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Yesterday, [ profile] lobelia321 asked me for some recs to get started in Inception, because she's been in the fandom for less than two weeks. YOU GUYS. I got into this fandom about a month after the movie came out and I was completely overwhelmed and just sort of flailed about in a ridiculous fashion capslocking all over the place trying to catch my breath. Which... okay really hasn't changed much in six months. But the point is that I am a total flake, which really you should all know by now, and I have NO IDEA WHERE SOMEONE SHOULD START.

I made this post back in September (which links to an awesome starter kit post by [ profile] frantic_allonsy) but it is hopelessly outdated. Though I am amused that my reaction to Tom Hardy hasn't really changed: If you are trying to answer the question, HOW ARE YOU EVEN REAL, TOM HARDY? then I am sorry, but I cannot help you. HE WAS NOT MEANT TO BE UNDERSTOOD. HIS COLORS ARE TOO BRIGHT :D

ANYWAY. This is where you come in! Rather than one person trying to gather up all the awesome, we can have lots of people picking a few of their favorite things and linking them here. What are your Inception fandom essentials? Your Arthur/Eames desert island list? The things you would use to try to convince someone that yes, this fandom really is that awesome. The things that make you say THIS. THIS IS WHY I LOVE THESE BOYS ♥

Because frowny faces


plus antagonism


plus metaphorical pigtail tugging



So, let's celebrate that with your favorite fic, art, vids, picspams, etc. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THAT IS ESSENTIAL TO MAKING THIS FANDOM WHAT IT IS FOR YOU.
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Aw, you guys. The comments on the jailbait JGL picspam have warmed my shamelessly perverted heart. I am delighted to know that so many of you understand me to the very depths of my morally depraved soul. LOOK AROUND, BBS. WE ARE IN GOOD COMPANY ON OUR BUS TO HELL ♥♥♥ Also! If only I had known that so many lurkers would come out to say hello for bb JGL, I'd have done it long ago. HI LURKERS HIIII :D OH OH ALSO. I WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY FOR THE RECORD THAT IF MY PICSPAM HELPS START AN EXPLOSION OF JAILBAIT ARTHUR FICS I WOULD CRY A THOUSAND FILTHY TEARS OF HAPPINESS OKAY.

A couple of you mentioned a corresponding picspam of bb T-Hard, but alas, there just aren't as many pics of his wee self all over the internet. Plus, I think he was, well, HIGH AND/OR DRUNK a lot of the time back then, so many of the pics are pretty sketchy anyway. But what we lack in bb pics, we make up for with him being a hotass all over the place.


Plus, he really does make a ridiculously attractive grown up.


ALSO ALSO. Does everyone remember this poll? I asked what kind of fic people wanted to see more of, and in Inception, the clear winner was rimming. Well, then we had the rimming meme, and it was over a thousand comments of awesome, so YAY. On the Merlin side, there wasn't such a clear winner, and with over 200 votes cast, forced bed sharing and Arthur finds out are neck and neck for first place. YOU GUYS. FORCED BED SHARING IS MY NUMBER ONE FAVORITE TROPE OF ALL TIME. I LOVE IT EVEN MORE THAN I LOVE FAKE BOYFRIENDS/PRETENDING TO BE MARRIED. I need more of this in my life okay. It works so well in Merlin fic, too. Merlin and Arthur are traveling and they stop at an inn, but oh no, there is only one bed! Or, they go visit some other kingdom and Merlin has to stay in Arthur's guest room, whatever will they do! Do we need, like, a trope fest or something? I THINK MAYBE WE DO.

Are you guys still reading? Have you been distracted by the pretty? STAY WITH ME BECAUSE I HAVE A MEME OKAY.

Out of utter curiosity, if I was chained up in your attic, and I had to write you one story, what would you request? Or alternatively, what's something you always hoped I'd write but know is never going to happen?

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So, there are pictures of Joseph Gordon-Levitt all over the freaking internet at every stage of his life. And look, we all know that the boy has a baby face, which is not helped by his ridiculously charming and adorable dimples. If he's not making the Arthur frowny face, he looks at least five years younger than he actually is. At the age of 29, I am sure he's probably starting to appreciate that, but I doubt he liked it so much when he was 20 and barely looked old enough to drive.

His delightful baby face, plus all the pics of him everywhere, plus the fact that I am a huge fucking pervert, have often left me looking at his pretty face and thinking, is he actually legal there?


But here's the thing. The question is not IS HE LEGAL; the question is DO I REALLY CARE.

