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1. The Inception Kink Fest is so amazing, you guys. Seriously, I am DROWNING IN PORN right now and if there is anything in life better than that I do not know what it is. I still haven't managed to read everything, but I am happily working my way through. SO MUCH PORN I LOVE IT ♥ I want to get the masterlist updated, but so far, I'm only through the first page of comments. Until then, browse the comments because there is tons of awesome stuff in there. OH AND KEEP WRITING :D

2. I saw this gif on tumblr the other day and was like WHY ISN'T IT BIGGER IT NEEDS TO BE BIGGER OMG.


Anyway! Someone tweeted me the link to this video, and now I have... forgotten who that was D: AND I AM SORRY FOR BEING SO FLAKY BUT THANK YOU AWESOME PERSON!

I've seen pictures and gifs from this interview, but never the whole thing, and seriously, I am dying. JGL's hair looks amazing and he outfit makes me clap my hands in glee and HIS DIMPLES ARE VISIBLE FROM THE MOON OMG and he and Zooey are so ridiculously adorable together that I almost can't even stand it ♥




4. I woke up this morning to SNOW WTAF APRIL. I am so very unamused. But it's okay! I am choosing to reject this snowy reality, and so I'm wearing summery shoes.


OKAY YES WITH TIGHTS BUT STILL. Red shoes make every day brighter ♥

Hey guys! Happy Friday :D

ETA: [ profile] physicsxmagic coded the rest of the Kink Fest Masterlist because she is FABULOUS ♥ Let me know if you find any broken/missing links and I shall update.
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YOU GUYS. HI. This has not been my favorite week. BASICALLY I FEEL LIKE ARTHUR RIGHT NOW.


But no one wants to talk about that, especially not me, so let us talk about awesome things instead, yes? YES.

Awesome thing #1: Tom Hardy's nipples.





Hi bb hiiii )

Awesome thing #3: Learning that people have found my journal through google searches for Arthur Eames rimming, Tom Hardy's nipples, and fucking JGL. kljlsdgjs YOU GUYS. THAT FILLS ME WITH SO MUCH GLEE YOU HAVE NO IDEA :D

Awesome thing #4: When life gives me lemons, I wear pretty shoes.

Because they make everything better )
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Yesterday was one of those days in fandom when the awesome stuff JUST. KEEPS. COMING. I LOVE THOSE DAYS SO MUCH :D

1. Okay, so Awesome Thing #1 happened when [ profile] mirandafox linked me to this Tom Hardy interview/article. I read it on my phone while I was at the grocery store, and I was like SQUEAKING ALOUD AND LEANING ONTO A SHELF SO THAT I DID NOT FALL TO THE GROUND ON THE SPOT. SUCH WAS MY JOY.

Tom Hardy getting a tattoo, with coffee and his phone. I COULD NOT LOVE HIM MORE IT IS SIMPLY NOT POSSIBLE.




For once, I approve of the outfit )

3. In news of things that are less happyface making, we got official proof that Bradley's ill advised facial hair is back. YOU GUYS. I have very strong feelings about his jawline. Perhaps you have heard? I MEAN I ONLY TALK ABOUT IT BASICALLY ALL THE TIME OKAY. For those of you who did not have to listen to me go on and on and on about Bradley's poor decisions about shaving last year, the bottom line is this: he has the most perfect jaw in existence and it is a crime against humanity to cover it up THE END. This picture is trying really fucking hard to change my mind but I will not be swayed. WHAT IS HE EVEN DOING IDK BUT IT MAKES ME WEEP FOR HIS BEAUTIFUL FACE :((

Ahaha, I am like physically unable to embed a picture of unshaven Bradley on my journal /o\ THE LINKS WILL HAVE TO BE ENOUGH I AM SORRY D:

4. Speaking of Bradley and the random fuzzy stuff growing across his lovely face, I will tell you that I am unreasonably hard on him, as I am totally fine with other boys skipping the razor for a few days.

