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Okay, so first of all: Inception Fandom Rare Ship Fest is happening now in the [community profile] inception comm. Go check it out! Leave prompts, fill prompts, and give your favorite rare ships some love :D

Speaking of prompts, there has been talk on twitter about this prompt at the kink meme. The degree to which this is relevant to my interests cannot be textually rendered at the present time, so really all I can say is slkghklghsl OH MY GOD YES PLEASE. I feel like we need to gather up all the amazing prompts that have gone unfilled, and then, IDK BRIBE AWESOME PEOPLE TO WRITE THEM. IN THE NAME OF FILTHY PORN.

On the subject of the many things I desperately need in my life, I would like to talk about JGL's teeny tiny thighs. MY GOD DOES HE KNOW HOW TO WEAR PANTS. But my point right now is what's inside those pants. I mean obvs amazing things, but let us focus on the thighs right now.


Pretty pants )

In conclusion: THIGHS.


Which Eames holds open with his BIG GIANT ARMS.



ETA: [personal profile] asunder wrote thigh porn \o/

[personal profile] toomuchplor wrote Arthur's thighs/Eames' beard. OTP FOREVER :D
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1. The Inception Kink Fest! I know I keep posting about it, but it KEEPS BEING AWESOME. Seriously, I am just delighted at how it turned out. I'm really happy to see some fills for kinks that are less common in fic and art, and so many people getting excited about them. THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT. LOTS AND LOTS OF PORN :D Anyway, I did not have the chance to update the masterlist with all of the LJ WTFery of yesterday, but I promise I'll get that done today. There are still lots of unfilled prompts, so check it out and see if something inspires you. And thank you so much to everyone who participated by contributing prompts, filling prompts, or commenting on the many fills :D

2. A long, long time ago, before there was a movie called Inception, and before the word BAM turned me into a gibbering mess, [ profile] skellerbvvt took up the challenge to write all my favorite things in one deliciously filthy Merlin fic: underage/age difference, teacher/student, spanking, D/s, barebacking, and felching. IT WAS GLORIOUS. THEN THERE WAS A SEQUEL. ANYWAY. Skeller wrote another commentfic sequel which includes so many amazing things such as Merlin in a school uniform and EVEN MORE SPANKING and extra fingers of true loooooove ♥

3. Oh hey, Arthur. Nice pants. What are you going to do with that tie, bb?



4. Speaking of which.


I am totally willing to overlook the fact that those pants need to be hemmed because OH MY GOD HIS THIGHS. I was talking yesterday about how he looks so very climbable even when he's not all bulked up. HE IS QUITE STURDY IS WHAT I AM SAYING TO YOU AND THAT GIVES ME SO MANY WONDERFUL IDEAS ♥

Hey guys hey. What are you up to today? Awesome things, I hope :D
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1. The Inception Kink Fest is still going strong! I updated the masterlist this morning with about 20 more links, and there are now 80+ fills (and once again, please let me know if links are missing/broken!) SO AWESOME. I'm still not all caught up with reading because there is just so much of it lkjgldsgjdl I LOVE YOU GUYS AND THIS FANDOM SO MUCH IT HURTS ♥

2. By now, I'm sure you've all seen the new pics of Colin Morgan, as they appeared all over my flist yesterday, however I could not let this one go without comment, because, WELL.

This is so good for me )

3. Speaking of my love for well dressed men...



4. [ profile] hermette hosted a cuddle fest last night, as a bunch of people were feeling a bit down, and the post is full of everything from comment fic to snuggly animals to NSFW porn, so check it out if you're in need of cheering up ♥

5. Um, I might be considering changing my default icon? I've had this one for more than two years now, and every time I think about changing it I get all panicky because I am terribly attached, but maybe it's time? sldjgslkgj IDK SOMEONE HELP D:

Now I must go clean my house. Which basically means I crank up the cheesy dance music and twirl from room to room, possibly cleaning a few things along the way. WHAT LIKE YOU DON'T DO THE VERY SAME THING.
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ANYWAY. Some things!

[ profile] japan_calls is organizing a fundraiser to help Japan disaster relief where you bid on a personalized voice recording from a celebrity. You can see the list of celebrities participating here, so check it out if you're interested.

➜ In my poll from the other day, 54% of you said Arthur thinks of the soup before Eames' cock, and I now owe [ profile] rageprufrock one million American dollars. WHATEVER. I would also like to note that 70% said that if it was them, they'd forget all about the soup in that situation, which means that quite a few of you think that YOU ARE A BIGGER SLUT FOR EAMES' COCK THAN ARTHUR. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE.

