keeps insisting on pointing out to me. Honestly, I don't even know why I'm resisting as I seem to be getting quadruple teamed here. First [ profile] leupagus sat me down on her couch and showed me the ridiculous boylove, then [ profile] lamardeuse started posting pretty pics all over the place, then [ profile] hermette started sending me links to porn, and now [ profile] foxxcub may be writing a Hawaii Five-0/Inception crossover high school AU involving fake boyfriends and emotionally stunted declarations of love or something and sldkjgslk LIKE I HAVE ANY DEFENSES AGAINST THAT. So, yeah. You can probably expect upcoming posts in which I flail about in a ridiculous fashion all like slfgjfsljl SO WHERE CAN I FIND FELCHING IN THIS FANDOM?

HEY GUYS HEY. I hope your day is awesome ♥
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Okay, so I spent much of last night flailing about this cap every time it appeared on my flist, but it turns out that I'm not actually done :D


First of all. FIRST OF ALL WHAT IS EAMES EVEN DOING HERE WITH THE FACE AND THE EYEBROW AND THE MOTHERFUCKING HEARTS IN HIS EYES THAT ARE FOOLING EXACTLY NO ONE. I am going to share something that I have learned in all of my years on this earth: if someone looks at you like Eames is looking at Arthur, that someone wants to get in your pants. NO REALLY. In fact, if I was trying to find the perfect example of the I-want-to-get-in-your-pants look to show someone, I'd use this pic as an example, that is how obvious it is.

But it is not just Eames. Oh no, it is not. Just look at the saucy little tilt of Arthur's head. We may not be able to see his face, but I think it is safe to say his body language tells us all we need to know, namely, he is totally on board with the getting into the pants plan.

Poor Cobb is just like YEAH THEY ARE JUST GONNA FUCK RIGHT HERE ON THE FLOOR *squint* His life is so hard.

Full size version of the cap is here in case you want to see the supersize version of Eames' hearteyes ♥_______♥

I read this interview with Tom Hardy yesterday. It's three years old, but was new to me, and OH MY GOD I LOVE HIM. Seriously, every time I read an interview, I flail all over the place. Not only does he crack me up, but he just has this way of talking about himself that seems so honest and genuine. It's like he doesn't care if he comes across as cool or funny, it's just him. AND I FUCKING LOVE HIS SHOE OBSESSION FOR REAL.

My only quibble is that he says he's getting old and ugly, which just NO and NO.

This right here is PRETTY )

MORNING, YOU GUYS. It's freezing again today. I hope you all have hats and scarves and pretty people to keep you warm ♥

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There is not enough rimming in this fandom. And by that I mean WHY ISN'T IT ALL RIMMING ALL THE TIME HELLO ARTHUR'S ASS/EAMES' MOUTH OTP FOREVER. I polled the flist and they agreed: WE NEED MORE. So! Let us all do our part to flood the fandom with filthy delicious rimming \o/

♥ Arthur/Eames Rimming Meme ♥

The rules:
1. All fanworks welcome. Rimming drabbles! Rimming epics! Rimming art! Rimming vids! ANYTHING YOU WANT.
2. Post your replies in the comments, or link to them, whatever. AS LONG AS IT IS RIMMING IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE.
*4. Please link to NSFW art rather than embed it. I realize this is a rimming meme and therefore NSFW content is pretty much a given, but I've had a request for linking to keep it as safe for work as a rimming meme can be :D

Now go forth and bestow much love upon those delightful bottoms. Oh, and SPREAD ARTHUR'S ASS THE WORD :D


P.S. Despite my very unhealthy attachment to Arthur's bum, do not think this means Eames should never be on the receiving end. His ass needs some love, too. EVERYONE SHOULD GET TO SHARE IN THE LICKING OKAY.


