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slkgjldkhjgfsd JFC. I CANNOT EVEN. Like, this is actualfax porn right here, I am not even kidding. Last night, [ profile] gyzym was like I AM PRETTY SURE HE IS FUCKING THAT TOOTHPICK WITH HIS MOUTH and just. YEAH.

I feel kind of bad for ignoring poor bb dimpleface in that gif, so let us appreciate how very lovely he is in stripes.


Mmmm YES. So pretty, and I love his dedication to fashion even while injured. It's just... TOM HARDY'S MOUTH WHAT EVEN.



Adventures in cooking was, um. INTERESTING. I managed to fuck up, A LOT, and was mocked mercilessly by [ profile] rageprufrock, [ profile] leupagus, and [ profile] summertea for it. WHICH THANKS FOR THAT YOU GUYS. I AM SO GLAD YOU BELIEVE IN ME :| I forgot things, I lost things, and we are totally not talking about the part when this happened, because the point is that the soup was delicious. NO REALLY. My kitchen was a disaster area, but grilled cheese and tomato soup has never tasted so good, and [ profile] skellerbvvt was proud :D Maybe it was the way I delicately seasoned it with my tears?

But in between me shedding 573839576 tears at my own ineptitude, and everyone else cackling in glee as I fucked up YET AGAIN, there was a conversation on twitter that I am now going to share with you. Basically what happened was this: Pru compared my complete and utter fail to what would happen if Arthur was in the kitchen, and I asked if this meant Eames would come in any moment to have his way with me while the soup burned. Pru then bet me ONE MILLION DOLLARS that Arthur would think of the soup while Eames was in the process of trying to bend him over something, while I am of the opinion that Arthur would be all like passing Eames the olive oil if you receive my meaning. I SAY WE LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE :D

[Poll #1723741]

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Okay, so today I am trying to get many many things done and trying hard not to get distracted by all the shiny on the internet. THIS HAS BEEN ONLY MODERATELY SUCCESSFUL. But sl;jgs;g the things! They have to get done! Still, I can take a little bit of time out for the awesome, right?

First up: there's a better version of the new Warrior pic that I posted yesterday. Nnnnngh HIS ARMS LOOK EVEN MORE AMAZING IN THIS VERSION. Also, Idk how reliable this is, but apparently Tom Hardy and his costars went to this MMA event last night. WHY ARE THERE NO PICTURES OF THIS OH MY GOD.

As much as I'm looking forward to Tom Hardy getting sweaty and punching things, and TOM HARDY WEARING CARDIGANS AND PUNCHING PEOPLE JFC, I'm still ridiculously excited for This Means War. I don't even care if the movie is terrible. HE LOOKS SO FUCKING GOOD I CANNOT EVEN DEAL.


His head, you guys. SO WELL SHAPED ♥

Soup! Today we are making soup because it is entirely too cold for almost April. Well, I am making soup anyway, and you guys should totally do the same because it is going to be awesome. [ profile] skellerbvvt has posted a recipe for tomato bisque, along with delightful commentary and capslock and links to things like how to cut an onion (OH MY GOD MY CHOPPED ONIONS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING) so that the end result is guaranteed to be delicious. I MEAN THAT IS WHAT I AM HOPING FOR IN MY CASE ANYWAY. Also grilled cheese, because grilled cheese and tomato soup belong together. MUCH LIKE EAMES' MOUTH AND ARTHUR'S ASS ♥

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HI GUYS HI. Okay, here is the thing: I've been struggling with writing fic for... Idek how long anymore, but it is starting to seriously make me all sadface. I am having a ridiculous amount of fun squeeing and flailing and capslocking about all the pretty boys and porn and things I want to write, but then I just keep squeeing and flailing and capslocking and not writing any fic. I've always thought of my journal as a place for porn and pretty boys, and lately there have been lots and lots of pretty boys, but all the porn that happens here is written by people who are not me, so. My journal needs more porn, is what I am saying, only this time that's not actually a plea for commentfic.

So! I am asking for prompts with the hope that maybe this will help break me out of my slump. Merlin/Arthur or Arthur/Eames; prompt can be anything you like, but I am aiming for shortish fills, like a couple hundred words each, so maybe not anything that's super complicated.

Or perhaps there is an additional scene you'd like to see from a fic I've already written, which I realize sounds terribly self-absorbed and also rather ridiculous given that my fics are basically, you know, ONE SCENE LONG IN THE FIRST PLACE. But, you know, just in case. You want another scene. OF PORN OR WHATEVER.