➜ Based on a Twitter conversation that started with sounding and figging, and ended up on bloodplay, I'm going to host an Inception fandom kinkfest tomorrow in the hopes of bringing MORE KINKY PORN to the people. So start brainstorming, and if there's a kink you've always wanted to write but never had the reason, now's your chance. Like, oh Idk, SPANKING. WHAT I AM JUST SAYING.

This post needs more Tom Hardy.


What is that shirt I have no idea. NOR DO I ACTUALLY CARE BECAUSE FUCK I LOVE HIM ♥

HEY GUYS. How was your day? You know, besides the part when THE INTERNET WAS BROKEN OMG D:
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Okay, so today I am trying to get many many things done and trying hard not to get distracted by all the shiny on the internet. THIS HAS BEEN ONLY MODERATELY SUCCESSFUL. But sl;jgs;g the things! They have to get done! Still, I can take a little bit of time out for the awesome, right?

First up: there's a better version of the new Warrior pic that I posted yesterday. Nnnnngh HIS ARMS LOOK EVEN MORE AMAZING IN THIS VERSION. Also, Idk how reliable this is, but apparently Tom Hardy and his costars went to this MMA event last night. WHY ARE THERE NO PICTURES OF THIS OH MY GOD.

As much as I'm looking forward to Tom Hardy getting sweaty and punching things, and TOM HARDY WEARING CARDIGANS AND PUNCHING PEOPLE JFC, I'm still ridiculously excited for This Means War. I don't even care if the movie is terrible. HE LOOKS SO FUCKING GOOD I CANNOT EVEN DEAL.


His head, you guys. SO WELL SHAPED ♥

Soup! Today we are making soup because it is entirely too cold for almost April. Well, I am making soup anyway, and you guys should totally do the same because it is going to be awesome. [ profile] skellerbvvt has posted a recipe for tomato bisque, along with delightful commentary and capslock and links to things like how to cut an onion (OH MY GOD MY CHOPPED ONIONS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING) so that the end result is guaranteed to be delicious. I MEAN THAT IS WHAT I AM HOPING FOR IN MY CASE ANYWAY. Also grilled cheese, because grilled cheese and tomato soup belong together. MUCH LIKE EAMES' MOUTH AND ARTHUR'S ASS ♥

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1. In yesterday's poll, Brian Kinney currently has about 44% of the vote as most emotionally stunted of them all.


sljgsdlg HIS FACE. LOOK AT ALL THE ~REPRESSED LOVE~ IN HIS EYES ♥___♥ I have Many Feelings about the emotional stuntedness of Brian Kinney, but I do not even want to get started on it, because it gets kind of messy. I STILL HAVE A BRIAN AND JUSTIN SHAPED HOLE IN MY HEART FROM THAT SHOW OKAY. Brb sobbing forever :((

2. From Matt Bondurant's (the author of The Wettest County) twitter:


Also this )

3. Speaking of which, new pic from Warrior.


It looks like 2011 is going to be the year of Tom Hardy punching all the things. SO FUCKING GOOD FOR ME.



This does things to me klsjglsjhs; I just have all of these feelings about how Eames pins Arthur up against the wall and yanks those pretty little trousers right off. And, look. Arthur is pretty fucking badass. We know this okay. He canonically takes out a dude who's much bigger than he is with his bare hands, but YOU GUYS. EAMES IS LIKE TWICE AS WIDE AS ARTHUR. Look at their shoulders. LOOK AT THEIR FUCKING THIGHS JFC. Idk you guys, I think my money's on Eames. Clearly they need to wrestle it out, once and for all. AND THEN FUCK. THAT WAY EVERYONE WINS \o/

5. Things! [ profile] gyzym is hosting another round of the inspiration meme that's already full of beautiful things, and [ profile] ras_elased is hosting a 24 hour word war, to take down those words once and for all. Off you go, my lovelies. Awesome things are everywhere :D

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So, Tom Hardy waving his dick around is a hard act to follow, but I'm holding out hope that today manages to live up. Also, hi new people! I assume it was Tom Hardy's cock that brought you here, and if that's the case then I am sorry I don't have more to show you today, but rest assured, I TALK ABOUT IT LOTS :D

We do have a new pic of Tom at the airport in Georgia. Okay, so maybe we aren't getting anything like the awesomeness from This Means War filming, but it's Tom Hardy! IN HIS PINK TANK TOP! AND HIS FUCKING ARMS NNNNNGH.



