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Okay, so first of all: Inception Fandom Rare Ship Fest is happening now in the [community profile] inception comm. Go check it out! Leave prompts, fill prompts, and give your favorite rare ships some love :D

Speaking of prompts, there has been talk on twitter about this prompt at the kink meme. The degree to which this is relevant to my interests cannot be textually rendered at the present time, so really all I can say is slkghklghsl OH MY GOD YES PLEASE. I feel like we need to gather up all the amazing prompts that have gone unfilled, and then, IDK BRIBE AWESOME PEOPLE TO WRITE THEM. IN THE NAME OF FILTHY PORN.

On the subject of the many things I desperately need in my life, I would like to talk about JGL's teeny tiny thighs. MY GOD DOES HE KNOW HOW TO WEAR PANTS. But my point right now is what's inside those pants. I mean obvs amazing things, but let us focus on the thighs right now.


Pretty pants )

In conclusion: THIGHS.


Which Eames holds open with his BIG GIANT ARMS.



ETA: [personal profile] asunder wrote thigh porn \o/

[personal profile] toomuchplor wrote Arthur's thighs/Eames' beard. OTP FOREVER :D
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Okay, so nine minute This Means War sneak peek. slfkhslkhsgh YOU GUYS. I JUST.


My brain is like physically unable to cope with how amazing Tom looks in this movie. You'd think after all this time I'd be somewhat prepared. AND YET. He looks amazing. He sounds amazing. EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM IS AMAZING OH MY GOD.

Also, are those shots toward the end of Tom and Chris on the road with the guns from the reshoots? Because Tom looks all bulked up. That is gonna be so hilarious when he just randomly gets all huge in the middle of a scene and then shrinks back down again. And it looks like it's going to be even more noticeable than in Inception.

I went back and looked at my journal, and I first posted about This Means War in the end of October of 2010, and first mentioned how fucking amazing Tom Hardy looks in the blue shirt of perfection a few days later. YOU GUYS. WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR FIFTEEN MONTHS. FOR A MOVIE THAT PROBABLY IS KIND OF TERRIBLE. THAT IS A REALLY LONG TIME TO WAIT FOR SUCH A THING OKAY. But whatever. There is nothing that could keep me away from this. NOTHING.


We get him all sweaty with tattoos and guns nnnngh YES PLEASE. We get him wearing a sweater over a buttondown with the sleeves rolled up. AND WE GET IT MORE THAN ONCE. We get him in a suit. OH MY GOD DO WE GET HIM IN A SUIT.


And of course, the blue shirt of perfection. Finally in my eyeballs on the big screen after all this time. I MIGHT ACTUALLY DIE.


I am gonna have the most embarrassingly ridiculous reaction in the theater AND I DON'T EVEN CARE I JUST WANT IT NOW PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

Hey guys! I hope you are all having an awesome day, and that your brains are full of pretty things, like Tom Hardy's perfect face ♥
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Hey you guys!

I know there are a bazillion holiday fic exchanges/fests/etc, but this one is super low-key. It's a multi-fandom stocking stuffer fest, and everyone is eligible to participate YAY. So go! Click! Spread the holiday love :D

I hope you all had an awesome day today, whether you were lounging around eating turkey leftovers, hitting the malls for the best deals, or just having a regular Friday. I did all of my Black Friday shopping in my pjs on the couch, but I did venture out to the grocery store in the afternoon, where I found something called vibrating eye treatment on clearance. It's basically eye cream that comes with... a vibrator... for your eyes. IDEK BUT I HOPE IT LEAVES MY EYES VERY VERY SATISFIED.

Oh, and P.S. Just in case you thought JGL was the only one who knows how to wear pants.


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Okay, so if you have not yet seen this video of JGL flashing his adorable dimpleface all over the place, you really must do yourself a favor and watch.

And then. AND THEN. Can we please talk about his pants.


In case you were wondering, this is my type.


WHY YES BB DIMPLEFACE I WOULD LIKE TO HIT RECORD THANK YOU FOR ASKING. sdklghds anyway! From a purely physical standpoint, this is my type pretty much exactly. ASSUMING OF COURSE HE IS WEARING THE PANTS PICTURED ABOVE. Seriously, the boy's glasses are almost identical, and he wears a version of that outfit (minus the tie) almost every single day. The reason, of course, is that I buy all his clothes, but that is a conversation for another day :D

So yeah, my type is well-dressed skinny boys with glasses. So why oh why am I so desperately attracted to this?