ALSO. While I desperately want to write all the words, I make no promises, as I am terribly flaky, and have posted a whopping 1200 words this entire year. And with that ringing endorsement out of the way, PROMPT ME :D



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skdjghks THIS WEEK YOU GUYS. It's not kicking me around in a painful way the way that last week did, but I have a gazillion things to do because I am a horrible procrastinator, and now must somehow find the time to buy presents, wrap presents, and prepare for houseguests in between all of my normal stuff, and WHY DO I ALWAYS WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE FML FML D:

But! I could not resist sharing some pretty with you since I find it very motivating :D

Colin Morgan how are you so adorable.


I do love him with a little stubble, and that lighting is doing him lots of favors NNNNGH. [ profile] gealach_ros has an interview with Colin plus some caps here, and a picspam here. SO MUCH PRETTY ♥

ALSO. I was talking about this with someone the other day. I think it was [ profile] foxxcub? PROBABLY IT WAS SINCE BASICALLY ALL OF OUR CONVERSATIONS ARE ABOUT PORN. Anyway, I really want a fic where Arthur finds a bunch of old pics of Eames where he's camwhoring all over the place in a ridiculous fashion. At first Arthur is appalled, but then he's horrified to discover that he's a little bit aroused. Eventually he gives in and wanks to them, even though he's totally disgusted with himself, because, well. LOOK AT THOSE FUCKING ARMS JFC.


Of course Eames discovers this at some point and is just like AHAHAHA OH, ARTHUR ♥ AND THEN PORN HAPPENS. Does that fic exist? I FEEL LIKE IT SHOULD ALREADY EXIST. AND IF NOT WELL THEN WHO IS WRITING IT??

Okay okay must go try to get all of the things done. HAPPY MONDAY :D
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Aw, you guys. The comments on the jailbait JGL picspam have warmed my shamelessly perverted heart. I am delighted to know that so many of you understand me to the very depths of my morally depraved soul. LOOK AROUND, BBS. WE ARE IN GOOD COMPANY ON OUR BUS TO HELL ♥♥♥ Also! If only I had known that so many lurkers would come out to say hello for bb JGL, I'd have done it long ago. HI LURKERS HIIII :D OH OH ALSO. I WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY FOR THE RECORD THAT IF MY PICSPAM HELPS START AN EXPLOSION OF JAILBAIT ARTHUR FICS I WOULD CRY A THOUSAND FILTHY TEARS OF HAPPINESS OKAY.

A couple of you mentioned a corresponding picspam of bb T-Hard, but alas, there just aren't as many pics of his wee self all over the internet. Plus, I think he was, well, HIGH AND/OR DRUNK a lot of the time back then, so many of the pics are pretty sketchy anyway. But what we lack in bb pics, we make up for with him being a hotass all over the place.


Plus, he really does make a ridiculously attractive grown up.


ALSO ALSO. Does everyone remember this poll? I asked what kind of fic people wanted to see more of, and in Inception, the clear winner was rimming. Well, then we had the rimming meme, and it was over a thousand comments of awesome, so YAY. On the Merlin side, there wasn't such a clear winner, and with over 200 votes cast, forced bed sharing and Arthur finds out are neck and neck for first place. YOU GUYS. FORCED BED SHARING IS MY NUMBER ONE FAVORITE TROPE OF ALL TIME. I LOVE IT EVEN MORE THAN I LOVE FAKE BOYFRIENDS/PRETENDING TO BE MARRIED. I need more of this in my life okay. It works so well in Merlin fic, too. Merlin and Arthur are traveling and they stop at an inn, but oh no, there is only one bed! Or, they go visit some other kingdom and Merlin has to stay in Arthur's guest room, whatever will they do! Do we need, like, a trope fest or something? I THINK MAYBE WE DO.

Are you guys still reading? Have you been distracted by the pretty? STAY WITH ME BECAUSE I HAVE A MEME OKAY.

Out of utter curiosity, if I was chained up in your attic, and I had to write you one story, what would you request? Or alternatively, what's something you always hoped I'd write but know is never going to happen?

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1. CONFESSION: I have not yet watched yesterday's episode of Merlin. I... cannot even explain what is going on on my flist right now, and to be honest, I am sort of terrified D: WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS. As far as I can tell, I need to get really drunk to get through it or want to punch someone in the face after watching it or possibly give up on the show forever or think it is the awesomest thing ever or I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT OKAY D:

2. Everyone should go check out the Not My Fandom Fest hosted by [ profile] pocky_slash because it is hilarious. [ profile] callowyn's take on Inception is so freaking awesome I cannot even deal.