Oh, baby )
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1. SDLKGHSL MERLIN HAS BEEN RENEWED FOR A FOURTH SERIES! I know you all partied your little hearts out about this yesterday, but I was still kind of flopping around like a limp noodle with a hangover, so I AM PARTYING NOW OKAY PLEASE COME JOIN ME IF YOU LIKE \O/!!! I am so not ready to say goodbye to this show, and more importantly, the fandom, so I am THRILLED to know that I'll have another year of these ridiculous boys in my life.




2. Yesterday, [ profile] leupagus held me hostage in her apartment and refused to let me leave until I watched some of Hawaii Five-0. And HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS. I'm not sure you can actually call that subtext when they are basically three seconds away from making out. Seriously, I was just like WAIT WHAT. DID THAT ACTUALLY JUST HAPPEN? I... think I need to go watch this show now.

3. Tom Hardy/Chris Pine. OKAY OKAY OKAY. So the pictures came out a couple days ago, and yeah, that is a lot of pretty right there in one place. First, I should say that I find Chris Pine extremely attractive. As in, fuck yeah I'd hit it hard. But you guys. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON WITH HIS HAIR IDEK.


Pretty pretty )

4. I know I have been promising you the Jailbait JGL picspam, but it is not ready because OH MY GOD THERE ARE A LOT OF PICTURES OF HIM LOOKING LIKE AN UNDERAGE RENTBOY JFC. To hold you over, here is a photo of him straddling a metal pole-thingy in which you can see his lovely fingers, and in which he is giving his very best PLEASE COME AND FUCK ME face. For the record, I love that face ♥ ALSO FOR THE RECORD I WOULD TOTALLY FUCK HIM. WHICH I AM PRETTY SURE I ALREADY SAID. A BUNCH OF TIMES.


Because one is not enough )
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OKAY OKAY HI GUYS. I am kind of a mess right now because I have 3847560607 things to do today but I just wanted to tell you these VERY IMPORTANT THINGS okay.

1. RIMMING MEME. Yes, I am linking again because there is still more awesome stuff getting posted practically right this very moment. You guys are all so amazing for making it such a success. SO MUCH DELIGHTFUL RIMMING ♥ The masterlist should be up to date as of now, but if the links are wonky or I missed something, please tell me. Also, [ profile] skellerbvvt is in the process of writing an epic WIP in many parts, in which there is no rimming yet, but there is an excessive amount of food porn, dancing, and a steampunk bistro. HOW IS SHE THAT AWESOME IDEK.

2. Friday means waiting for the next Merlin quest so I can flail about in the ridiculousness that is Bradley and Colin. WHERE IS IT I NEED THOSE BOYS OKAY.

3. I will be away this weekend having an awesome time with fangirls in NYC (if you want to come, see this post for details) but I have been inspired by many of you recently, and am planning a picspam for when I get back called, JAILBAIT JGL: Is he actually legal there? I PROMISE IT WILL BE AWESOME.

4. FINGERS. I love fingers okay. I really, really do. There are just so many interesting things you can do with them, and so many places to put them.

I think it was [ profile] bookshop and [ profile] foxxcub who were talking about how Eames has a very specific oral fixation, and anytime anyone mentions Arthur's ass, his fingers immediately go to his mouth. I AGREE WITH THIS CONCLUSION JSYK.


Other boys with pretty fingers )

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OH HEY GUYS. And hi new people! If you came here through the rimming meme, then you already know one of the most important things about me which is that I LOVE RIMMING. VERY VERY MUCH. I have a sort-of intro post thingy here, if you would like to stop by and say hello. Or you can say hello here. OR YOU CAN LURK TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT IT IS ALL GOOD WITH ME OKAY :D Ahaha, who remembers when I said, about Inception, Stick around and watch me make, like, 837495 more posts just like that. YOU DIDN'T ACTUALLY THINK THAT I WAS EXAGGERATING DID YOU.

Anyway, that is enough about me. Moving on to more important things: RIMMING MEME. I know I know, I keep linking to it, but YOU GUYS. YESTERDAY WAS A GOOD DAY FOR THE RIMMING MEME. Last night, [ profile] skellerbvvt, [ profile] eleveninches, and [ profile] weatherfront all posted within, like, a 30 minute window, and I was just FLAILING ABOUT AND CLAPPING MY HANDS IN GLEE AND ACTUALLY SQUEAKING ALOUD BECAUSE IT WAS THAT AMAZING. So if you haven't checked it since yesterday, you should definitely click over and read everything. THERE IS EVEN ART. GLORIOUS GLORIOUS ART. And I even made a helpful masterlist to aid in your enjoyment of all the delicious rimming. Somehow I have managed not to write anything for it, but I don't want to waste time talking about how I fail at my own meme, because that is a very boring conversation right there.