Last night, news came out that JGL will be playing Alberto Falcone in TDKR. FULL DISCLOSURE TIME. Here is what I know about Batman: he lives in cave and goes out to help people when someone sends out the bat signal THE END. I am hopping on this bandwagon for the pretty and I have absolutely no shame in admitting that. But I hear from people who know things that Alberto Falcone is some kind of badass serial killer mafia dude who wears suits, so I say FUCK YES. Because really, more JGL in suits looking like he wants to fuck some shit up is ALWAYS a good thing as far as I'm concerned.


Or, you know, THIS )

And finally, a rec, which seems unnecessary at this point since this fic has quite the following, but it's been so awesome lately I can't not mention it: Rule Ten by [ profile] skellerbvvt. OKAY. So I don't really want to get to embarrassingly fangirly here, but you guys. THIS FIC. It owns my heart right now. D/s is one of my biggest kinks ever, but I have a hard time finding fic that gets the dynamic just right for me. I also think it can be a really tricky thing to write well, because when it comes to the emotional aspects/getting into headspace/etc, I find that a lot of fic ends up telling instead of showing. But [ profile] skellerbvvt gets it so exactly right that I swear, it is like she is inside my head sometimes, giving me all the things I wanted in just exactly the way I wanted them and didn't even know. I don't know how she does it, but her words get inside their heads and inside the kinks and takes it all apart and then shows us all of these things that I don't think I could put into words if I tried. Basically, I just want to point and flail and say THAT. YES. EXACTLY THAT.

The last few parts have left me literally breathless, and like clutching at the arms of my chair so that I don't topple over right there on the spot. And I am kind of worried that maybe I won't survive to the end, because here is the thing. Skeller knows my kinks. SHE KNOWS ALL OF THEM. EVERY ONE. And she has promised to use them all against me in the very best way, which she has totally done before. But, hey. Death by kink. WHAT A WAY TO GO ♥
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1. The first poster for Warrior has been released.


I saw this on tumblr first thing this morning before I had any coffee yet and slkdjglshgfjs IT WAS ALMOST TOO MUCH. It's probably a good thing it's so tiny, because otherwise I might have keeled over on the spot. I mean, seriously. I can't even get upset about the American accent thing when he's all sweaty and badass and LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT JFC. Even if the movie is terrible, we'll always have this, AND WHAT MORE COULD ANYONE POSSIBLY NEED.

The article, which you can read here, has what is probably the best first line of any article ever: If you took one lesson away from 2010's year in movies I hope it was that Tom Hardy is awesome. FUCK YES.

2. I'm going to assume that everyone has seen the new picture of Bradley since it showed up on my flist at least twenty times yesterday. BUT GUESS WHAT I AM POSTING IT ANYWAY SO THERE :D


OH BRADLEY. How I have missed the crooked teeth and shiny hair and dorky smile and laskghjsld fingers. I can't wait for filming pics because that means Bradley outside, in the sunshine, where he belongs ♥

3. In yesterday's post, [ profile] snottygrrl suggested that perhaps the reason JGL was wearing a hoodie under his jacket was that he needed an extra layer and didn't want to wear a sweater that might muss his hair if he needed to take it off. This is an excellent point, however the solution to this problem is obvious: CARDIGANS. Yes, it can be a difficult look for guys to pull off, but it turns out bb dimpleface can work a cardigan like nobody's business.


This right here? CASUAL CLOTHING. A not a hoodie or pair of jeans in sight. Also hands nnnnngh.

4. Once again, yesterday's post has all kinds of goodies in the comments:

[ profile] ilovetakahana wrote Arthur wearing Eames' hoodie :D

[ profile] regicidaldwarf started a HS AU in which Eames gets his tongue pierced \o/

[ profile] adelaide_rain also wrote Eames with a tongue piercing!

[ profile] sometimesalways posted a boys in hoodies picspam, which is probably NSFW due to nipple licking :D


ETA: [ profile] cobweb_diamond is writing fic in which Arthur has a tongue piercing!!
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OH HI AGAIN :D I regretfully did not have that second latte and now I am v.v. drowsy, however this interview made me laugh, and laughter is good for combating the late afternoon sleepies. TRUFAX.

ANYWAY. It's an interview with Gary Oldman in which he talks about The Dark Knight Rises, and working with Tom Hardy on three movies this year.

