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slkgjldkhjgfsd JFC. I CANNOT EVEN. Like, this is actualfax porn right here, I am not even kidding. Last night, [ profile] gyzym was like I AM PRETTY SURE HE IS FUCKING THAT TOOTHPICK WITH HIS MOUTH and just. YEAH.

I feel kind of bad for ignoring poor bb dimpleface in that gif, so let us appreciate how very lovely he is in stripes.


Mmmm YES. So pretty, and I love his dedication to fashion even while injured. It's just... TOM HARDY'S MOUTH WHAT EVEN.



Adventures in cooking was, um. INTERESTING. I managed to fuck up, A LOT, and was mocked mercilessly by [ profile] rageprufrock, [ profile] leupagus, and [ profile] summertea for it. WHICH THANKS FOR THAT YOU GUYS. I AM SO GLAD YOU BELIEVE IN ME :| I forgot things, I lost things, and we are totally not talking about the part when this happened, because the point is that the soup was delicious. NO REALLY. My kitchen was a disaster area, but grilled cheese and tomato soup has never tasted so good, and [ profile] skellerbvvt was proud :D Maybe it was the way I delicately seasoned it with my tears?

But in between me shedding 573839576 tears at my own ineptitude, and everyone else cackling in glee as I fucked up YET AGAIN, there was a conversation on twitter that I am now going to share with you. Basically what happened was this: Pru compared my complete and utter fail to what would happen if Arthur was in the kitchen, and I asked if this meant Eames would come in any moment to have his way with me while the soup burned. Pru then bet me ONE MILLION DOLLARS that Arthur would think of the soup while Eames was in the process of trying to bend him over something, while I am of the opinion that Arthur would be all like passing Eames the olive oil if you receive my meaning. I SAY WE LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE :D

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Okay, so I have like 48586979 things I should be doing right now, but I am totally ignoring them to focus on awesome things instead. IF ONLY FOR A V.V. BRIEF MOMENT. BECAUSE I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE.

1. There is a high-res version of the Tom Hardy Warrior poster without text here, thanks to [ profile] charlidos. I must tell you that I am only barely restraining myself from actually posting that pic again, despite the fact that I have already posted versions of it TWICE. THAT IS HOW MUCH I LOVE HIS FACE JFC. I could very easily post that picture + Tom Hardy's cock every single day for the rest of forever and be totally okay with that.

2. How about a picture I haven't already posted multiple times instead.


Okay, so maybe you can't COUNT EVERY ONE OF HIS EYELASHES but he's still hot as fuck. I love that stupid hat beyond all reason ♥

3. More pretty.


That boy and his camera. I feel like there should be more fic involving making a sex tape, by which I mean someone should write Bina/JGL/videocamera. KIDDING I AM KIDDING. But seriously, is there any Arthur and Eames record themselves fucking fic out there? BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE HOT.


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Shine on

Mar. 12th, 2011 10:38 am
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1. Important business: [ profile] help_japan is organizing a multi-fandom multi-media auction to raise funds to assist Japan after the earthquake and tsunami. The comm has an informational post with links to news about the disaster and list of organizations accepting donations. Every little bit helps ♥

2. I am trying to go back through my posts and tag all of the ones that contain comment fic, art, or other assorted goodies in the comments. THIS IS NOT AN EASY TASK MY FRIENDS. But since you guys are awesome enough to fill the comments with so many amazing things, the least I can do is make them easier for everyone to find. I don't expect to be finished anytime soon because THERE IS SO MUCH OMG and also because I am extremely flaky and easily distracted by shiny things, and therefore am taking frequent breaks for porn and cookies. But I will get there! In the meantime, remember that every day is comment fic day around here :D

3. I have to tell you guys that Inception fandom porn is coming close to making all of my filthy dreams come true, and my dreams are really fucking filthy. Aside from all of the glorious jailbait porn, which is my number one bulletproof kink and which I will NEVER EVER EVER GET SICK OF NO MATTER HOW MUCH IS WRITTEN, there were three fisting fics in the last week. That is amazing. I think Inception fandom might just be capable of giving Arthur everything his ass desires AND THAT IS REALLY SAYING SOMETHING BECAUSE HE HAS THE GREEDIEST ASS OF THEM ALL. Basically what I am saying to you is this: never stop writing filthy porn ♥