Instead I would like to talk about how much I want to fuck JGL.


I think about fucking you all the time )

SDFGHJKLKJHGF WHAT WAS I SAYING. Fuck, I cannot even deal with that right now. I think I need another latte. Maybe T-Hard will bring one to me?



I just cannot even deal with this okay )
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There is not enough rimming in this fandom. And by that I mean WHY ISN'T IT ALL RIMMING ALL THE TIME HELLO ARTHUR'S ASS/EAMES' MOUTH OTP FOREVER. I polled the flist and they agreed: WE NEED MORE. So! Let us all do our part to flood the fandom with filthy delicious rimming \o/

♥ Arthur/Eames Rimming Meme ♥

The rules:
1. All fanworks welcome. Rimming drabbles! Rimming epics! Rimming art! Rimming vids! ANYTHING YOU WANT.
2. Post your replies in the comments, or link to them, whatever. AS LONG AS IT IS RIMMING IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE.
*4. Please link to NSFW art rather than embed it. I realize this is a rimming meme and therefore NSFW content is pretty much a given, but I've had a request for linking to keep it as safe for work as a rimming meme can be :D

Now go forth and bestow much love upon those delightful bottoms. Oh, and SPREAD ARTHUR'S ASS THE WORD :D


P.S. Despite my very unhealthy attachment to Arthur's bum, do not think this means Eames should never be on the receiving end. His ass needs some love, too. EVERYONE SHOULD GET TO SHARE IN THE LICKING OKAY.


Persuasive Speaking by [ profile] skellerbvvt
Last Call by [ profile] foxxcub
Orgasm Revenge by [ profile] frantic_allonsy (WIP)
Reward System by [ profile] skellerbvvt
untitled by [ profile] lifeasacloud
In which Eames is professional and Arthur is efficient by [ profile] agenttrojie
Better than an alarm clock by [ profile] zoetrope13
Sleep, Interrupted by [ profile] delilah_lilith
untitled art by [ profile] red_rahl
a gorgeous mess by [ profile] hermette
untitled by [ profile] here_hare_here
Cream by anonymous
The Maillard Reaction by [ profile] skellerbvvt (WIP)
Untitled by [ profile] eleveninches
Untitled (Arthur in a skirt!) by [ profile] weatherfront
Arthur in a skirt art by [ profile] kiwimangoodness
Untitled by anonymous
well if sex is a weapon, then smash! boom! pow! by [ profile] agenttrojie
A Piece of Your Ass by [ profile] noah_shiro
Untitled by [ profile] jibrailis
Crossdressing art by [ profile] red_rahl
their most serious actions, and more here by anonymous
untitled art by anonymous
More untitled art by anonymous
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1. CONFESSION: I have not yet watched yesterday's episode of Merlin. I... cannot even explain what is going on on my flist right now, and to be honest, I am sort of terrified D: WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS. As far as I can tell, I need to get really drunk to get through it or want to punch someone in the face after watching it or possibly give up on the show forever or think it is the awesomest thing ever or I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT OKAY D:

2. Everyone should go check out the Not My Fandom Fest hosted by [ profile] pocky_slash because it is hilarious. [ profile] callowyn's take on Inception is so freaking awesome I cannot even deal.

3. Let's talk about Earl, shall we? As some of you know, I have had a thing for Earl for awhile now. I believe it was [ profile] froggie who first introduced me to the fabulousness that is a gold gentleman's pleasure object and matching cufflinks, and I desperately wanted fic with him in it, but it just didn't really fit in with Merlin. Imagine my delight when Inception came along in which cufflinks are canon for fuck's sake. But here is another confession for you today: When I finally wrote Earl fic, I took some ~artistic liberties~ with the dimensions. HE IS REALLY NOT THAT BIG. I mean, I don't actually know how big he is, since its given in centimeters, which is all blah blah blah to me and I cannot be arsed to convert it, but I sort of had the feeling that he wasn't this, like, GIANT PLUG or something. But whatever, I am all in favor of stretching the truth in fic in order to, you know, stretch other things with shiny gold buttplugs. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know in the interest of full disclosure :D

