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Okay, so first of all: Inception Fandom Rare Ship Fest is happening now in the [community profile] inception comm. Go check it out! Leave prompts, fill prompts, and give your favorite rare ships some love :D

Speaking of prompts, there has been talk on twitter about this prompt at the kink meme. The degree to which this is relevant to my interests cannot be textually rendered at the present time, so really all I can say is slkghklghsl OH MY GOD YES PLEASE. I feel like we need to gather up all the amazing prompts that have gone unfilled, and then, IDK BRIBE AWESOME PEOPLE TO WRITE THEM. IN THE NAME OF FILTHY PORN.

On the subject of the many things I desperately need in my life, I would like to talk about JGL's teeny tiny thighs. MY GOD DOES HE KNOW HOW TO WEAR PANTS. But my point right now is what's inside those pants. I mean obvs amazing things, but let us focus on the thighs right now.


Pretty pants )

In conclusion: THIGHS.


Which Eames holds open with his BIG GIANT ARMS.



ETA: [personal profile] asunder wrote thigh porn \o/

[personal profile] toomuchplor wrote Arthur's thighs/Eames' beard. OTP FOREVER :D
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Okay, so nine minute This Means War sneak peek. slfkhslkhsgh YOU GUYS. I JUST.


My brain is like physically unable to cope with how amazing Tom looks in this movie. You'd think after all this time I'd be somewhat prepared. AND YET. He looks amazing. He sounds amazing. EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM IS AMAZING OH MY GOD.

Also, are those shots toward the end of Tom and Chris on the road with the guns from the reshoots? Because Tom looks all bulked up. That is gonna be so hilarious when he just randomly gets all huge in the middle of a scene and then shrinks back down again. And it looks like it's going to be even more noticeable than in Inception.

I went back and looked at my journal, and I first posted about This Means War in the end of October of 2010, and first mentioned how fucking amazing Tom Hardy looks in the blue shirt of perfection a few days later. YOU GUYS. WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR FIFTEEN MONTHS. FOR A MOVIE THAT PROBABLY IS KIND OF TERRIBLE. THAT IS A REALLY LONG TIME TO WAIT FOR SUCH A THING OKAY. But whatever. There is nothing that could keep me away from this. NOTHING.


We get him all sweaty with tattoos and guns nnnngh YES PLEASE. We get him wearing a sweater over a buttondown with the sleeves rolled up. AND WE GET IT MORE THAN ONCE. We get him in a suit. OH MY GOD DO WE GET HIM IN A SUIT.


And of course, the blue shirt of perfection. Finally in my eyeballs on the big screen after all this time. I MIGHT ACTUALLY DIE.


I am gonna have the most embarrassingly ridiculous reaction in the theater AND I DON'T EVEN CARE I JUST WANT IT NOW PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

Hey guys! I hope you are all having an awesome day, and that your brains are full of pretty things, like Tom Hardy's perfect face ♥


Nov. 26th, 2011 10:12 am
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Okay, so Philly area Inception people! A couple of us are planning a v. informal Inception meetup at Nodding Head (15th and Sansom) for Sunday brunch. The date is still up in the air, but I shall let you know as soon as it's final. Everyone is welcome, just let me know if you're interested so I can pass along the details, and also so I can reserve a table in case the group gets big. Anyway! It will be awesome, I promise :D We will discuss the pure and beautiful love of Arthur and Eames, and maybe even answer the age old question: JUST WHAT DOES EAMES MAKE ARTHUR FOR BRUNCH AFTER HE FUCKS HIM ALL NIGHT LONG?

Today is Saturday. I actually have to do a bit of work later which kind of sucks, but it is really hard for me to be sad right now because fandom has been so very delightful these past few days. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH OMG ♥ And now I shall leave you with another question to ponder: has there ever been a more perfectly shaped head in the history of humans?


Okay, so that's not really much of a question because THE ANSWER IS NO NO THERE HAS NOT ♥
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Okay, so if you have not yet seen this video of JGL flashing his adorable dimpleface all over the place, you really must do yourself a favor and watch.

And then. AND THEN. Can we please talk about his pants.


In case you were wondering, this is my type.


WHY YES BB DIMPLEFACE I WOULD LIKE TO HIT RECORD THANK YOU FOR ASKING. sdklghds anyway! From a purely physical standpoint, this is my type pretty much exactly. ASSUMING OF COURSE HE IS WEARING THE PANTS PICTURED ABOVE. Seriously, the boy's glasses are almost identical, and he wears a version of that outfit (minus the tie) almost every single day. The reason, of course, is that I buy all his clothes, but that is a conversation for another day :D

So yeah, my type is well-dressed skinny boys with glasses. So why oh why am I so desperately attracted to this?