The answer is Tom Hardy. THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS TOM HARDY ♥
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1. The Inception Kink Fest! I know I keep posting about it, but it KEEPS BEING AWESOME. Seriously, I am just delighted at how it turned out. I'm really happy to see some fills for kinks that are less common in fic and art, and so many people getting excited about them. THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT. LOTS AND LOTS OF PORN :D Anyway, I did not have the chance to update the masterlist with all of the LJ WTFery of yesterday, but I promise I'll get that done today. There are still lots of unfilled prompts, so check it out and see if something inspires you. And thank you so much to everyone who participated by contributing prompts, filling prompts, or commenting on the many fills :D

2. A long, long time ago, before there was a movie called Inception, and before the word BAM turned me into a gibbering mess, [ profile] skellerbvvt took up the challenge to write all my favorite things in one deliciously filthy Merlin fic: underage/age difference, teacher/student, spanking, D/s, barebacking, and felching. IT WAS GLORIOUS. THEN THERE WAS A SEQUEL. ANYWAY. Skeller wrote another commentfic sequel which includes so many amazing things such as Merlin in a school uniform and EVEN MORE SPANKING and extra fingers of true loooooove ♥

3. Oh hey, Arthur. Nice pants. What are you going to do with that tie, bb?



4. Speaking of which.


I am totally willing to overlook the fact that those pants need to be hemmed because OH MY GOD HIS THIGHS. I was talking yesterday about how he looks so very climbable even when he's not all bulked up. HE IS QUITE STURDY IS WHAT I AM SAYING TO YOU AND THAT GIVES ME SO MANY WONDERFUL IDEAS ♥

Hey guys hey. What are you up to today? Awesome things, I hope :D
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1. The Inception Kink Fest is still going strong! I updated the masterlist this morning with about 20 more links, and there are now 80+ fills (and once again, please let me know if links are missing/broken!) SO AWESOME. I'm still not all caught up with reading because there is just so much of it lkjgldsgjdl I LOVE YOU GUYS AND THIS FANDOM SO MUCH IT HURTS ♥

2. By now, I'm sure you've all seen the new pics of Colin Morgan, as they appeared all over my flist yesterday, however I could not let this one go without comment, because, WELL.

This is so good for me )

3. Speaking of my love for well dressed men...



4. [ profile] hermette hosted a cuddle fest last night, as a bunch of people were feeling a bit down, and the post is full of everything from comment fic to snuggly animals to NSFW porn, so check it out if you're in need of cheering up ♥

5. Um, I might be considering changing my default icon? I've had this one for more than two years now, and every time I think about changing it I get all panicky because I am terribly attached, but maybe it's time? sldjgslkgj IDK SOMEONE HELP D:

Now I must go clean my house. Which basically means I crank up the cheesy dance music and twirl from room to room, possibly cleaning a few things along the way. WHAT LIKE YOU DON'T DO THE VERY SAME THING.
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1. In yesterday's poll, Brian Kinney currently has about 44% of the vote as most emotionally stunted of them all.


sljgsdlg HIS FACE. LOOK AT ALL THE ~REPRESSED LOVE~ IN HIS EYES ♥___♥ I have Many Feelings about the emotional stuntedness of Brian Kinney, but I do not even want to get started on it, because it gets kind of messy. I STILL HAVE A BRIAN AND JUSTIN SHAPED HOLE IN MY HEART FROM THAT SHOW OKAY. Brb sobbing forever :((

2. From Matt Bondurant's (the author of The Wettest County) twitter:


Also this )

3. Speaking of which, new pic from Warrior.


It looks like 2011 is going to be the year of Tom Hardy punching all the things. SO FUCKING GOOD FOR ME.