4. But speaking of Earl and speaking of really big buttplugs, in the comments of yesterday's post, I talked about my plans for a sequel to Earl fic, because I am not ready to let go. Basically, it goes like this: Eames decides to buy Arthur a matching plug, but after thinking about it, he realizes that Arthur's ass is too precious for gold, so he has a PLATINUM BUTTPLUG custom made. And because it's tailor made for Arthur's magnificent ass, it can be as big as I Eames wants. AND, WELL, WE ALL KNOW THAT EAMES IS NOT AFRAID TO DREAM REALLY FUCKING BIG AM I RIGHT. So he gives it to Arthur, and Arthur is like, what the fuck were you thinking this is HUGE, but Eames is just like, come on baby, you know I'd never give you anything you can't take, and I know you can take it for me. I'll make it so good for you, I promise. And Arthur is like asdfghjkl;, and Eames is like, AW YEAH. And then, you know. EAMES FILLS ARTHUR'S PRETTY LITTLE ARSE WITH PLATINUM BECAUSE ARTHUR DESERVES NOTHING LESS, Y/Y/MFY??

5. This one is REALLY IMPORTANT okay. I am going to be in NYC next weekend hanging out with [ profile] leupagus and [ profile] merelyn (and hopefully [ profile] puckling!) On Saturday, October 23, there is going to be some sort of fangirl meetup some time at some bar in Manhattan. Which, is incredibly specific, I know. BUT I AM TOTALLY NOT IN CHARGE OF PLANNING OKAY. But the point is, everyone should come! I promise it will be awesome, and by awesome I mean, I will get drunk and force you to listen to my super serious business thoughts about assfucking. AND THEN I MAY POSSIBLY BREAK YOUR TOOTH. I AM JUST WARNING YOU ALL UP FRONT. But still! AWESOME. So, everyone go fill out this poll, and then come hang out :D ETA: The poll is on dreamwidth, so if you don't have an account there, just let me know if you're interested in coming and I can make sure you get all the details. And really, you should come. ALL OF YOU.

6. I am crying a little bit because Tom Hardy was voted off in [ profile] staraflur's hot person poll. WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS. Whatever, more for me.


Mmmm, those are really nice pants.

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In yesterday's poll, fifteen of you said that mathematicians aren't sexy, and ten of you said there is no such thing as a hot mathematician. YOU GUYS.


But you know what? It doesn't matter anymore, because I think I have finally found my path in life. STARTING TOMORROW HERE IS MY NEW JOB OKAY.


I have always wanted to do really important work )
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Okay, so TOM HARDY. He is so ridiculous I cannot even deal with him. I really did try to understand him, but like so many of you all I can come up with is TOM HARDY, HOW ARE YOU EVEN REAL? But you guys. I have finally figured it out. TOM HARDY DOESN'T EXIST. And like the good mathematician that I am, I can prove it :D

So, you guys know what impossible objects are, yes? They are basically optical illusions that cannot exist in three-dimensional space. Perhaps you are familiar with the Penrose stairs? I have decided that Tom Hardy is an impossible human. His ridiculousness simply cannot fit within the confines of our three-dimensional world.

The illusion becomes apparent when we look at some pictures.

The human equivalent of the Penrose stairs )


Sep. 26th, 2010 06:23 pm
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Question for you guys about Inception fic: what are your feelings about the whole British English v. American English thing? I know Merlin fandom can get a little cranky about fic that isn't properly Britpicked, but it's kind of weird in Inception. For dialogue, it makes sense that Eames would use British English and Arthur to use American English, but what about the narrative? And spelling? Would it depend on the POV? Or is everyone still in the OMG YAY NEW FIC stage and no one actually cares?

Moving on. Merlin! You guys, it is pathetic how much I love my cheesy ridiculous show. But do you know what I love even more than that? BRADLEY JAMES' FACE.



I wrote a bunch of words over the weekend. Actually, I wrote what is a lot of words for me, and while this makes me v.v. happy, I still have made no progress on the actual fic I am trying to write. WTF [ profile] inception_kink WHY ARE YOU SO DISTRACTING. Also, this fandom is never going to stop killing me, is it? I take a freaking day off of reading fic so I can, you know, WRITE FIC, and now I have no hopes of ever catching up to where I was before DDDD:

Tonight I have a date with the boy to see Inception at the IMAX. In honor of JGL's magnificent ass fifty feet tall, I am wearing a new dress. I THOUGHT THAT SEEMED LIKE THE CLASSY THING TO DO.