The answer is Tom Hardy. THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS TOM HARDY ♥
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Yesterday I had a v.v. profound and intellectually stimulating conversation with [ profile] bookshop, [ profile] eleveninches, and [ profile] five_ht about the many ways Arthur appreciates Eames' giant arms. This basically involves Arthur getting manhandled all over the place and ends with Eames fucking him up against various surfaces. OBVIOUSLY.

There are many many MANY things I could say about my desire for Eames to BEND ARTHUR OVER ALL THE THINGS AND FUCK HIM UNTIL HE SCREAMS but that is a really big conversation, so today I am only going to focus on one piece: EAMES HAS GIANT ARMS. ARTHUR LOVES IT.



So, now my question for you guys is EAMES HAS GIANT ARMS AND ARTHUR LOVES IT. Which, okay, isn't really a question since this is basically fact, but still. How does Arthur appreciate Eames' arms? What ridiculous scenarios do you want to see where Eames lifts things aka Arthur? And how does Arthur use his own strength to be an even bigger slut for Eames' cock? Because seriously, you guys. I MEAN REALLY.


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1. The Inception Kink Fest! I know I keep posting about it, but it KEEPS BEING AWESOME. Seriously, I am just delighted at how it turned out. I'm really happy to see some fills for kinks that are less common in fic and art, and so many people getting excited about them. THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT. LOTS AND LOTS OF PORN :D Anyway, I did not have the chance to update the masterlist with all of the LJ WTFery of yesterday, but I promise I'll get that done today. There are still lots of unfilled prompts, so check it out and see if something inspires you. And thank you so much to everyone who participated by contributing prompts, filling prompts, or commenting on the many fills :D

2. A long, long time ago, before there was a movie called Inception, and before the word BAM turned me into a gibbering mess, [ profile] skellerbvvt took up the challenge to write all my favorite things in one deliciously filthy Merlin fic: underage/age difference, teacher/student, spanking, D/s, barebacking, and felching. IT WAS GLORIOUS. THEN THERE WAS A SEQUEL. ANYWAY. Skeller wrote another commentfic sequel which includes so many amazing things such as Merlin in a school uniform and EVEN MORE SPANKING and extra fingers of true loooooove ♥

3. Oh hey, Arthur. Nice pants. What are you going to do with that tie, bb?



4. Speaking of which.


I am totally willing to overlook the fact that those pants need to be hemmed because OH MY GOD HIS THIGHS. I was talking yesterday about how he looks so very climbable even when he's not all bulked up. HE IS QUITE STURDY IS WHAT I AM SAYING TO YOU AND THAT GIVES ME SO MANY WONDERFUL IDEAS ♥

Hey guys hey. What are you up to today? Awesome things, I hope :D
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Okay so LJ. WHAT EVEN. Now that's out of the way, let's talk about awesome things, shall we? Such as TOM HARDY. IN A SUPERMAN T-SHIRT sdlfkjgdflkhjfdl Apparently that pic was shopped and I am so bereft with no new filming pics that I FLAILED ALL OVER THE PLACE at the hint of something new *sob sob sob* Here, have this one instead, which is tiny and only shows the top of his head, BUT STILL. TOM HARDY.


Apparently this was on the set of The Wettest County? Idk, but it certainly looks like it. His face, you guys. HIS FAAAAAACE I LOVE IT ♥

Speaking of which, TOM HARDY COVERED IN (FAKE) BLOOD) )

And because yesterday I got yelled at for not including JGL, here is wee bb dimpleface look all sorts of delicious.


Hi bb hi hiiiii. Look at him wearing a sweater over a buttondown. SUCH A GOOD BOY ♥

Also! Today while LJ was down, I attempted to break my crushing writer's block with twitfic, which was actually a ridiculous amount of fun. And just to show you how unreasonably happy I am that I wrote some words, I'm going to share this ridiculousness with you. IT'S JUST THAT IT'S BEEN A REALLY LONG TIME SINCE I'VE WRITTEN ANYTHING YOU SEE.


1. "Those are Gucci yoga pants," Arthur frowned. "Hush darling," Eames said as he tossed the pants aside, "and show me how far you can bend."

2. After years of dancing around, Arthur finally pushes Eames against the wall. He traces his thumb over Eames' lower lip. "Kiss me," he says.

3. Eames pushes his fingers in where Arthur is all wet & open & slick with his come. "You like that?" Eames asks. Arthur moans & begs for more.

4. "Your arse looks exquisite in your impeccably tailored Italian wool trousers," Eames says. "Thanks", Arthur says. "Now shut up and fuck me."