This does things to me klsjglsjhs; I just have all of these feelings about how Eames pins Arthur up against the wall and yanks those pretty little trousers right off. And, look. Arthur is pretty fucking badass. We know this okay. He canonically takes out a dude who's much bigger than he is with his bare hands, but YOU GUYS. EAMES IS LIKE TWICE AS WIDE AS ARTHUR. Look at their shoulders. LOOK AT THEIR FUCKING THIGHS JFC. Idk you guys, I think my money's on Eames. Clearly they need to wrestle it out, once and for all. AND THEN FUCK. THAT WAY EVERYONE WINS \o/

5. Things! [ profile] gyzym is hosting another round of the inspiration meme that's already full of beautiful things, and [ profile] ras_elased is hosting a 24 hour word war, to take down those words once and for all. Off you go, my lovelies. Awesome things are everywhere :D

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1. I will have more to say about yesterday's poll results later, but for right now I would like to note that out of 277 votes, only 17 of you said you'd be writing Merlin fic during the hiatus. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE D: Especially since everyone agreed that Bradley's hair is in fact the shiniest thing in the world (note: since no one provided photographic evidence to the contrary all NO votes have been declared null and void by me SO THERE.) Where are you, Merlin fic writers?

2. Speaking of the poll, the people have spoken: INCEPTION FANDOM NEEDS MORE FIRST TIME BAREBACKING. You guys. Filthy wet messy sex is in my top five kinks of all time, and I absolutely cannot get enough of it. I love love love that Inception fandom has so much barebacking in general, but first time barebacking is like OFF THE CHARTS LEVELS OF HOT especially when there is a whole emotional significance attached. Because nothing says I love you like Eames coming in Arthur's ass for the first time. WHICH LEADS TO EAMES FINGERING ARTHUR AFTER, ALL DELIGHTED AT HOW MESSY HE IS. WHICH LEADS TO ARTHUR LOVING HOW IT FEELS BECAUSE, WELL, HE IS ARTHUR. WHICH LEADS TO MORE FUCKING. It is a never ending cycle of love and trust and COME EVERYWHERE. AND THEN THEY CUDDLE ♥

3. The other day when I posted about JGL wearing hoodies, there was some discussion of Arthur wearing Eames' hoodies, and [ profile] ilovetakahana even wrote comment fic about it. I failed to say so at the time, but I have such a thing for clothes sharing. FOR REAL. So! Won't you rec me your favorite fics where boys share each other's clothes, please and thank you? Merlin or Inception. And if this fic doesn't exist yet, well. I THINK YOU ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS :D

4. Yesterday I got yelled at because I did not include any pics of JGL in my post. I AM SORRY YOU GUYS THERE IS JUST A LOT OF PRETTY AND IT CANNOT ALL BE CONTAINED IN EVERY ENTRY OR MY LJ MIGHT EXPLODE OR SOMETHING. To make up for this transgression, here is bb dimpleface in a suit (AND NOT A HOODIE.)


Speaking of suits... )

5. Actually, it turns out I need your help again. Let's just say that you knew someone who was very hesitantly maybe sort of thinking about possibly placing a single toe upon the Tom Hardy train, and up until this point, this hypothetical person was not what you would call Tom Hardy's biggest fan. What pics would you use to convince them that that train really is the best party in town without scaring them off? NOTHING TOO RIDICULOUS BECAUSE THEY ARE CLEARLY NOT READY FOR THAT YET. JUST TOM AT HIS MOST ADORABLE. I shall start.


sdlkfjdsl HOW IS HE SO CUTE IDEK. And also this.


Nnnnngh YES.

Changing clocks throws me all off for days. I am protesting this my staying in my pjs all day today. I FEEL THIS IS AN ACCEPTABLE WAY TO VOICE MY DISCONTENT. Hi guys hi ♥

ETA: [ profile] five_of_five is writing photo shoot fic :D
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1. So, apparently Bradley went to see Colin's play, and then they went to a bar together after. AND APPARENTLY I MISSED THE ENTIRE FLAIL PARTY YESTERDAY WTF RL WHY MUST YOU INTERFERE WITH MY TINHATTING LIKE THIS D: So here is my own private little flail party: lsdhjflsdkgh OMG OMG BOOOOOYS ♥_______♥ Seriously, it feels like it's been forever since we've had those two being all adorbs and boyfriendly with each other which makes this EXTRA AWESOME. Is there fic yet? THERE REALLY SHOULD BE FIC.