3. Let's talk about Earl, shall we? As some of you know, I have had a thing for Earl for awhile now. I believe it was [ profile] froggie who first introduced me to the fabulousness that is a gold gentleman's pleasure object and matching cufflinks, and I desperately wanted fic with him in it, but it just didn't really fit in with Merlin. Imagine my delight when Inception came along in which cufflinks are canon for fuck's sake. But here is another confession for you today: When I finally wrote Earl fic, I took some ~artistic liberties~ with the dimensions. HE IS REALLY NOT THAT BIG. I mean, I don't actually know how big he is, since its given in centimeters, which is all blah blah blah to me and I cannot be arsed to convert it, but I sort of had the feeling that he wasn't this, like, GIANT PLUG or something. But whatever, I am all in favor of stretching the truth in fic in order to, you know, stretch other things with shiny gold buttplugs. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know in the interest of full disclosure :D

4. But speaking of Earl and speaking of really big buttplugs, in the comments of yesterday's post, I talked about my plans for a sequel to Earl fic, because I am not ready to let go. Basically, it goes like this: Eames decides to buy Arthur a matching plug, but after thinking about it, he realizes that Arthur's ass is too precious for gold, so he has a PLATINUM BUTTPLUG custom made. And because it's tailor made for Arthur's magnificent ass, it can be as big as I Eames wants. AND, WELL, WE ALL KNOW THAT EAMES IS NOT AFRAID TO DREAM REALLY FUCKING BIG AM I RIGHT. So he gives it to Arthur, and Arthur is like, what the fuck were you thinking this is HUGE, but Eames is just like, come on baby, you know I'd never give you anything you can't take, and I know you can take it for me. I'll make it so good for you, I promise. And Arthur is like asdfghjkl;, and Eames is like, AW YEAH. And then, you know. EAMES FILLS ARTHUR'S PRETTY LITTLE ARSE WITH PLATINUM BECAUSE ARTHUR DESERVES NOTHING LESS, Y/Y/MFY??

5. This one is REALLY IMPORTANT okay. I am going to be in NYC next weekend hanging out with [ profile] leupagus and [ profile] merelyn (and hopefully [ profile] puckling!) On Saturday, October 23, there is going to be some sort of fangirl meetup some time at some bar in Manhattan. Which, is incredibly specific, I know. BUT I AM TOTALLY NOT IN CHARGE OF PLANNING OKAY. But the point is, everyone should come! I promise it will be awesome, and by awesome I mean, I will get drunk and force you to listen to my super serious business thoughts about assfucking. AND THEN I MAY POSSIBLY BREAK YOUR TOOTH. I AM JUST WARNING YOU ALL UP FRONT. But still! AWESOME. So, everyone go fill out this poll, and then come hang out :D ETA: The poll is on dreamwidth, so if you don't have an account there, just let me know if you're interested in coming and I can make sure you get all the details. And really, you should come. ALL OF YOU.

6. I am crying a little bit because Tom Hardy was voted off in [ profile] staraflur's hot person poll. WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS. Whatever, more for me.


Mmmm, those are really nice pants.

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1. OKAY. So, I had a slightly stressful day yesterday and I was all set to curl up on the couch in my pjs, when I somehow got sucked into a dark pit of depravity with [ profile] cobweb_diamond, [ profile] jibrailis, [ profile] weatherfront and [ profile] bookshop, and I wrote... catboy!Arthur porn? WHAT. I DON'T FUCKING KNOW ANYMORE YOU GUYS. Seriously, Aja hosts a fluff fest, I write buttplug porn. Gav writes adorable snuggly kitty Arthur, I respond with sketchy catboy porn. I AM LIKE THAT GIRL WHO SHOWS UP LATE TO FANCY WINE AND CHEESE PARTIES WITH CHEAP BEER AND A BAG OF CHEETOS. WHAT IS THAT EVEN. But seriously, you should go check it out because it is kind of insane and awesome, and [ profile] platina and [ profile] kiwimangoodness have drawn some seriously amazing art. THIS FANDOM. OH MY GOD ♥



Remember when I was talking about Arthur's outfits in the movie? I said this was my least favorite Arthur outfit because of the too-big jacket but HOLY SHIT I HAVE CHANGED MY MIND BECAUSE HE LOOKS FUCKING AMAZING. I mean, really. JGL knows how to wear pants like nobody else in the whole world.

And sweaters, too )

3. I have mentioned that I love babies. LOVE THEM. And that men with babies is like kryptonite to me, so you can imagine my reaction when I saw this.



Death by cute )

4. The other day, I posted a vid of Bradley behind the scenes getting his hair blow-dried in the middle of a forest, and a bunch of people said they'd never seen it before. So now I am thinking back to all of the S1 behind the scenes stuff and wondering if there are any other clips that people may have missed either because they're new to the fandom, or just because fandom was a lot smaller then and there wasn't so much squee over every little thing. What are your favorite moments from the S1 DVD extras?

5. [ profile] hermette is hosting a Merlin fandom fu-a-thon, where you can leave prompts and write short ficlets in resposne. So, if you're having trouble getting words out and want to write something, or if you just want to read a bunch of awesome ficlets, GO CLICK NOW OKAY.