Witness the unfairness )



I think I have posted these before? Ahaha I have totally lost track okay. Do you know what that means? IT IS TIME TO BUY NEW SHOES SO I CAN BE SURE YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THEM YET :D

It's Merlin day YAY. I hope everyone is having an awesome Saturday ♥
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1. YESTERDAY'S POLL. Some of the results were surprising to me! For example, about 60% of you said in Merlin, you prefer canon era fic. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? I mean, obviously my flist is reflective of the fandom as a whole, haha. Some people said they just flat out aren't interested in canon era fic, but for those that are, one thing that was brought up was that people like the idea of canon fic, but are afraid to write it because they worry about getting it wrong. YOU GUYS. THIS IS THE MOST HISTORICALLY INACCURATE SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. Beer cans, DO YOU REMEMBER THE BEER CANS? Another point that was brought up was that people might be intimidated by the idea of having to write something plotty with battles and action and whatnot. NOT TRUE. Do you want to know my very favorite fic scenario of all time? Merlin and Arthur are crazy in love but too emotionally stunted to admit it, so they wander around the castle doing random stuff, being kind of dumb, snarking at each other, with lots of delicious UST. AND THEN THERE IS PORN. YOU GUYS. I COULD READ THAT FIC 47495067832756 TIMES I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING.

2. In unsurprising poll news, INCEPTION NEEDS MORE RIMMING.


3. SHOES. I should have just linked you to all of the shoes, since I knew people were going to ask. In the order posted, you can find them for sale here, here, here, and here. For awhile there I was worried, because despite very specifically giving you radio buttons, there was an ALMOST PERFECT FOUR WAY TIE WTF. However, a winner has finally emerged! Though, I just discovered that they also come in red. SO MANY DIFFICULT CHOICES IN LIFE *SOBS AND SOBS FOREVER* (Also, to [ profile] weatherfront who said they look kind-of-but-not-quite like Chie, I say yes, yes they do.)

In honor of the fact that the Fluevogs lost, and in honor of the fact that [ profile] weatherfront put a ban on my Fluevog purchases for the time being (WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT WHYYYY) guess what I am wearing today?

I love these shoes okay )

4. FORMSPRING. I has one! I actually started it, like, six months ago, answered a couple questions, and promptly forgot all about it. If you would like to ask me a question, go right ahead. Though I will warn you that I am exceedingly flaky and might forget I have it at any given moment D:



Because every day should have dimples ♥



Sep. 26th, 2010 06:23 pm
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Question for you guys about Inception fic: what are your feelings about the whole British English v. American English thing? I know Merlin fandom can get a little cranky about fic that isn't properly Britpicked, but it's kind of weird in Inception. For dialogue, it makes sense that Eames would use British English and Arthur to use American English, but what about the narrative? And spelling? Would it depend on the POV? Or is everyone still in the OMG YAY NEW FIC stage and no one actually cares?

Moving on. Merlin! You guys, it is pathetic how much I love my cheesy ridiculous show. But do you know what I love even more than that? BRADLEY JAMES' FACE.



I wrote a bunch of words over the weekend. Actually, I wrote what is a lot of words for me, and while this makes me v.v. happy, I still have made no progress on the actual fic I am trying to write. WTF [ profile] inception_kink WHY ARE YOU SO DISTRACTING. Also, this fandom is never going to stop killing me, is it? I take a freaking day off of reading fic so I can, you know, WRITE FIC, and now I have no hopes of ever catching up to where I was before DDDD:

Tonight I have a date with the boy to see Inception at the IMAX. In honor of JGL's magnificent ass fifty feet tall, I am wearing a new dress. I THOUGHT THAT SEEMED LIKE THE CLASSY THING TO DO.

I just cannot resist polka dots )
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Some Things What I Did Yesterday:

1. Talked to [ profile] derryere on the phone for three freaking hours, and still it wasn't enough. IT IS NEVER ENOUGH OKAY. I actually meant to spend more of the conversation harassing her into finishing the Merlin fic she is writing, but I kept getting distracted because there were SO MANY THINGS TO SAY D: Oh, and also? Her inception is coming along quite nicely. It just so happens that I know all of her weaknesses and am shamelessly exploiting each and every one of them :D

2. Read Presque Vu by [ profile] rageprufrock. I actually read the first half-ish of this a couple weeks ago when Pru almost broke my gmail by copying and pasting 80-some pages of fic into an email and OH MY GOD. Just. YEAH. Read it.

3. Decided that I do in fact love my new bangs/fringe/shortish hairs that hang down over my forehead. I haven't had bangs since I was about 14, so it was a big shock at first, but it's been two days and I'm definitely happy :D As far as the cut goes, it occurred to me last night that it reminds me of Julie Taylor from Friday Night Lights, though hopefully I do not actually look like a pouty teenager.