2. Yesterday I posted this picture of JGL and his broken cigarette of emo-ness, then [ profile] five_ht posted this picture, in which they both they are both sexy as fuck, and then [ profile] defenerstate drew this, which is just SO HOT. They should always wear suits and light each other's cigarettes in a sexy way and MAKE OUT ALL OVER THE PLACE ♥

3. Speaking of JGL, it seems like in all the photo shoots he did when he was in that jailbaity-but-really-legal phase he's always giving his best super srs bsns emoface. Maybe he was worried that if he flashed those dimples around everyone would think he was FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. Or maybe he just really wanted the world to understand his pain.


Oh, bb. Why so emo? )

ANYWAY. That is quite enough emo for one day, don't you think?



4. Okay, so in this picture, EVERYONE IS STARING AT TOM.


Idk if this is because they're actually filming right then, or if they are just captivated by his perfectly shaped head, the blue shirt of perfection, and his fucking mouth that is probably doing something pornographic in that very moment.

ALSO NIPPLES. WE CANNOT FORGET THE NIPPLES. I mean, c'mon. Wouldn't you stare? Or possibly climb that like a tree?


This Tuesday needs more coffee. Perhaps it will be a double triple latte day. HI :D
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So, I am still kind of teetering right on the edge of Hawaii Five-0, just waiting to jump. Yesterday [ profile] hermette joked about sucking me in with first time barebacking, but the thing is, she's totally right. With Inception, there were a lot of things that attracted me to the fandom, but the way it really went down was like this: I read some dirtyhot porn, went to see the movie the very next day, and then this happened. After that, WELL. YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT :D Basically what I am saying to you is WHERE IS THE ABSOLUTELY FILTHY DANNY/STEVE PORN MY SHAMELESSLY DEPRAVED SOUL REQUIRES.

Speaking of boys with hearts in their eyes, [ profile] lemniciate is hosting a Bradley/Colin comment fest, so click over for fic, picspams and lots of flaily flail about PRETTY BOYS IN LOVE ♥

I could try to come up with a segue to get to Tom Hardy, but the truth is that all things lead to T-Hard in my head. I feel kinda guilty because on anyone else, I'd be complaining about the borderline sleazy facial hair and neckbeard in this pic, but my reaction is pretty much laksjfalgj FUCK I WANT THAT.


It's terribly unfair, I know, but LOOK AT HIM JFC. Tom Hardy's lips = MADE FOR PORN. Also eyelashes ♥♥♥ I read this interview today, which is from 2003, and I honestly do not even know what he is talking about half the time, but he totally cracks me up: And I was a tortured artist! I had a lot of anger and was into the method! Full of shit! I was a sort of shitbomb mess going, ‘What am I doing?’ AHAHA TOM HARDY IDEK WHAT YOU ARE DOING BUT I REALLY KIND OF LOVE IT. Anyway, Tom Hardy Party has a bunch of old interviews that are worth checking out because awesome things happen when Tom opens his mouth :D

In other news, Arthur wears pants.



I have approximately 37373950607 things to get done today, including going to the mall. You know, the weekend before Christmas. I HOPE I MAKE IT OUT IN ONE PIECE D:
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1. Someone linked me to this article yesterday, and I love how the author takes every opportunity to talk about how awesome and hot Tom Hardy is. WHO IS THIS LAURA PRUDOM BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE SHE AND I WOULD GET ALONG. ALSO I LOVE ALL THE PICS THEY CHOSE TO INCLUDE :D

2. Unsurprisingly, I am still not over the video of Tom's magnificent ass. Now that I've watched it some completely reasonable and not at all ridiculous number of times, there are a couple things I'm wondering about. First, Tom's shirt is all sweaty (ALSO PINK!) and I'm guessing it's from paintball because he's wearing all of that... gear, or whatever. I WANT 34995586 HOURS OF VIDEO OF HIM RUNNING AROUND WITH A PAINTBALL GUN WHERE IS IT I NEED IT IN MY LIFE.

Second, is that a tattoo on his right hipbone? It kind of looks like maybe it is?

Has there always been a tattoo there? )

3. Yesterday I posted super smiley JGL with Arthur hair, so today you get bb JGL looking v.v. deep in thought with his hair flopping all over the place.


Was this from a time in his life when he was not working out or something? He looks so tiny! AS OPPOSED TO, YOU KNOW, THIS. NOT TINY AT ALL.