How is everyone today?

ETA: [ profile] hermette wrote Arthur/Eames fisting comment fic because she loooooves me and always knows exactly what I need asdfghj ♥!
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[ profile] pennyplainknits has recorded my totally ridiculous JGL/T-Hard ficlet Pretty Feet as podfic which you can find here. Go check it out and tell her how amazing she is ♥♥♥

Speaking of which, why is there not more RPF in this fandom? WHY? YOU GUYS. T-Hard and JGL may not have the epic history of eyefucking and suggestive touching that Bradley and Colin have, but the idea of them together is SO AMAZING THAT I CAN HARDLY STAND IT. Think about it: one pretentious little hipster + the complete and utter ridiculousness that is Tom Hardy = SOMETHING REALLY FUCKING AWESOME. The possibilities are endless.

For example: T-Hard tries to explain to JGL that taking douchey MySpace pics is a legitimate form of artisitc expression, and this leads to JGL taking a series of pics of himself and texting them to T-Hard.


At first Tom is all annoyed because he doesn't think Joe is putting his whole heart into it, and he goes on this epic rant about how Joe always does things in his ironic hipster way and until he lets go of that, he will never reach the second level or irony that is necessary for understanding the true art that goes into being precisely that kind of obnoxious. But then the pics get sluttier and sluttier and Tom forgets all about art when Joe's delightful ass is right there on the screen. NATURALLY THIS LEADS TO FUCKING. Yes? YES??

In other news, do you guys remember this poll? I thought about that discussion today when I innocently browsing for coats at Anthropologie, came across this one, and all of the sudden found myself thinking about assfucking. WHICH OKAY HAPPENS A LOT AT RANDOM INTERVALS THROUGHOUT THE DAY BUT STILL.

Hello, lovelies. What are you up to this evening? I'm thinking it is time for wine and cookies. Who's with me?
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Some Things What I Did Yesterday:

1. Talked to [ profile] derryere on the phone for three freaking hours, and still it wasn't enough. IT IS NEVER ENOUGH OKAY. I actually meant to spend more of the conversation harassing her into finishing the Merlin fic she is writing, but I kept getting distracted because there were SO MANY THINGS TO SAY D: Oh, and also? Her inception is coming along quite nicely. It just so happens that I know all of her weaknesses and am shamelessly exploiting each and every one of them :D

2. Read Presque Vu by [ profile] rageprufrock. I actually read the first half-ish of this a couple weeks ago when Pru almost broke my gmail by copying and pasting 80-some pages of fic into an email and OH MY GOD. Just. YEAH. Read it.

3. Decided that I do in fact love my new bangs/fringe/shortish hairs that hang down over my forehead. I haven't had bangs since I was about 14, so it was a big shock at first, but it's been two days and I'm definitely happy :D As far as the cut goes, it occurred to me last night that it reminds me of Julie Taylor from Friday Night Lights, though hopefully I do not actually look like a pouty teenager.

4. Wrote some words based on the prompts from yesterday's post. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. SERIOUSLY. Also, I forgot just how much I love writing Bradley and Colin being absolutely filthy. So, uh. Porn is coming :D

ANYWAY. That was yesterday. Today I am wearing shoes!


These are technically dancing shoes, so now I would like Tom Hardy to take me shoe shopping, then take me dancing.


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Okay, so Tom Hardy. YOU GUYS. HOW IS HE REAL?

One of the first things I said after seeing Inception, was that I was going to hold off on making a judgment of him until I figured out how to process him in my head. The thing is, the more I learn, the worse (better?) it gets, until the only conclusion I can come up with is that HE WAS NOT MEANT TO BE PROCESSED. HE JUST IS, OKAY.


I have been trying for weeks to come up with something coherent to say, but I fucking give up. So how about we just take a look at some pretty instead? Yes? YES.

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Yesterday [ profile] hermette sent me an email asking where she could find an Inception fandom starter kit. I was basically just like, UM...? I've also had a series of comments recently from people saying ASDFGHJK I JUST GOT BACK FROM THE MOVIE AND OMFG WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO ME?!?!?! Thankfully, [ profile] franticsga made a proper Inception starter kit, and it is awesome. You should totally go check her post out, because it is helpful and informative and well organized. This post is none of those things. Instead, it is me randomly linking to a bunch of shit, flailing about in a ridiculous manner, and inserting my nonsensical capslock commentary. SO, YOU KNOW. BUSINESS AS USUAL AROUND HERE.