4. Today I received this anonymous comment about Bradley's hair: His hair isn't even shiny, My hair is way more shinier than his. That's just a bunch of hair products on his hair and I have natural shine. JUST. WHAT.


lkdshdsl GLOWING YOU GUYS, HE IS GLOWING. Bradley's hair is like a beacon of light guiding us all on the path to pretty things. It is a symbol of all that is good and right in this world. It is a light in dark places when all other lights go out... no wait, that's something else. sldkjgdflk MY POINT IS THAT HIS HAIR IS THE SHINIEST FULL STOP. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS.

5. There is not enough Tom Hardy in this post.


I love when his tattoos peek out of his shirt like that and I desperately want to imagine licking all over them, but I cannot tear my eyes away from his mouth long enough to think about it properly. JFC WHAT EVEN.

I think it's time for a poll, do you agree? GOOD :D

[Poll #1716954]

I hope your day is lovely :D
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1. Video of Tom Hardy presenting Christopher Nolan with a VES award.

His voice, you guys. NNNNNGH SO GOOD FOR ME. And we get to hear him say, you mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling, and THAT MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER AM I RIGHT.

2. Fic. YOU GUYS. I have lost all control of fic. Between Merlin and Inception, it's everywhere all the time, and I have a ridiculous number of tabs open with things to read. Seriously, I feel like it's August again, when I couldn't even pretend to try to keep up with the 2748596 new fics every day. I don't know if it's new people or just renewed interest, but it seems like there's been an explosion of awesome in Inception recently AND I FUCKING LOVE IT OMG. I feel like I need to hire a personal WIP tracking assistant since even @inceptionwips has become too overwhelming for me. skdhgsld HOW THERE SO MUCH AMAZING FIC EVERY SINGLE DAY I HAVE NO IDEA BUT NEVER EVER STOP ♥

3. Mouth porn.


I JUST. WHAT EVEN. Can someone please explain his mouth to me? And then explain why it isn't ALL OVER ME RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT? And the thing is, I am absolutely convinced that not only does he have a mouth that was made for porn, but that he knows exactly what to do with it. I MEAN, RIGHT?

4. Speaking of porn: FINGERS.


skghskd HIS HANDS. They are so very lovely. That pic is from the same day as this, and he and Zooey are just too adorable for words ♥

5. A poll! Well, a mini-poll, really. I know I just did a poll the other day, but I was surprised by some of the results. INDULGE ME :D

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1. Oh hey, look who it is.


HI JGL HI HIIIIII. I'm so excited that we finally have some set pics aside from the artsy shots from the official Looper tumblr that basically show us nothing. Now we actually have things other than tiny snacks to discuss such as OH MY GOD PLEASE CAN WE TALK ABOUT WHAT HE'S WEARING.


Speaking of being spoiled forever and ever, Tom Hardy's hair in This Means War is pretty much all I want in life, because not only is it extremely flattering, it also shows of his perfectly shaped head. Then why oh why am I so attracted to him in this picture?


Probably it's those eyes and his pornographic mouth and the fact that he's wearing a suit, but even when that's not the case, I still have all sorts of strange and inappropriate reactions to that hair.

What is even going on )


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Hey guys! Hope your day is awesome :D


Feb. 11th, 2011 09:31 am
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Today is my birthday. Today is also the day my coffee shop closes permanently. I already got my last morning latte, but I didn't have to say goodbye just yet since they're having a party this evening and I am not even kidding when I tell you that I REARRANGED MY BIRTHDAY PLANS SO I COULD GO HANG OUT WITH MY BARISTAS. But I do not want to think about sad things right now!








Or, you know, new shoes, fancy cupcakes, whatever :D

ALSO ALSO. [ profile] yanethyrael is hosting an Inception friending meme. I know some of you are new to the fandom, and this is an awesome way to meet new people :D

Poll time? YES.