JGL seems to prefer to keep his hair super short or pushed back, but I love it when it's a little bit longer. The above pic is a bit too floppy for me, but I love anytime it's long enough to hang down over his forehead and curl up at the ends. I'm also a fan of the sex mussed hair.

Bedhead )

4. MERLIN! I haven't posted about Merlin in days D: It was a little sad this week not seeing a million flaily posts about the quest and episode all over my flist, but it seems like everyone is either still riding the high from the finale or posting picspams or getting really excited about fics. Plus, there seem to be a lot of new people getting into the fandom for the first time which is SO AWESOME TO WATCH I CANNOT EVEN TELL YOU. I actually have Things to Say about the show and M/A in general, but so far, I haven't been able to gather my thoughts together into anything remotely coherent. But we have a long hiatus, so I'm sure I'll get there eventually. FOR NOW I SHALL JUST SAY THIS.


HEY YOU GUYS. Are you having an awesome Sunday? ♥
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I've been operating on a pretty significant sleep deficit all week, so last night I decided to do the smart thing and go to bed early for once. I woke up this morning after a sold ten hours of sleep feeling gloriously refreshed and reached for my phone, only to discover a series of nonsensical @replies: SLFBJFLS;JH;DSHJ LDFKHJLKDFJHFGL; OMG OMG OMG BINA IS GOING TO DIE WHEN SHE SEES THIS ASDFGHJKL; WHAT IS THIS OMG. I frantically clicked on the link in question only to discover that it was gone. What did I miss by going to bed early?


And not just some skeevy video from his troubled past, but a NEW VIDEO of him and McG being ridiculous and letting people shoot them in the ass with paintball guns(??) IDK I GUESS IT IS HOW THEY CELEBRATED THE END OF THE FILMING OR WHATEVER WHO EVEN KNOWS. BASICALLY ALL THAT MATTERS IS THAT IT IS A BRAND NEW VIDEO WHICH MEANS IT IS THE CURRENT STATE OF HIS ASS.

I picked sleep over this? )

I'm gonna need a lot of pretty to feel better today. Stripes and waistcoats and DIMPLES OH YES.


I love when we get pics of JGL dressed as Arthur but acting like JGL, because then I can totally convince myself that it's more canon. That means I can pretend that Arthur is smiling because... OH SHIT I AM STILL ALL DEPRESSED ABOUT TOM'S ASS D: Someone tell me why Arthur is smiling like that. HINT: I AM QUITE CERTAIN IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH SEX.

More happy faces? Yes?



Just look at their pretty faaaaaaaaaaces :D :D :D We were so spoiled with all the awesome filming pics from this movie and I miss them already. I just hope we don't have to wait too long for it to be released so I can go see it 384756965303 times.

Okay okay I am gonna go get myself a latte and do some boring stuff and comfort myself by watching this over and over.

I'm pretty sure this is porn )

Happy Saturday. What are you guys up to this weekend? Show me something pretty? OR BETTER YET WHERE IS THE VIDEO OF TOM'S ASS?

ETA: Download link is in the comments, and it's also back up on YouTube! FANGIRLS ALWAYS PROVIDE ♥

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1. YESTERDAY'S POLL. Some of the results were surprising to me! For example, about 60% of you said in Merlin, you prefer canon era fic. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? I mean, obviously my flist is reflective of the fandom as a whole, haha. Some people said they just flat out aren't interested in canon era fic, but for those that are, one thing that was brought up was that people like the idea of canon fic, but are afraid to write it because they worry about getting it wrong. YOU GUYS. THIS IS THE MOST HISTORICALLY INACCURATE SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. Beer cans, DO YOU REMEMBER THE BEER CANS? Another point that was brought up was that people might be intimidated by the idea of having to write something plotty with battles and action and whatnot. NOT TRUE. Do you want to know my very favorite fic scenario of all time? Merlin and Arthur are crazy in love but too emotionally stunted to admit it, so they wander around the castle doing random stuff, being kind of dumb, snarking at each other, with lots of delicious UST. AND THEN THERE IS PORN. YOU GUYS. I COULD READ THAT FIC 47495067832756 TIMES I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING.