Persuasive Speaking by [ profile] skellerbvvt
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Sleep, Interrupted by [ profile] delilah_lilith
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The Maillard Reaction by [ profile] skellerbvvt (WIP)
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well if sex is a weapon, then smash! boom! pow! by [ profile] agenttrojie
A Piece of Your Ass by [ profile] noah_shiro
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Crossdressing art by [ profile] red_rahl
their most serious actions, and more here by anonymous
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1. YESTERDAY'S POLL. Some of the results were surprising to me! For example, about 60% of you said in Merlin, you prefer canon era fic. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? I mean, obviously my flist is reflective of the fandom as a whole, haha. Some people said they just flat out aren't interested in canon era fic, but for those that are, one thing that was brought up was that people like the idea of canon fic, but are afraid to write it because they worry about getting it wrong. YOU GUYS. THIS IS THE MOST HISTORICALLY INACCURATE SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. Beer cans, DO YOU REMEMBER THE BEER CANS? Another point that was brought up was that people might be intimidated by the idea of having to write something plotty with battles and action and whatnot. NOT TRUE. Do you want to know my very favorite fic scenario of all time? Merlin and Arthur are crazy in love but too emotionally stunted to admit it, so they wander around the castle doing random stuff, being kind of dumb, snarking at each other, with lots of delicious UST. AND THEN THERE IS PORN. YOU GUYS. I COULD READ THAT FIC 47495067832756 TIMES I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING.

2. In unsurprising poll news, INCEPTION NEEDS MORE RIMMING.


3. SHOES. I should have just linked you to all of the shoes, since I knew people were going to ask. In the order posted, you can find them for sale here, here, here, and here. For awhile there I was worried, because despite very specifically giving you radio buttons, there was an ALMOST PERFECT FOUR WAY TIE WTF. However, a winner has finally emerged! Though, I just discovered that they also come in red. SO MANY DIFFICULT CHOICES IN LIFE *SOBS AND SOBS FOREVER* (Also, to [ profile] weatherfront who said they look kind-of-but-not-quite like Chie, I say yes, yes they do.)

In honor of the fact that the Fluevogs lost, and in honor of the fact that [ profile] weatherfront put a ban on my Fluevog purchases for the time being (WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT WHYYYY) guess what I am wearing today?

I love these shoes okay )

4. FORMSPRING. I has one! I actually started it, like, six months ago, answered a couple questions, and promptly forgot all about it. If you would like to ask me a question, go right ahead. Though I will warn you that I am exceedingly flaky and might forget I have it at any given moment D:



Because every day should have dimples ♥

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1. I have mentioned before that [ profile] skellerbvvt writing random comment porn for me is one of MY VERY FAVORITE THINGS EVER. I HAVE MENTIONED THIS A BUNCH OF TIMES OKAY. Well, guess what? She wrote Arthur/Eames, and it is filthy and delightful and has so many things I love because she is shamelessly exploiting my kinks and it is basically an ode to Arthur's magnificent ass and IT IS EIGHT COMMENTS LONG AND I NEVER WANT HER TO STOP. So go check it out \o/

2. Ticky boxes v. radio buttons. I know you guys hate the radio buttons. I KNOW BECAUSE YOU TELL ME EVERY TIME I POST A RIDICULOUS POLL. But I cannot give you all ticky boxes all the time, because then you will just tick all the boxes, and then my extremely intellectually stimulating questions will be meaningless, and I'll cry a little, and it will all be v.v. tragic. I promise I will give you some ticky boxes every time, okay? :D

3. Speaking of polls, the votes from yesterday are in, and the biggest fashion tragedy of them all, was the pleated, slouchy, cropped, flower-print, I-don't-know-what-the-fuck pants (though I am kind of sad that more of you do not share my deep and abiding hatred for Abercrombie logo t-shirts.) If any of you are interested, you can actually buy the pants at Anthropologie. They originally retailed for $148, and now can be yours for a mere $39.95, which is about 75% off. All sizes still available. IMAGINE THAT.

4. Speaking of fashion tragedies, I came across this clip of wee bb JGL wearing some truly hideous pleated front relaxed fit pants, and a GIANT PLAID SHIRT that looks big enough for two wee bb JGLs.