4. Wrote some words based on the prompts from yesterday's post. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. SERIOUSLY. Also, I forgot just how much I love writing Bradley and Colin being absolutely filthy. So, uh. Porn is coming :D

ANYWAY. That was yesterday. Today I am wearing shoes!


These are technically dancing shoes, so now I would like Tom Hardy to take me shoe shopping, then take me dancing.


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So, coming home from vacation and facing reality usually sucks, but finding brand new shoes waiting for me sure does make it better.


Holy shit they are PURPLE. AND I LOVE THEM. Also all of you ♥
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FANDOM BROKE ME YOU GUYS. I have what I think is mild carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist. It's never been diagnosed, and it's never really bothered me more than a minor annoyance, but I spent almost all of yesterday flailing around like a mad flaily thing at the Merlin S3 countdown launch party (which OMG SO MUCH FUN YOU GUYS), losing hours upon hours at [ profile] inception_kink, and writing filthy Arthur/Eames porn, and today MY ENTIRE ARM IS TINGLING. Like, all the way up to my shoulder DDD:

ICONS. You guys, I am hopeless with my icons. It doesn't help that I do a lot of LJ reading on my phone, so I see icons posted and say, ooooh, pretty, and then I forget when I get back to my laptop (this also why I am SO FLAKY OMG at commenting /o\) And I love this icon, I love it more than I've ever loved any icon, and the thought of parting with it makes me all twitchy, but IT IS ALL I USE BASICALLY EVER. I have absolutely no plans of getting rid of it, but maybe I should mix things up? And probably I should get some Inception icons. Since I am writing porn and all. What I mean is point me to icons! Merlin icons, Inception icons, pretty icons, etc. I have asked this before, but I am asking again. PLEASE. Who are your favorite icon makers? Pimp your own icons! It's not weird, I promise because THIS IS ME ASKING NICELY :D

SHOES. I ordered a pair of shoes from Asos, which is a UK based website. I absolutely could not resist, as they were from my beloved Miss L Fire, they were 50% off, and shipping was free! From the UK! THAT IS CRAZY AND AWESOME. I thought I read that it was $6, which is really a bargain anyway, but after I went through checkout I realized it was free \o/ Anyway, they aren't here yet, but I am rather ridiculously excited about them because they are delightful, and rest assured, there will be a picture when they arrive :D Also, I have added these to my must have list for fall. The shape of those is perfection.

Here it is a lovely sunny morning, and not even 70 degrees, which is a nice change from the sticky heat. I hope it is nice where you are, and that you are all having a fabulous Monday ♥
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August is more than half over, and that means that fall is just around the corner. Fall means back-to-school and pumpkin muffins and crunchy leaves and crisp mornings and THE PRETTIEST SHOES OF ALL TIME. It's kind of sad how excited I get about shoes in general, and this time of year it's even worse since there are so many that make me all asdfghj.

One brand that I love is Miss L Fire. It's a London based brand, and they can be hard to find here in the US, but I do what I can to dig them up wherever I can find them. I may have even gone so far as to enlist the help of my lovely English friends on my never ending quest to get them on my feet.

Anyway, I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the fall line, and while it is not up on their website yet (which is kind of weird, I guess) I found all of the shoes on their Facebook page.

There are no pretty boys here but there is lots and lots of shoe porn oh yes. )
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1. Waking up to lots of contributions to the Merlin Necking Fest. You should all go check them out because they are awesome. AND THEN YOU SHOULD ADD SOMETHING OF YOU OWN :D

2. SHOOZ. These aren't new, but they make me happy every time I look down at my feet. Also, the dress I'm wearing is purple and matches the purple in the shoes perfectly. THESE ARE THE THINGS THAT GET ME THROUGH THE DAY OKAY.


3. The many, many filthy things I can imagine Colin doing with his lips and fingers thanks to this picture... SORRY WHAT WAS I SAYING IDEK. Basically, Bradley is a lucky bastard.

4. Knowing that I can always count on finding stuff like this (ETA: and this!) on my flist ♥

5. PORN. FILTHY FILTHY PORN. Specifically these four delightful fics that I just reread thanks to [ profile] hermette. NOTHING SAYS HAPPY FRIDAY LIKE OBJECT INSERTION, DIRTY TALK, DOUBLE PENETRATION, AND FELCHING AM I RIGHT.