5. "This one." Arthur holds a tie up to Eames' neck. Eames scowls. "I'll let you tie me up with it," Arthur says. "I'll take two," Eames grins.

6. Eames rubs slick fingers where Arthur is stretched tight around his cock before pushing one in. "You're so pretty when you take it for me."

7. "This is appalling," Arthur says, holding up a photo. "I was 19," Eames starts, then notices the heated look in Arthur's eyes. "Oh, Arthur."


1. "You look hot,"Merlin says, touching Arthur's new glasses. "You always say that," Arthur tells him. "Because it's always true." Merlin says.

2. Arthur pushes Merlin back and pins his hands above his head. "What do I win?" Merlin asks breathlessly. "Anything you want," Arthur replies.

3. "Magic?" Arthur frowns. Merlin waits, frozen on the edge of the moment until Arthur steps close and smiles. "Show me," he says. Merlin does.

I know I know but THEY ARE WORDS. THAT I WROTE. This is kind of a big deal for me right now, and I'm taking my victories where I can find them SO THERE :D

In other news, I am in fact going to switch my default user icon. MAYBE. [ profile] derryere is working on it. Until then SOMEONE HOLD ME D: D: D:
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1. The Inception Kink Fest is still going strong! I updated the masterlist this morning with about 20 more links, and there are now 80+ fills (and once again, please let me know if links are missing/broken!) SO AWESOME. I'm still not all caught up with reading because there is just so much of it lkjgldsgjdl I LOVE YOU GUYS AND THIS FANDOM SO MUCH IT HURTS ♥

2. By now, I'm sure you've all seen the new pics of Colin Morgan, as they appeared all over my flist yesterday, however I could not let this one go without comment, because, WELL.

This is so good for me )

3. Speaking of my love for well dressed men...



4. [ profile] hermette hosted a cuddle fest last night, as a bunch of people were feeling a bit down, and the post is full of everything from comment fic to snuggly animals to NSFW porn, so check it out if you're in need of cheering up ♥

5. Um, I might be considering changing my default icon? I've had this one for more than two years now, and every time I think about changing it I get all panicky because I am terribly attached, but maybe it's time? sldjgslkgj IDK SOMEONE HELP D:

Now I must go clean my house. Which basically means I crank up the cheesy dance music and twirl from room to room, possibly cleaning a few things along the way. WHAT LIKE YOU DON'T DO THE VERY SAME THING.
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1. The Inception Kink Fest is so amazing, you guys. Seriously, I am DROWNING IN PORN right now and if there is anything in life better than that I do not know what it is. I still haven't managed to read everything, but I am happily working my way through. SO MUCH PORN I LOVE IT ♥ I want to get the masterlist updated, but so far, I'm only through the first page of comments. Until then, browse the comments because there is tons of awesome stuff in there. OH AND KEEP WRITING :D

2. I saw this gif on tumblr the other day and was like WHY ISN'T IT BIGGER IT NEEDS TO BE BIGGER OMG.


Anyway! Someone tweeted me the link to this video, and now I have... forgotten who that was D: AND I AM SORRY FOR BEING SO FLAKY BUT THANK YOU AWESOME PERSON!

I've seen pictures and gifs from this interview, but never the whole thing, and seriously, I am dying. JGL's hair looks amazing and he outfit makes me clap my hands in glee and HIS DIMPLES ARE VISIBLE FROM THE MOON OMG and he and Zooey are so ridiculously adorable together that I almost can't even stand it ♥




4. I woke up this morning to SNOW WTAF APRIL. I am so very unamused. But it's okay! I am choosing to reject this snowy reality, and so I'm wearing summery shoes.


OKAY YES WITH TIGHTS BUT STILL. Red shoes make every day brighter ♥

Hey guys! Happy Friday :D

ETA: [ profile] physicsxmagic coded the rest of the Kink Fest Masterlist because she is FABULOUS ♥ Let me know if you find any broken/missing links and I shall update.
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slkgjldkhjgfsd JFC. I CANNOT EVEN. Like, this is actualfax porn right here, I am not even kidding. Last night, [ profile] gyzym was like I AM PRETTY SURE HE IS FUCKING THAT TOOTHPICK WITH HIS MOUTH and just. YEAH.

I feel kind of bad for ignoring poor bb dimpleface in that gif, so let us appreciate how very lovely he is in stripes.


Mmmm YES. So pretty, and I love his dedication to fashion even while injured. It's just... TOM HARDY'S MOUTH WHAT EVEN.