[Poll #1680084]


ETA: Because I really am the luckiest girl ever, this post is now full of birthday goodies:

+ bb boys kissing by [ profile] ilovetakahana
+ Cockslut Arthur + webcam by [ profile] weatherfront
+ Ciminologists with a vibrator by [ profile] cobweb_diamond
+ bb boys in love at camp having orgasms by [ profile] foxxcub
+ Pretty Bits of Nonsense by [ profile] skellerbvvt
+ delicious filthy porn by [ profile] eleveninches
+ more porn by [ profile] persephone_il

+ chibis with cake by [ profile] red_rahl

+ NSFW picspam of awesome from [ profile] sometimesalways

+ art by [ profile] paperflower86
+ more art by anonymous
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1. Okay, first up! I am totally blown away by all of the awesome things happening in my last couple posts after I whined about how I wasn't feeling my best the other day. I know I linked these already, but I'm rounding them up again because THERE ARE EVEN MORE and I want to make sure you don't miss anything :D

All of these contain younger Eames/older Arthur:

+ Maybe I'm Already Crazy by [ profile] foxxcub

+ Been Saving It All for You by [ profile] sometimesalways

+ Untitled WIP by [ profile] skellerbvvt

+ Untitled art by anonymous

+ Snippet by [ profile] softlikeshadows

And I am linking again, because [ profile] helenish keeps not writing this fic, which keeps ACTUALLY BREAKING MY HEART.

And now for the non-bb Eames:

+ Fic within a fic by [ profile] agenttrojie

+ Untitled comment porn by [ profile] oddegg

Seriously, you guys are amazing, and I LOVE YOU SO FREAKING MUCH ♥

2. By now, you've all probably seen the new pic of Colin 38405060 times on your flist.

Nnnnngh NECK )

3. Speaking of pretty boys in profile.


YES PLEASE. He looks so deep in thought there. Maybe he is thinking about how he should totally shave the neckbeard to maximize potential prettiness. ACTUALLY THIS IS KIND OF HOW I PICTURED ARTHUR AT THE END OF [ profile] foxxcub's FIC LINKED ABOVE SO JUST GO AHEAD AND THINK ABOUT THAT OKAY.

4. And because I am terribly unfair when it comes to pretty boys, there is nothing I don't love about this picture.



5. Poll time!

[Poll #1667872]

HEY YOU GUYS. Happy Friday :D
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By now, I'm sure you've all heard that delicious is shutting down, which totally sucks. I shall spare you another rant on the subject, and instead direct you to Aja's post here to brainstorm alternatives. FANDOM WILL FIND A WAY, I AM SURE OF IT ♥

Moving on to more pleasant subjects! I admit it, I flailed a little bit when JGL and Zooey Deschanel were tweeting each other yesterday because THEY ARE SO FREAKING CUTE. And yes, I also admit that I find the idea of the two of them together just ridiculously adorable, but she has a husband, and he has... well, I actually don't know if he's still dating his girlfriend. I AM A TERRIBLE FANGIRL OKAY BUT I'M SURE ONE OF YOU CAN TELL ME FOR SURE.

But she has not always been married! And he has not always had a girlfriend! They're pretty, and I always always ALWAYS believe that pretty people are doing it because they create some kind of vortex of attractiveness that draws them together until they cannot hold back and MUST HAVE AWESOMELY HOT SEX.


And I mean hello, they're always hanging out at Sundance where it's cold. Surely somewhere through the years they've snuggled up to stay warm, then let innocent little touches get more and more suggestive until BOOM. REALLY HOT SEX IN FRONT OF A FIRE OR SOMETHING.

Pretty people should always get naked together )

GUYS. I NEED YOUR HELP. I posted before about Tom Hardy's character in This Means War, and whether he was English or American, and someone commented that he plays an American D: But then there was some video of filming where it kind of sounds like he's English? Does anyone know for sure? BASICALLY I NEED TO KNOW THIS OKAY.

For your time )



[Poll #1657923]

Happy Friday, my lovelies ♥
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1. Okay, so Merlin.

My spoilery nonsensical reaction )

2. JGL continues to melt my heart with this pic of him being silly with his dad


If you do not already follow his tumblr you really should, because it ridiculously adorable, mostly because of his frequent emoticons :D Yesterday, I flailed all over the place when he said, ^____^ Believe in tiny stories… because C'MON HOW CUTE IS THAT.