AHAHA, OH JGL. You sure did grow up nice, and now you wear pants like nobody else AND I AM VERY GRATEFUL.


5. Also related to yesterday's poll, after looking at some of the clips again, I am pretty sure that Eames is wearing his own suit in the beginning of the first dream level when they're doing the taxi shoot-out thing. It's the one with the horrible tie, which you can see in the pic above. Then later, when he changes back to himself, he is apparently still wearing Browning's suit? You can see it during the dream a little bigger scene. But, you guys. WHY IS HE STILL WEARING BROWNING'S SUIT? His clothes immediately change back to his own when he changes back to himself in the hotel level, though what I wouldn't give to see Tom Hardy in a tight black mini-dress and heels. But the suit! It doesn't make any sense! Maybe Eames was just distracted because Arthur is extremely tense and frowny, and he can't very well do his normal comforting boyfriend thing which is give Arthur a blowjob, so he isn't focusing and just, like, forgets to un-forge his clothes? WHY DOES THIS MAKE NO SENSE. AND WHY OF ALL THE THINGS IN THE MOVIE THAT MAKE NO SENSE IS THIS THE ONLY ONE I AM HUNG UP ON.

I am going to be pretty busy for the next couple of days and so I might not be around as much to spam you all with capslocky nonsense and pictures of pretty, pretty boys, but I trust you will all carry on with out me, and post many many things that I will never ever have any hopes of catching up on D: BUT YES. GO SQUEE AND FLAIL AND BE AWESOME AND I WILL BE BACK SOON ♥
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Title: Like That, Just Like That
Author: [ profile] cherrybina
Pairing Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~1,500
Summary: Written for this prompt at [ profile] inception_kink: Arthur bent over the side of the bed, fingering himself, while Eames sits in a chair across the room and masturbates. They wait until they absolutely cannot resist anymore before they let themselves touch each other. Originally posted here.

Notes: Here's some filthy porn to balance out the unrelenting fluff that was my last fic :D

Like That, Just Like That )
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Title: The Tunnel of Love
Author: [ profile] cherrybina
Pairing Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~2,000
Summary: Arthur and Eames go on what is definitely not a date, and end up trapped in a love tunnel ride with little pink disco lights flashing all over the place.

Notes: For [ profile] bookshop, who wanted this very ridiculous scenario :D

The Tunnel of Love )
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[ profile] pennyplainknits has recorded my totally ridiculous JGL/T-Hard ficlet Pretty Feet as podfic which you can find here. Go check it out and tell her how amazing she is ♥♥♥

Speaking of which, why is there not more RPF in this fandom? WHY? YOU GUYS. T-Hard and JGL may not have the epic history of eyefucking and suggestive touching that Bradley and Colin have, but the idea of them together is SO AMAZING THAT I CAN HARDLY STAND IT. Think about it: one pretentious little hipster + the complete and utter ridiculousness that is Tom Hardy = SOMETHING REALLY FUCKING AWESOME. The possibilities are endless.

For example: T-Hard tries to explain to JGL that taking douchey MySpace pics is a legitimate form of artisitc expression, and this leads to JGL taking a series of pics of himself and texting them to T-Hard.


At first Tom is all annoyed because he doesn't think Joe is putting his whole heart into it, and he goes on this epic rant about how Joe always does things in his ironic hipster way and until he lets go of that, he will never reach the second level or irony that is necessary for understanding the true art that goes into being precisely that kind of obnoxious. But then the pics get sluttier and sluttier and Tom forgets all about art when Joe's delightful ass is right there on the screen. NATURALLY THIS LEADS TO FUCKING. Yes? YES??

In other news, do you guys remember this poll? I thought about that discussion today when I innocently browsing for coats at Anthropologie, came across this one, and all of the sudden found myself thinking about assfucking. WHICH OKAY HAPPENS A LOT AT RANDOM INTERVALS THROUGHOUT THE DAY BUT STILL.