Adventures in cooking was, um. INTERESTING. I managed to fuck up, A LOT, and was mocked mercilessly by [ profile] rageprufrock, [ profile] leupagus, and [ profile] summertea for it. WHICH THANKS FOR THAT YOU GUYS. I AM SO GLAD YOU BELIEVE IN ME :| I forgot things, I lost things, and we are totally not talking about the part when this happened, because the point is that the soup was delicious. NO REALLY. My kitchen was a disaster area, but grilled cheese and tomato soup has never tasted so good, and [ profile] skellerbvvt was proud :D Maybe it was the way I delicately seasoned it with my tears?

But in between me shedding 573839576 tears at my own ineptitude, and everyone else cackling in glee as I fucked up YET AGAIN, there was a conversation on twitter that I am now going to share with you. Basically what happened was this: Pru compared my complete and utter fail to what would happen if Arthur was in the kitchen, and I asked if this meant Eames would come in any moment to have his way with me while the soup burned. Pru then bet me ONE MILLION DOLLARS that Arthur would think of the soup while Eames was in the process of trying to bend him over something, while I am of the opinion that Arthur would be all like passing Eames the olive oil if you receive my meaning. I SAY WE LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE :D

[Poll #1723741]

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I am having one of those days where my brain is all over the place and I have like 438290204 things to do but I CANNOT SEEM TO GET A SINGLE THING DONE lskjglskhgjls.

ANYWAY. Yesterday was awesome because I made cookies, following all of [ profile] skellerbvvt's rules, and in return I got Rule Ten updates that were basically ALL OF MY FAVORITE THINGS. So, you know, cookies and porn. Not a bad way to spend my evening. Skeller continues to use all of my kinks against me, and at this point I am fairly certain she is working her way down an actualfax checklist or something. In any case, it is really good for me. I MAY HAVE ACTUALLY STOPPED BREATHING ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION.

Speaking of which, there was an entire group cookie making project on Twitter, which was all kinds of fun. If you want to come hang out for possible future cookie making shenanigans, and definite future ridiculousness, you can find me here. I must warn you that while I don't think I'm super spammy, my tweets tend to be mostly capslocky nonsense. WHICH SHOULD NOT BE SURPRISING. But I also have an unfortunate tendency to prematurely tweet an embarrassingly high percentage of the time, which I blame on the fact that the apostrophe is entirely too close to the enter key, and I just get way too excited to tell the difference. Anyway, if your twitter name is not the same as your LJ name you should tell me, otherwise I will have NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON. BECAUSE I AM EASILY CONFUSED.

AWESOME THING: The full version of the Tom Hardy workout video.

OKAY SO YEAH THIS IS BASICALLY PORN. Like, for real. So much thrusting all over the place and JFC HIS ASS. Also, we get to hear PNut say things like, lift your bum and on your back which can safely be filed under THINGS I DESPERATELY WANT TO SAY TO TOM HARDY ESPECIALLY WHEN HE LOOKS AT ME LIKE THIS.


It turns out JGL can make that very same face.


And yeah, I would also like to tell him to get on his back and then start ordering his pretty little bum around. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES :D

ALSO ALSO. That video reminds me of the fact that I really want some Arthur/Eames workout fic. Like Idk maybe Arthur has to meet Eames at the gym or something, and Arthur is all srs bsns, but Eames is just like HEY COME SPOT ME WHILE YOU TALK and Arthur keeps trying to tell Eames the very important details of this job or something, only he's really distracted by the way Eames' arms and shoulders look when he lifts and the line of sweat that's running down his neck and he's like 99% certain that Eames isn't wearing any underwear and somehow this leads to a very different kind of workout featuring Eames' massive arms pinning Arthur down and Arthur doing as he's told with his pretty bottom BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE AWESOME, YES?

[ profile] minimerlin is in like two weeks. I AM SO EXCITED OMG \o/
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So, Tom Hardy waving his dick around is a hard act to follow, but I'm holding out hope that today manages to live up. Also, hi new people! I assume it was Tom Hardy's cock that brought you here, and if that's the case then I am sorry I don't have more to show you today, but rest assured, I TALK ABOUT IT LOTS :D

We do have a new pic of Tom at the airport in Georgia. Okay, so maybe we aren't getting anything like the awesomeness from This Means War filming, but it's Tom Hardy! IN HIS PINK TANK TOP! AND HIS FUCKING ARMS NNNNNGH.



Last night, news came out that JGL will be playing Alberto Falcone in TDKR. FULL DISCLOSURE TIME. Here is what I know about Batman: he lives in cave and goes out to help people when someone sends out the bat signal THE END. I am hopping on this bandwagon for the pretty and I have absolutely no shame in admitting that. But I hear from people who know things that Alberto Falcone is some kind of badass serial killer mafia dude who wears suits, so I say FUCK YES. Because really, more JGL in suits looking like he wants to fuck some shit up is ALWAYS a good thing as far as I'm concerned.