I just cannot resist polka dots )
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OMG YOU GUYS MERLIN IN TWO DAYS! But that totally means I have two entire days to squee about boys who are not Bradley and Colin, right? So, while we wait for ASDFGH NEW MERLIN EPS my darling [ profile] gwy asked if I could help her find some vids and interviews featuring the delightful JGL. If you thought I'd just pass along a couple YouTube vids to her without a full out flailfest THEN YOU DO NOT KNOW ME VERY WELL. I have never been able to resist the pretty, and he is really fucking pretty okay.


I won't stop until that boy is mine )

ETA: JGL picspam now includes brand new Bradley/Colin gifs by [ profile] who_love because there is NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH PRETTY ♥
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So, I’ve never actually done a proper intro post, but there seem to be an awful lot of new people around here (OH HI NEW PEOPLE) so perhaps this is a good time?

Anyway, HI. I AM BINA. I like my porn filthy and my squee in CAPSLOCK. I enjoy finagling my flist into filling out ridiculous polls and writing comment porn to satisfy my every whim. I JUST HAVE A LOT OF WHIMS OKAY. I have the attention span of a toddler and I am easily distracted by shiny things. My default icon is my favorite icon of all time, and was made for me by my beloved [ profile] derryere, who is the stroopwafel to my tastykake. You can see the context for it here. Sometimes I write fic, and you can find all of it here. IT IS BASICALLY ALL PORN. JSYK.

Fandom wise, my soul belongs to Merlin, while Inception is tugging relentlessly at my heart right now. My capacity for squee is alarmingly high, and I happen to think there is no reason at all why I can’t have it both ways. JUST YOU WATCH \o/

If you are an Inception person and have no idea what I am going on about with this Merlin business, you should totally click here. And if you are a Merlin person who thinks Inception is the shiny new toy that stole all your friends away, you should totally click here. And if any of you think for one second that I am leaving Merlin fandom, well, first of all, HI HAVE YOU MET ME. I’ve been flailing about this show and these boys for nearly two years now, in a rather ridiculous fashion. It doesn’t matter how pretty the other Arthur is, or that JGL has a fabulous ass (and HE REALLY REALLY DOES OKAY) I'm gonna be here until the wheels come off. YOU COULDN'T GET RID OF ME IF YOU TRIED :D And second of all, just look at this and this and this and this and this. LIKE I COULD GIVE THAT UP SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS.

Speaking of Merlin, I have rather strong feelings about Bradley James’ face. Well okay, all of his parts. Perhaps you have noticed? I’ve mentioned it once or twice, I think. I happen to think his face is the most fantastic of all human faces, and you can see more about how I feel about this v.v. important matter here. And, uh here and here and here and here and here. I WAS NOT KIDDING ABOUT THE STRONG FEELINGS.

As much as I would like to declare that no one loves Bradley as much as I do and therefore someday he will be mine, I’m afraid that is simply not true because I cannot compete with Colin Morgan okay. My feelings about Colin and Bradley's epic love can be found here and here.

Recently, my heart has been snatched up by Inception fandom, thanks in no small part to well dressed men, pretty dimples, JGL's ass, and the complete and utter ridiculousness that is Tom Hardy. You can see more about all of the above here and here and here. Stick around and watch me make, like, 837495 more posts just like that. Some might call it repetitive, but I prefer to think of it as loyalty squee :D

As for me personally, I like triple shot lattes, dresses with polka dots, and pretty new shoes. I answered a lot of top five questions that will tell you more than you've ever wanted to know about me in three separate posts. If you get drunk with me, I will sit you down and explain my super srs bsns thoughts on assfucking, complete with descriptive hand gestures. Well, either that or I’ll knock you on your back and break your tooth in an attempt to make out with you. BUT ONLY IF I REALLY LOVE YOU ♥

Here in my journal, everyone is welcome to jump into any conversation at any time. I PROMISE YOU ARE NOT INTERRUPTING. Like, FOR REAL. You never have to preface you comment with, "sorry if this is creepy but..." Well, I mean unless you are about to tell me about your human head collection or something D: But here you can be as filthy and as random as you like and it will always be okay with me. Say, oh Idk, I posted a bunch of random crap about me, and you decided to reply with comment porn - THAT WOULD BE MORE THAN OKAY WITH ME I AM JUST SAYING. Some of my very best fandom friendships have started when people I didn't know jumped in to declare their love for barebacking, felching, or the importance of lots and lots of lube. But if you’d prefer just to lurk, that’s fine, too!