Hello, lovelies. What are you up to this evening? I'm thinking it is time for wine and cookies. Who's with me?
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Yesterday [ profile] hermette sent me an email asking where she could find an Inception fandom starter kit. I was basically just like, UM...? I've also had a series of comments recently from people saying ASDFGHJK I JUST GOT BACK FROM THE MOVIE AND OMFG WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO ME?!?!?! Thankfully, [ profile] franticsga made a proper Inception starter kit, and it is awesome. You should totally go check her post out, because it is helpful and informative and well organized. This post is none of those things. Instead, it is me randomly linking to a bunch of shit, flailing about in a ridiculous manner, and inserting my nonsensical capslock commentary. SO, YOU KNOW. BUSINESS AS USUAL AROUND HERE.

OKAY. So, you just saw the movie and are feeling all like WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED. That is a totally normal reaction! Here is the secret: NO ONE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED. But what is even more important, IT DOESN'T ACTUALLY MATTER. I'm not saying that you shouldn't spend some time sorting through all the thinky thoughts you're undoubtedly having, or that you should just forget what happened in the movie and read all the porn instead (though if you want to do this, you have my full support okay.) But if you're hesitating about getting involved in the fandom because the movie made your brain go BOOM, then I am here to tell you that you can still play without getting involved in any of the heavy meta about the plot. If you're into that, there is TONS of stuff out there, including flowcharts and graphs, but you're totally gonna have to talk to people who are smarter than I am to find it :D

MOVING ON. You can see my first reaction to this fandom here, in which it is painfully obvious that I am basically, like, FLAILING ABOUT USELESSLY. It... really hasn't stopped for me.

Watch me incept you all )
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1. I spent several hours yesterday spamming [ profile] hermette with Inception fic recs (WHICH BEFORE ANYONE GETS MAD AT ME, SHE ASKED FOR, I PROMISE.) This morning, I woke up to an email telling me she's writing fic and I got to read part of it and asdfghj it is amazing. YOU GUYS YOU GUYS THE INCEPTION TOOK \O/

2. I keep meaning to mention this, but then I get all distracted by, like, porn and pretty boys. ARE YOU SURPRISED? YOU SHOULD NOT BE. So, okay. We have discussed how much we like boys in sweaters, yes?


WE LIKE BOYS IN SWEATERS. For anyone who is interested in finding awesome sweaters to increase the number of well dressed men everywhere, I highly recommend these. The boy has that sweater (or the version from previous seasons, anyway) in a whole rainbow of colors. They are super thin to keep from getting overheated, and because they have some silk in them, they're kind of slippery and lay nicely over a buttondown instead of bunching up weirdly. BR also has sweaters in 100% merino wool, but those are a bit heavier, and don't lay as nicely over a buttondown. The boy will not wear those because he gets too hot, but they're a good choice for wearing with just an undershirt or for actually keeping warm. They also have some lovely stripey shirts, though I highly recommend the slim fit over the classic fit. For one thing, it just looks nicer, and for another, if you're going to layer a sweater over it, you do not need any extra fabric. You could pretty easily recreate Arthur's whole look right there.

3. Speaking of Banana Republic, I dragged the boy there Saturday to try on jeans. It was one of the most enjoyable parts of my entire weekend :D First, I should say that I was wearing pants. SHOCKING, I KNOW. Anyway, they were plaid pants, and he actually had the nerve to make fun of me and tell me I looked like a golfer. I was just like, YEAH YOU CAN MAKE FUN OF MY CLOTHES WHEN YOU LEARN TO DRESS YOURSELF OKAY. Anyway, when I gave him jeans to try on, he accused me of bringing him girl jeans because he thought they were too tight on his ass. I had the (extremely well dressed) sales guy come and tell him they are supposed to fit like that, duh. But the real highlights came when I made a derisive comment about pants with the words "relaxed fit" in the name, and the sales guy was like, "yeah that's code for droopy drawers", and then when he COMPLIMENTED MY PANTS. After he left, the boy was like, YOU ARE SO LEAVING ME FOR HIM, AREN'T YOU.