(thanks to [ profile] charlidos for the link to the vid)


In other news, today [ profile] hermette was asking about fisting in Merlin fandom which of course got me thinking about it, and now I really want to read canon era fic in which Arthur fists Merlin. BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE HOT.

Speaking of Merlin fic:

Now I just need to figure out what song I can use as a prompt to inspire someone to write fisting, hmmm.

ETA: [ profile] recrudescence is writing fic in which Arthur is stoned and trying to convince Eames to fist him :D

Aaaand Arthur and Eames in kindergarten by [ profile] foxxcub

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Yes hi I am posting again, but it is only because I have some awesome things to share YAY. First of all SOMEONE IS WRITING JUICEBOX FIC AND IT IS AMAZING \O/ It's a WIP, but so far is hot and hilarious.

Speaking of WIPs, if you don't have a paid account and can't track individual comments, or if you can track but don't want to get a bazillion emails from every comment, you can follow @inceptionwips on Twitter. It's tracking a bunch of WIPs from the kink meme, as well as some comment fics.

Also, you should totally check out [ profile] merlin_holidays and [ profile] holiday_heist, both of which will be posting daily for the next several weeks. I LOVE FANDOM DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON :D

And finally, we've discussed both of these caps before, but why have we not talked about them together?


Because in my head this is the way Arthur and Eames look at each other all the time. EAMES LOOKS LIKE HE WANTS TO EAT ARTHUR. ARTHUR LOOKS LIKE HE WANTS TO BE EATEN. Obviously they were meant to be ♥
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OKAY HEY GUYS YES I AM POSTING AGAIN SORRY FOR THE SPAM. But this is totally important okay! There has been some talk about the next [ profile] minimerlin, and right now we need to find out if there is enough actual interest to get the group hotel discount. So! For those of you who don't know, [ profile] minimerlin is a very laid back yet super awesome mini-con held in Philadelphia. It will likely be in March or April 2011. I have been to both the first and the second, and let me just tell you IT IS SO AMAZING YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

I am... not really involved in the actual organization of the event, and trust me when I say this is really for the best as I basically fail at life and all things. NO REALLY D: But rest assured that there are v.v. organized people in charge who know how to get shit done.

Last year the approximate cost of the con was $100. This includes two nights in the hotel (sharing a double room with three other people) plus a small con fee that provides a pizza dinner, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages. Booze is strictly bring your own, however if you're really lucky, [ profile] likeaglass will show up WITH A GIANT BOX FULL OF LIQUOR AND YOU WILL BE BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE.

Obviously this is not a firm commitment and there are still a lot of variables and unknowns, but please only answer yes if you are seriously interested and there is a good chance that you can come. WHICH SHOULD BE ALL OF YOU. I AM JUST SAYING.

[Poll #1647812]


ETA: I have been told there is a distressing lack of pretty in this post. OKAY FINE LET ME FIX THAT FOR YOU.



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HEY YOU GUYS. First up, [ profile] hermette is hosting Fuck Yeah Friday today YAY (link has v.v. NSFW picture.)

Fuck Yeah Friday

For those of you who are new-ish to my flist, FYF is a comment fic fest inspired by a deliciously filthy picture and open to all fandoms. YES YES IT IS AS AMAZING AS IT SOUNDS. So! Given the recent Merlin spoilers, I think we all need a little happy on this Friday, and by that I mean porn. OBVIOUSLY. I am dying for some Colin/Bradley :D And Inception people, go spam her post with Arthur/Eames in an effort to INCEPT EVERYONE WITH PORN OH YES \o/!

That wraps up the porn part of the post, so now we can move on to the pretty boys. I was rereading the interview with JGL in Details yesterday, and I have decided that for all of his super-smart French-poetry-loving hipster-esque tendencies, the real reason we would get along is because he "appears to hover in a Tasmanian Devil funnel of static electricity." That right there is my kind of boy. I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO GET HOPPED UP ON TRIPLE SHOT LATTES AND BOUNCE AROUND EXCITEDLY WITH HIM. Also, I had to laugh when I got to the part where he said he doesn't think people should see celebrities as being in a higher class of people than everyone else. I would just like to say, for the record, that I think he's right. I don't actually think he's better than anyone else, I just think he is PRETTIER. SO MUCH PRETTIER. Anyway, he is ridiculously hot in that photoshoot, and also very much a grown up. If you were not a fan of the bb JGL picspam, perhaps you will enjoy these pictures instead. OR MAYBE YOU JUST ENJOY ALL OF HIM. AS I DO.