2. In unsurprising poll news, INCEPTION NEEDS MORE RIMMING.


3. SHOES. I should have just linked you to all of the shoes, since I knew people were going to ask. In the order posted, you can find them for sale here, here, here, and here. For awhile there I was worried, because despite very specifically giving you radio buttons, there was an ALMOST PERFECT FOUR WAY TIE WTF. However, a winner has finally emerged! Though, I just discovered that they also come in red. SO MANY DIFFICULT CHOICES IN LIFE *SOBS AND SOBS FOREVER* (Also, to [ profile] weatherfront who said they look kind-of-but-not-quite like Chie, I say yes, yes they do.)

In honor of the fact that the Fluevogs lost, and in honor of the fact that [ profile] weatherfront put a ban on my Fluevog purchases for the time being (WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT WHYYYY) guess what I am wearing today?

I love these shoes okay )

4. FORMSPRING. I has one! I actually started it, like, six months ago, answered a couple questions, and promptly forgot all about it. If you would like to ask me a question, go right ahead. Though I will warn you that I am exceedingly flaky and might forget I have it at any given moment D:



Because every day should have dimples ♥

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1. CONFESSION: I have not yet watched yesterday's episode of Merlin. I... cannot even explain what is going on on my flist right now, and to be honest, I am sort of terrified D: WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS. As far as I can tell, I need to get really drunk to get through it or want to punch someone in the face after watching it or possibly give up on the show forever or think it is the awesomest thing ever or I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT OKAY D:

2. Everyone should go check out the Not My Fandom Fest hosted by [ profile] pocky_slash because it is hilarious. [ profile] callowyn's take on Inception is so freaking awesome I cannot even deal.

3. Let's talk about Earl, shall we? As some of you know, I have had a thing for Earl for awhile now. I believe it was [ profile] froggie who first introduced me to the fabulousness that is a gold gentleman's pleasure object and matching cufflinks, and I desperately wanted fic with him in it, but it just didn't really fit in with Merlin. Imagine my delight when Inception came along in which cufflinks are canon for fuck's sake. But here is another confession for you today: When I finally wrote Earl fic, I took some ~artistic liberties~ with the dimensions. HE IS REALLY NOT THAT BIG. I mean, I don't actually know how big he is, since its given in centimeters, which is all blah blah blah to me and I cannot be arsed to convert it, but I sort of had the feeling that he wasn't this, like, GIANT PLUG or something. But whatever, I am all in favor of stretching the truth in fic in order to, you know, stretch other things with shiny gold buttplugs. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know in the interest of full disclosure :D

4. But speaking of Earl and speaking of really big buttplugs, in the comments of yesterday's post, I talked about my plans for a sequel to Earl fic, because I am not ready to let go. Basically, it goes like this: Eames decides to buy Arthur a matching plug, but after thinking about it, he realizes that Arthur's ass is too precious for gold, so he has a PLATINUM BUTTPLUG custom made. And because it's tailor made for Arthur's magnificent ass, it can be as big as I Eames wants. AND, WELL, WE ALL KNOW THAT EAMES IS NOT AFRAID TO DREAM REALLY FUCKING BIG AM I RIGHT. So he gives it to Arthur, and Arthur is like, what the fuck were you thinking this is HUGE, but Eames is just like, come on baby, you know I'd never give you anything you can't take, and I know you can take it for me. I'll make it so good for you, I promise. And Arthur is like asdfghjkl;, and Eames is like, AW YEAH. And then, you know. EAMES FILLS ARTHUR'S PRETTY LITTLE ARSE WITH PLATINUM BECAUSE ARTHUR DESERVES NOTHING LESS, Y/Y/MFY??

5. This one is REALLY IMPORTANT okay. I am going to be in NYC next weekend hanging out with [ profile] leupagus and [ profile] merelyn (and hopefully [ profile] puckling!) On Saturday, October 23, there is going to be some sort of fangirl meetup some time at some bar in Manhattan. Which, is incredibly specific, I know. BUT I AM TOTALLY NOT IN CHARGE OF PLANNING OKAY. But the point is, everyone should come! I promise it will be awesome, and by awesome I mean, I will get drunk and force you to listen to my super serious business thoughts about assfucking. AND THEN I MAY POSSIBLY BREAK YOUR TOOTH. I AM JUST WARNING YOU ALL UP FRONT. But still! AWESOME. So, everyone go fill out this poll, and then come hang out :D ETA: The poll is on dreamwidth, so if you don't have an account there, just let me know if you're interested in coming and I can make sure you get all the details. And really, you should come. ALL OF YOU.