OKAY. So, you just saw the movie and are feeling all like WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED. That is a totally normal reaction! Here is the secret: NO ONE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED. But what is even more important, IT DOESN'T ACTUALLY MATTER. I'm not saying that you shouldn't spend some time sorting through all the thinky thoughts you're undoubtedly having, or that you should just forget what happened in the movie and read all the porn instead (though if you want to do this, you have my full support okay.) But if you're hesitating about getting involved in the fandom because the movie made your brain go BOOM, then I am here to tell you that you can still play without getting involved in any of the heavy meta about the plot. If you're into that, there is TONS of stuff out there, including flowcharts and graphs, but you're totally gonna have to talk to people who are smarter than I am to find it :D

MOVING ON. You can see my first reaction to this fandom here, in which it is painfully obvious that I am basically, like, FLAILING ABOUT USELESSLY. It... really hasn't stopped for me.

Watch me incept you all )
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SO. I am not actually posting today. THIS POST DOESN'T EXIST OKAY. I need to take a break from LJ so I can actually get some writing done (and you know, OTHER STUFF THAT IS NOT FANDOM WTF REAL LIFE) because JFC this place is distracting.

But if I was posting, I would absolutely not say a word about T-Hard's birthday, because that is just weird. While I am totally fine saying, I WANT T-HARD TO FUCK ME SO HARD I FORGET MY OWN NAME, acknowledging his birthday is just taking it too far. There are some lines I will not cross okay.


ANOTHER THING I WOULD DO IF I WAS ACTUALLY POSTING. So, Idk how this happens, but I feel like every day, there are more and more ridiculous scenarios I want to see written. Born from my post yesterday, I now desperately want Arthur and Eames go to the mall and JGL and Colin get stoned, then T-Hard and Bradley find them half naked and passed out. ANYONE? PLEASE??

Now, I am about to disappear into the world of THINGS THAT ARE NOT LJ, but before I go, I will give you a peek at what I am working on. [ profile] hermette is having a WIP party, and since I posted a snippet over there, I thought I would share with all of you :D

Yeah, so this is 16-year-old Arthur and his hot teacher Mr. Eames )


But yeah, I guess I don't have to say goodbye since this post doesn't exist in the first place.
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1. I feel like I totally missed all the Merlin post-ep squeefests yesterday D: I was late watching it, and then everyone already said everything I was feeling, so I was just kind of like, OH HEY ME TOO. My non-spoliery thoughts: I HAVE MISSED THIS SHOW SO FUCKING MUCH and ASDFGHJ THESE BOYS ♥♥♥ and OMFG IS IT NEXT WEEK YET. I do have Merlin stuff I want to talk about, which will probably come in a post tomorrow \o/

2. I am so embarrassed to admit this, but I just went and got myself a delicious account. I NEVER HAD ONE BEFORE CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. I basically just use everyone else's, but I think the time has finally come to jump on that bandwagon because I cannot keep track of anything anymore. I have lots and lots of work to do, especially when it comes to Merlin fic because OH GOD THERE IS A LOT OF OLD FIC TO BOOKMARK but at least I have finally started. At some point, I might even try to tag some of my own entries for organizational purposes, since I've received a couple PMs recently asking about old entries/picspams I've done. BASICALLY MY JOURNAL IS JUST A HUGE FUCKING MESS OKAY and my tags are useless and I cannot find a thing D: With that ringing endorsement out of the way, hi new people who have friended me in the past few days! I just did an intro post here, so feel free to stop by and say hello if you are so moved :D

3. Fics!

+ Underneath This Heel of Mine by [ profile] recrudescence, Arthur/Eames. So, OKAY. I did not even realize I had a kink for Arthur wearing stilettos until I read this. UNF. I should not have been surprised, as it is the same author who wrote this filthy hot first time barebacking and felching fic.

+ Pick up (and Knit) by [ profile] pennyplainknits, JGL/T-Hard. I am DYING for more RPF in this fandom, and this is just adorable. Tom knits Joe a scarf, which was partially inspired by this conversation.


+ Unusual Kiss by [ profile] i_claudia, Bradley/Colin/Alexander Skarsgård. I shall just let her warnings enticements speak for themselves: threesome, barebacking, Colin Morgan’s fingers, size!kink, accent!kink, fisting, double penetration, a bit of D/s, dirty talk, rimming, orgasm denial, really filthy sex. OH HELL YES.

4. Shall we move along to the inappropriate part of this post? I THINK WE SHALL. As I have mentioned, I am currently in the middle of writing a morally dubious fic of moral dubiousness, aka Arthur/Eames teacher/student, in which bb Arthur is 16 (really, you have only yourselves to blame.) ANYWAY. It really does not help my depraved mental state when I come across pictures like this:


I AM JUST SAYING. Those of you who are still holding onto your decency will be happy to know that he is, in fact, eighteen years old in that picture. OH JGL, BLESS YOUR WEE BABYFACE ♥ But really, it is not as if I haven't already crossed, like, EVERY LINE IN THE BOOK, so this is nothing new. As someone who is much wiser than I am once said, when in doubt, ADD MORE JIZZ ♥ THERE IS PLENTY OF ROOM ON THIS BUS TO HELL, BBS. WHO WANTS TO SIT NEXT TO ME?