But anyway! It is Friday, and as usual, I am sort of flapping all over the place. Fridays are my craziest days, and I am always just a huge mess trying to get everything done so it can just be the weekend already. TODAY IS NO EXCEPTION. SO BASICALLY I AM GOING TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT BRADLEY/COLIN QUEST AND TRY TO GET 374567008 THINGS DONE AND F5 ALL OVER FYF AND BOUNCE AROUND A LOT AND HOPE THAT I DON'T SPIN MYSELF OUT OF THE ATMOSPHERE AND INTO SOME KIND OF ANTI-GRAVITY VORTEX. WHICH COULD TOTALLY HAPPEN.


Friday YAY \o/!
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Okay, so first things first: MY JOURNAL IS AN EXTREMELY RIDICULOUS PLACE. No, really. Everyone is always welcome to jump in on any thread at any time, and it is never ever interrupting. You do not have to apologize for adding to the flaily madness, nor do you have to apologize if you decide to randomly spam me with links, pictures, porn, etc. Seriously. It doesn't even matter if it has anything to do with the post itself. I've gotten some comments lately along the lines of, "I'm sorry for randomly writing you this comment porn," or, "I'm sorry for posting this hot pic of JGL in your journal," and just. YOU GUYS. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN. MY JOURNAL IS BASICALLY ONE GIANT NON SEQUITUR FOR REALSIES AND PORN AND PRETTY BOYS ARE ALWAYS ALWAYS WELCOME.

Twitter! So, I am sort of wary of Twitter because I feel like it's a slippery slope for me. One minute I'll be tweeting about deep and meaningful things (HAHA WHAT. IT COULD HAPPEN.) and the next it is all, I JUST SHIFTED ONE INCH TO THE LEFT IN MY CHAIR AND PUSHED MY GLASSES BACK UP MY NOSE. And really, people do not need to read every single thought that goes on in my head, you know? But anyway, you can find me here. Also, if your Twitter name has nothing to do with your LJ name, let me know who you are, or else I will just be v.v. confused WHICH HAPPENS A LOT OKAY.

Moving along, [ profile] bookshop is hosting a second round of the Arthur/Eames fluff meme! I haven't had a chance to read or write anything yet, but that is at the top of today's agenda. THANK YOU AJA FOR BEING SO DEDICATED TO BRINGING MORE FLUFF TO THE FANDOM BECAUSE IT IS MY VERY FAVORITE THING OKAY. Well, after porn, that is. Really, I just want to combine them both forever. Fluffy filth. FLILTH ♥

Aaaand finally, it seems like Bradley/Colin fic has really slowed down recently. I've had this conversation with several people over the past few weeks, but I still do not understand why. Between the fact that a lot of people are frustrated and disappointed with the Arthur/Gwen development on the show, and the continued ridiculous antics of Bradley and Colin every week in the quests, it seems like we have the perfect recipe for AN EXPLOSION OF FIC. And yet. What is going on, you guys?





Is everyone having a lovely Thursday?
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OKAY OKAY HI GUYS. I am kind of a mess right now because I have 3847560607 things to do today but I just wanted to tell you these VERY IMPORTANT THINGS okay.

1. RIMMING MEME. Yes, I am linking again because there is still more awesome stuff getting posted practically right this very moment. You guys are all so amazing for making it such a success. SO MUCH DELIGHTFUL RIMMING ♥ The masterlist should be up to date as of now, but if the links are wonky or I missed something, please tell me. Also, [ profile] skellerbvvt is in the process of writing an epic WIP in many parts, in which there is no rimming yet, but there is an excessive amount of food porn, dancing, and a steampunk bistro. HOW IS SHE THAT AWESOME IDEK.

2. Friday means waiting for the next Merlin quest so I can flail about in the ridiculousness that is Bradley and Colin. WHERE IS IT I NEED THOSE BOYS OKAY.

3. I will be away this weekend having an awesome time with fangirls in NYC (if you want to come, see this post for details) but I have been inspired by many of you recently, and am planning a picspam for when I get back called, JAILBAIT JGL: Is he actually legal there? I PROMISE IT WILL BE AWESOME.

4. FINGERS. I love fingers okay. I really, really do. There are just so many interesting things you can do with them, and so many places to put them.

I think it was [ profile] bookshop and [ profile] foxxcub who were talking about how Eames has a very specific oral fixation, and anytime anyone mentions Arthur's ass, his fingers immediately go to his mouth. I AGREE WITH THIS CONCLUSION JSYK.