HELLO :D Tell me why you love today. YAY FRIDAY, Y/Y?

Colin pic from [ profile] wordsdiminish and [ profile] destiny_fic's flickr, which I am certain everyone has already seen. If you haven't then get over there right the fuck now. GO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GO NOW.
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Today is Friday YAY. But even better, IT IS THE START OF MY VACATION \O/! Well, almost. In just about five hours, I am hopping in the car and heading north where I will enjoy a week of relaxation :D

Since it is a pretty low-key vacation in a house by a lake in the woods, I will be trading dresses and heels for shorts and sneakers. Yes, I do in fact own sneakers. SEE? But that means today is the last day for shoe porn worth sharing, so HERE YOU GO.


YOU GUYS. I LOVE THESE SHOES. Okay, so I realize that I am probably way too pasty to pull off the color, but I DON'T CARE I LOVE THEM ANYWAY. I am on a never-ending hunt for the perfect pair of t-straps (FOR REAL. IT IS LIKE A QUEST.) and these are pretty much them. I WANT THEM IN ALL THE COLORS OF THE RAINBOW. Also, the dress I am wearing right now has POLKA DOTS and POCKETS and IT IS TWIRLY AND AWESOME.

ANYWAY. What I wanted to say is that I am going to miss you all! I won't have wireless access, but I will have my phone, so I can check email and my flist, you know, just in case that Bradley/Colin sex tape finally gets leaked. AND FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME IF THAT HAPPENS. Also, please tell me about other awesome things I might miss like fic and news and REPORTS ABOUT COLIN AT COMIC CON FOR FUCK'S SAKE.

While I won't have wireless, I will have my laptop, and no highly distracting internet means more time for writing, so FIC WILL HAPPEN. I AM SERIOUS. IT WILL. So many things to write, but I am determined to finish. First on the list? Colin/Bradley fic in which Colin videotapes Bradley while rimming him so he can show Bradley exactly what his comeface looks like. THERE MAY ALSO BE A BIT OF HAIR YANKING INVOLVED. Also: KIDFIC. I was actually shocked at how many people responded positively in my poll, which is good because IT IS HAPPENING OH YES.

HI. How are all of you? Tell me things! NO REALLY. TELL ME LOTS OF THINGS. I still have to get through the next few hours and I could use all the distractions I can get :D
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ASDFGHJ OMG I LOVE THEM. Sorry about my freakishly glowing legs, but I was trying to capture the color in the natural light. I HOPE I HAVE NOT BLINDED ANYONE D: So, yes. I have been lusting after these shoes for AGES and finally broke down and bought them during the John Fluevog Thinks You're Awesome sale (WHICH IS STILL GOING ON HERE BTW) My feet are very very happy. AS IS THE REST OF ME :D

Next! OKAY. So ages and ages ago, there was this meme where people posted three ideas that they thought you'd never write, then you had to pick one and write a snippet. [ profile] miakun thought I'd never write fic in which Arthur and Merlin adopt a kid and go off and have lighthearted adventures. WELL GUESS WHAT, MIA. I've got 3.5K that says you're wrong. Yeah, I don't really know what to say, either. SO I SHALL TAKE A POLL.

[Poll #1593001]

What are you guys up to today? Frantically working on pornathon entries? Chipping away at your big bang? Digging up new pics of Bradley and Colin? Other awesome things?
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So, I woke up this morning and my iPhone just randomly decided to STOP CHARGING. As in, I plug it into the charger and nothing happens. WTF WTF.

BUT! Today is going to be a good day, no matter how much my phone tries to hurt me (AND IT HURTS A LOT I REALLY LOVE THAT THING OKAY.) I had hoped to have some porn for you guys today, but... well, I DON'T. I'M SORRY I'M SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME. I can make it up to you with shoe porn?


YOU GUYS. It's like having dessert right on my feet. Every time I want to weep over my phone, I just look down and get all smiley again. I am easily distracted by shiny things, okay? DO NOT JUDGE.

And when all else fails, there is always Bradley James in a bathrobe.


How are you, my lovelies?

Bradley/Colin pic from here
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1. Triple shot nonfat lattes. You guys, I am trying so hard to give them up because it is utterly ridiculous to spend $5 a day on a freaking BEVERAGE, but they TASTE SO GOOD OMG.



(You do not need to adjust your monitor. MY LEGS ARE IN FACT THAT PASTY.)