5. Every year I look forward to fall because it is my favorite season and has my favorite clothes. But every year I also forget how so many awesome clothes = one very broke Bina D: So! I am instituting some rules for this shopping season: No more shirtdresses, coats, or boots because FFS I HAVE ENOUGH*. Okay, maybe just this and this and these. BUT THEN THAT IS IT OKAY.

*This is not actually true. This will never be true. THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS ENOUGH.
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gif by [ profile] who_love


My entire response to the interview can be summed up as follows: BRADLEEEEEEY ASDFGHJK ♥______♥ If you haven't seen the interview yet, you can find it here on YouTube. NEW EP TOMORROW. HOLY SHIT.

2. Okay so this video?

THIS VIDEO CRACKS ME UP. I know he's supposed to be an asshole paparazzi dude, and I hate when they harass celebrities when they're just trying to go about their business, but I kind of love that photographer a little bit. When JGL tells him that Fellini directed La Dolce Vita and he is just like, "WHO?" I can practically see JGL's WHAT IS MY LIFE face. It pains his little hipster soul, and I can totally relate, because it is the very same pain I feel when Bradley wears his Abercrombie shirt. But what I really love is how at first the photographer is all dismissive, like, WHATEVER, YOU ARE NOT EVEN THAT FAMOUS, but by the end he is openly slashing JGL with his friend. It would have been one thing if he just admitted that he was going for the gay angle because it made a good story, but he basically tells him that he wants it to be true because he thinks it would be hot. He's an asshole photographer with the heart of a fangirl ♥

3. Speaking of JGL, does anyone else think that maybe he was kind of bratty as a kid, and always giving his parents shit for making him do stuff like take gymnastics and dance lessons and French lessons because while he enjoyed the acting thing, the rest of the time he just wanted to stay home and play Sonic the Hedgehog on SEGA? Only now that he is all grown up he's like HOLY SHIT, THIS GETS ME LAID ALL THE TIME. I HOPE HE THANKED HIS PARENTS IS ALL I'M SAYING.

4. Can we talk about T-Hard right now? )

5. You guys should know better than to dare me AKA PORN )

*And yes, that is the second reference to that song I've used in two days. I HAVE NEVER DOUBTED THE ARTISTIC INTEGRITY OF LADY GAGA OKAY.

ETA2: [ profile] ainsoph15 wrote Arthur/Eames comment porn and it is hot and delightful!
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So, I’ve never actually done a proper intro post, but there seem to be an awful lot of new people around here (OH HI NEW PEOPLE) so perhaps this is a good time?

Anyway, HI. I AM BINA. I like my porn filthy and my squee in CAPSLOCK. I enjoy finagling my flist into filling out ridiculous polls and writing comment porn to satisfy my every whim. I JUST HAVE A LOT OF WHIMS OKAY. I have the attention span of a toddler and I am easily distracted by shiny things. My default icon is my favorite icon of all time, and was made for me by my beloved [ profile] derryere, who is the stroopwafel to my tastykake. You can see the context for it here. Sometimes I write fic, and you can find all of it here. IT IS BASICALLY ALL PORN. JSYK.

Fandom wise, my soul belongs to Merlin, while Inception is tugging relentlessly at my heart right now. My capacity for squee is alarmingly high, and I happen to think there is no reason at all why I can’t have it both ways. JUST YOU WATCH \o/

If you are an Inception person and have no idea what I am going on about with this Merlin business, you should totally click here. And if you are a Merlin person who thinks Inception is the shiny new toy that stole all your friends away, you should totally click here. And if any of you think for one second that I am leaving Merlin fandom, well, first of all, HI HAVE YOU MET ME. I’ve been flailing about this show and these boys for nearly two years now, in a rather ridiculous fashion. It doesn’t matter how pretty the other Arthur is, or that JGL has a fabulous ass (and HE REALLY REALLY DOES OKAY) I'm gonna be here until the wheels come off. YOU COULDN'T GET RID OF ME IF YOU TRIED :D And second of all, just look at this and this and this and this and this. LIKE I COULD GIVE THAT UP SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS.

Speaking of Merlin, I have rather strong feelings about Bradley James’ face. Well okay, all of his parts. Perhaps you have noticed? I’ve mentioned it once or twice, I think. I happen to think his face is the most fantastic of all human faces, and you can see more about how I feel about this v.v. important matter here. And, uh here and here and here and here and here. I WAS NOT KIDDING ABOUT THE STRONG FEELINGS.