Other boys with pretty fingers )

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1. CONFESSION: I have not yet watched yesterday's episode of Merlin. I... cannot even explain what is going on on my flist right now, and to be honest, I am sort of terrified D: WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS. As far as I can tell, I need to get really drunk to get through it or want to punch someone in the face after watching it or possibly give up on the show forever or think it is the awesomest thing ever or I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT OKAY D:

2. Everyone should go check out the Not My Fandom Fest hosted by [ profile] pocky_slash because it is hilarious. [ profile] callowyn's take on Inception is so freaking awesome I cannot even deal.

3. Let's talk about Earl, shall we? As some of you know, I have had a thing for Earl for awhile now. I believe it was [ profile] froggie who first introduced me to the fabulousness that is a gold gentleman's pleasure object and matching cufflinks, and I desperately wanted fic with him in it, but it just didn't really fit in with Merlin. Imagine my delight when Inception came along in which cufflinks are canon for fuck's sake. But here is another confession for you today: When I finally wrote Earl fic, I took some ~artistic liberties~ with the dimensions. HE IS REALLY NOT THAT BIG. I mean, I don't actually know how big he is, since its given in centimeters, which is all blah blah blah to me and I cannot be arsed to convert it, but I sort of had the feeling that he wasn't this, like, GIANT PLUG or something. But whatever, I am all in favor of stretching the truth in fic in order to, you know, stretch other things with shiny gold buttplugs. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know in the interest of full disclosure :D

4. But speaking of Earl and speaking of really big buttplugs, in the comments of yesterday's post, I talked about my plans for a sequel to Earl fic, because I am not ready to let go. Basically, it goes like this: Eames decides to buy Arthur a matching plug, but after thinking about it, he realizes that Arthur's ass is too precious for gold, so he has a PLATINUM BUTTPLUG custom made. And because it's tailor made for Arthur's magnificent ass, it can be as big as I Eames wants. AND, WELL, WE ALL KNOW THAT EAMES IS NOT AFRAID TO DREAM REALLY FUCKING BIG AM I RIGHT. So he gives it to Arthur, and Arthur is like, what the fuck were you thinking this is HUGE, but Eames is just like, come on baby, you know I'd never give you anything you can't take, and I know you can take it for me. I'll make it so good for you, I promise. And Arthur is like asdfghjkl;, and Eames is like, AW YEAH. And then, you know. EAMES FILLS ARTHUR'S PRETTY LITTLE ARSE WITH PLATINUM BECAUSE ARTHUR DESERVES NOTHING LESS, Y/Y/MFY??

5. This one is REALLY IMPORTANT okay. I am going to be in NYC next weekend hanging out with [ profile] leupagus and [ profile] merelyn (and hopefully [ profile] puckling!) On Saturday, October 23, there is going to be some sort of fangirl meetup some time at some bar in Manhattan. Which, is incredibly specific, I know. BUT I AM TOTALLY NOT IN CHARGE OF PLANNING OKAY. But the point is, everyone should come! I promise it will be awesome, and by awesome I mean, I will get drunk and force you to listen to my super serious business thoughts about assfucking. AND THEN I MAY POSSIBLY BREAK YOUR TOOTH. I AM JUST WARNING YOU ALL UP FRONT. But still! AWESOME. So, everyone go fill out this poll, and then come hang out :D ETA: The poll is on dreamwidth, so if you don't have an account there, just let me know if you're interested in coming and I can make sure you get all the details. And really, you should come. ALL OF YOU.

6. I am crying a little bit because Tom Hardy was voted off in [ profile] staraflur's hot person poll. WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS. Whatever, more for me.


Mmmm, those are really nice pants.

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1. OKAY. So, I had a slightly stressful day yesterday and I was all set to curl up on the couch in my pjs, when I somehow got sucked into a dark pit of depravity with [ profile] cobweb_diamond, [ profile] jibrailis, [ profile] weatherfront and [ profile] bookshop, and I wrote... catboy!Arthur porn? WHAT. I DON'T FUCKING KNOW ANYMORE YOU GUYS. Seriously, Aja hosts a fluff fest, I write buttplug porn. Gav writes adorable snuggly kitty Arthur, I respond with sketchy catboy porn. I AM LIKE THAT GIRL WHO SHOWS UP LATE TO FANCY WINE AND CHEESE PARTIES WITH CHEAP BEER AND A BAG OF CHEETOS. WHAT IS THAT EVEN. But seriously, you should go check it out because it is kind of insane and awesome, and [ profile] platina and [ profile] kiwimangoodness have drawn some seriously amazing art. THIS FANDOM. OH MY GOD ♥



Remember when I was talking about Arthur's outfits in the movie? I said this was my least favorite Arthur outfit because of the too-big jacket but HOLY SHIT I HAVE CHANGED MY MIND BECAUSE HE LOOKS FUCKING AMAZING. I mean, really. JGL knows how to wear pants like nobody else in the whole world.