6. I am crying a little bit because Tom Hardy was voted off in [ profile] staraflur's hot person poll. WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS. Whatever, more for me.


Mmmm, those are really nice pants.

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1. OKAY. So, I had a slightly stressful day yesterday and I was all set to curl up on the couch in my pjs, when I somehow got sucked into a dark pit of depravity with [ profile] cobweb_diamond, [ profile] jibrailis, [ profile] weatherfront and [ profile] bookshop, and I wrote... catboy!Arthur porn? WHAT. I DON'T FUCKING KNOW ANYMORE YOU GUYS. Seriously, Aja hosts a fluff fest, I write buttplug porn. Gav writes adorable snuggly kitty Arthur, I respond with sketchy catboy porn. I AM LIKE THAT GIRL WHO SHOWS UP LATE TO FANCY WINE AND CHEESE PARTIES WITH CHEAP BEER AND A BAG OF CHEETOS. WHAT IS THAT EVEN. But seriously, you should go check it out because it is kind of insane and awesome, and [ profile] platina and [ profile] kiwimangoodness have drawn some seriously amazing art. THIS FANDOM. OH MY GOD ♥



Remember when I was talking about Arthur's outfits in the movie? I said this was my least favorite Arthur outfit because of the too-big jacket but HOLY SHIT I HAVE CHANGED MY MIND BECAUSE HE LOOKS FUCKING AMAZING. I mean, really. JGL knows how to wear pants like nobody else in the whole world.

And sweaters, too )

3. I have mentioned that I love babies. LOVE THEM. And that men with babies is like kryptonite to me, so you can imagine my reaction when I saw this.



Death by cute )

4. The other day, I posted a vid of Bradley behind the scenes getting his hair blow-dried in the middle of a forest, and a bunch of people said they'd never seen it before. So now I am thinking back to all of the S1 behind the scenes stuff and wondering if there are any other clips that people may have missed either because they're new to the fandom, or just because fandom was a lot smaller then and there wasn't so much squee over every little thing. What are your favorite moments from the S1 DVD extras?

5. [ profile] hermette is hosting a Merlin fandom fu-a-thon, where you can leave prompts and write short ficlets in resposne. So, if you're having trouble getting words out and want to write something, or if you just want to read a bunch of awesome ficlets, GO CLICK NOW OKAY.

How is everyone today?

ETA: [ profile] hermette wrote Arthur/Eames fisting comment fic because she loooooves me and always knows exactly what I need asdfghj ♥!
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1. OKAY. So you guys know how much I want more rimming all the time. You know because I talk about it, like, EVERY DAY. But do you know what is really lacking in Inception fandom? SPANKING. This, my friends, is a tragedy. Did you know that of 15 Arthur/Eames spanking prompts on the kink meme, only two are tagged as filled? One is [ profile] platina's amazing art, which I linked to before because OMFG ARTHUR IS WEARING HIS SOCKS ♥ The other is actually mis-tagged and has not been filled at all. HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE THAT THERE IS NO SPANKING FIC. They both have delightful bums that deserve to have much love bestowed upon them, and by that I mean, getting bent over someone's knee and spanked until they come. OBVIOUSLY. Here are the unfilled spanking prompts. Please, you guys. I am DESPERATE.



Do you guys know why JGL is pouting? DO YOU? It is because there are watermarks on this picture. I am making the very same face :(( But seriously, where are the rest of the pics from this shoot? This is not enough. I NEED EVERY SINGLE SHOT OF THAT BOY LOUNGING ALL OVER THE STEPS IN A FUCKING SUIT OKAY.

3. JGL/T-Hard. Colin and Bradley have seriously ruined me for the RPF side of fandom forever, with their ridiculous antics and all eyefucking all the time, but JGL and T-Hard can be pretty adorable.