3. We don't get a lot in the way of canon interaction between Arthur and Eames, but lucky for us, those boys make every second count with their love that shines like a beacon of light, such as the clear significance of Arthur choosing to touch Eames when he pushes the team down the hall.

Yeah, push him just like that )

4. Twitter! There is going to be something more on this later, but for right now, I will just say that if you follow me on Twitter but never say anything, I will forever assume you are a spambot who found me because of my excessive tweets about felching. THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS A LOT FOR REAL. So, if you are not a spambot and would like to have deep and meaningful conversations about felching over Twitter, just tweet me and let me know :D I am here btw.

5. Poll time? I SAY YES.

[Poll #1653416]

lsdkjgdls;ghj YOU GUYS. I am in a ridiculously cheerful mood right now, and I just want to like shower you all with a thousand kisses and flail around together because HOLY SHIT THERE IS SO MUCH AWESOME EVERYWHERE I CANNOT EVEN DEAL ♥♥♥


Nov. 28th, 2010 10:48 am
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1. Okay, so MERLIN.

Sort of spoilery-ish reaction )

2. I know many of you were all EEEEEEEE HIS T-SHIRT when this picture came out, so I wanted to let you know that you can buy it here, along with a bunch of other shirts. I KNOW SOME OF YOU FEEL STRONGLY ABOUT THE T-SHIRTS SO THERE YOU GO :D

3. Okay, so this picture cracks me up.


I just think the combination of the Arthur hair and the dorky t-shirt is hilarious, especially since everyone else is all dressed in their badass clothes. It looks like bb Arthur showed up to hang out with the the team, and Saito is all WHO THE HELL IS THIS? And Eames is like, HE'S JUST THIS KID THAT KEEPS FOLLOWING ME AROUND OR SOMETHING WHO EVEN KNOWS. Meanwhile, bb Arthur is like, OH HEY GUYS WHAT'S UP :D Also: TOM HARDY'S ARMS JFC.

4. Bradley James' facial hair. YES I AM STILL TALKING ABOUT IT I AM SORRY. It has now been a full year since this post, yet I still feel like it is extremely relevant and basically says everything I want to say on the matter. I asked you guys about it back before we knew he grew the fuzzy stuff again this year, but now that it is officially back, I think it's time to poll the people once again.

[Poll #1650376]

For some reason I am exhausted today, and totally feeling like it's time for a nap. I hope guys are having an awesome Sunday :D
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Finally, we have the next Bradley and Colin quest. Sadly, there is no making out :(

It's about freaking time )

Merlin promo pic! I am not going to embed it, since it appeared no less than fifteen times on my flist yesterday (WHICH WAS AWESOME BTW) but in case you have somehow managed not to see it, you can find it here (sort of spoiler-y?)

How much do I love this picture? ARTHUR AND HIS HOTASS KNIGHTS. EXCALIBUR. But what I really want to say is that I feel like this picture was a specially wrapped present from the show just for me. BRADLEY'S HAIR. YOU GUYS. Have I mentioned how I feel about his shiny shiny hair? I'm pretty sure I have. Like, A LOT. Many times have I flailed about the shiny magnificence atop his head.I have composed epic odes to that perfect hair. I have a tag dedicated to the fact that HE GLOWS. AND NOW JUST LOOK AT HIM IN THIS PICTURE. PERFECTLY PLACED SO THAT THE SUN LIGHTS HIM UP LIKE A GLOW WORM. I CANNOT EVEN ♥♥♥

And now in news of pretty boys I actually get to see in person today asdfghj HI BB DIMPLEFACE HIIIII :D


If he's sporting the neckbeard please can I have this? )

How about a poll in honor of the fact that JGL is in Philly? Yes? YES.

[Poll #1645563]

OKAY OKAY I must disappear for a bit to get v.v. important things done but I shall return. In the meantime, feel free to discuss the fact that I made it this far in the entry without posting a single picture of Tom Hardy.

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Oh, ugh. I am sick you guys, and it is not fun at all :( My plan for the day is to read porn, drink tea, feel entirely too sorry for myself, and get up from the couch as little as possible. But before I go wallow, I have a very important question. It involves Tom Hardy. IT DOES NOT INVOLVE TOM HARDY'S NIPPLES. THOSE ARE JUST A BONUS.