And sweaters, too )

3. I have mentioned that I love babies. LOVE THEM. And that men with babies is like kryptonite to me, so you can imagine my reaction when I saw this.



Death by cute )

4. The other day, I posted a vid of Bradley behind the scenes getting his hair blow-dried in the middle of a forest, and a bunch of people said they'd never seen it before. So now I am thinking back to all of the S1 behind the scenes stuff and wondering if there are any other clips that people may have missed either because they're new to the fandom, or just because fandom was a lot smaller then and there wasn't so much squee over every little thing. What are your favorite moments from the S1 DVD extras?

5. [ profile] hermette is hosting a Merlin fandom fu-a-thon, where you can leave prompts and write short ficlets in resposne. So, if you're having trouble getting words out and want to write something, or if you just want to read a bunch of awesome ficlets, GO CLICK NOW OKAY.

How is everyone today?

ETA: [ profile] hermette wrote Arthur/Eames fisting comment fic because she loooooves me and always knows exactly what I need asdfghj ♥!
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1. Saturdays are exciting because YAY NEW MERLIN \o/ but also sad because I'm not able to watch until late at night, so I miss all the parties. EVERY TIME :(( But I totally live vicariously though you guys scrolling through my flist on my phone and flailing at all the sparkle text and keysmashes :D

2. Please stop what you are doing right now and go read this insanely hot Arthur/Eames porn by [ profile] rageprufrock. HOLY SHIT. Pru sent this to me a while back, and when I lost my rings last week, I distracted myself from my impending freakout by reading it over and over on my phone. PORN IS VERY SOOTHING TO ME OKAY.

2. So, okay. After writing my [ profile] camelotsolstice fic last December, I was just totally burnt out. I'm not sure what happened, but I just couldn't even open a new doc for the longest time after that. And in eight months, I wrote a handful of PWPs, none of which even hit the 2k mark. After I saw Inception, I wrote a total of 8k in a week, more words than I'd posted the entire year. What I am saying is, the reason I haven't written Merlin fic in so long is not because of Inception, it's really not. The first half of this year I just... couldn't write. And during that time, my squee about the boys and the show hadn't faded in the slightest, so I really don't have any idea what was going on, just that the words weren't there. So, when Inception came along, it wasn't that I stopped writing Merlin/Arthur so I could write Arthur/Eames, it was that suddenly I COULD WRITE AGAIN AT ALL, and I have to tell you that that feels amazing.

I don't think I'm done writing Merlin fic, and there is NO WAY that I am done with the fandom, but I struggled a lot with writing this year, and it was just so frustrating. And now I am writing again, and the words are just coming and coming, and rather than having a paralyzing fear of opening a doc, I am pulling over on the side of the road to scribble down the words in my head. If I could have willed myself into this state with Merlin fic, I would have done it during all of those months when I couldn't get anything out. Whatever it means, and whatever it doesn't, I AM HAPPY :D

3. Thank you to whoever started a thread for me at the anon love meme, and to everyone who commented. I feel weird even linking to it because I already get so many amazing comments from you guys every day, but I wanted to say thank you because it was a very lovely thing to do ♥

4. Every day I go to the same coffee shop, and every day I order the same triple shot medium nonfat latte. All of the baristas know me and I know all of them, and we always talk for a bit and it is all very fun and pleasant and enjoyable. Sometimes I go through the drive-through because I am EXTREMELY LAZY, and yesterday when I placed my order at the speaker, they were like OH HAI BINA. And then when I got up to the window, two of them came over and were like, "you know, you can just pull up and say it's Bina, and we will know exactly what you want." But you guys. I CAN'T DO THAT. What if I pull up all like OH HI THIS IS BINA and the person just says, " that supposed to mean something to me?" THAT WOULD BE SO EMBARRASSING D:

5. Today is sunny and going up into the 70s which is far too warm for October. However, I am defiantly planning on wearing tights and a corduroy dress because MY FALL WARDROBE WILL NOT BE DENIED. My dress is kind of boring, but that is what plaid tights and red mary janes are for, yes? YES.