4. So, Tom Hardy. I LOVE HIM OKAY. Like, a lot. It is getting worse and worse every day, and I just DO NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF ANYMORE. [ profile] meiface has a post here that does an awesome job of explaining just what it is about him that makes me all SDFGHJKNNNGH TOM HARDY. I am working on a T-Hard picspam, but OMG I JUST SORT OF LOSE IT WHEN I LOOK AT HIM TOO MUCH. I don't even know how this happened! At all! It feels slightly dirty and I fucking love it ♥

5. OKAY WE ARE STILL TALKING ABOUT TOM HARDY BUT THIS IS A TOTALLY NEW POINT. Looking back at the poll from the other day, Bradley won with just about 70% of the vote, which is not at all surprising to me. The poll is still open so the numbers may fluctuate, but there are almost 150 votes already, so they probably won't change much. My favorite part of the poll, is that while Bradley won overall, the majority think Tom Hardy is better in bed. His biggest victory was in the filthy mouth category, in which he took 83.5% of the vote. OH HELL YES. Now I desperately want JGL/T-Hard in which Tom Hardy has the filthiest mouth ever and JGL loves it. There is lots and lots of dirty talking Eames, but where is dirty talking T-Hard? PLEASE I NEED IT IN MY LIFE. You could use this picture for inspiration, which [ profile] foxxcub pointed out to me, and in which T-Hard is all, STEP OFF, BITCHES. Maybe later JGL is all like, wtf was that about? And T-Hard is just like, sorry, I cannot help it, but I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO GETS TO *INSERT FILTHY FILTHY TALK HERE*

6. Yeah, still Tom Hardy. Do you know what I desperately need? T-Hard icons. PLEASE. SOMEONE HELP ME I WILL DO ANYTHING D:

How are all of you enjoying your Monday?

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Title: Pretty Feet
Pairing: Joe/Tom
Rating: R for RIDICULOUS
Summary: No one understands Tom's thing for shoes. Thankfully, Joe is there to take care of him. Inspired by this Tom Hardy quote: A lot of gay men get my thing for shoes.

Notes: Apparently I write Inception RPF? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. I... don't even know what to say about this, really. This is entirely [ profile] meiface's fault.

Pretty Feet )


Aug. 25th, 2010 09:28 am
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So, I know all of you right now are either OMG SHUT UP ABOUT INCEPTION AND PLEASE TALK ABOUT MERLIN AGAIN GOD or DUDE WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN IT IS ABOUT FUCKING TIME or... Idk, other things, but I am sorry okay. I just have to work through the stages of Inception fandom at my own pace. So far, I have been through Stage 1: ASDFGHJKL;. I am pretty much still stuck there. IN LIMBO.

Basically that entire paragraph was me trying to tell you that this entry is going to make no sense. THIS ENTRY MAKES NO SENSE OKAY.

Let me tell you how bad it is in my head right now. Tuesdays are sale days at Anthropologie. Every Tuesday, they mark down new inventory, and every Tuesday, I look at allllll the pretty things to see if there is anything I absolutely must have. I do this as part of my morning web browsing routine, a routine that also includes daily stalking of my favorite shoes to see if anything has gone on sale*. Yesterday it wasn't until 10:00 at night that I realized that not only had I forgotten to check the Anthropologie sale, but I HAD NOT LOOKED AT A SINGLE PAIR OF SHOES ALL DAY. WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN.

I think that really is how to describe this fandom in a nutshell. It made me forget about shoes for an entire day.

In which I lose my shit a lot, shamelessly objectify a bunch of pretty boys, and make fun of Colin's pants. AGAIN. )
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I finally got my ass in gear and saw Inception last night.

In which I say a bunch of things about the movie that everyone already said a month ago )

Unfortunately I have to go clean the house and stuff, ugh, so porn shall have to wait. But I will be back later with fun and exciting Merlin stuff! THREE WEEKS, BBS. And we're gonna count it down in style. Well, okay, maybe not in style exactly, but with porn and sparkles and flaily flail and WHAT COULD BE BETTER THAN THAT I ASK YOU ♥


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