3. Skirts with pockets. For, you know, STUFF.

4. Porn so hot it makes my teeth hurt. Unfortunately, I cannot link you at this time, but do not worry for soon you shall have it, bbs. SOON YOUR TEETH WILL ACHE AND IT WILL BE GLORIOUS.

The Great Merlin Wet Fest

Because - well, do I really need to tell you why? FILTHY PORN NEEDS NO EXPLANATION.

How are you, my lovelies? TELL ME AWESOME THINGS YES PLEASE.
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So, due to a bunch of crap that is happening right now (none of which is related to fandom BTW, I woke up today feeling cranky and tired and altogether displeased with the world) which is very unlike me. I am usually annoyingly cheerful, so currently I am feeling quite out of sorts. BUT! Today is Friday, and I cannot stay in a bad mood when I think about all of the very best things in life, of which there are many. HERE IS A V.V. ABBREVIATED LIST:

1. My mom's homemade macaroni and cheese. I love to steal bites before it goes in the oven, I love to pick off all the crunchy brown bits on the top, and I love the leftovers for breakfast. I wish I could eat it all the time, but it's probably best for my waistline that she lives far away.

2. SHOOOZ, like the ones I wore yesterday, and the ones I have on today.(Plz excuse bizarre-ish angles. It's actually REALLY HARD to take a decent picture of your own feet with an iPhone.)

3. This awesome blog, which celebrates the amazing fashion of Claudia Kishi WHO WAS TOTALLY MY STYLE ICON BACK IN THE DAY OKAY.

4. Dirtyfilthyhot porn, such as this and this and this, and well, I COULD GO ON AND ON REALLY.

5. Adorable boys being adorable. FOR EXAMPLE:


Okay, so I was totally gonna do a top ten list but it turns out that I have to go right now to take care of some fairly boring and rather unpleasant business, but in the meantime, feel free to post you own favorite things and then we can all roll around in the awesomeness of it all.

OH OH ALSO. last time I did this, there were many, many fabulous things posted in the comments, but my very favorite of them all was from [ profile] manisetta, who posted this:



Colin and Bradley pics from [ profile] beeej here
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So I guess SyFy got the message and changed the character bio for Gwen, because there's no more mention of her wonky teeth and glasses, and you know, face that no one could possibly find beautiful.

Also, now she is just destined to be Queen of Camelot and not THE BIGGEST ADULTERESS IN THE HISTORY OF ADULTERY WHO CAUSED THE DOWNFALL OF CIVILIZATION or whatever fuckery that was all about.

And honestly? Every time I started to get outraged, I would just start CRACKING UP at the utter ridiculousness. I think my favorite has to be Merlin's. [ profile] derryere rightly pointed out that this is just BEGGING FOR FIC:

If the world only knew what Merlin could do he'd be popular, rich....and dead. So he has to watch Arthur get the credit and the girls.


In other news, [ profile] kinkelot! DO NOT FORGET THE KINK, MY LOVELIES. I AM DESPERATE. The current challenges are hands (ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT!!) and rimming/felching both of which are on the list of THINGS THAT MAKE BINA A VERY HAPPY GIRL OH YES, AKA THINGS THAT WILL MAKE ME LOVE YOU FOREVER IF YOU WRITE THEM PLEASE I BEG YOU.

Tomorrow is Friday, and that means ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL [ profile] minimerlin. There is still time to register if you want to come. See this post for more info. YOU GUYS. SO EXCITING OMG \o/

In conclusion, can anyone give me one good reason why I should not buy these shoes:

And when I saw one good reason, I mean one reason besides they look like Strawberry Shortcake shoes. I MEAN THEY HAVE CHERRIES ON THE INSIDE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO RESIST THAT?
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Okay, so today I need your help, flist.

First up!

A very important poll )

Moving along, I desperately need new icons. I haven't done a proper overhaul of my icons in months. I have almost no Merlin icons from the new season or new interviews, and my Adam icons are woefully out of date. Also, I have had the same default icon for, oh a good 7 months now. (For those of you who don't know, my icon does actually have context, which you can find here, thank you [ profile] derryere. It is not as random as it might seem.) So, IDK rec me icons or something! Who makes awesome icons? I am mostly looking for Merlin and Adam.

Also, I promise the next fic I post will be neither het nor crack. THERE WILL BE PROPER BOYSEX, I CAN ASSURE YOU.


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