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1. Hopefully you have all been over at the Arthur/Eames FLUFF TROPE FEST OF EPIC PROPORTIONS, rolling around in all of the delightfulness. If not WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GO GO. I stayed up way too late last night reading and writing over there, and it was so worth it. I have my latte, so it is all good now :D

You should read all the things, but I must point this one out as it has been discussed. Here and there. A bunch of times. That's right, bbs, EARL IS HERE. [ profile] meiface started it here, which I then continued here, and then concluded with the filthy finale here. SO THERE YOU GO INCEPTION FANDOM. I WROTE SHINY GOLD BUTTPLUG AND MATCHING CUFFLINKS PORN. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW.

2. Some things that I have read over the past few days that have made me happy, all Arthur/Eames:

+ Two Rounds, Wear Me Out by [ profile] onewayfreak. This is filthy porn, straight up: barebacking, felching, almost-fisting, dirty-talking Eames, and unapologetically slutty Arthur. WHICH IS MY VERY FAVORITE KIND OF SLUTTY OKAY.

+ Put Your Hands on Me by [ profile] meiface. After they sleep together for the first time, Arthur wishes Eames would touch him more in public. This is so delightfully sweet and fluffy that I actually squeaked out loud :D

+ we're the heirs to the glimmering world by [ profile] imogenedisease. More fluff in which Arthur and Eames are pretend boyfriends. Have I mentioned how much I love pretending to be dating fic? So cute ♥

3. Speaking of almost-fisting, do you know what Inception is lacking? FISTING. Haha, do you guys enjoy how every single day I complain about how we need more kinky porn? More underage! More spanking! More fisting! I APOLOGIZE FOR NOTHING. Are there any kinks you wish there were more of? We should compile a list and then FIND PEOPLE TO HARASS INTO WRITING THEM OH YES.

4. [ profile] hermette has a post going collecting Bradley/Colin stuff - fic, pics, interviews, etc, so head over to add your own favorites. Or, you know, just roll around in the comments for awhile :D

5. Speaking of Bradley and Colin, I know you have probably all seen this by now, but whatevs, I am posting it anyway because IT IS JUST THAT AWESOME.


OH, BOYS ♥♥♥


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HEY YOU GUYS. If you could use a little fluff in your life right now (and I know that some of you could) please come over to [ profile] bookshop's FLUFF TROPE FEST OF EPIC PROPORTIONS where there are currently four five six(!!) pages of itty bitty Arthur/Eames ficlets that are so shamlessly schmoopy that you might hurt something as you flail around in complete and utter glee ♥♥♥
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Okay, so I don't really want to focus on how I basically fail at life forever, or how if I could buy an airline, I'd buy Southwest, then chop it up into teeny tiny pieces and FEED IT TO THE SHARKS OH MY GOD. I would much much rather talk a about things that are awesome. And by that I mean ASDFGHJ YOU GUYS. You are so good to me, and I cannot even tell you how that makes me feel. Thank you all so much for the comments, pictures, porn, PMs, emails, virtual gifts, etc. I feel kind of silly because it is just a thing, and I know it's not important in the grand scheme of life, but it was special to me. So, thank you all so much for being so lovely ♥ Yesterday my capslock and squeeface were totally gone, but NOW I AM BACK :D

I believe that awesome things should always be shared because that helps make the world that much awesomer, so go check it out.

+ [ profile] leupagus wrote Arthur/Merlin from DRP verse, in which Merlin is as hapless as I am.


+ [ profile] pennyplainknits wrote Arthur/Eames get each other off in an Aston Martin WITH ARTHUR WEARING LEATHER GLOVES.

+ [ profile] old_blueeyes wrote deliciously filthy Arthur/Eames post-movie porn, that is just exactly perfect.

+ [ profile] hermette made love post just for me because she is the keeper of all my hearts forever and ever ♥♥♥♥♥ You guys are all so amazing and know me so well, since it is full of pretty boys and shoes and chocolate and T-Hard's lips and Bradley being ridiculous and PORN.

+ [ profile] faeryqueen07 wrote JGL/T-Hard rimming, mmmmm yes please.

+ [ profile] zephere drew joyful Bradley/Colin, and just look at Bradley's shiny shiny hair :D

+ [ profile] bentley wrote Colin/Bradley fucking in a train bathroom, with rimming and snark - two of my very favorite things :D

Seriously, you guys. I am just blown away. How did I ever get so lucky?

And in the interest of focusing on the good instead of dwelling on the bad, I have put together a totally random mini-picspam of things that make me happy.


How I got my :D face back )


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