My journal is too ridiculous to have proper rules, but if it did, they would be:

1. Squee hard
2. Play nice
3. Bonus points for comment porn
5. If you write comment porn that incorporates all of my top five kinks you win A PRIZE. Especially if you also write a sequel ♥♥

I don’t post a lot of meta, but on the rare occasion that I do, it will likely be about jizz. If you are interested, you can read about why I do fandom the way I do fandom here. At the end of the day, I don’t take myself seriously, and I certainly don’t expect anyone else to, either :D

Fandom brings me joy every single day. That I can come here and have so many people flail and capslock with me about porn and pretty boys and every other ridiculous thing that goes on inside my head makes me so fucking grateful you have no idea. YOU GUYS ARE MY PEOPLE ♥♥♥

BUT THAT IS ENOUGH ABOUT ME. New people, old people, in between people, tell me something about you, please and thank you.
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Today is Day Six in the Merlin S3 Countdown Fest of Awesome. I know some of you are feeling a little bit sad seeing so many people on LJ flailing about things that aren't Merlin *ahem* but today we have just the thing to bring us all back together again. A SHINY NEW S3 TRAILER OMG.

\o/ Merlin S3 Countdown: All-Out Squeefest \o/

Spoilery trailer eeeee! )

YOU GUYS YOU GUYS ASDFGHJKL. I CANNOT EVEN. THESE BOYS. I LOVE THEM SO HARD. So I declare today's countdown post an all out squeefest. Bring your gifs, your favorite pictures, AND OF COURSE YOUR CAPSLOCK, AND COME FLAIL WITH ME AS WE ALL REMEMBER WHY WE LOVE THIS SHOW \O/!!!


Pimp if you like:

ETA: And now we have comment porn from [ profile] dreamdustmama \o/
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OKAY. So a couple people have mentioned that they're getting their Inception recs from me, and YOU SHOULD NOT DO THAT FOR REAL. I am seriously the flakiest person in the world, and if you're depending on me, you're missing a lot of awesome stuff. So! Here are a couple of recs for recs:

+ [ profile] bookshop's delicious was my lifesaver when I first got into the fandom and had no idea where to begin.

+ [ profile] nicolasechs just posted a rec list that looks awesome. I am still working through it myself, and I've already found several things I haven't seen yet.

And a couple awesome things I just must share:

+ Really amazing art by [ profile] platina (NSFW art in link.) I love them all, but the spanking, UNF. Spanking is in my top five bulletproof kinks, and I am sort of desperate for Arthur/Eames spanking fic. I've read some Cobb/Arthur spanking, but I haven't found any Arthur/Eames. SO FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY LINK ME IF YOU HAVE READ SOME. Also, um. So it appears that in the absence of finding any to read, I am writing it myself? Just look at that picture, you guys. ARTHUR IS STILL WEARING HIS SOCKS ♥

+ Dream a Little Dream of Me by [ profile] meiface, based on the JGL/Zooey Deschanel dancing video. YOU GUYS. This is just so lovely. And there is dancing

SPEAKING OF THAT VIDEO. A couple people on my flist have been saying that JGL seems kind of small, and I am obviously not talking about in his pants. Okay yes, he is not a big muscley dude, but he is not that small! You get a good sense of his size compared to Zooey Deschanel in the video, and if 500 Days of Summer is to be believed, she's 5'5". Now, she is wearing heels, which in my expert opinion are about three inches (also SO CUTE OMG), and he is still taller than she is. And he clearly has no issues spinning her around and lifting her up and stuff. Okay, so I've probably got a couple pounds on her, BUT STILL. I BELIEVE THAT HE IS BIG ENOUGH TO HOLD ME DOWN AND THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS ANYWAY.

Also speaking of that video, who has the gif of JGL when he's on the desk doing that little hopping clapping thing of utter adorableness? I NEED IT IN MY LIFE OKAY. ETA: Thank you, [ profile] xskintandminted!


And finally, I would like to talk about underwear. Since nearly every fic I write involves people taking their pants off, I have to figure out who wears what kind of underwear. I've actually spent a ridiculous amount of time thinking about this, and have really strong opinions on different characters. Arthur and Eames are still so new to me, and I really need to know what's under their pants so I can better get them out of them :D

Note: the Arthur in the poll is Arthur-from-Inception, not Arthur-Prince-of-Camelot.

[Poll #1613591]



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