Or, you know, THIS )

And finally, a rec, which seems unnecessary at this point since this fic has quite the following, but it's been so awesome lately I can't not mention it: Rule Ten by [ profile] skellerbvvt. OKAY. So I don't really want to get to embarrassingly fangirly here, but you guys. THIS FIC. It owns my heart right now. D/s is one of my biggest kinks ever, but I have a hard time finding fic that gets the dynamic just right for me. I also think it can be a really tricky thing to write well, because when it comes to the emotional aspects/getting into headspace/etc, I find that a lot of fic ends up telling instead of showing. But [ profile] skellerbvvt gets it so exactly right that I swear, it is like she is inside my head sometimes, giving me all the things I wanted in just exactly the way I wanted them and didn't even know. I don't know how she does it, but her words get inside their heads and inside the kinks and takes it all apart and then shows us all of these things that I don't think I could put into words if I tried. Basically, I just want to point and flail and say THAT. YES. EXACTLY THAT.

The last few parts have left me literally breathless, and like clutching at the arms of my chair so that I don't topple over right there on the spot. And I am kind of worried that maybe I won't survive to the end, because here is the thing. Skeller knows my kinks. SHE KNOWS ALL OF THEM. EVERY ONE. And she has promised to use them all against me in the very best way, which she has totally done before. But, hey. Death by kink. WHAT A WAY TO GO ♥
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Okay, so yesterday I said that I was kind of having a weird week and not feeling my absolute best. WELL. It seems as though fandom doesn't want me to have a bad week. FANDOM ISN'T GOING TO ALLOW ME TO HAVE A BAD WEEK BY REPEATEDLY THROWING ME AWESOME THINGS UNTIL I COLLAPSE UNDER THE VERY WEIGHT OF IT AND FLAIL MYSELF INTO A VORTEX OF SQUEE. I shall just have to accept this.

This week has already given me Bradley James with a twitter and Rule Ten updates that left me clapping my hands in glee. Then came lots of new Inception stills, which basically reaffirmed my belief that EAMES IS THE AWESOMEST OKAY.



AND THEN. AND THEN. Last night, we got the news that JGL has been confirmed for TDKR sldkgjdls;ghjda; OH MY GOD. And okay, the truth is that I've been treating this news like it's been confirmed for a couple weeks now, but this means that now I will not end up brokenhearted so YAY \o/ And I love love love the pic they chose of bb dimpleface for the article (his hair, I want to touch his hair OH YES) only it was so teeny tiny, so let's fix that, shall we?


DIMPLES SHOULD ALWAYS BE BIG :D And YOU GUYS. THESE THINGS. THEY ARE SO AWESOME. The poster alone was enough to make my Friday, so when the JGL news came out, I was positively gleeful, and I went to bed feeling like the happiest fangirl ever. So when I woke up this morning at 6:00 on a freaking Saturday wtf wtf, I couldn't even feel a tiny bit grumpy because OMG TOM HARDY AND JGL IN BATMAN TOGETHER HOLY SHIT THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING. Think of the fic and the joint interviews and the shadow boxing on set *flail flail flail* And then I checked tumblr, only to find something even more awesome just waiting for me.


Because I am the luckiest girl ever, and because Tom Hardy is not an actualfax real person (see my mathematical proof here) we now have the short film Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother, in which Tom Hardy takes off all his clothes and shows off his extremely lickable body, available online, where we can watch it, repeatedly, AND THEN FLAIL ALL OVER THE PLACE BECAUSE TOM HARDY'S COCK slkhgslkhs;dhjds; ETA:OMG YOU GUYS WHERE DID IT GO?? IT WAS THERE AND I WATCHED IT AND THEN I WATCHED IT AGAIN (AND OKAY AGAIN AND AGAIN) BUT NOW IT IS GONE AND I STILL HAVE IT OPEN IN A TAB BUT IT'S NOT AT THE WEBSITE ANYMORE AND WHY IS IT NOT THERE ANYMORE D:IT HAS BEEN FOUND AGAIN \o/

Do you remember those caps that came out where we were all like OMG TOM HARDY SCULPTING WHILE SHIRTLESS NNNNNNGH ARM?


Well, it turns out he's not shirtless after all. I mean he is, obviously, but that is not all. HE IS NOT JUST WITHOUT A SHIRT IS WHAT I AM SAYING TO YOU. RIGHT AFTER THIS HAPPENS, HE GETS UP FROM THE TABLE AND WE SEE THAT HE IS IN FACT WITHOUT ANY CLOTHING AT ALL. THIS IS A GLORIOUS THING MY FRIENDS. He is so naked, you guys. SO TOTALLY NAKED. And lsdjgs;hjs he looks so good oh my god. He's slimmer than he's looked recently, but OH MY LORD HIS THIGHS ARE A THING OF BEAUTY. And really, someone should compose an epic ode to his magnificent ass because JESUS CHRIST TOM HARDY WHAT EVEN.