I'm sure some of you have seen this poll that is going around where people post 10 hot guys and 10 hot girls, and every day people vote on who the least attractive is until there is only one of each left standing. I FIND THESE POLLS TO BE STRESSFUL AND TRAUMATIC D: But one thing I have noticed, is that Tom Hardy ends up getting voted off the island far too early EVERY SINGLE TIME. I WEEP :((( I am too much of a wimp to do this poll (I JUST WANT TO KEEP ALLLLL THE PRETTY PEOPLE OKAY) but the other day I made the claim that my flist would not let Tom Hardy get voted off without a fight. YOU GUYS ARE SCRAPPY. TOM WOULD BE SO PROUD :D

So! I have a question for you.

[Poll #1644405]

And now I think I shall go take a nap. Please send porn, pretty boys, and other healing things of your choosing. AND FFS SOMEONE WAKE ME UP IF THERE ARE PICS OF TOM AND REESE FAKE BOXING ON SET OR IF COLIN AND BRADLEY REALLY DO MAKE OUT IN THE QUEST.

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Okay, so this happened and now I need your help, wise people of LiveJournal.

The Boy: I was thinking that it would be really hot if you got a tattoo.
Bina: Really? I can't think of anything I'd want to see on me forever.
The Boy: You could get it on your back, then you wouldn't even have to look at it. IT COULD BE JUST FOR ME :D
The Boy: ...maybe? It would totally be hot. You should ask your online friends. People. Whatever. I bet they're totally on my side.
Bina: I already did a poll about whether tattoos were hot.
The Boy: And?
Bina: The answer is Tom Hardy.
The Boy: What the hell does that mean?
The Boy: But I don't want to lick his tattoos.
Bina: See, now THAT would be hot.


[Poll #1643779]

ETA: Don't worry, you guys! I am not actually going to get a tattoo just because he wants me to. I was curious whether you thought it would be hot or not, not whether or not I should actually do it. I AM SO PICKY ABOUT CLOTHES THAT SOMETIMES I CHANGE 5 TIMES BEFORE DECIDING ON AN OUTFIT. THERE IS NO WAY I'D GET SOMETHING THAT PERMANENT WITHOUT A LOT OF THOUGHT ♥



Like I could stop at just one )
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1. There has been some tension and angst in Merlin fandom recently, and it makes me sad to see people so unhappy. If you're feeling down and would like a pick-me-up, here are some fun things to check out:

+ [ profile] skellerbvvt is hosting a Love Fest meme thing-y, which is basically just a post full of comment fics and vids and art and recs and flail and squee AND EVERYTHING THAT IS BRIGHT AND SHINY ABOUT THIS SHOW YAY.

+ [ profile] ninja_orange is hosting a nostalgia squee post where you can relive the first time you fell in love with Merlin.

+ In case you missed it, I posted a Labyrinth of Gedref picspam, and had so much fun reading all the comments from people talking about what the episode means to them.

I just love this fandom so much, you guys. I would never expect that people have to feel a certain way, or that they should only post certain kinds of reactions, but this fandom has brought me so much joy and I'm just not ready to say goodbye to that yet ♥

2. In case you're not following along, here are two delightful WIPs that are currently being written hidden away in my journal, both Arthur/Eames:

+ Military fic by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. This started when I begged Gav to write drunken comment fic, and has now turned into delightful h/c.

+ The Maillard Reaction by [ profile] skellerbvvt. Skeller started writing this for the rimming meme, and it has finally reached the rimming. You know, FORTY-NINE PARTS IN.

3. Pretty dimples are pretty.


Do we need some more boys? I think we do. )

4. A poll! Because it's Monday!

[Poll #1642141]

Mondays are not my favorite days, but at least I did not fall down the steps today, and that's something, right? I HOPE YOUR MONDAY IS AS AWESOME AS IT CAN POSSIBLY BE ♥

ETA: I totally forgot to say this, but I went looking for my own first time reactions to Merlin, and found that I didn't really post much about it :( However I did find this, which is just HILARIOUS. Really, you guys. IT WAS HARD TO FIND PICS OF THAT BOY BACK THEN. I AM SO GLAD I HAVE HIS FACE ALL OVER THE PLACE NOW BECAUSE IT IS ONE OF MY VERY FAVORITE FACES EVER :D


Nov. 1st, 2010 12:58 pm
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Okay, so today is Monday, right? I started my day off by FALLING DOWN THE STEPS. I don't even know what to say, really. Sometimes I just fail at life. Anyway, my wrist is throbbing, and I am fairly certain that there is going to be a giant bruise on my ass, so I am definitely in need of some awesome things today.