JGL and T-Hard: A Love Story )

4. It is October. Who remembers what happened at the end of last October? If you said BRADLEY LET SOME KIND OF HAIRY MONSTROSITY GROW UPON HIS FACE you would be correct. In the lowest blow of all, the first appearance of that facial hair travesty was coupled with an Abercrombie shirt. I cannot go through this again, you guys. I CANNOT DO IT OKAY. I have not yet forgotten the pain and trauma of Beardwatch 2009. Some wounds never fully heal D:

A brief reminder of why it is imperative for Bradley to stay clean shaven at all times )
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1. I have mentioned before that [ profile] skellerbvvt writing random comment porn for me is one of MY VERY FAVORITE THINGS EVER. I HAVE MENTIONED THIS A BUNCH OF TIMES OKAY. Well, guess what? She wrote Arthur/Eames, and it is filthy and delightful and has so many things I love because she is shamelessly exploiting my kinks and it is basically an ode to Arthur's magnificent ass and IT IS EIGHT COMMENTS LONG AND I NEVER WANT HER TO STOP. So go check it out \o/

2. Ticky boxes v. radio buttons. I know you guys hate the radio buttons. I KNOW BECAUSE YOU TELL ME EVERY TIME I POST A RIDICULOUS POLL. But I cannot give you all ticky boxes all the time, because then you will just tick all the boxes, and then my extremely intellectually stimulating questions will be meaningless, and I'll cry a little, and it will all be v.v. tragic. I promise I will give you some ticky boxes every time, okay? :D

3. Speaking of polls, the votes from yesterday are in, and the biggest fashion tragedy of them all, was the pleated, slouchy, cropped, flower-print, I-don't-know-what-the-fuck pants (though I am kind of sad that more of you do not share my deep and abiding hatred for Abercrombie logo t-shirts.) If any of you are interested, you can actually buy the pants at Anthropologie. They originally retailed for $148, and now can be yours for a mere $39.95, which is about 75% off. All sizes still available. IMAGINE THAT.

4. Speaking of fashion tragedies, I came across this clip of wee bb JGL wearing some truly hideous pleated front relaxed fit pants, and a GIANT PLAID SHIRT that looks big enough for two wee bb JGLs.

AHAHA, OH JGL. You sure did grow up nice, and now you wear pants like nobody else AND I AM VERY GRATEFUL.


5. Also related to yesterday's poll, after looking at some of the clips again, I am pretty sure that Eames is wearing his own suit in the beginning of the first dream level when they're doing the taxi shoot-out thing. It's the one with the horrible tie, which you can see in the pic above. Then later, when he changes back to himself, he is apparently still wearing Browning's suit? You can see it during the dream a little bigger scene. But, you guys. WHY IS HE STILL WEARING BROWNING'S SUIT? His clothes immediately change back to his own when he changes back to himself in the hotel level, though what I wouldn't give to see Tom Hardy in a tight black mini-dress and heels. But the suit! It doesn't make any sense! Maybe Eames was just distracted because Arthur is extremely tense and frowny, and he can't very well do his normal comforting boyfriend thing which is give Arthur a blowjob, so he isn't focusing and just, like, forgets to un-forge his clothes? WHY DOES THIS MAKE NO SENSE. AND WHY OF ALL THE THINGS IN THE MOVIE THAT MAKE NO SENSE IS THIS THE ONLY ONE I AM HUNG UP ON.

I am going to be pretty busy for the next couple of days and so I might not be around as much to spam you all with capslocky nonsense and pictures of pretty, pretty boys, but I trust you will all carry on with out me, and post many many things that I will never ever have any hopes of catching up on D: BUT YES. GO SQUEE AND FLAIL AND BE AWESOME AND I WILL BE BACK SOON ♥


Sep. 24th, 2010 04:13 pm
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Can someone please direct me to pics of Eames in this outfit where you can clearly see that his pants are:

1. Entirely too big for him, and
2. Pleated D:

Please? I need them for something v.v. important. PORN MAY BE INVOLVED.

Speaking of porn, how the fuck does anyone get anything done with Arthur wearing these pants? SERIOUSLY.


Also, the other day I was making fun of JGL's grumpy Arthur face, but I think the reason he did that was because WHO WOULD BE AFRAID OF HIS WEE ADORABLE BABY FACE. NO ONE THAT'S WHO. I am not so sure that adorably squishable is what JGL was going for with his interpretation of Arthur, hence the I will fuck you shit up face.

Do you see what I mean? )


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