As much as I would like to declare that no one loves Bradley as much as I do and therefore someday he will be mine, I’m afraid that is simply not true because I cannot compete with Colin Morgan okay. My feelings about Colin and Bradley's epic love can be found here and here.

Recently, my heart has been snatched up by Inception fandom, thanks in no small part to well dressed men, pretty dimples, JGL's ass, and the complete and utter ridiculousness that is Tom Hardy. You can see more about all of the above here and here and here. Stick around and watch me make, like, 837495 more posts just like that. Some might call it repetitive, but I prefer to think of it as loyalty squee :D

As for me personally, I like triple shot lattes, dresses with polka dots, and pretty new shoes. I answered a lot of top five questions that will tell you more than you've ever wanted to know about me in three separate posts. If you get drunk with me, I will sit you down and explain my super srs bsns thoughts on assfucking, complete with descriptive hand gestures. Well, either that or I’ll knock you on your back and break your tooth in an attempt to make out with you. BUT ONLY IF I REALLY LOVE YOU ♥

Here in my journal, everyone is welcome to jump into any conversation at any time. I PROMISE YOU ARE NOT INTERRUPTING. Like, FOR REAL. You never have to preface you comment with, "sorry if this is creepy but..." Well, I mean unless you are about to tell me about your human head collection or something D: But here you can be as filthy and as random as you like and it will always be okay with me. Say, oh Idk, I posted a bunch of random crap about me, and you decided to reply with comment porn - THAT WOULD BE MORE THAN OKAY WITH ME I AM JUST SAYING. Some of my very best fandom friendships have started when people I didn't know jumped in to declare their love for barebacking, felching, or the importance of lots and lots of lube. But if you’d prefer just to lurk, that’s fine, too!

My journal is too ridiculous to have proper rules, but if it did, they would be:

1. Squee hard
2. Play nice
3. Bonus points for comment porn
5. If you write comment porn that incorporates all of my top five kinks you win A PRIZE. Especially if you also write a sequel ♥♥

I don’t post a lot of meta, but on the rare occasion that I do, it will likely be about jizz. If you are interested, you can read about why I do fandom the way I do fandom here. At the end of the day, I don’t take myself seriously, and I certainly don’t expect anyone else to, either :D

Fandom brings me joy every single day. That I can come here and have so many people flail and capslock with me about porn and pretty boys and every other ridiculous thing that goes on inside my head makes me so fucking grateful you have no idea. YOU GUYS ARE MY PEOPLE ♥♥♥

BUT THAT IS ENOUGH ABOUT ME. New people, old people, in between people, tell me something about you, please and thank you.
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No, really. I do. HIS NAKED ASS to be more precise. I was blinded by the sheer magnificence of said ass and did not save the pictures of him sprawled all over the bed AND NOW I CANNOT FIND THEM AND I AM JUST REALLY SAD OKAY. So, halp?

In other news, with over a 100 votes tallied, 25.7% 26.9%(!) of the people think Tom Hardy can make man-cunt sexy. Tom Hardy says FUCK YEAH I'M AWESOME.


Moving on, I am in the mood for porn. I'm blaming Tom Hardy's face. And JGL's ass. ALSO DIMPLES. Who else is in the mood for porn? Come talk to me about dirty things, bbs. Link me to something filthy. WRITE ME COMMENT PORN YES PLEASE.

Happy Tuesday. I love you all ♥♥

ETA: We have comment porn \o/ [ profile] foxxcub wrote Arthur/Eames and it is delicious :D

ETA2: FUCK YES [ profile] ermynee224 HAS COME THROUGH FOR US.

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1. [ profile] franticsga wrote Merlin/Arthur fic and you should go read it because it is awesome. She has tried to blame this on me somehow, which, OKAY. Here is something that you should all know: you can blame me all you want, but when the end result is a ridiculously adorable fic in which boys wear suits and then come all over each other, I AM NOT GOING TO BE SORRY. I AM NEVER GOING TO BE SORRY.

2. Speaking of boys in suits coming all over each other (that is like, THE DEFINING SEGUE OF MY JOURNAL, I THINK) yesterday I mentioned JGL's dimples, and how I very much wanted dimple porn, and I just want to thank [ profile] syllic and [ profile] nicolasechs for taking that conversation exactly where I wanted it to go and discussing the logistics of Eames coming all over Arthur's face and then licking it out of his dimples. THAT WAS WHAT I MEANT BY DIMPLE PORN. I feel like this could be complicated, because Arthur is not really all that smiley, right? And without the smile, there aren't any dimples.


So think about it - Eames has to somehow get him to smile, while also getting off at the same time. And the closer he gets to coming, the harder it is for him to focus on making Arthur smile. DO YOU SEE HOW THIS MIGHT BE DIFFICULT? But really, if there is anyone who can do it, it's Eames, am I right?