OH MY GOD HOW IS HE SO HOT IDEK. And yes, I totally cropped that cap, but Saito was bleeding out rather unsexily in the background D: Also:


Oh, Eames. Saito is judging your sartorial choices SO FUCKING HARD RIGHT NOW AHAHA.

AWESOME THING #2: The Arthur/Eames Rimming Meme is still going! A couple of the recent additions include Arthur straddling Eames' face on the steps by [ profile] canyousayhot, and more awesome art by [ profile] red_rahl. ATTENTION [ profile] hermette GO LOOK AT THE ART OKAY.

AWESOME THING #3: Hello, I Love You, Won't You Tell Me Your Name by [ profile] eleveninches. If only all of you could have heard the sound that I made when I opened my inbox and found ridiculously delightful and totally unexpected Arthur/Eames comment fic from Erin. IT WAS AN AMAZING SOUND I PROMISE ♥

AWESOME THING #4: [ profile] tjournal pointed me to the T-Hard pics I was looking for.


AWESOME THING #5: A poll. Because they make me happy. And yes, I already asked the question about Arthur, but now I have restricted your choices :D

[Poll #1639319]

Happy Monday, my lovelies. May you all stay safely on your feet ♥
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OH HI YOU GUYS. So, fangirl meetup last night was awesome, y/y? Despite the fact that I was fairly intoxicated I don't think I did anything too embarrassing? IF I AM WRONG NO ONE TELL ME JUST LET ME LIVE THE LIE. There was much discussion of assfucking and jizz and rimming and all of the other things that are so important to me. Hopefully I was not too bouncy and loud (SOMETIMES MY RL CAPSLOCK BUTTON GETS STUCK OKAY) and retained some of my dignity. MAYBE D:

Anyway, thank you to everyone who came and made it such an awesome time! If you were there, make sure to head over to [ profile] leupagus' post because it is possible that some of us were too drunk to remember everyone's name. Maybe. UM.

I feel like this post is naked without pretty pictures but I am typing it up ON MY PHONE OMG from [ profile] leupagus' apartment and I can't resize pics on my photobucket app so would probably end up posting a giant picture of JGL's ass or something. Which okay, not a bad thing, but still. I AM TRYING TO WATCH OUT FOR YOUR FLIST OKAY.

That means pretty boys tomorrow. Today, a poll. And JFC if I manage not to fuck it up from my phone it will be a miracle.

[Poll #1635430]
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I've been meaning to talk about this for awhile but I keep getting distracted by squee and porn and so many pretty boys all over the place. WHICH IS TOTALLY NOT A BAD THING SO NO ONE STOP WITH THE SQUEE AND PORN AND PRETTY BOYS ALL OVER THE PLACE PLEASE I BEG YOU.

So, Merlin fic. There are a lot of modern AUs in Merlin fandom. A LOT. I'm actually a huge fan of canon era fics, which is sometimes a hard place to be in this fandom. I just feel like so much of who they are is wrapped up in Arthur being a prince and Merlin being his servant and Merlin having magic and them living in Camelot. Change all of those things all at once, and I have a hard time finding the characters as I love them inside my head. It can certainly be done really, really well; in fact, some of my all-time favorite fics are modern AUs. But my favorite modern AUs tend to be ones that have some ties to canon - reincarnation, some sort of preservation of the power differential, Merlin's magic, etc.

I was thinking about why so many Merlin fics are set in modern times. Is it that people are mostly interested in the Merlin/Arthur relationship more than the show itself and would rather read them in a more familiar setting? Is it it that people are frustrated with canon and would rather put them in a different setting than worry about dealing with problematic storylines/characterization from the show? Or is it something else entirely?