This is not a flash of nudity. This is not a blink and you'll miss it kind of a thing. Blink a couple times. Close your eyes for a minute or two. When you open them, you'll still get to see TOM HARDY'S COCK. We see it head on. We see it in profile. WEE SEE IT IN MOTION WHEN HE WAGGLES IT AROUND BECAUSE THE UNIVERSE IS IN FACT A BEAUTIFUL PLACE.

And yes, I realize this is not the first time we've seen it, since Tom Hardy is ridiculous and perfect and not fucking real, and has dropped his pants with somewhat alarming frequency, but this is all new angles and lighting and TOM HARDY'S COCK sjgds;lgjdsa

There's an article here about the short film festival where Sergeant Slaughter was shown, which is full of typos and random capitalization, but it's okay because Tom Hardy stuns the World. WITH HIS COCK.


P.S. Please tell me someone has it saved. I mean, this is the internet. NOTHING DISAPPEARS FOREVER.


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From the official Warrior site. AND NOW I AM OFFICIALLY DEAD.
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1. I will have more to say about yesterday's poll results later, but for right now I would like to note that out of 277 votes, only 17 of you said you'd be writing Merlin fic during the hiatus. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE D: Especially since everyone agreed that Bradley's hair is in fact the shiniest thing in the world (note: since no one provided photographic evidence to the contrary all NO votes have been declared null and void by me SO THERE.) Where are you, Merlin fic writers?

2. Speaking of the poll, the people have spoken: INCEPTION FANDOM NEEDS MORE FIRST TIME BAREBACKING. You guys. Filthy wet messy sex is in my top five kinks of all time, and I absolutely cannot get enough of it. I love love love that Inception fandom has so much barebacking in general, but first time barebacking is like OFF THE CHARTS LEVELS OF HOT especially when there is a whole emotional significance attached. Because nothing says I love you like Eames coming in Arthur's ass for the first time. WHICH LEADS TO EAMES FINGERING ARTHUR AFTER, ALL DELIGHTED AT HOW MESSY HE IS. WHICH LEADS TO ARTHUR LOVING HOW IT FEELS BECAUSE, WELL, HE IS ARTHUR. WHICH LEADS TO MORE FUCKING. It is a never ending cycle of love and trust and COME EVERYWHERE. AND THEN THEY CUDDLE ♥

3. The other day when I posted about JGL wearing hoodies, there was some discussion of Arthur wearing Eames' hoodies, and [ profile] ilovetakahana even wrote comment fic about it. I failed to say so at the time, but I have such a thing for clothes sharing. FOR REAL. So! Won't you rec me your favorite fics where boys share each other's clothes, please and thank you? Merlin or Inception. And if this fic doesn't exist yet, well. I THINK YOU ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS :D

4. Yesterday I got yelled at because I did not include any pics of JGL in my post. I AM SORRY YOU GUYS THERE IS JUST A LOT OF PRETTY AND IT CANNOT ALL BE CONTAINED IN EVERY ENTRY OR MY LJ MIGHT EXPLODE OR SOMETHING. To make up for this transgression, here is bb dimpleface in a suit (AND NOT A HOODIE.)


Speaking of suits... )

5. Actually, it turns out I need your help again. Let's just say that you knew someone who was very hesitantly maybe sort of thinking about possibly placing a single toe upon the Tom Hardy train, and up until this point, this hypothetical person was not what you would call Tom Hardy's biggest fan. What pics would you use to convince them that that train really is the best party in town without scaring them off? NOTHING TOO RIDICULOUS BECAUSE THEY ARE CLEARLY NOT READY FOR THAT YET. JUST TOM AT HIS MOST ADORABLE. I shall start.


sdlkfjdsl HOW IS HE SO CUTE IDEK. And also this.


Nnnnngh YES.