3. Speaking of Arthur not smiling, Merlin S3 promo pics \o/

Non-spoilery photos )

4. Speaking of fic, I AM SUCH A MESS RIGHT NOW OMG. In addition to 32847550606 Merlin WIPs, I am writing this ridiculously filthy Arthur/Eames fic which can be summarized thusly: ARTHUR IS BENDY. EAMES APPROVES. I'm also writing this painfully fluffy Arthur/Eames thing in which there is cuddling and hand holding and NO ONE TOUCHES ANYONE ELSE'S PEEN. IDEK.

So what do you guys think? Am I really that good at seamlessly moving from one point to the next, or is my journal just a never ending cycle of porn and fic and pretty boys and porn and fic and... OKAY YEAH I THINK THAT'S PROBABLY IT.

Promo pics from Merlin's Keep
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Title: Pretty Feet
Pairing: Joe/Tom
Rating: R for RIDICULOUS
Summary: No one understands Tom's thing for shoes. Thankfully, Joe is there to take care of him. Inspired by this Tom Hardy quote: A lot of gay men get my thing for shoes.

Notes: Apparently I write Inception RPF? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. I... don't even know what to say about this, really. This is entirely [ profile] meiface's fault.

Pretty Feet )


Aug. 25th, 2010 09:28 am
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So, I know all of you right now are either OMG SHUT UP ABOUT INCEPTION AND PLEASE TALK ABOUT MERLIN AGAIN GOD or DUDE WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN IT IS ABOUT FUCKING TIME or... Idk, other things, but I am sorry okay. I just have to work through the stages of Inception fandom at my own pace. So far, I have been through Stage 1: ASDFGHJKL;. I am pretty much still stuck there. IN LIMBO.

Basically that entire paragraph was me trying to tell you that this entry is going to make no sense. THIS ENTRY MAKES NO SENSE OKAY.

Let me tell you how bad it is in my head right now. Tuesdays are sale days at Anthropologie. Every Tuesday, they mark down new inventory, and every Tuesday, I look at allllll the pretty things to see if there is anything I absolutely must have. I do this as part of my morning web browsing routine, a routine that also includes daily stalking of my favorite shoes to see if anything has gone on sale*. Yesterday it wasn't until 10:00 at night that I realized that not only had I forgotten to check the Anthropologie sale, but I HAD NOT LOOKED AT A SINGLE PAIR OF SHOES ALL DAY. WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN.

I think that really is how to describe this fandom in a nutshell. It made me forget about shoes for an entire day.

In which I lose my shit a lot, shamelessly objectify a bunch of pretty boys, and make fun of Colin's pants. AGAIN. )
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FANDOM BROKE ME YOU GUYS. I have what I think is mild carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist. It's never been diagnosed, and it's never really bothered me more than a minor annoyance, but I spent almost all of yesterday flailing around like a mad flaily thing at the Merlin S3 countdown launch party (which OMG SO MUCH FUN YOU GUYS), losing hours upon hours at [ profile] inception_kink, and writing filthy Arthur/Eames porn, and today MY ENTIRE ARM IS TINGLING. Like, all the way up to my shoulder DDD:

ICONS. You guys, I am hopeless with my icons. It doesn't help that I do a lot of LJ reading on my phone, so I see icons posted and say, ooooh, pretty, and then I forget when I get back to my laptop (this also why I am SO FLAKY OMG at commenting /o\) And I love this icon, I love it more than I've ever loved any icon, and the thought of parting with it makes me all twitchy, but IT IS ALL I USE BASICALLY EVER. I have absolutely no plans of getting rid of it, but maybe I should mix things up? And probably I should get some Inception icons. Since I am writing porn and all. What I mean is point me to icons! Merlin icons, Inception icons, pretty icons, etc. I have asked this before, but I am asking again. PLEASE. Who are your favorite icon makers? Pimp your own icons! It's not weird, I promise because THIS IS ME ASKING NICELY :D

SHOES. I ordered a pair of shoes from Asos, which is a UK based website. I absolutely could not resist, as they were from my beloved Miss L Fire, they were 50% off, and shipping was free! From the UK! THAT IS CRAZY AND AWESOME. I thought I read that it was $6, which is really a bargain anyway, but after I went through checkout I realized it was free \o/ Anyway, they aren't here yet, but I am rather ridiculously excited about them because they are delightful, and rest assured, there will be a picture when they arrive :D Also, I have added these to my must have list for fall. The shape of those is perfection.

Here it is a lovely sunny morning, and not even 70 degrees, which is a nice change from the sticky heat. I hope it is nice where you are, and that you are all having a fabulous Monday ♥


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