Inception fic still seems to be in that early stage where there are plenty of AUs, but they tend to be for a specific reason: Arthur and Eames in space! Arthur and Eames as firefighters! Arthur and Eames in the wild west! As far as canon fic goes, the source is short and closed, so it's a lot easier to write pre-movie or post-movie, especially since we don't know anything about how Eames and Arthur met or anything about their ultimate destiny. The same can't be said for Merlin since we see their first meeting, and, well. Um. AND THEN MERLIN AND ARTHUR LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER FOREVER AND EVER AND LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU NOT LISTENING.

ALSO. First time vs. established relationship. I have this thing where I love reading first time fics, but almost always end up writing established relationship. The reason I like to write ER is that basically everything I write is porn, and it is a lot easier to write dirty porn in an established relationship. I mean, yeah. I LOVE first time sex, but I cannot resist writing filthy barebacking or kinky porn and it's a lot harder to do that in a first time fic.

So, poll time! Just a quick note: for the purposes of this poll, canon does not mean perfectly canon compliant, just generally fitting in with what we know from the source. So for Merlin, it's Prince Arthur and his servant Merlin living in Camelot, and for Inception, it's Arthur and Eames doing dreamsharing (or pre- or post- dreamsharing, whatever.)

[Poll #1632618]

MONDAY YOU GUYS. I'm hoping for a day filled with beer and dimples and adorably curly hair.


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The other day, I posted a picture of JGL in a t-shirt and a GIANT MOTHERFUCKING CHAIN AROUND HIS HIPS. The picture is from filming for a movie in which he plays a bike messenger, hence the humongous chain. I said in a comment that while I prefer the suits, it is nice to see that JGL wears a t-shirt really fucking well.

I actually was going to do a JGL in t-shirts picspam, but YOU GUYS. It is hilariously difficult to find pictures of him wearing t-shirts. But it does happen on occasion!

If I can't have the suits I suppose this will have to do )

ANYWAY. Moving along. I think it is time for a poll!

[Poll #1630235]

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The other day I was discussing Arthur/Eames porn with [ profile] foxxcub. THIS IS KIND OF LIKE EVERY DAY, REALLY. Anyway, she rightly pointed out that the fact that JGL is all graceful and acrobatic means there really should be more Arthur topping fic. I said that my desire for Arthur bottoming has nothing to do with relationship dynamics and everything to do with my deep and abiding love for his ass, and all the filthy things I desperately want to do it. After thinking about it some more, I decided that the best solution is MORE ARTHUR RIDING EAMES. Because then everyone wins! And even though Eames is a little sad because he cannot see Arthur's ass when they fuck like that, it's hard to get too upset when Arthur moves his hips just. like. that. YEAH.

Another thing I want more of in this fandom is rimming. OH MY GOD PLEASE MORE RIMMING. I know it exists, but why is the fandom not overrun with it? YOU HAVE ALL SEEN THAT ASS AND THOSE LIPS. JFC.

Also! I really want an X-Files AU. PLEASE. With Eames forging aliens as he tries to find the truth he knows is out there. And Arthur can frown a lot and complain about how he has advanced degrees in architecture and engineering and now he's stuck chasing Eames around on ridiculous missions after extraterrestrial cockroaches and the Mexican goat sucker. Then Arthur gets kidnapped by aliens, and is possibly probed, and Eames cries a lot then runs away. AND THEN THEY HAVE A BABY THAT MIGHT HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH ALIENS ONLY NO ONE REALLY UNDERSTANDS WHAT'S GOING ON ANYMORE. Y/Y?

I think it is time for a poll, don't you agree?

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Okay, so I posted the other day about how in Bradley's absence, there was another pretty British boy with crooked teeth and the tendency to be ridiculous who was threatening to steal my heart away. I CAN BE LOYAL OKAY BUT IT WAS A REALLY LONG TIME WITH NO BRADLEY AND I AM ONLY HUMAN AFTER ALL.

Well, it turns out the similarities between Bradley James and Tom Hardy are even greater than I first realized, so I decided to look at all the evidence and make the very best choice once and for all.

There's one Facebook pic in there, so don't click if that's not your thing.

Which pretty boy comes out on top? )

Considering my flist is pretty heavily weighted on the Merlin side, I already know how this is going to come out, but I'm doing it anyway. For SCIENCE.

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