Changing clocks throws me all off for days. I am protesting this my staying in my pjs all day today. I FEEL THIS IS AN ACCEPTABLE WAY TO VOICE MY DISCONTENT. Hi guys hi ♥

ETA: [ profile] five_of_five is writing photo shoot fic :D

Shine on

Mar. 12th, 2011 10:38 am
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1. Important business: [ profile] help_japan is organizing a multi-fandom multi-media auction to raise funds to assist Japan after the earthquake and tsunami. The comm has an informational post with links to news about the disaster and list of organizations accepting donations. Every little bit helps ♥

2. I am trying to go back through my posts and tag all of the ones that contain comment fic, art, or other assorted goodies in the comments. THIS IS NOT AN EASY TASK MY FRIENDS. But since you guys are awesome enough to fill the comments with so many amazing things, the least I can do is make them easier for everyone to find. I don't expect to be finished anytime soon because THERE IS SO MUCH OMG and also because I am extremely flaky and easily distracted by shiny things, and therefore am taking frequent breaks for porn and cookies. But I will get there! In the meantime, remember that every day is comment fic day around here :D

3. I have to tell you guys that Inception fandom porn is coming close to making all of my filthy dreams come true, and my dreams are really fucking filthy. Aside from all of the glorious jailbait porn, which is my number one bulletproof kink and which I will NEVER EVER EVER GET SICK OF NO MATTER HOW MUCH IS WRITTEN, there were three fisting fics in the last week. That is amazing. I think Inception fandom might just be capable of giving Arthur everything his ass desires AND THAT IS REALLY SAYING SOMETHING BECAUSE HE HAS THE GREEDIEST ASS OF THEM ALL. Basically what I am saying to you is this: never stop writing filthy porn ♥

4. Today I received this anonymous comment about Bradley's hair: His hair isn't even shiny, My hair is way more shinier than his. That's just a bunch of hair products on his hair and I have natural shine. JUST. WHAT.


lkdshdsl GLOWING YOU GUYS, HE IS GLOWING. Bradley's hair is like a beacon of light guiding us all on the path to pretty things. It is a symbol of all that is good and right in this world. It is a light in dark places when all other lights go out... no wait, that's something else. sldkjgdflk MY POINT IS THAT HIS HAIR IS THE SHINIEST FULL STOP. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS.

5. There is not enough Tom Hardy in this post.


I love when his tattoos peek out of his shirt like that and I desperately want to imagine licking all over them, but I cannot tear my eyes away from his mouth long enough to think about it properly. JFC WHAT EVEN.

I think it's time for a poll, do you agree? GOOD :D

[Poll #1716954]

I hope your day is lovely :D
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1. First up! Awesome things for sharing:

+ [ profile] recrudescence is writing comment fic in which Arthur gets stoned and tries to talk Eames into fisting him (make sure to scroll down so you see all the parts.) This is amazingly hot for something that has no porn. YET.

+ [ profile] foxxcub wrote bb boys in kindegarten. Adorable beyond words ♥

+ [ profile] kairosx drew a picture of wee Arthur and Eames to go with [ profile] foxxcub's fic, and I actually squeaked when I saw Arthur's outfit :D

+ [ profile] eternalsojourn wrote piano porn that is nice and filthy.

SO MANY THINGS. I was thinking about making a tag for entries that contain comment fic, art, and other assorted goodies and then going back to tag the relevant entries to make them easier to find, but lskgjhsld YOU GUYS. There are so many entries with awesome stuff inside. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ♥

2. I am still only sporadically getting comment notifications, so if you're expecting a response on something and I haven't replied, just poke me again. THIS IS NOT COOL LJ. NOT COOL AT ALL.

3. If you haven't been there yet, check out the Merlin fandom Music and Lyrics comment fic fest that [ profile] lolafeist is hosting. Already there is lots of stuff to read!

4. Okay, so JGL. I love his hair like this, not crazy about the neck beard but I can let it slide, the coat is lovely, but can we please talk about the fact that he is WEARING A HOODIE UNDER HIS COAT?


What is going on here )

5. Speaking of boys in hoodies.



Aaaaand that is all! I hope your day is awesome ♥

ETA: [ profile] ilovetakahana wrote Arthur wearing Eames' hoodie :D

[ profile] regicidaldwarf started a HS AU in which Eames gets his tongue pierced \o/

[ profile] adelaide_rain also wrote Eames with a tongue piercing!

[ profile] sometimesalways posted a boys in hoodies picspam, which is probably NSFW due to nipple licking :D
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1. So, apparently Bradley went to see Colin's play, and then they went to a bar together after. AND APPARENTLY I MISSED THE ENTIRE FLAIL PARTY YESTERDAY WTF RL WHY MUST YOU INTERFERE WITH MY TINHATTING LIKE THIS D: So here is my own private little flail party: lsdhjflsdkgh OMG OMG BOOOOOYS ♥_______♥ Seriously, it feels like it's been forever since we've had those two being all adorbs and boyfriendly with each other which makes this EXTRA AWESOME. Is there fic yet? THERE REALLY SHOULD BE FIC.

2. Yesterday I posted this picture of JGL and his broken cigarette of emo-ness, then [ profile] five_ht posted this picture, in which they both they are both sexy as fuck, and then [ profile] defenerstate drew this, which is just SO HOT. They should always wear suits and light each other's cigarettes in a sexy way and MAKE OUT ALL OVER THE PLACE ♥

3. Speaking of JGL, it seems like in all the photo shoots he did when he was in that jailbaity-but-really-legal phase he's always giving his best super srs bsns emoface. Maybe he was worried that if he flashed those dimples around everyone would think he was FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. Or maybe he just really wanted the world to understand his pain.


Oh, bb. Why so emo? )

ANYWAY. That is quite enough emo for one day, don't you think?



4. Okay, so in this picture, EVERYONE IS STARING AT TOM.


Idk if this is because they're actually filming right then, or if they are just captivated by his perfectly shaped head, the blue shirt of perfection, and his fucking mouth that is probably doing something pornographic in that very moment.

ALSO NIPPLES. WE CANNOT FORGET THE NIPPLES. I mean, c'mon. Wouldn't you stare? Or possibly climb that like a tree?


This Tuesday needs more coffee. Perhaps it will be a double triple latte day. HI :D
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Once again, the fannish circle of awesome is at work. SEE FOR YOURSELF: [ profile] platina posts a poll about Arthur and Eames' cocks, which leads to this ridiculousness about how much Arthur can take, which leads to [ profile] platina and me shamelessly encouraging [ profile] five_ht to write fisting comment fic, which leads to [ profile] delires drunkenly wishing for more fisting, which leads to EVEN MORE FISTING COMMENT FIC. Behold:

+ fluffy fisting by [ profile] five_ht
+ chav verse fisting by [ profile] delires

And even more porn:

+ size kink by [ profile] sometimesalways


Unrelated to all of this ridiculousness, but very much related to things that are awesome (and Arthur's ass getting lots of love):

+ The Sweetest Downfall by [ profile] toomuchplor, in which Eames is smitten with Arthur's hair when it's all soft and curly. This is so lovely and delightful ♥

Moving along, I came across this pic on tumblr the other day, and proceeded to get lost in his eyes for like, Idk. A REALLY LONG TIME.


A really really long time... aldhgfsld WHAT WAS I SAYING. Anyway, that pic is from the article back when he got the Union Jack tattoo on his chest. I reread it, and seriously, I ADORE HIM. I was talking about his tattoos with [ profile] zanzando recently, and I said that I genuinely love all of his tattoos because of the way he describes them as a map of his life. I love how he acknowledges that some are mistakes, but that doesn't change that they're a part of him and his history, and that just makes his tattoos more attractive to me. That goes for anyone, really, not just Tom. Hearing the story behind tattoos and how they're meaningful to a person always makes me appreciate them so much more.

But let's not kid ourselves, okay. THEY'RE ALSO JUST FUCKING HOT.




I mean I realize he is making that super srs bsns face and all, but he just looks so young, and what is even going on with his hair I have no idea. I feel like he's trying to be all like, I'M SO BADASS, but he just looks like he's cutting class and hiding behind the sports equipment storage shed and smoking cigarettes he stole from his dad and thinking about how NO ONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD UNDERSTANDS HIS ANGST, when all of the sudden, hot older Eames wanders up and... WELL. Okay, I am sorry, I cannot help it. This is just where my brain goes. EVERY SINGLE TIME :D

Hey you guys! Happy Monday ♥
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1. Yesterday's post of recs now has approximately 374950778 links to amazing fic and art and vids. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR MAKING IT AWESOME. If you're looking for something to do with your Sunday (or Monday for those of you from ~THE FUTURE~) you should check it out! Also, feel free to add more if there's something you love that hasn't been linked. There is always room for more :D

2. [ profile] platina is conducting a v.v. scientific poll about Arthur and Eames' cocks, and I think we can all agree that this is SUPER SRS BSNS, so go over there and vote. IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE. Also, there is much hilarity in the comments, including awesome artwork of Arthur's Penrose ass by [ profile] froggie. The thread starts here, and ends with brilliant (and NSFW!) art. ILU FANDOM. SO MUCH ♥

3. As I am sure you all know by now, LJ is having issues with email comment notifications, but apparently not everyone is affected. I AM AFFECTED D: I've only gotten a handful of comments by email over the past three days, so if you asked me something in a comment somewhere and I did not reply, I promise I am not ignoring you. WHY LJ WHYYYYYY.

4. There are too many words and not enough pretty in this entry.



5. I posted this pic in the comments of [ profile] platina's entry, but I would really like to talk about it because, um.




ETA: [ profile] five_ht wrote fluffy fisting comment fic \o/

Aaaand more comment porn by [ profile] sometimesalways :D

Now there is chav verse fisting by [ profile] delires


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